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Chapter 1. Strange invitation It is a little about itself. My name is Christina. To me ** years. They say that to the person it is so much years as far as he feels... And so, on my feelings to me not less than 80, maybe, 79 years! Well full "алес, which kaput". Working week came to an end: someone is going to go to have a rest; someone on "fazenda" to plow as damned; someone else where... And I trudge home with full bags of products: it is necessary to feed the blessed. Yes great prospects for the weekend are offered me. Cooking, cleaning, washing though the last as is told by the husband, isn't considered. He for this purpose bought the washing machine automatic machine to me. Well and respectively to iron everything. So, slightly works and as in the fairy tale "Cinderella" sleep, have a rest! Incredible heat. Itself, probably, will come late. At them as in "A twist of fate or with light steam" tradition with friends! On Fridays moreover during such heat beer is drunk by goats! There are no forces my ladies' on them any more... "Well, thank God, my minibus. Perhaps I will sit down, you look, and in half an hour of the house I will be!", I thought, making the way with bags to a minibus door. In forty minutes I was at home. I open a door. In the apartment emptiness as in a pan. I remembered that the son with friends left on recreation facility in the afternoon. Probably, and little girls from group went with them. From a thought, than they will be engaged there, in the bottom of a stomach excitement arose. Mine will throw a stick two-three times in a month of minutes on five and considers then that it "hope of the nation the father of the Russian seksokratiya"... To nonsense on kitchen to unload purchases. Suddenly I see an envelope on a table. Letter. To me! Probably, the son got from a mailbox when ran behind things. All right, then I will read. I laid out products in the refrigerator. I was tired. Isn't present that will do! I won't do anything today. I will have a rest one in a quiet situation painfully hot. Right there in kitchen I remove from myself everything, I throw on a floor and run under a shower. As it is good! Cool water reduces heat, stress. I luxuriated under a shower of minutes fifteen everything it is necessary to wash away both sweat, and fatigue. Beru shower gel that was presented by the son for March 8, I begin to wash. When reached boobies, I felt that I can't! I want! I want the man even not of the husband, and any. But that with a big dick and huge balls... That he otymet me on full! And in all my nice holes. With some fear I thought, imagining as it will be. As the big and thick body will "break" my small hole in a bottom! Here on this place I also began to flow. Painfully, terribly, but hunting directly takes horror! It was necessary wet to run to the room and to get the assistant to lonely women hidden there which were impatient. Before eyes there was a moment of his purchase. As I came into this "sex shop" and there the very young little girl seller. All right, though more was nobody! Being burned with shame reddening on each word, I explained to her that it is necessary to me. She seriously listened to me and asked: "To you it is necessary старпон or a dildo? And what form and size? It is possible and to select according to color!". I just was stunned. Well, of course, I bought the simplest which the form imitates a penis in a condition of an erection with a sucker on the end and a ball sack. 23 centimeters in size and with a diameter of 4, 5 centimeter. Houses long I scrubbed it with soap and a brush. Frankly speaking, weeks two only I admired it. It was a shame to try. But it was impatient, and I tried just like now! Not in forces to suffer I stuck it directly on a floor more. Without greasing and so I flow, having tried on I sat down on him. Oh, what pleasure. Despite internal lubricant, he hardly came into an unprepared bosom. Slightly I sat, adapting and, I jumped! Sitting on a lap moving buttocks, I forced this substitute to bring me pleasure. Of course, it is not the man... but nevertheless! Hands regularly squeezed at this time boobies, twisted nipples... Uf-f-f! I terminated! The orgasm was, but all the same living dick is more best! Slightly I recovered the breath and it ran in a bathtub to myvatsya. When left a bathtub, I didn't begin to put on. Houses of nobody and so I resemble. I remembered about the letter. I went to kitchen, I opened. The card dropped out of an envelope. On it were represented pretty couple, the little boy gives girls flowers and the inscription "Name-day". Having considered the picture, I began to read the typographical text: "Sim is notified women's night club of "NYMPH" invites you to participate in a hen party on the occasion of a birthday of Tatyana *** *** 15.06.20 ** years. Beginning at 8 in the evening!" Below addition Tanya's hand: "The darling I will come for you the half-eighth. Blessed tell that you go to me with spending the night. It will be cheerful! Your Tanusha". Having read, I even turned pink for nervousness. Here! Adventure! All my adventures began with Tanya. She pulled out me somewhere and here everything occurred! Last time I lost virginity of the buttocks. Then day two normally I couldn't sit! But, what high I caught! And with what MAN! At me again заныло in the bottom of a stomach. No. It is necessary to gather and not to think of what will be! Bad it is definitely not expected! On the agenda, main for any woman, a question: "And what to dress?". There is no everything with underwear clearly, best and beautiful it that for the husband isn't dressed! And from above? I thought and went to clean a wardrobe. Now, judging by feelings, me was at most twenty! Chapter 2. Tanusha Memoirs... How many we are familiar with her? Well, perhaps, more than twenty years from school, from the fifth class. It can disappear for a while, but always appears in my life again and again... Sports type despite decent dimensions. Height nearly 180 centimeters a breast size not in comparison with my third number the fifth yes, perhaps, and a half. Waist, beautiful bottom. Well, here we can compete! Works as the trainer in sports club. Conducts only men's groups, but also trains me. Not without reason at work I look the black sheep... In comparison with our women I look the girl, and near coevals... I look a daughter. But there is one but! Men why I don't know don't look at me. But being near Tanka, I kind of get to the sphere of her influence. And then it is difficult to beat off them. Tanya on life... very loveful person. Loves very much the husband. I somehow peeped as they kiss! There was an impression as if they only began to meet, and in views such tenderness was looked through... I died of envy. And it after ten years of marriage! Not that at mine... I, of course, love him, but there is no romanticism in a relationship. And it is a pity... But still she loves very much men. All men! They feel it and understand on some inaccessible to me, level. No, of course, she doesn't go to bed with each passer! It should be deserved also not words, and business. But if you deserved and you need support, it will make for you everything. Including in a bed! So where Tanya there a swarm of males who try to please her, and also me if I am near! Once at a birthday party of some there being girlfriend I saw how she builds foreign husbands, and in the presence of their wives. After that she also became "the former girlfriend"! She and mine builds! Not without reason he notes: "If Tanechka is involved in business, I grazed!". By the way, physically her fitness means much. With the fighter, a rukopashnik it, of course, won't be compared. But as required so will give bluntly that will bring down any from "hoofs"! I won't be surprised if Vitaly Tanya's husband is aware of her adventures. This is not about banal manual of "horns" to the husband. Here another! She does it of love, brotherly, perhaps, and he understands it! Flatters him that his wife is that which wish! All wish, and from sixteen to... But she only loves truly him! Exactly at a door called seven thirty. Everything is clear Tanya. I don't know how it at her turns out, but she is never late anywhere! Everywhere comes in time! This her credo. If told. What will come in **. ** that will also come then one minute later probably for a minute two earlier. Even without having asked someone there I opened a door. There, of course, was Tanya. We kissed each other, didn't see each other nearly three months. I still was naked, only threw a dressing gown. She threw me and told: "Well, first, the girlfriend to you a time on a sweet training won't bring to good! Look — she stuck into a stomach; and here I showed on hips — you grew plump! It is necessary to drive. Secondly, why you aren't dressed? It is time for us to go! And, thirdly, I miss you... ". I, having critically examined itself, I didn't see anything that hangs or sticks out. I made a helpless gesture and I explained, I don't know what to dress. I can't choose. She examined the spread-out dresses and told: "Black stockings with a belt, white panties that shorts. The brassiere without shoulder-straps is more best white and that sundress with a low neckline!". Both of us would burst out laughing still that sundress! To me his once was tied in knot on the head! Only Tanya also helped out. Also I added cunning having smiled: "Take with yourself in addition a set of underwear and shoe on a high heel — the second footwear". I began to put on quickly. We stirred without interruption — three months big term... "Well and where you involve me again?", I took an interest. "I involve? I?", with forced surprise Tanya told and continued: "Unless I sometime in bad involved you?". And both of us burst out laughing. It was so good, I felt again, the schoolgirl who just passed into the fifth class. Then we also got acquainted with her. Chapter 3. "Women's" club "NIMFA" On the street we got Thani into the car and went. "Well, the girlfriend tell where we climb again?" I didn't restrain. Tatyana kept silent, kind of collecting the thoughts. But I knew, she considered that to tell me and what isn't necessary. Silence dragged on: "Give don't muddle the girlfriend tell! I know you!" And she started talking: "This women's club... Well not absolutely club, that is nonfeminine. It is club of swingers! Shorter I accidentally there got, and it was pleasant to me. Now I am the permanent member, and it is authorized to us to use him for holding actions!". And victoriously I looked at me. I was struck dumb from such turn of business a little. And right there I asked: "And what? Now there with all men it is necessary to me that? (Vaguely I twisted a hand in air) ". "There now I and thought!" with a smile Tanya answered. "You, as well as all! You know nothing about swingers!", she continued. On all questions, the answer: "No, no, no!". "It is just club, and closed. He for people on a certain interest. In this context sex, big groups: without ceremony; possible change of partners. But it is voluntary actions. Nobody someone, forces to anything. You can be, in general: other orientation; to have only oral sex; or just to be present at action... Approximately so. I still up to the end didn't understand. Still the club is called "Nymph", women can come without partner here. There is a small staff of men... on all tastes. And now and at all — just a birthday, by the way, a hen party! However, young men э will serve and serve us... aa... in a little extravagant dresses, and all your other personal record. But anyway so far you won't ask, nobody a finger will touch you. We will be served to do only that we will want within limits, of course. And you the girl washing there is no place more reasonably! And if you want, you can try oh as a lot of pleasant for a body and...", she told. From these words my desire to have a big and firm dick was played with a new force! We went out of town, Tanya speeded up and shortly threw: "We are late! I told everything, the rest, you will see itself on the place". Reached minutes for twenty. From the highway curtailed to the right, passed a protection post, and then still kilometers five?! Drove up to a fence, meter in three in height. He closed several buildings, after the journey the sense didn't visible. The protection was made of a yellow brick. (Interestingly color of a brick something means)? On the right gate to which we also drove up were seen. Any names and plates. Tanya pressed some button on the trinket lying in a glove compartment and gate began to drive off aside. She faced me: "Arrived! Welcome to "the Swing Club "NYMPH"!". We came around on the territory. On the street I saw nobody. Near gate there was a box of protection. But she had tinted glasses and whether there is someone unclear there. We approached as Tanya to a guest lodge told, and stopped. Five more or six cars stood a row there. I went out of the car and looked round. Guest lodge. Such hibarka rooms were height to two floors with a high roof and windows on her, it seems, there too. The lodge size, perhaps, fifty on fifty isn't less. Sideways the building was adjoined by warm transition, about fifty meters long resting against the long one-storey building with a flat roof. And already he was adjoined an end face by the same building to which we drove up. In the depth of the yard there were some more houses less. Further behind a pig-iron figured fence something was seen like the settlement. If not to know what here is, then the ordinary closed settlement for people of high prosperity with protection. There and here houses were faced by cars, judging by forms not from cheap. It was silent. Only windows, houses of twins, all as one tinted darkened. In distant houses of a window were transparent. Tanya showed on the low building to which I conducted transition: "Pool, sauna, Russian bath, bar. Subsidiary buildings and office, and behind a fence a housing estate are farther. There lives the administration". Tatyana looked at cars and told: "It seems that guests already here. We will go quicker, we are late!". I took the bag and stepped in unknown. Chapter 4. Guest lodge Tanya called the on-door speakerphone, something clicked. The voice from the on-door speakerphone invited us to enter. We appeared in the small platform, and having passed it in very cozy clothes. The twilight reigned. Here and there in an artistic mess there were low soft padded stools, mirrors hung on walls. Tanya pressed hardly visible button of a call, on the room the soft rumble of a gong was carried. Right there it is unclear, from where the young man came up and approached us. Tanya showed on me and told: "Glory get acquainted it Christina. She is my guest and as she knows nothing you here, for all evening, you go into her disposal. To do EVERYTHING that she will ask! And now lead Christina to the room let she will take a shower, will make toilet, and then lead her to bar". Having turned to me, I added: "It is Slava the irreplaceable guy with broad views on EVERYTHING! He will be your guide here. If something is required, tell him. He will execute all and even if you will want... Well you understand about what I speak! Go with him. I should make something. We will meet in bar. By the way, you can put on clothes, you can come nude to bar. Here don't pay attention to such trifles. And still Slava will speak only when you about it ask him, or ask about something!". I dumbfounded nodded. And Tanya evaporated somewhere. I turned to Slava and asked: "Glory, and who are you?". He looked at me and answered: "I work here. I serve clients: steward; guide; assistant; I can rub a back in soul... ". I playfully asked again: "Only a back?". "And it as you will wish Christina! Idemte, I lead you to the room" he told. Just now I paid attention as he looks! On him white streytchevy thongs with the anchor embroidered ahead were dressed, an undershirt in a network with blue and black strips like stripped vest and from above the red scarf was tied. The head the cap with the inscription "Marine" crowned. Having added to it well developed muscles of legs and hands... Such sexy seaman! He turned and went. I followed him on the way digesting his words and Tanya's words. I went to a shower... one, and went to bar in a sundress. Glory I saw me to bar, and then "it was dissolved in air". Where it got to, I didn't understand. When I came to bar, there, the rack had about ten women. They cheerfully exchanged words and, it seems, drank "Martini". The first I was seen by Tanya. She got up, approached me and loudly told: "Dear LADIES! Allow to present you my best friend from a school bench: Christina!". Then we approached each of them and got acquainted. I was confused therefore I remembered in a name only two: Maria and Anna. When Tanya represented them, called their Marianna. Once we departed, she added: "They lesbian couple". Then we were invited to a table, and, better to say, by tables. Stood near soft leather sofas several tables filled with snack. We seated. It was convenient to sit, but they were designed in such a way that to sit in dresses, skirts and without opening for similar hips to the perineum, it was just impossible! A front part of a sofa was high and when you sit down on it, the bottom fails in his soft embraces well very deeply! Therefore the hem is just lifted up to a belt. That is it is necessary either to clamp him between legs or to hold constantly with a hand. Agree that it is inconvenient to do it especially when it is necessary to drink and eat. As soon as we seated Tatyana near whom I sat, slapped palms. At the same moment because of bar to the hall there passed three waiters with trays the filled bottles. But what waiters were! Young brawny guys. Dressed, one may say, in white "tuxedos" on a naked torso. On a neck a snow-white butterfly. Under "tuxedos" there were black translucent thongs! Through which were visible them inspiring envy — dicks, it is unclear how holding in these rags! Here I also understood why replaceable panties are necessary. At me slobbers ran. And it became in two pairs of lips! I pushed Tatyana sideways and quietly asked: "Here all such?", also I nodded on waiters. She smiled and answered: "It is not ours. Ours are dressed as Slava, and these are strippers. With them, of course, it is possible, but if they want. And dressed in a sailor suit you can safely be enough for balls and in a corner, let fulfills!". The waiter who approached us filled glasses and stepped aside, as well as others. The most senior of ladies got up and said a toast: "For the birthday girl!". We drank. Then there were a lot more toasts. I drank gradually as in my program at least entered "to tear off" to itself the man more abruptly it is desirable with a big and thick dick! It will be easy to choose if all of them walk in such linen! From drunk became hot, but probably the conditioner was specially switched to warmer mode. Some of ladies began to undo blouses if there were fasteners, and two just removed them. All underwear what I saw was in style — the most open and transparent. Considering the waiters who are scurrying about by a table, the bared bodies of guests I was made horney as a cat. From me didn't drip any more, and just ran, especially between legs. I stood up, twisting the head, and immediately heard Slava's whisper: "Christina Vam something is necessary?". I turned and met his understanding look, my lips were whispered: "You and privacy!". It, having smiled to some lips, I told: "In the ladies' room there is a charming sofa. There won't disturb us. Go with me". When we went from the hall, at me between legs literally squelched. And as soon as we disappeared, I grasped it by an appetizing bum. He embraced me and, seeing my impatience as he lifted a fuzz on hands and a fast pace brought in the ladies' room. This room demands the separate description, but me now not before. I saw only a long and wide padded stool on which me carefully and put. Also I didn't manage to look back as Slava, having kneelt, pulled together from me pants and his lips burned with a kiss my delights. Not in forces to restrain I began to roar and hands strongly pressed Slava to the pussy. And he, without paying attention to my trick, I processed each millimeter of a bosom. I was literally curved by an arch when he, having bitten a clitoris, leaned against him the vibrating language. It was the last straw. Me shook, the body drenched with heat, and I cried from delight. And he, having lowered the panties, I entered me. Slowly holding hands on the place. I besnovat, wanted all and at once. But he a skilled male did everything slowly and efficiently. While he plunged into my body excited with lust, I managed to terminate several times. And when he began frictions I could only groan and about itself to eulogize god for that grace which he to me brought. I lost count of time and orgasms, and only when it terminated, paid attention that he managed to put on condom. Truly service is on the ball! It helped me to get up, showed a shower and stretched a towel. "You can be washed" he told. "And if I am not necessary, then I will wait for you behind a door" and left with is proud of the straightened back. Chapter 5. Luau While I wasn't, the situation at a banquet cardinally changed. Tables from sofas were removed, and sofas used not to sit. On one were located Marianna, lying in position 69, they gave pleasures each other. Katya stood on the second in a pose of cancer and two strippers had her from two parties. One worked behind, and the second used a mouth. It was interesting to watch how they drill her from two parties, and on the third sofa their colleague processed language a perineum of the lady the first told a toast. Groans, okh, hlyupa, shouts merged in a uniform rumble of an orgy. From the door conducting to the pool the same squeals and Aura reached. I approached to the door and looked out. None of invited remained unattended. Two of them lay a jack and kissed on a wide and low sofa, and in their legs settled on the seaman licking pussies. The third sucked a huge dick at the guy sitting on a pool side itself, luxuriating in water. And the fourth, having saddled the seaman lying a back on two padded stools I jumped on his dick. I even took offense a little, here so without me all boys sorted. I turned facing bar. At Tatyana just there took place change of the application of men's bodies and she, having seen me, is exhausted waved a hand and lowed: "What you cost, join!", having stuck into a sofa near itself. I didn't need to be asked twice. I jerked to them, on the run throwing off a sundress. I also didn't dress panties after a shower. Strangely enough, but for me the surprise was prepared. The steward of our table of whom I also took notice at the beginning of the banquet was engaged in me. He was also, however, good. In terms of philosophy: the external cover corresponded to internal state. And half-hour games with Tanyushka didn't affect firmness of his dick at all. I began with sweet. His body, frankly speaking, hardly found room at me in a mouth, and Tanya swallowed of it entirely! This enormous phallus directly shivered from tension when I licked a lustrous-red head, and stuck out not forward, up! And the ball sack just wasn't located in my hand. That to clasp her it was necessary to involve both hands. Two big testicles of the size of a ball from Ping-Pong everyone, were smoothly rolled in her. The only thing that I was confused by it dimensions of body. And suddenly won't enter or the irrational fear will tear to me everything, and I already gave birth! And it was, it seems, made horney not less me. Having bent, it quietly picked up me on hands, lifted as and I spread a fuzz on the dick. Which very densely even with some strain entered me. And then with ease of the juggler I became, raising to charm me the vagina expiring juice. He even couldn't enter at all length yet. I felt how the head rests against a uterus, massing it and me literally turned out all from pleasure. On the fifth or sixth friction I terminated and continued to cum every time when it stuck me on the giant. Coiling in his embraces, I shouted, being scratched, but he was unshakable. Having stuck me once again, he kissed to me breasts and asked: "And what about buttocks?". Only from such question I terminated again, and hardly moving language, answered: "Only it is accurate! But not that you to me will break off everything!". He easily removed me from the device and put on a sofa. () I was developed to him by a back and got up on karachki, having bent down the head and having put it on a sofa. My buttocks rose, and I made their helpless gesture aside. My benefactor, having moistened a finger in my "tears" flowing between legs and, accurately I entered him into "peephole". In a minute I felt that the second gets into me, and then and the third finger. When business reached the fourth, I began to twirl by a bottom and this idea ceased to seem to me attractive. But there was no place to disappear. Having felt my feeble efforts, he a free hand embraced me for a stomach, without allowing to move. Here then I also felt fear. And it already put the core to my hole and began to press. I felt how the big phallus gets into me. My anus extended extensively as the Universe, but I wasn't sure that it has the same margin of safety, as well as at it! At me intercepted breath, there was clear pain. And he millimeter behind millimeter entered me. I couldn't shout, didn't gasp but only published some peep and groans. When it seemed that margin of safety is exhausted, it stopped. Now I perfectly understood what is terrible execution to put the person on a stake! Also I felt according to it. And he began to move slowly in my buttocks back and forth, quicker and quicker, I needed only to rub strenuously a clitoris. Gradually I felt as tension falls down, but all the same "this running was extreme" well though he understood it. In five minutes, having recovered the breath, I begged: "All! Enough! Please!". He sighed, and I understood that he slowly and reluctantly abandons me. Even when there nothing remained it was sick. It seems that I turned into category of large caliber after this experience! There was no wish to continue, but it was necessary to bring handles the guy to the logical end. Here to me Tanya with some ointment flew up. It appears, she already finished with the affairs and observed my attempts. Having again put me in an above-mentioned pose, I began to grease my anus, significantly smacking the lips. Ointment cooled, pain released. And then at me before eyes everything floated... and complete darkness. Chapter 6. Deja vu Pain wasn't, the head only ached. It seemed to me that I float, rising from depth to light forward. And here the light spot appeared. Its intensity increased, and I opened eyes. The place was unfamiliar to me. Some chamber, devices. To the right of me on a chair the son slept. "In I got", I thought. "Wash just the same won't forgive, not for nothing he is absent nearby!", I solved. I checked feelings, even the bottom didn't hurt. I moved, correcting a numb hand. And right there the son started and looked in my party. Our eyes met also he, having smiled, joyfully cried: "Doctor! Doctor! She regained consciousness!". And me it became bad. How to explain the event? Whether he will understand? Whether will forgive? I kept silent well as to him to tell me that I got here after extreme anal sex? He regarded my silence in own way and began to speak. And I listened to him with big amazement. It appears, I was hospitalized on Friday. I was brought down by the drunk reckless driver flying on red light. Directly at the crosswalk. The reckless driver was caught, and I was taken to hospital with a severe bruise of the head. Till today I didn't recover consciousness. I listened, and my eyes revealed more and more, I didn't know to someone to believe: to the son or? Then I lay, having closed eyes trying to comprehend the events. Later there was a doctor and began to send the son home to have a rest. He, appears, sat two days here. Already leaving chamber, the son suddenly told: "And you the letter came", and got an envelope from a pocket. I asked: "Open him and read". He opened an envelope. The card dropped out of an envelope. On it were represented pretty couple, the little boy gives girls flowers and the inscription "Name-day". She seemed to me vaguely familiar. Having considered the picture, he read the text: "Sim is notified women's night club of "NYMPH" invites you to participate in a hen party on the occasion of a birthday of Tatyana *** *** 15. 06. 20 ** years. Beginning at 8 in the evening!". I heard it and fainted dating app statistics by race html date not working site mapMain Page