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This time he holds me by hair and begins to fuck roughly directly in a throat. - On you, the bitch, on, on! Fucked men, huh? On, suck! His dick revives, obviously trying to reach the strap-on sizes. - To the back of men of a petushil, zarrraz! Right now I to you to an otpetush! Aha, so the anal is provided to me. Here and well, and that I missed already! Fight against my tonsils suddenly comes to the end. Also for hair he drags me to a bed, throws prone and hasty arrests to a back. Inspects details, aha, I found! My eyes are closed by a dense bandage. So what we still will think up. Wow, itself I understood! To nipples and shameless sponges he fixes the clips connected by chains, withdraws from an anus a stopper, from my peach - the vibrator. And here - surprise! The vibrator not for nothing worked, putting batteries, I hardly restrained for a long time, and here I give such fountainlet! More better he would photograph it! Yury is stunned: - You that? - Forgive mister, but this vibrator... And you are so magnificent today... I didn't restrain... To lick? - No, stand, now! What, do you bit, I wanted? Aaaaaa! - Oh! - Suffer, the bitch! It for everything! For the fact that you the queen went, for the fact that so a spit ass, that I on you slobbered one and a half years and when I fucked the wife - I represented you, but that the whore actually, for the fact that I fucked men, for... Biting blows shower my rolls and get on my peach. Which from them begins to bulk up and become more and more draft by sight. I, without having the right to shout, languidly I squeal a little and I moan. Though wouldn't fly into a rage - and it is possible to be hospitalized.... And so, expectation of each new blow, a point to which it will be directed, full helplessness... Mmmmmmm... I begin to leak.... And he doesn't notice... - The Aaaaaa, you squeal the bitch, you groan! Wait a moment, it only the beginning! My God, only not a switch! But isn't present, far more better! Flogging comes to an end and to the back the master's end tychtsya exactingly. - Pancake! Weaken rolls! - Mister, on a table in a pink tube - anal lubricant! With it will easier go! - Precisely! With lubricant moreover after a stopper and Vovanov of an anal all will go though a channel, and Yurino advantage... With a powerful hekanye as if cutting firewood, he begins to work on mine the daddy. Though what the daddy, is already pure ass, at best - a bum! Well though he on her doesn't slap on it to a foolish men's habit! His hands are occupied with my boobs. Here I seized! Feeling that I in his full power, these impudent paws rumpling my boobies, this dick, shuruyushchy at me in an anus these clips which stuck into my nipples and a pussy wildly make horney all this! I diligently make upward movement and I squeal a little from the gushed quiet women's happiness... What is it? I took out the vibrator? What does it shurut in we wash a butonchik? Smooth, firm, but roundish? The configuration obviously not of the dick and not a strap-on, but than it he fucks me? Similar to a lash handle... Great it suits Me... That size... By the way, and what the curious feeling is? The Aaaaa, we are supporters of the protected sex now! The elastic from the Anki-dyrki collection was borrowed! With pimples and smack of banana! We grow wiser! Thought of consequences! Oh, me now not to his consequences... Oh, it is good as! Oh, mister, darling, please, don't stop... Still, still, to an eshcheeoooouuu! Mmmmmm, what pleasure - an anal orgasm... With rattle Yury cums... Both we fall on a bed... We breathe it is noisy as two seals... Here he began to move, got up, departed. What for? Drinks! I don't see it, but I hear characteristic sounds and I represent. So drink something cold, refreshing. And I want too. At Alla I drank a brandy liqueur glass to be warmed, gave to drink to me vodka before - I all am dried up. To drink! To Piiit!! To Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!! It seems that I was forgotten and gave the wish in air... - Do you want to drink, a hole? - Yes, mister, darling, please! - Lick to me an ass, balls and a dick! - Of course, just a moment, only as? I am still chained to a back of a bed moreover and eyes are densely covered with a bandage. Snuffling, drenching me with smells of sweat and men's allocations, popukivy, my male crawls directly on me and unlocks handcuffs. After this from my eyes the bandage is removed. - Give, lick! Mister costs dog-fashion on a bed, and I creep around him and diligently I lick his anus, vicinities of an anus, balls, a trunk, a head... It isn't so easy language which absolutely dry and on feelings huge and rigid as sandpaper. But here on the dick his seed, it damp, though some drink! And the bottom sweaty, nothing to disdain! - Hey, a hole, drink it! Open a mouth, close eyes! Obediently and trustfully, as in the childhood in a garden I close eyes and I open a mouth, now I will get drunk! What is it? - Gyyyyya!!!! He merges in me the seed from condom. Well, I won't drink, so I will eat, it kaloriyno... - The bitch, on a floor, dog-fashion! I accept the offered pose, and the mercy barin puts before me a plate in which pours mineral water - Drink, and remember someone poured! - Thanks, lovely mister! I drink, and he breaks suddenly, attached behind and again pushes the yet body which didn't depart from an anal in my girl. That drops out, but Yury is persistent, pushes both time, and two, and his drooped sausage begins to turn into sausage slowly. Precisely something like that I drank stimulating! - You drink, a hole, drink, be not afraid! You will always drink now so. Also is. And I to fuck you! Mmmmm, what buttocks! And bitingly slaps! I already drank up everything and diligently I make upward movement, passionately groaning, and on a slap I respond a draft vzvizg. Yury growls! Then bethinks, takes out from me the treasure, ridiculously раскорячившись runs up to a table, is enough a bright box and hasty fastens condom. Green. With a corrugation. And aroma of apple. That color, that size, enters and leaves. A corrugation brings me a lot of additional pleasant feelings, and my affected postanyvaniye and a povizgivaniye become even more sincere. Give, a male, make me! Here only the male any more not that, crushed a male. I don't manage to approach a treasured limit, and it already with hoarse roar convulsively cums and his weakened pisyunchik (otherwise you won't call) slips out me. Everything, I baked! I flopped on a bed and rattles - Class, as I you! Now I will often fuck you, prepare! And you will fuck with other men, and I - to look! We to you will put cams, we will write down a porno with you! And cams we will buy on dollars, your pizdy earned! And ass! Well, light dreams and courageous pipe dreams went again... It is time to extinguish, perhaps... - Yury Alekseyevich, and if I after all refuse? - Chtoooooooooooooooooooooo?????????? Did you, a hole, a scent lose? Perhaps, today I learn e-mail of your sonny from Vaska and I will send him couple of photos! - What, whether these? Before a nose of a furious male the person you won't confuse two art photos of A3 format on which he in all the beauty is represented full face and in a profile, sticking the торчун into a certain dark-haired fairy whose face is, just, not visible... - And what will be thought and will made by Katya, having received by mail THESE photos? It seems, she is an owner of your little shop? And on her your car is issued? And whether she threatened to tear off to someone something and to turn out for a constant kobelyachestvo? (Nothing personal, Katya herself shared with me family problems at the last PTA meeting). He tries to pull out a photo... - On, take, I to myself still will print! Call to Syoma, take an interest where he has an USB stick with a yesterday's photoshoot! - Ssssssuchkaaaaaa!!!! Shalavaaa!!! Ubyyuyuyuuuuuu!!! - And what at us for noise? In the doorway, terrible and fine in a strict business suit - Alla. Behind the back of her a couple of such monsters in a gray winter camouflage with aggressive stripes, chevrons and other lychka that to me it becomes uncomfortable. Yury stares at them, eyes - as at cancer, just about from small stalks will fall down - Hooliganism, threat of physical violence, blackmail, extortion, coercion to prostitution... I forgot nothing? Moreover and mockeries at my acquaintance in my hotel... You not too were fond, Yury Alekseyevich? The hamster is silent, only pants and looks with hatred. - Perhaps to show you video where all your feats are recorded? Or, how Anna Vladimirovna suggests to send photos and some fragments of the same video to your spouse? The prostrate colossus publishes weak peep and in every possible way shows the unwillingness of similar succession of events and full loyalty. - Do you have any claims to Anna Vladimirovna? There are obviously no claims. - Do all of you still want to share details of her intimate life and to dismiss about it foolish rumors? dating app customer service jobs dated and related cast site mapMain Page