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Sunday, clear day. I am 18 years old, fall in the heat. I had the first discharge and I decided to visit the friend of the cadet of military school. I took him in the telephone box of the automatic machine, his mother answered that he is absent yet and there will be he a little later. I took an interest as at her affairs, health, she told that glory to god that everything well and waits for me in guests that she has a surprise! While I went, all thought that for a surprise...? On the road I decided to buy inexpensive flowers, having thought what so will be it and it is pleasant to me, that any more I never saw ee. There were many calls, I understood that it is the municipal apartment. The call is the topmost, the door was opened by the pleasant woman of years 40, with a decollete cut, elegant and tightened as reached she asked, pass, feel yourself as at home. I stretched her flowers, it to you, I congratulate you, uttered indistinctly hardly, because of the dried-up mouth. Chto-to on my body warm ran and spread as rough reka, such woman and it is his mother, young and beautiful to dream not harmfully well... As it appeared later Elena Sergeyevna had a day of the birth. To her 50 years knocked. Na a look she was younger than the age, tightened, pleasant rotundities gave her only charm and a highlight, all from themselves, yes and only... By a profession she was a director of studies at school. The feeling of a step, a manner to keep, everything said o the fact that it is very strict and in too time the fair woman. At a table there were 8 people, in the basic it were family couples and two neighbors, on age about 50 — 55 years. It was pleasant to appear in such company where it is cheerful and fervent, drank wine and champagne. That more because of poor food in the canteen of military school, for me it was just paradise... Whole table of all tasty and unusual. We celebrated, told toasts, ate and had fun. Elena Sergeyevna me noted that helped to come to his son to military school and that she is very grateful to me, the truth he was translated from the beginning of educational year poblizhe to the house. Through some time Sergey came, we greeted him and continued celebration, talked much and remembered as there passed the summer at receipt... Closer to evening of steel everything to disperse, the first ee the son, then guests left, the last were neighbors who helped to wash ware. We with her told o what-to as didn't notice that nobody was any more. Then I looked for hours and I had only 1 hour... I asked whether it is possible to call school on the course, she answered, phone there. I typed number and I was answered by the man on duty that so far nobody came from officers... Elena Sergeyevna, put to me on a shoulder the hand and suggested to remain on a few still, I told, well. She led me to the room, with each step the dick began to get up at me. Elena Sergeyevna got up at a window and asked whether it was pleasant to me evening!? I told that yes, everything is fine and excellent, a she embraced me and kissed on a cheek, I was dumbfounded and became me hot. I didn't know what to do. You all shiver, stroked the head and told relax, the second time already I kissed on lips and I carried out by a hand below a stomach, wash the dick foully I stood a stake! What it at us there? Give on-bystrenkomu, a that to you is time to return. I asked that on bystrenkomu, it told foolish, play me!? Go to the bedroom, it cut off! While ee wasn't I the dick a hand that he didn't stand tried to set, even I jumped up a little. Through couple - the three of minutes she stood in a red satin dressing gown, I am ready... I asked to what!? She it is strict, you scoff, undress! No I there is nobody yet I didn't sleep, it is the truth. No the virgin, well, I will make everything, you just undress also all. I undressed quickly and I stand without having stirred. It was slightly lowered a little, sat down on a bed and took a dick which stood and burned in hands and began to lick a head, gradually swallowing ee and again putting out outside. Her chubby lips were just amazing, she so sucked that I couldn't even stir to don't pass anything. Then she to me began to lick balls, such inexpressible feelings that my brain nearly blew up, I don't know as all it suffered. At me hips instinctively began to go to the back — forward, she to me, a said that there is nobody wasn't! I entered her a mouth, a she stopped moving and only began to squeeze lips my dick stronger. All trunk failed her in a mouth and disappeared in is mute. Na second I thought what at it bottomless a mouth. Na what-to moment seemed to me that I have wings and I come off the earth. Somewhere through couple of minutes I to it terminated in a mouth, for the first time!!! Elena Sergeyevna swallowed everything and continued to suck to me. I thought that I lost consciousness, told everything, it isn't necessary any more. My dick relaxed and legs gave away, she told lie down. Goosebumps ran on all body, it is necessary, it happened. Hands and legs grew dumb. Give I already farther itself, she took off a dressing gown and I saw the real woman, the breast waved about 4 sizes, nipples just huge, a waist narrow and a bottom, such accurate. Lay down on a back, she uttered, I will a little be rubbed and so I will terminate, I laid down, a from what was seen, at me the dick got up again, she told oho-go and o a clitoris began him to rub the hand, my dick became elastic and firm. the head grew every second. While she made it, ee a breast shook and hardly shook my person, especially nipples. I tried to grab with a nipple mouth, but I wasn't in time, so as couldn't do it... literally through couple of minutes it moaned and began to give such groans that I was even frightened a little. With the last movement, it released a dick, an it slipped in ee a crack, here here I began to move to the back forward, didn't know that I have such potential. She is easy for all a body on me, an I methodically had ee, kissing ee of a nipple and throwing ee all body over itself, some movements of hips. It for me was as if a fuzz. She passionately kissed me and allowed me to breathe, breathed through her... In the room only the scratch of a bed, ee groans and a sound of wet bodies, from contact were heard. It was wet all and all ee liquid flew down to me on a stomach. She that-to told, but I didn't hear ee. Through half of hour we stopped and just lay silently. She slipped from a bed and on karachkakh spread to a door. Through couple of minutes she came with a basin and soap, washed up my dick with balls, wiped a towel, kissed and I began to put on dating app logos for android date questions game site mapMain Page