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Phone rang out, Sergey looked at the tube monitor, - aha, the little sister calls … He included a public address system because his fellow worker who constantly annoyed its to those that he has no release from women sat next, and Sergey suddenly wanted to restrain his ardor. — Hello is lovely, how are you doing? Inviting to sex, the sister always called him darling, but if it was necessary to help on worldly, then she called him the brother, thus, she adjusted him on the forthcoming meeting at once. — Hi the darling, missed? — Yes, strongly I missed. I work after a lunch tomorrow, you will come? — Well, I will come, but only if you in a bed luxuriate. I like to bury in your warm bed when smells of your body. Sergey tells it slowly and almost viscous voice, glancing with a malicious smile at the colleague boaster. That, even, opened a mouth from surprise. — I will hope darling, only you take the keys from my apartment, suddenly I will sleep still. I love when you quietly enter the bedroom, and you seize me while I sleep. It so gets when you are awoken with caress and sex, m-m-mm … Pause. In a tube beeps sounded. Sergey silently pressed the red button and victoriously added looking to the colleague in eyes, - I will go I will tell the chief that I tomorrow since morning will be late for a couple of hours, I just last week remained on work, and he ran into debt to me … But it was not the draw. Sergey really, at least once in a month visited the cousin. This communication at them lasts for a long time and they don't consider it shameful and trite. Just she some time lived without husband, and Sergey understood once that she suffers, and on related helped out her, having presented to her crazy night, then more and more. Since then her brother became her lover and the friend on whom it was always possible to rely at a difficult moment. And Svetlana came to a conclusion that there is no lover dolgovremenny more lovely, than the cousin. He loves you as the sister, the brother and the lover in one person, it forever fucks as the mistress, and the lover can always be expelled or replaced as it already happened. She understood that the family relation as the granary lock, is reliable and doesn't rust, only lubricant is necessary, and there was always enough lubricant in her vagina. Here and this morning, having left the house, he went directly to her, their houses stood on one street absolutely nearby from each other. And on the street the February blizzard which pleasantly hits in the face sweeps, massing his cheeks and a chin. He specially took off gloves that his fingers slightly froze slightly. Svetlana loves when he heats the hands about languished from a dream her daddy. The last half a year he often comes to her in the mornings and gives her the caress. Passing by the playground, he suddenly stopped, took seat on the old nursery a swing, lit and remembered what all this began with, and it began with her mother and very much, long ago. Every year mother sent Sergey to summer vacation to the widow sister who children had the whole log hut. No what man dared, not only to make her the proposal, but even to oversleep with her. Raisa, so she was called, very much I suffered from it. She worked very hard, and her nerves were on a limit. Sergey appeared in time, she paid the attention that he in a year was brought up and under his shorts the piece, enviable for any woman, hangs. Aged in n of years, it was in fact a child, but his libido already played with him the jokes. She noticed how he paid attention to her breast and even to her daughters. Raisa nourished the idea and decided to use the nephew until that used her daughters. And once Saturday morning, she fed all band of children and sent them to bathe on the small river. She was sure that they will return not earlier, than to a lunch. She left Sergey, the nephew for the help with economy. Two brothers and sisters laughed at him and went to sunbathe to the small river. The upset Sergey sat at a kitchen table and waited for the task on the house. But Raisa didn't hurry to load him, on the contrary, she left the bedroom in one dressing gown and offered him one more portion of tea. She bent down over him so that his look stopped on her breast. And occurred. Sergey didn't sustain and having swallowed saliva, couldn't tear off from it the look. — My boobs of Serezhenk are pleasant? What without having answered, and understanding that from the adult woman no what shines, he only looked down. — That's OK, don't hesitate you while someone there is no house, you can admire them. On, undo the top button on a dressing gown, and you will see more. Sergey was strongly surprised to such turn of events, and hoping that they really were some in the house, the shivering hand released the tense button. It turned out so that the lower button was already undone, and her breasts were rolled out directly before his face. Nipples already stood as highlights, and the pink aura around them attracted to itself his lips. — Their kiss, I think, it will be pleasant to you Serezhenka? At Sergey with such happiness the head began to spin. His dick already sought outside and he wanted to escape that on to jerk off him and to lower the emergency pressure of a cum. The aunt put the palm on his hillock of trousers and having clasped his dick with fingers as the girl led to the bedroom. Sergey submitting to sexual explosion in his young head, I followed it and I submitted to everything that she will make with him now. He was afraid of something unknown and at the same time, was keen on acts of his aunt. Meanwhile, it lowered from him труселя, kneelt before him and his dick took in both hand. — Oh what he at you elastic and big! Won't you be sorry if I make to him pleasantly? Sergey was silent and couldn't believe the luck. His dick was clamped between her breasts and tested warmth of her body. — Sergey suddenly got nervous and his ovary gave a huge portion of a cum. It became terribly a shame to him with the oversight, and he closed eyes. Supporting him, she suddenly clasped a head of his dick with lips, and sucked away the remains of his seed. — Now, when you will want to terminate, lower to me in a mouth or in a pizda, the aunt absolutely frankly told, looking to it in eyes. Also don't hesitate, we are relatives. But you have to keep a secret. — In a mouth or in a pizda? Quietly Sergey asked again. — Yes, darling, you didn't mishear, you want to terminate to me in a pizda? Sergey though was an awful modest man, but here at him literally demolished a roof and he began to fill up the aunt for copulation. Of course, he did it ineptly, but Raisa sent his dick to the davn about the missed hole and in a flash, he became twice more native. Now it isn't just his aunt, but also the mistress. At last she received about what her organism painfully missed, - sex. The young body of the boy cumed over and over again, and only after the third time she got an orgasm from the nephew. From this minute they began to love each other on the. Raisa explained to him that he didn't show the feelings and at children behaved, as before. Now we with you are uniform, you mine, and I am yours! He remembered these words well. This summer Sergey lost innocence and spent him as you understand, perfectly. She was satisfied by the young lover and waited for him the next summer, but so happened that he could visit at her a bed only one night before army and later. Especially to him sex with the aunt when he got demobilize was remembered. She then for the whole week asked for leave from work and rented for them apartment. The whole week of sexual love was for them as a holiday of bodies. But having come back home, it was overflowed by life and work. Other, it can be also to the best. More their bodies didn't love each other, but the memory of the aunt Paradise, was always caused in it by only the most pleasant memories. There passed years, there is no aunt in this world any more, but once in new year, he turned over an old album with photos together with the cousin Svetlana. Suddenly he opened for himself that Svetlana to the smallest detail in her body, was the copy of the mother Ry. Even turn of the head, gait and diction, all said that before it that native and his favourite aunt of Paradise. Before his eyes all pictures of their love scenes flew. He has fixedly a look at her lips and clung to them. Svetlana recoiled and has in perplexity a look to him in eyes, - you that you kiss me as the man, you are my brother. Since then, to Sergey there was no rest, he just raved the sister, he believed that she is also temperamental, as well as her mother. He tried to help her about the house, and on giving. She accepted his help as from the brother, but every time the vague doubt crept in her consciousness. He will gently slap her in buttocks, will kiss on a neck, not as the brother, and as the boyfriend. To both of them already for forty, both of them remained are lonely, on it Svetlana had no motives to refuse to his small pranks. Other, she and most liked his tricks, but she couldn't allow an incest. Once, when he strong embraced her behind, she suddenly felt his erogirovanny dick on the bottom. She decided to keep silent, but he understood that she grounds the imminent situation. — Light, you don't take offense at my tricks? I all the attempts try to tell you that I want you as the woman. — Well we brother and sister … — And if we weren't them, you would agree …? — Yes, of course … It was a shame to Sveta to answer his questions of an intimate nature, and she unwillingly answered them though she itself regretted long ago that Sergey her cousin. — On the other hand, what for the sake of others the man so would help her, she reflected, only because of sex? Hardly … Usually men try to obtain the and then disappear, and this is the brother. It turns out that if they were connected not only related feelings, but also sex, it would be the ideal case. But it is an incest! Sergey as if hearing her reasonings, I continued, - Light, cousin communications aren't considered as an incest, besides, we with you adults and is inadmissible incests. Svetlana continued to maintain an impact of the brother and remembered that already as years five, her organism can't bring forth offspring though desire of sex and a doctor's advice conduct her to it. Perhaps, it is that case when it is necessary to agree to this unique offer, she reflected. But what to do with an incest? The correct education broke her thoughts. — The Serega, I am afraid that my love to you as to the brother, can develop into love as to the man, it also frightens me. — The uniqueness of a relationship also consists in it, Sergey continued, without releasing her body from the embraces, and resting the dick against her buttocks. Present that if you entered a relationship with the foreign man, and then I left him for some reason. It for you would be a certain tragedy? — Of course, and so was more than once, she answered, trying to guess the further course of his thoughts. — And now present that we left you, you represent? — No, I can't imagine even where you from me will get to, you are my brother! — There now and I about the same! We with you are tied by related bonds, and sex between us, it is only one more communication which is difficult for destroying. Do you understand about what I? Sergey's hands touched her breast for a long time, and he slowly, step by step, pushed it to a bed. — An earring, well you and phyloowls, and hands why touch me as the mistress? Stop, I am a living woman … He didn't allow her to finish speaking, feeling her weakness in dialogue, she gives up, it is just necessary to wake in her the woman. He filled up her on a bed and having undone all buttons on her dressing gown, Ry, her mothers remembered the aunt's boobies. His dick vzigrat with a new force and his hands began to bare her body. The sister deeply began to breathe as if she remembered youth and poorly resisted. The brother made everything. He just spread her legs and got into an overgrown pizda, the hungry dick. When their pubises met, she has a look to him in eyes and gave a mother's phrase, - now we with you are uniform! you mine, and I are yours! He suddenly remembered her mother and presented that returned to youth. He fucked the sister as young, her body remembered what it is an orgasm, and she at last relaxed. Sex itself specified by him what next to do. Their relationship became much closer and more native. The concept "incest" of their consciousness didn't arise at all, they just began to enjoy life as they weren't children for a long time. Finishing smoking a cigarette on a playground swing, Sergey suddenly thought that if then, in youth, he wouldn't be tempted by the aunt of Paradise, вряд – whether at him it turned out to become related with the cousin. Hardly their destinies so intertwined. It is unlikely he would make her the happy woman. When you won't guess what waits for us ahead and whether the incest in general … is bad? I am happy? I am happy! He answered the questions. She with me is happy? Yes! And what else it is necessary to us in this life? He extinguished a cigarette about edges of a garbage can, and went to the cousin and the person closest to him, continuing to reflect, and can begin to live to us together? dating app long distance reddit dateline vincent brothers site mapMain Page