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If I would be told more than a week ago that I will write the story of such contents based on real events, I would burst out laughing as at least. I am a teacher, I work at school. And age at me not erotic, me 65. No thus I remained quite tolerably for this age which prevailed everything... I can brag of appetizing buttocks quite elastic till this time. I always had not a big breast, well and with age it drooped. And the tummy, of course spoils a picture. No the not less to me 65. I had no sex long ago, years about 15 since the moment death of my husband. We live with that time with the son. Late child, to which now 23 years. Ne looking that he found mother not so young I always noticed his strange inclination to mother. On the childhood I could changing clothes bare for several seconds before him buttocks or a breast, but not more. So time I began to notice how he spies upon me, or on the dirty panties spots of his cum or that in a case my panties and brassieres were obviously shifted. No as I didn't know that what to tell and as. And therefore held back. For the first time his attempt to work happened when to him was years 187. He approached, embraced me as having accidentally carried out by a palm on my buttocks, and stretched to kiss me. I gave him slap in the face and pushed away having shouted. He as the kitten who received a slipper drew in a tail and escaped. There was couple more of times when he "accidentally" touched buttocks a breast of the mother, which for 60. I did a look that didn't notice. No saw that still he potters about in my linen. His most resolute act occurred when it came home vypimsh once. When I after a shower changed clothes in the room, it suddenly came, I stood as behind a case door, and he didn't see my body. I told that he didn't approach, so as I change clothes, but he approached. I hardly managed to be covered and shouted at him, a pier where you presh I told that I change clothes. He silently left but returned when I having changed clothes there was in one night dress on the head a body approached behind embraced me at first for a stomach having nestled on a neck and having told on an ear "mother what you at me beautiful" and here his hands crept away sharply and impudently. One seized me by a breast strong a second fell by my unshaven pubis. I was dumbfounded. I screamed he here I released and I departed. A I still long couldn't come to itself. I was dumbfounded but I for the first time for long time felt the man who wanted me also a male hand on the pubis. No it my son... I drove from myself any trite thoughts. Na morning he apologized but threw a word a pier I to myself made having refused worse. Passed near to half of year from that case and nothing similar repeated. We lived as mother with the son. No as both any parents and their children periodically rowed on what that subjects. so left for several days we constantly quarreled and swore on what that to the ridiculous reasons. Every day... it very much bothered and after the next scandal he came into the room. I sat down in kitchen at a table and for rage and a certain despair of everyday squabbles poured to myself a glass of vodka. So as the person I teetotal one glass already excited me and I noticed that my panties hanging on kitchen hang not so as I hung up them. I took them smelled and felt on svezhepostirannykh the panties began to smell men's flesh... this smell struck to me in the head... and I thought that if it receives that what long ago I wanted, will fuck the mummy can we will be able to find the general language and to concede each other easier. I drank the second glass of vodka and became drunk... still time I inhaled a smell so the panties and a thought that it will introduce tranquility to our house finally convinced me. I came into the room, threw off from myself a sports suit, in which I was engaged in house affairs of a plot, panties a brassiere posimpatichney which as it seemed to me most often were shifted threw from above with a dressing gown and went to the son to the room. When I came I found out that he lies on a bed under a blanket so the laptop in hands. I approached and asked him to lay off him. He ignored my request. — Postpone the computer we will talk, I to you have an offer. — Speak — without postponing the computer he told. — Do you want me? The son looked with very surprised view at me and told only: — In sense? — Well, you want the mummy? You touch my panties. Then I stuck I touched. The son looked at me without understanding what occurs and what I drive at... without waiting for the answer I told: — You will receive me but in exchange scandals in our house on it will stop... The son continued to look neponimayushche... and then I opened a dressing gown and showed it that on me only linen... — I agree? He looked at me greedy examining for the first time in the life without hiding eyes own mother... but I was silent. — Well you don't want times that all right, I told and having covered a dressing gown I turned away and I managed to make only a step from the son's bed as he screamed — Stand, mother... I stopped... — I agree... — Do you promise? — Yes. I approached a bed he having thrown off a blanket in the party got up on knees on the middle of a bed releasing a bed for changing saw that his dick stood in full fighting readiness on native mummy. Besides even through his boxers it was visible that the dick at the son big... I released edges of a dressing gown... it till this time without believing probably that it occurs in reality slowly pulled together a dressing gown from shoulders... I removed him finally and threw on the chair standing nearby. — Do you truly want the old mother? — You are any not old... — Well of course... He so greedy looked at my body running on him and it brought me more and more... I understood that I want him directly now... I got up on a bed before the son so on knees and suggested him to undo a brassiere... he undid also I having left him on a chair following behind a dressing gown laid down before the son having turned over on a back and as that is unclear why covering boobs with palms... the son till this time without believing that he all it in reality took my boobs already in the palms and I began to rumple them... he threw one my leg that itself it appeared between my legs... and probably being afraid to frighten off whatever that to questions was simple decided to work. If is honest I it and I wanted, a could change the mind that... he having moved apart legs of the mummy poshire put a palm on my perineum through panties I laid down on me and looking in my eyes I approached my lips. As only his palm touched my sexual lips I understood that I madly want him. That to me it isn't suffered when my sonny inserts to the elderly mummy the dick. When he kissed me I having answered his kiss of all on couple of seconds interrupted him having lowed "well"... the sonny having felt that already secured me having smiled I told — Ne it is suffered? — Speak a little, a that now I will get up and I will leave and again you will receive nothing So maliciously smiling I answered. No I wouldn't go to that moment anywhere. I on it would attack and would fuck it... it having returned to a pose on knees I took me for an elastic band of pants and I pulled together them. I moved apart my legs and having carried out on thighs I passed on a hairy pubis and I went down ko to a vagina... — What you don't shave that. I grew... Smiling the son asked driving fingers on my sexual lips and concerning slightly a clitoris... I at this moment already boiled and answered with the shivering voice — Ne for someone was... — Well is now. Shave tomorrow. — Well. Obediently I answered. And I understood that that he wouldn't tell me at that moment I made if only his fingers which already began to get into me entered more deeply... he entered me two fingers at once. As I weaned from these feelings... it was slightly sick how as if again would deprive of virginity only without plevy... but there was not few lubricant so that tolerantly. Itself was surprised that at my age I so began to flow... probably the son didn't want to tighten a prelude too, he pulled out from me the fingers, sat down to pull together pants. Ooh nothing to myself I thought having seen what tool at my sonny. Here it yes. Healthy such dick with a big head. In length of 19 cm as the son and decent in the diameter told then. I in life had only two men to the son, both husbands, and one of them had no such dick. the son having cast away pants I hung it is necessary me having taken the dick a hand and I carried out by a head on my pussy opening lip ee... it is indescribable... I just howled at this moment... this juvenile asshole having seen it I decided to torture mummy who before him lies having substituted a pizda and I began to drive a head on my pussy from a clitoris almost to buttocks... I howled fidgeted under him trying to low that he thrust him in me rather but even it was above my forces... I just lay under him and was blissfully happy... and here at last he put a head of the dick to my pussy and began to pressure him and the dick began to plunge into my vagina slowly... only to think... My son returned there from where I appeared though and partially I returned rushed at this moment in my head... but here I lost this thought therefore that the loud groan escaped from my lips... I just coiled under it so far it entered me... here I felt as balls of the son nestled on my buttocks... he entered me till the end... I didn't understand the feelings. There was such impression that I was captured by one continuous orgasm since that moment as the son implanted 2 fingers into my pussy... having allowed me to get used to a dick in me nearly 20 years later the sonny having risen it is necessary me having leaned on hands I began to fuck me... I hesitated to watch to him eyes a he so turned away without hurrying moved in me. And here he laid down on me without stopping a fucking me and kissed me on lips having taken a palm me for the person so gently... I understood with what love he it is engaged so in me in sex... even skoree love... I embraced him from all forces and so gently began to kiss him on the answer. He continued to fuck me gently and to kiss caressing my person and at this moment I understood that so still nobody kissed me. And so as he loves still nobody loved... it is perfect another... he fucked me without hurrying driving a dick in my pussy till the end and even reached to me a uterus. And here he inserted it till the end into me strong having rested a head against me... from this feeling at me darkened in eyes I slightly raised buttocks having leaned on heels and covered me just with a storm, I shivered and shivered feeling as sweet juice is thrown up from me... the son having suffered seconds 10 after that as I became soft over again started moving in me and each penetration of his dick into my bosom was followed by a squelch of the pussy filled with a cum. The sonny having seized me by a breast which all this time rocked in a step to my movements I squeezed ee strongly and fingers I squeezed a nipple and having accelerated speed I began to fuck me. The bed fought o back a wall I just couldn't constrain the groans. I groaned in all throat having raised legs trying to make so that it was most convenient to son to fuck me... he having released my breast I took me under knees and having lifted up my legs I fucked me slightly having gone into eyes and with pleasure observing as I his native mother having lifted up legs I accept his dick in myself my boobs are shaken I groan in all voice a palm caressing him up to a breast... when the son accelerated even stronger and itself began to groan and pant slightly I understood that now he will terminate... he released my legs hung it is necessary me and without getting from me the dick began to lower in the mummy... My God what so me was created at this moment... I was covered by the next orgasm from feeling of the cum joining my pizda in the big portions... I having grabbed with one palm I will catch a cold an another of the son for buttocks squeezed both that and another... the son having let out the last drops of a cum in my bosom I became soft and a laid down so me nearby I lay with the moved apart legs feeling as to my buttocks the cum directly on a bed follows... we couldn't recover the breath but excitement slowly departed and thoughts took the "my God chtozhe I did" but directly at this moment the sonny turned me on a side to himself the person embraced me strong but with love... I kissed me on lips greedy, I began to kiss my person in wrinkles, I pressed my head to a breast I embraced him so strong as only I could and to me it became so good in embraces of the most native man in the world which only that became my man. "mummy clog with nothing to yourself the head, I know you. We will have everything well here will see. I love you" he told me gently. And I also truly cast away all thoughts... to spit. And after it truly we lived soul in soul. and at us was and there is so much sex of the most various how many I to itself and couldn't present... and I am happy! P.S.: write comments if it is pleasant there will be a continuation. To tell there is much what. ;) Also there was a wish to communicate so to tell to colleagues) adult women the having communications so the children or relatives. Write) dating app restart conversation date queen died site mapMain Page