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My wife has a girlfriend at work, Marina. Periodically we faced her in the companies. I felt that we sympathize each other, is in her that such sexual. And here is how that on joint shish kebabs, we approached her a little, I showed her an affection, she with pleasure accepted them. Then began to exchange calls. Once sat the company at summer restaurant, I called Marin and told where we are, it arrived. Then we the first time kissed, having snatched the moment, then more and more, looked for the moments what would will retire. As a result all party moved to us home where we managed to retire too. She kissed cool and from it it was wildly made horney, during this time I managed to feel her breasts, the daddy, a tummy and even to thrust fingers into her shchyolochka. As a result at the end evenings remained only I, my wife and Marina. As in the apartment we don't smoke, left to smoke in a refuse chute where we equipped the smoking room, there were boxes for storage of potato, there were racks and the table is made, there we also smoked sometimes even parties took place there. Having moved троём there, we drank and cheerfully stirred. The wife suggested to spend the night Marin at us, she agreed. Both of them already changed clothes on house, in the wife's dressing gown. Suddenly to the wife it became a little bad from drunk and she left to restore health. The successful moment was formed. We began to kiss Marina, I thrust her hands under a dressing gown and understood that she without panties. I put her on a box, parted with her legs and began to caress on hips. I kneeled and before me the divine picture, a clean-shaven shchyolochka, already mokrenky opened. I began to kiss internal parts of hips, moving ahead is closer to a pubis, then kissed a pubis, a tummy, a navel. The marine leaned back, it closed eyes and she quietly moaned. Then my uvula entered a shchyolochka, damp, tasty, juicy, touched a clitoris. The marine moaned more loudly and all caved in. I knowing that the wife at any time can return, I accelerated actions by language and helping a finger. Language caressed and was played with a clitoris, and the finger got in inside. I groaned marines more and more and slightly I made upward movement and a hand I pressed to myself my head, then she all began to tremble, squeezed my head hips and terminated. And glories to god because in a minute my wife came. If were sober I could notice that with Marina something not so, the obscured look, the muffled speech. We didn't even manage to kiss. Still mute having sat went to sleep. I was horney and began to caress the wife, but the wife having referred to an indisposition fell asleep. And I turned and couldn't fall asleep. In a mouth I felt taste of juice from Marina's shchyolochka. The marine fell down in other room and there was a silence, probably fell down. So there passed hour, I decided to smoke. I threw with a dressing gown and I left. Suddenly the door opens and Marina comes, I want you — she told, approached me kneeled, opened my dressing gown and began to suck, furiously, quickly, slowly, effortlessly. Then I got up holding me for a dick and I led to boxes. Cela, moved apart legs, I drove her. We merged in embraces and a kiss, she leaned back what I would have an opportunity to caress her a clitoris and boobies. Terminated violently and at the same time. Quietly returned everyone to the room. Then was at us with it several times, but to enjoy communication together at us it didn't turn out, all the time someone can catch extreme sex, all the time. But so even it turned out more sharply, fast, rough, sweet sex. There was one more time at restaurant in a toilet cabin, my wife and her husband sat at a table, and we fucked in a toilet at this time. Then was on the beach, in water I to it prisunut slightly behind, but nearly got busted, and we got came to the coast, the benefit the moment in summer cafe was successful practically at once, all left to bathe, and we remained in a cabin, I made her to kuna and she sucked away. Then it was interesting to observe how she kisses the husband in a hickey, and she has in a mouth remains of my cum because she came off my dick just a moment ago and still swallowed of a cum, sitting already on other party of a table, and the come her husband wanted to kiss her. And I sat saws beer and watched it. dating app romantic relationship date honey cake recipe site mapMain Page