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Vlad laughed and told: — You know, for me all this year was so bright, it is so much different events, all such concerning were... And all of them are almost connected with you, Marina. Someone would tell me that I here will be today with you and exactly here SO to celebrate your birthday, would send it to mental hospital. On ours with you history it is possible to shoot film! The marine laughed: — It is more best to write the novel, I with pleasure would read such. ... From that day passed more than a month. Their life gradually got better. Rodion continued to work in the almshouse. I tried to show nothing changes in the of private life. Though many colleagues began to pay attention that that became more hospitable, quite often came to work with excellent mood that was almost not observed earlier. Surprisingly many, he began to sit up quite often in a smoking-room or over a cup of tea with ladies from the collective. Gradually, for them he became Rodya... Girls guessed whether he fell in love at last? And of course it was terribly interesting to all in someone if it so... Rodion and most liked to communicate with an opposite sex. Hmm, though... not such he was already and opposite for him. If someone from his colleagues knew what was created in the head of their employee... And if someone accidentally saw him in a toilet... Rodion wore underwear at the request of Vlad even at work only women's, Marinino. But yet not about it a conversation... Now Rodion ceased to be late at work that too wasn't peculiar for him earlier. He always hurried now home. Of course he knew that Vlad couldn't be with him every evening, and especially, every night, but... He came home and changed clothes... He liked to do it. From I began to follow the fashion and myself. And every time putting on and doing itself a make-up (yes, dear readers, and this science he tried to comprehend in perfection), it turned into the Marine. In that someone is loved, want, and wait with it for a meeting. What Rodion was absolutely deprived all these years. His existence as though was divided into two components. And it liked new part it I more and more. Sometimes waiting for Vlad he when the dinner was already made, more true already she approached a mirror and captiously examined herself regarding presence at herself of appeal... The heaviest — was to wait for the lover from business trips. While it was even impossible to remove stress. Vladislav forbade to satisfy himself if he wasn't near. These days Marina just couldn't find any peace. Hands and lasted to caress themselves... But when the lover at last came to her, during love joys when Marina humoured the favourite Vladik before that takes her, caressing his dick a mouth and when it was given him — they already managed to make it almost in all places of her modest apartment — both in the bedroom, and in kitchen, and in the hall, even on a balcony late at night, and you will already not list all places. Especially it was pleasant to a marine when Vladislav seizing her, entering in attacks of passion it is deep, till the end, or is more true to the eggs in her bum, I began to jerk off Marina's dick, sometimes tenderly, and at times it is so furious that Marina was afraid that he will tear off it absolutely. But every time Vlad's hand on Marina's dick forced to cum her again and again. And then, when Vlad had already a rest after cumed in the favourite girl, Marina caressed him the lips again and again made horney herself. She designated such evenings the fountain of orgasms — and in literal and figurative sense of this word. And never from that day Vlad made love to Marina when that was in a men's appearance, Rodion. The explanation was obvious — they wanted each other as the man and the woman. Vlad began to change too. He began to catch himself that he likes to be with Marina. With her it was good, simple... And though to the Marine attracted him physiologically — he derived enormous pleasure from how they made love — he took it gently, without hurrying, feeling as all body of Marina trembles under him with impatience, he just had with her some animal sex, a fucking, called ebly as he is itself. Vlad was pleasant to be whispered on an ear to the mistress different words, getting thereby and her and itself. — Do you feel how I enter you? — Vlad asked a rhetorical question. — As I like to fuck you, Marinochk! Yours the bum is directly created for my dick! As I lived all these years without it!!! As I have on you every time! — Yes, mine ебарь, my Vladik — Marina whispered to him in reply — take me again, I so missed — she said standing cancer, the back to him, and making upward movement at each new movement. The beginning is pleasant to a marine when Vlad embraced her, caressing her body everywhere. It very much made horney. A reason for Marina's frustration was only the lack of a breast, even the smallest. It was clear to her that if the lover got used to a breast of the wife of the 3rd size for a long time and she is pleasant to him, then with Marinin by zero it was necessary to do something. She long reflected and at last decided — to go in Rodion's image to the doctor with question AS it is POSSIBLE to INCREASE the BELOVED'S BREAST WITHOUT SURGICAL INTERVENTION. The doctor wrote out hormonal tablets. The effect of tablets was promised not at once, but in few months of regular reception the breast had to begin to grow. Rodion, of course, asked also a question whether the condition of a body back can return if to cease to accept them. The doctor answered that he isn't confident in it as still any woman wishing to increase a breast, didn't want boomerang effect. But I noticed that medicine in general has beneficial influence on a body of the woman, especially if that is thin. Having bought tablets Rodion came home and even the whole hour sat reflecting whether he is ready to SUCH changes. Finally the decision after all was made. The marine began drug intake, even without having told about it to Vladislav. Coming back home to the wife and children, Vladislav very much was afraid to call the wife by the name Marina. Of course, though he also became more rare to stay at home, explaining it with difficulties at work and business trips, but on his sexual life with the wife of the relation with Marina affected positively — Vlad began to have more regularly sex with her — but if that only knew that when once again he takes her, and the pose cancer, and especially when he interferes in her buttocks became the most favourite pose with her, then he thinks not of her at all. Also the fact that he had no acquaintance Marina was amusing, and it was possible to find in phone only Rodion to whom the husband called very often now. The wife between affairs took an interest once why lately Vlad so often communicates with the longtime friend what I didn't notice earlier. What that answered that on the new project with which it is busy now Rodion also advises it, having been the rare professional. Therefore he is forced to sit up quite often at Rodion also at night, discussing affairs. Try to picture to yourself a picture when she rang one o'clock in the morning on his mobile phone, asking about when he is. And Vlad, having reached phone and lying on a back, looking at how on his dick his unusual mistress makes smooth movements by the back up-down, answers: — No, the sun, lay down today, don't wait for me, I again at Rodion am late. We discuss a difficult question. If absolutely we sit up, then at it and I will spend the night. Here, Rodion, you passes greetings too. And at this moment Vlad stretched a tube jumping on him Marin. That, hardly constraining the getting-off breath, I began to say that he is very glad to hear it too and in general I will be glad to a meeting... But at this moment Vlad grasped a horney dick of the mistress and began to podrachivat him... In this Marin's situation, unusual to myself directly with a tube in hands I began silently (as then it seemed to it) to cum directly on the lover, accelerating the movements and bringing that to an outcome too. Vlad terminated directly in Marina's bum literally in 30 seconds after her that time. And then he long explained to the wife that phone was switched-off till the morning because the battery was discharged... SISTER ... Surprises occurred about further. After two months since the birth of Rodion when Marina already absolutely accustomed to new quality and even on the house I began to defile periodically in shoes on heels, she expected the Vlad's arrival tonight. That was away the whole week and only yesterday came back home, so, that the lawful wife refused flatly to release him to the friend what important issues wouldn't be. Now Marina was already at a parade. The most graceful and sexual things from clothes, the most beautiful wig were dressed... The dinner prepared... At a door the long-awaited call and Marina was distributed happy I ran to open. In a doorway Marina saw... the sister. Elder sister who was called Marina too. That was born three years before. The marine senior was the complete antithesis of the brother. Brisk. She married when she only executed 25. By 30 years at her already was two children. And to 35 because of the character I divorced and children were raised already by one. Marina Sr. had not a simple character — awfully liked to direct, than demented all and at work and at home. But along with it I was also very attractive. It not strongly differed in special beauty in young years, but after the birth of children a figure at first thin gained femininity, rotundity and became a subject of attention of men — colleagues. However it was agreed to divorce her hardly and all attempts to get acquainted with her failed so far. And Marina Sr. already to difficult character added to the also the harm inherent in all nedotrakhanny persons. ... Whether it is worth saying that choosing for itself a name on THAT birthday, Rodion stopped on it not accidentally but because the sister always was for him an example in everything. He loved her sincerely, and considered her children. And for this reason didn't see a major issue that was left without family and children. The sister from surprise at the first moment was frightened, having seen the unfamiliar woman in the apartment of the brother. The lady from the apartment stood too for some time as a sculpture, thinking what now to do. — Hello — the sister was the first — something I in monastery of the brother didn't see you earlier. Let's get acquainted, I am Marina, the sister of the inhabitant of this apartment. Really, he decided to become reasonable — decided to get acquainted with the girl? Of course, we meet him not frequently... Maybe you meet for a long time? Oh, I'm sorry, I exorcized you absolutely... The sister surely passed to the apartment and closed behind herself a door. She undressed and with interest began to examine the lady. Rodion so was taken aback from surprise that he didn't know what to tell. For nervousness of his leg began to shiver. He a low voice said: — You pass to the room, we will have supper soon. And itself I went there, trying to go on heels quicker and though to win some more seconds not to meet eyes the sister, thinking out on the run though some version of all events. It was necessary to think out nothing. At an entrance to the living room the heel of a shoe was hooked for an edge of a carpet and Rodion departed on a floor. To his horror the wig became his first loss which appeared fatal. When after him the room was entered by the sister, to her amazement there was no limit. Further 10 minutes of shouts, cries and curses to Rodion followed. Then the stream ran low. The sister took breath also with grief, already more quietly, said: — Our parents would be alive, from shame would burn down... But in this sense they were lucky... How did you reach life such? Though I always suspected at you these bents. Never I could understand how the man can live without woman... — Well get up, Rodya — at last, having calmed down the sister told — make toilet. There is a wish to look at you once again... That jumped from a floor and began to correct on itself(himself) clothes, a wig, a make-up. The sister watching all this about herself noted that the young woman before her not too bad at all. The lady was slender, is fashionable, expensive and with taste is dressed. If it was no her brother, then this person could envy purely in a feminine way. — There is nothing to tell, it is good — the sister to the brother rendered a verdict — even funny it turns out — came on a visit to the brother, and it becomes clear that now at me also the sestrukha appeared younger. Tell me if it is not a secret as you reached life such... Rodion, as though waited for it, all these months keeping everything in itself, and now I began to tell the story. In detail I retold that occurred on his birthday, and several days later. Then I began to describe the life in recent months. The sister for him was always authority and on the childhood he shared the secrets, without trusting them even to parents. And now everything that collected in soul, he tried to splash out on the sister. He explained that right now he found peace of mind and satisfaction. He so was fond I narrate in detail about that as well as where he made love to the lover that he told and as to him it was good at the same time that I didn't even notice that already through a quarter of hour the sister already sat all reddened, fidgeting on a chair. The marine, his sister, from the gushed emotions, floated. Because for a long time after the divorce I had no sex, and here the brother in paints paints as he regularly and obviously with pleasure for both parties is fucked so that doesn't think of himself at home differently as Marina any more. If now someone thrust to the sister under a skirt a hand, absolutely wet panties would be found there. to me directly on this table at which we sit now. We have even not supper then up to the end. She began to caress me directly at a table. Darling I correctly speak? — Yes, it and was — being confused Rodion confirmed to the sister. He now again as earlier, I felt in two roles at the same time, and Rodion — for the sister, and Marina for Vlad. — Tell, and you like to me to submit? Do you like to carry out my desires? — Vlad continued. He wanted to prove to the sister right now that he completely controls a situation, even now when she is near. — Yes, the road, you know, I like it very much. I always with pleasure carry out your instructions — from singularity of a situation and the drunk alcohol Rodion began now and to be made horney. — Then, the sun, be kind, show to the sister as you love me. Show how you can humour me. Give, expensive, we with you hadn't a good time several days. It is necessary to make up for lost time. The first several seconds the mistress stiffened in indecision, being confused presence of the sister. But when Vlad began to undo the trousers, she bent to Vlad and began to get his already semi-got up dick from trousers. She not for long had to struggle with herself, deciding to do blowjob to Vlad or not in the presence of the sister because Vlad's hand laid down on her nape, and she habitually swallowed the lover's dick. In a minute Vlad was up in arm. And now and he and Marina, the sister of the person who is sucking away now, watched technology of execution of blowjob. And it must be said that for last months the mistress succeeded in it. Especially as it was pleasant to do her it really — she in process of a suction was made horney and the dick began to caress always. Today it was especially juicy action. Affected also long separation and presence of the sister and alcohol. Vladislav was already very horney too, but didn't want to force events. He still not up to the end understood that he wants to make today, but felt that it has to be something unusual. He got up because of a table and without removing the dick in trousers and having taken the mistress by hand, said: — Girls, go to the room, there it will be more convenient to all. To persuade, just sucking away to Marin, it wasn't even necessary. But also the sister who again became from such show of absolutely wet followed them. Having entered the bedroom, Vlad settled on a bed with sticking out up as a rocket, a dick. All his look invited to continuation of begun. The mistress understood at once what from her is required and began to undress him. She removed only openwork panties from herself and remained in a translucent dressing gown, black stockings and a bra. Then again I clung to Vlad and his dick lips continued to make horney. The sister stood at first literally in meter from them and bewitched watched the events. Then it is more best to make out villages near them on a bed and I began to catch each movement of the brother who during these moments selflessly sucked a dick of the lover. All this situation just to madness got it. In the head the thought pulsed, as itself would be doesn't mind to join the brother and to help him. As though having felt it, Vlad looked in eyes of the sister and having taken her for the head as some minutes ago I made it with Rodion, began to incline to Marina Sr. voice to the dick. He took away the dick from a mouth of the mistress and softly put him to the sister's lips. And that having carefully let in body to itself a mouth and having made the first to steam of careful movements, in a minute I entered a rhythm, seeking to let in myself a dick completely. Vladislav, in spite of the fact that it was already absolutely horney, tried to control a situation, and the sign showed to Rodion to join the sister. The situation was for all its participants fantastic, unreal and from that such exciting. Vlad regretted only about one now that near at hand there is neither cam, nor phone to imprint all events. Unless he could assume even in the morning that now he lies on a bed and in turn the brother and the sister do him blowjob, seeking to bring him to an orgasm. And having looked narrowly it was possible to notice more attentively what except Rodion who now frankly jerked off himself too most, but is more reserved, is done also by his sister. Vlad couldn't suffer already any more. He tore off both from the dick. And having bended over Rodion, the dick began to insert to him into a bum. At this moment the sister saw that Rodion's eyes were rolled up, and he published such groan showing pleasure which he derived now. And the more deeply and stronger the lover's dick, the more lingeringly entered an ass of the brother and to a groscha her brother groaned from pleasure. And a boundary of legs at that the same horney dick which that didn't forget to podrachivat dangled. The sister who lost completely touch with reality grasped it, the podlezl under the brother and was taken by his dick in a mouth. Just now she already not really thought that the brother, till today, for her such sex was earlier an absolute taboo. Now it was just the dick which there was a wish to suck, caress these hanging-down balls, to caress itself and to receive at last the portion of a cum what she didn't have in recent years. Rodion, having felt that he is made horney now on both sides, I felt that he will cum very soon. All this occurred several minutes when Vlad decided to change a pose and turned Rodion on a back, having thrown his legs to itself on shoulders. A marine, having seen inviting in Vlad's look, I laid down with Rodion in a pose 69 and his dick continued to suck. In it an additional opportunity at Rodion appeared now, and he decided to use it. Not to tell that it very much was pleasant to him, but now he wanted to give to the sister pleasure too. And he made every effort in order that the sister wasn't left without orgasm. All Trinity was several minutes in the continuous movement. Groans, shouts, sounds sucking the dick and a pizda the sister and the brother made horney and warmed up all participants of this unexpected orgy. At any moment of Marin didn't sustain, observing as in a bum Vladislav has her brother — she had an opportunity to consider this process in detail and details, and began to shout: — Men! Well how many to me still to wait? Somebody will fuck me today or not? Two dicks in the apartment and not one me still not выеб!!! Fuck me immediately. Vyebite, I so want that I in a pizda had a dick now!!! Vlad stopped and having left Rodion's ass, was discharged of him. Then I attracted to myself his sister. That appeared being kneeling, nestling a back on him, and he caressing her body began to kiss gently the woman on the lips, reaching them. Fingers of his right hand fell to Marina's bud and now carefully played with this hole, they carefully touched only lips of her vagina, gradually plunged deeply in him, pressed her "a magic button" of passion. So it was pleasant to a marine that with her Vladislav did now that she was completely disconnected from the outside world. But excitement was already so strong that in 3 minutes shook it in the strongest orgasm and it with groan failed a breast on a bed. But Vlad was also not going to stop, but pulled the partner for hips and she unwillingly began to rise. When her vagina became flush with his dick, it began to enter her. He didn't hurry, understanding that if the woman had no lover for a long time, then it is the most best to make IT carefully. Hands continued to caress him the sister's boobies, periodically falling that is higher to shoulders, but below — caressing her hips, buttocks and a vagina. Rodion lay now nearby and observed how his lover once again tries to bring the sister to an orgasm. Strange, but he any didn't feel jealousy from it. Only excitement. All this gave divine pleasure to the woman. A marine gave the cries, demonstrating to what to her is very good now therefore she began to be stuck actively on his dick as though was afraid that all this will be gone before she once again terminates. The marine made upward movement Vlada with such enthusiasm that Vlad felt the approach of an orgasm to which he remained to him literally seconds 15. But he didn't want to give up right now. He left Marina and addressed her relative: — Heard that the sister asked you? Give her joy. Fuck her! Try, can you it will be pleasant too! Probably Marina already and the truth thought nothing, otherwise as it was possible to explain that according to this team she laid down on a back and raised hands the legs. — As they are similar! — Vlad thought, looking at this picture. Rodion, as was in a women's clothing, laid down on the sister and she inserted into herself his horney dick. Had no time for the end clear someone someone fucks in this couple now. There was an impression that it does both that and another at the same time. Both of them groaned from pleasure now — the sister who long ago didn't have such sex and the brother who thought now that he loves the beautiful sister and wants only that to her it was good with him... The sister whispered on an ear to the brother: — Fuck me, Rodya... Fuck stronger, the road... I now all yours! More deeply, give more deeply!!! Don't feel sorry for me! 3 years nobody fucked me. I gave nobody, I wanted nobody. And with you to me it is so good!!! But Vlad wouldn't be Vlad if decided to remain away from the events. In a couple of minutes so far he took rest, his excitement fell down a little and he stopped the mistress, the MARINE, and having hung over her the dick began to insert her into a bum. And when he completely entered her, they began everything to move together, trying to give themselves the maximum pleasure. At last after a minute they found the necessary mode and a fucking proceeded with a new force. It was so unusual to all of them. Vlad in five minutes couldn't restrain and driving as he loved, on full depth in an ass to the MARINE a dick, began to cum, accompanying it just with some animal roar. The cum began to be filled in with pushes in the mistress's bum. It too was always pleasant to her, and for last months she accustomed herself to cuming under the lover and the master along with him. And following this habit now Rodion began without thinking to cum with shouts — I CUM! YES! DAAA! AS it is good, I LOVE YOU — in a vagina of the sister, continuing to drive in into her the dick. Someone he at that moment loved, nobody knew, even probably he. Probably both. And the sister decided not to lag behind in it sex a marathon the brother, cuming after him especially as Vladislav having already left Rodion and lying near this sweet the incest couple began to caress the sister's vagina the hand again. Then they still half of hour lay next to each other, recovering. Most Marina was shocked, the sister recovering, couldn't understand now how all this could happen to her now. But she to herself honestly admitted that it wasn't SO good her for a long time. She forced itself to get out of a bed, went — took a shower and despite all arrangements of her lovers, jumped out of the apartment. The house was waited by children, but the most important — her was a shame — she didn't expect it from herself at all, and she just wanted now to be alone, having understood the feelings. And Vladislav still twice for that night made love to the Marina who was happy that so perfectly there took place acquaintance between his favourite people. Unfortunately, any more since then the sister never came to visit Rodion when there was Vladislav. And it was impossible to start talking to her about this evening — the sister tried to show that she doesn't intend to remember it. Dear readers, I wait for your estimates, responses and opinions on further succession of events. dating app notification sounds iphone calculate date quarter in excel site mapMain Page