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Phone call. In a tube a pleasant voice of Nastya. — Hi. Listen, I should take away home something from work today. Do remember I you yesterday asked? Will you help me? — Yes, of course. To come after work to you? — Yes. To six. Nastya was the wife's girlfriend. They studied together at institute. Therefore we sometimes met in the companies. Here and yesterday, we were the mutual friend at the Birthday party and sat next. Whether I drank superfluous, whether the wife already in the end got, but yesterday, I so wanted to look at Nastya's legs. No, she wasn't in any short skirt or still there what. Just yesterday I could glance furtively under a table and admire slender, a little plump legs of the neighbor in a table, in black tights. I imperceptibly glanced at her knees, went down below, went bananas from classical black shoes on a high heel … But all this was yesterday. And today I will see her again! She works at office, quarter above. And for certain in strict office suit with a skirt and in tights. To restrain and not to stare frankly at her beauty until I help it, something to bring. Exactly at 18:00 I near an entrance to her work. There is Nastya, and one of her colleagues bearing some box. Pancake … As I will carry her, I don't know since today Nastya has even more sexual look. The skirt covers less than a half of a hip, heels are even higher. She friendly smiles and specifies to the companion that put a box in the luggage carrier opened by me. They nod each other and disperse. At me the mouth became disobedient and I can specify only by gesture that Nastya got into the car. — Oh, it is so healthy that you to me will bring it. Two years lies here, everything the suitable case isn't sprained in any way. Nastya cheerfully chirps, and I weigh in tension, though I look directly forward, at the road, all my thoughts, if only though an edge of an eye to look at her legs. Aha, here right turn. Allegedly I watch towards turn, then a look sharply down. Pancake, I on a platoon. The dick probably got up. Moreover, as Nastya not in tights, and in stockings seemed to me. It seems from under a skirt the edge of a lacy elastic band was visible. To check kind of, having glanced once more. — And what you turn here? To us directly. — smiling Nastya, on wait a minute stopped the chatter about office life. — It seems wrote that there today the road will be dug. You see how many cars cost. For certain stopper. — I speak to her, turning on the left, itself pointing by a hand to the right. Nastya looks towards my hand. It gives me time to look down and more attentively to consider her legs. Indeed, stockings. The skirt from driving already slipped one centimeter above and I saw lace already on both hips. My brain blew up. But blood not only went to the head. The dick became stone too and the head rested against jeans and began to rub against them. "— What to do?" — turned in the head — "— Through couple of kilometers her house. What will she think when she sees, the bulged jeans?". That to calm down, I thought that now it will be a shame to me before the wife's girlfriend. I tried to think of working problems, of the son's estimates. But the strut didn't pass. Therefore, approaching her house, I tried to become so that leaving, not to show the excitement. So. Quickly I went out of the car, I went to a luggage carrier quicker. Nastya tripped too. But I managed to open a cowl, to quickly bend and take a box. Everything, is simpler now. Pressing a box to a stomach, I can already hide the excitement. I press the charm button, putting the car on the alarm system. Nastya approaches to the access door meanwhile, types the code, opens and holds a door, passing me. It is good that I will go the first. And that, still nothing knows how events will develop if her buttocks loom at me before eyes. So means, I go the first on the third floor to their apartment. She slightly is late at mailboxes, takes away mail. All it seems passed. I feel that the dick fell. Here what means not to see her legs. I stand at her door. But now suddenly begin to hear my ears. They hear clatter of heels. It is already enough that the dick began to twitch. She rises from below and I sharply turn to her a back that she didn't see as my trousers under a box were bulged. Moreover, it seemed to me that she noticed something as her look walked somewhere below and she quietly smiled. Pancake, I all reddened. — Come. — having opened a door, Nastya passed me forward. — Yes, isn't present. I will put a box in a corridor and I will go. — I tried to resist. — Give, give, come. What - won't I treat you with tea? — But, I, but it is necessary to me … — So. I will take offense. — Nastya tried to seem strict. This authoritativeness even more made horney me. I came into the apartment, put a box and trying to remain a back to Nastya, quickly whisked to the living room. The benefit Nastya didn't follow me, and I could, having taken seat on a sofa, to correct a treacherous dick that it so didn't stick out in jeans. I sit, I take breath. Nastya, for some reason, even without having taken off shoes, I went to kitchen at once, something there I strove a little, and quickly enough I came to me. The knock of her coming heels, rang out in the head again. It gracefully came, put on a coffee table before us a coffee pot, a teapot, cups and cookies. It was all such friendly and smiling. — Choose that you want. Coffee, tea? Can you something is stronger? — Yes, isn't present. I am driving. And yesterday we slightly superfluous drank. — Especially. It is necessary absolutely slightly a konyachka. You as look bad. — Well if absolutely slightly. But you me I hope you will support? — Of course. — Nastya approached a sideboard, got the begun bottle of cognac and two glasses from there. — Give the man pour. Nastya sat down near me on a sofa. A little shivering hand, I poured cognac on glasses. — And where Yura? — So we said yesterday that he will go to bring the daughter by bus to his parents this morning. Only the day after tomorrow will return. And you that such all intense? — Nastya mysteriously smiled. — Yes, so, anything. Well, for friendship and health! — all toast that came to my mind. We clinked glasses and drank. I to the bottom, Nastya slightly tasted. — And it seems to me that the reason of your concern is clear. — it is intrigued the girlfriend told. — It is unlikely. — I tried to be quiet. — Come on. And so everything is clear. — Tell. Here Nastya had to begin to hesitate. She lowered a look. — As it seemed to me, you yesterday all evening furtively watched my legs. — quietly she said, raising eyes. My brains blew up. I didn't know where to get to. In shame that what. — Yes don't worry you so. — Nastya put the palm to me on a knee and looked fool in the face. — To me and most very pleasant that I am pleasant to you. I always considered you very worthy man. — You seemed to me I noticed nothing yesterday. — to me consciousness was restored and breath was normalized. — Oh, you to see badly you know women. We feel your views skin. And still heart. You only eyes see it. Ah and. We see eyes, especially bulged trousers too. Yesterday it was noticeable. And today too. — Nastya giggled at the end of a phrase. — It is a little a shame to me with itself. But Nastyush, I really go bananas from your legs. — Oh, as pleasantly you called me. My God, it was pleasant to me. — she blossomed in a smile and lips imitated a kiss. — You by the way, and stared today at my legs. — Well, so if they beautiful and in stockings. — I already felt courageous. — About! You noticed. It pleases. I will tell you honestly. I, after yesterday's, wanted to make joy to your look and today. — As far as I understand, it is pleasant to you and most. Nastya playfully took a look aside. — You really very much looney look. I very much want you. — I tried to attract her to myself. — Isn't necessary. — Nastya stopped me. — But don't think badly. I too very strongly want you. — So in what business? — I was perplexed. — Will you be really satisfied by a banal fucking with me? Of course, if strongly you want, I will suck off to your got-up friend, but itself you understand, we won't meet any more. Nastina the frankness discouraged me. I felt a little humiliated and lost. But she understood it, and again took the initiative. She kissed me on a cheek and told: — I want that you wanted me somehow differently, than simply "a pussy in a pussy". I want that you ate me eyes that you did with me obscene things. What and I somehow unusually made horney you and your dick. For certain you want to look that at me on a skirt? There is a she-devil. Of course, I just am burned with impatience, wishing to look at edges her Chulkov, at her panties. I would like to see and that under panties, but likely only to dream of it. And on Nastya's question, I only in the affirmative nodded, without having opened a mouth. Nastya smiled, leaned back more conveniently on a sofa back, and pulled a skirt up, baring legs. She stopped when I could see hips completely. And even the bottom of panties was seen from under a skirt. They were lacy, thin, very narrow. I bent, trying to make out more and more attentively. — Yet, touch nothing. I will give you the chance to show how you are able to give caress. So far only look. I hope you, you want that I to you danced? I nodded. Really, the events excited the singularity my consciousness very strongly. I wanted to devour it with a look, to consider all subtleties of her body, to study eyes the most intimate corners. It and wanted it. I bent even stronger, and already more best saw how through thin lacy panties rare volosik beautifully shaved a treugolnichka on her pubis squeeze. It appears under a skirt it hid really paradise picture, to long to see likely which everyone would like. Nastya probably and itself was made horney from my look as I saw the droplets appearing through lace of panties. It was visible how she watches how I investigate her treasure eyes and worries from it. She put to me in a hand one of the palms and I gently squeezed her. It lasted several minutes. My look already repeatedly outlined all lines of a perineum of Nastya, investigated her hips and stockings which as I she understood dressed today not accidentally. My brain was obscured by what was seen and also a delightful smell of her allocations. — My God, as pleasantly — Nastya said. — Let me dance. — with these words she it is languid, and at the same time gracefully I got up from a sofa and took two steps forward, remaining to stand to me a back. She having bent down I took from a table the panel from the audio system. Bending behind the panel, Nastya already stuck out the buttocks so that any would terminate from this look. I went bananas from these delightful images. Music played. Nastya costs to me a back. Unzips close, office skirt and it falls on a floor. Well. If I could present as on her buttocks lacy panties look, I would terminate still yesterday. Astounding picture. It places legs slightly more widely and begins to swing hips. Her palms lay down on buttocks, begin them to squeeze and caress slightly. She seems, without turning the head, watches my reaction. Aha, here it is a mirror before her. In I am mute for a second our views meet. Slowly swinging hips, sometimes bending legs in knees, Nastya faces me. She begins to undo buttons on a blouse. Everything, I undid. Wants to dump. — Wait. — I stop her. — Leave. Take off only a bra. So erotichny. Nastya smiles. Hands undoes a bra behind the back and then says me it directly. I catch it. It too lacy also exhales a smell of this most interesting woman. Sniffing at him, I don't cease to examine as Nastya waves. I see as her nipples bulked up and were integrated. She noticed what I look at, and began to stroke the boobies, to slightly squeeze nipples. The dick had to tear trousers for a long time, I don't even understand that she holds him. And meanwhile, Nastya, made several slow turns round its pivot-center, moving in dance, bending down and trying as it is possible to appear closer to my person, buttocks, a perineum. They floated from my nose of centimeters in ten. Having stopped, Nastya bent a leg in a knee and brought closer to my person. I wanted to kiss a knee, but Nastya only slightly hit with her on my lips. It set on her. She became a shoe on my shoulder. The thin heel painfully stuck into skin. But this pain was pleasant to me. Moreover, directly I before eyes had her leg in stockings. I, having closed eyes, with pleasure I nestled on it a cheek. Having lost since half-minute by a cheek about a leg, I kissed her several times through kapron. — It is pleasant? — quietly Nastya asked. I nodded. — I can be a little rude with you? — Yes. It is pleasant to me. — quietly I said. — Having straightened a leg, Nastya right there pressed me to a sofa back. She bent down and slapped me couple of faces. — And so it is pleasant? — I nodded. — About! Then I will a little torture you. — Nastya having put away a shoe from a shoulder, slightly I beat me her on the person. — And now undress and lay down on a floor. She departed, and I, having got up from a sofa, took off from himself jeans and a shirt. Only I wanted to fall by a floor as she told that I took off also pants too, laughing showing on the dick ridging them. Being confused a little, I took off pants and laid down on a floor, having exposed on up "piece". I was very horney and was ready to carry out all desires of Nastya. — What handsome man. — Nastya's all eyes were attracted to my dick. Standing over me and having raised a leg, she a nose of a shoe concerned the dick, moved on him a thin skin. Then she the same nose of a shoe, few times slightly struck balls. It wasn't sick, and it is rather pleasant. Nastya saw it and continued. She stepped туфлёй on a dick and began to press. And most of all got not to the dick, but balls as the heel rested against them. — Do you want that I you trampled? — Of course. Very much I want. Without taking off shoes Nastya delivered one leg to me on a stomach and having transferred weight, the second to a breast. Though she was both not really thin, but heels stuck into skin, it was pleasant. Holding a wall, Nastya began to shift from one foot to the other, kind of going on me. She trampled almost everything me, becoming even on hips. Having descended from me, she stepped to me on the person, and pressed one of shoes a little. — To you really it isn't painful? — she sat down on hunkers. — Why. Painfully, but at the same time it is pleasant. — You, speak, if something is wrong. I will stop. But I always so wanted to torment you. — Yes, continue. Everything is pleasant to me. — All right, stand up, sit down before a sofa. He at you such cool! — she pointed a finger at my dick. — Do you want, I to you legs will jerk off him? — Of course. — I was already pleased by Nastya's imaginations. I sat down before a sofa, widely placed legs, rested hands behind myself. Up I reared the hero. Nastya sat down on a sofa, delivered legs in stockings and shoes to me on a stomach, moved apart them, a back settled on a sofa back. Then she inside of feet in shoes, squeezed my dick and began to move on it a thin skin up and down, kind of jerking off it. She put the palms on a breast and slightly squeezed them. I also didn't think that the drocheniye of the dick legs, was so pleasant. I would like that it proceeded infinitely. It isn't comfortable a little, because of shoes, but it is all the same pleasant. She to see understood it. Also I raised a leg that I removed shoes, then another. I gently took off shoes, but left the last to hold in hand. Oh, yes. Naked a foot in stockings, embracing a dick it absolutely another. As at that moment it seemed to me that even palms it is impossible to jerk off so gently a dick, he is so tender and with desire it was done by Nastya. And I was engaged her туфлёй meanwhile. I sniffed at her, the benefit, it was the aroma of legs of my favourite woman. Then I began to kiss this of shoes, to suck his long heel. All this very much was pleasant to Nastya. She already started one handle to herself in panties and gently masturbated. She stopped, raised one leg and beat out from me from hands the shoe. Nastya held up the foot under kisses. I licked her few times and kissed while she having pressed my dick to a stomach the second foot, continued to rub him. — I want to see your pussy. Remove panties. — I offered Nastya. — Well, now I will remove. I seem something thought up. And well rise! Nastya having thrown legs up, I pulled together the most beautiful panties. Then she having attracted me for a neck, I jostled fingers these panties to me in a mouth. So far I thought that occurs, she rolled one stocking, then the second and too jostled them to me in a mouth. Having shown to gesture that I have to arrange the head between her knees, she began under my look, to rub vigorously a palm the sexual sponges and a clitoris. — On, stare. Stare how many you want. Nastya was strongly horney. Between legs at her it was very damp. She closed eyes from pleasure, she a hand, free from friction, squeezed the breast. It was visible that she just about will terminate. Having understood it I spat out from a mouth, the panties and stockings which are ridiculously hanging from there and dropped a mouth to her clitoris. I didn't manage to lick few times him and to suck slightly as Nastya plunged into an orgasm, shivering, and violently streaming to me in a mouth. She cumed long. She groaned and shivered. She strongly pressed my mouth to the perineum. She cumed in a word. I recovered the breath. I opened eyes. I weakened a grasp, having ceased to squeeze my head hips. The body became covered by a light damp perspiration. — My God, what high! — It was pleasant to you? — Is no word for it. You are a fantastic lover. You realized all my dreams into reality. — Come on. — Oh! Yes at you still costs. Now I will suck off. — Not парься. Blowjob isn't necessary. Jerk off to me a little more legs. Very much it was pleasant to me. I want to terminate to you on a foot. — Wow! It will be pleasant to me. Too it was pleasant to me legs. Give, I will begin. I leaned back again back, and Nastya wanted to embrace my dick of a stupnyama, but I gave her the chance only one foot to concern him. I continued to hold the second foot in hand and began to cover with kisses. — Wow! — Nastya's eyes полузакрылись from pleasure. — You make horney me again! — Unless it is bad! — for a second having interrupted oral caress of her small leg, I lowed. — No. With such lover I am ready to have sex without stopping. Surprisingly quick Nastya, the dick between fingers of a leg clamped and jerked off him one foot. Fingers of the second foot, I, covered with kisses, sucked round them separately, carried out by language between them. Having opened a mouth, I at the same time thrust all fingers of a leg there, and the foot ridiculously stuck out of my mouth. Then, I licked all foot language, and especially carefully Nastya's heel. Her wasn't shchekotno, without looking, that she was afraid of it. On the contrary, sexual excitement only amplified. I did also with the second foot, having traded their places. Nastya with pleasure accepted from me such caress. She caressed herself fingers between legs and watched how I kiss her foot. She few times raised a leg and slightly beat me the top, a face, lips. Also to me time to stream came. Having felt that it will occur soon, I was slightly discharged, took both Nastina of a foot one hand and held before the dick, and the second hand began to jerk off. I got a fantastic orgasm, splashing out on top sides Nastya's foot and her fingers of legs a large number of a cum. She was pushed out and pushed out in the new portions and it seemed that the end won't be. When ceased to flow, I raised eyes and met the eyes of happy Nastya. — As heat to legs! So pleasantly! It spreads. — semi-playful tone she chirped. And then it is slightly intrigued. — Pinch her. — With pleasure. — Only don't swallow. I want that you to me in a mouth lowered her … — In a few minutes we stood with Nastya, passionately nestling the friend to an arch, and were kissed gently. Our persistent languages investigated cavities of mouths. New tastes from mix of saliva and a cum excited desires. Nastya was discharged and is guilty looked in me at eyes. — I nothing of that kind that was pleasant to you made? — No, everything was very great. — Thanks … — was exhaled by her and in pressed close in my embraces. — I dreamed of such man so long ago. After a pause. — Maybe you want to torture me? — Why not? — And I already want. — Nastya pensively rolled up eyes … … But that's another story … dating app for lawyers joke dateline meaning site mapMain Page