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Hi my name is Dan called more precisely. And now I Am given. All this began approximately a year ago. I always wanted to test that is felt by the woman when cums. From what is got from the thought of sex, of that as it will be had as her boobs will shiver, under rhythmical movements of the partner entering her. When the firm penis enters her. When she which is erotically dressed in sexy linen, stockings which are hardly fitting legs, stylish expensive beautiful shoes, lies under the man, and being forgotten under his caress, groans from improbable pleasure. When his dick enters holding apart her from a nutria. So I imagined, kind of I wanted to be given to the man if I was a woman. Everything began unexpectedly. I lie on a sofa, and I caress the dick, representing myself as the woman. As suddenly some new feeling guarded me feeling that in the bottom of a stomach unusual heat spread, the head began to spin, began to float before eyes, stirred up a little, and in the bottom of a stomach everything itched so even to a shaking, legs and hands nervously twitched, and I was disconnected. I regained consciousness probably in about 5 minutes. And not at once I thought that occurred. I lay on a back and thought that I only woke up. Having turned over sideways I felt unusual tension in a breast as though something pulled together my skin. My hand was involuntarily passed on a stomach ииииииииии imagine, I groped quite big elastic breast. Which hanged down pleasantly pulling together skin. I nearly screamed from surprise, having continued a research I found her twin on the other hand, I nearly fell heavily in a faint. Having looked down I found out that my dick decreased to very small sizes and reminded rather female clitoris, and balls in general were gone!!!!!!!!!! But, having carried out in the place where they were, I found chubby elastic sexual sponges and imagine a vagina. Continuing researches, I was made horney more than ever, the body everything shivered with excitement, (I think it and saved my mind from insanity). Investigating one hand a breast, and the second my new pussy, my fingers instinctively squeezed my nipples tripled in a size probably, from excitement my pussy all burned, and was considerably humidified, and fingers having overcome some resistance, got inside, оооооо, my God the reason floated from feeling of pleasure, I all coiled under the fingers. When I carried out my clitoris (the former dick) on it by a palm edge, responded a wave of intolerable pleasure, my pussy began to be reduced convulsively, I unconsciously seized to myself claws a nipple, having squeezed and having delayed weight the left breast, and holy Christ I was pierced by a pleasure needle, I rode on a bed licked and bit to myself nipples, the benefit the breast size allowed, and to myself were slippery from my allocations, and from the pussy nearly beat the fountain of my lubricant I nearly erased a clitoris but my hands groaned and roared, I kicked and coiled as a snake, I thrust into at once several fingers, didn't remain idle and my a vtor I a hole which too sometimes fell intermittently a finger, or two here at last I reached pleasure top, it was divine, I probably cumed minutes ten twitching and shouting as the madwoman, from pleasure which proceeded through me, I cumed didn't calm down yet, in languid luxury, absorbing pleasure each section of the body...... dating app for unvaxxed dateline host female site mapMain Page