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Warm sea! Sun! Clean beaches! There were four more days of such long-awaited rest in Thailand! And night razvlekalovki we with the wife attended almost all excursions, it was necessary only to luxuriate in the sun on the beach or near the cozy pool. A me already as far as wasn't left days by one thought cast by new lodgers of our hotel. Egos were young and nice black guys, about 28 — 30 years. And almost at once the thought sat down at my head: whether an are so good in a bed Blacks how they write about it on open spaces of the Internet? And as far as there correspond the sizes of their dicks to those which flash in a porn rollers. I even as that started a conversation about it so the wife in the evening. She, knowing o my hobbies, so laughter I suggested me to check most. We as usually, laughed on this subject and a conversation in the next time ended with sex. No o thoughts a big black dick constantly span in my head. Considering my knowledge of English, as however as and in other foreign languages, I so far didn't even represent how to me to arrive. No yesterday the unexpected case helped to solve this puzzle. Since morning we with the wife went to the beach, an after a lunch she told that she should have a rest and be going to an evening sortie to the city. I settled with a glass of beer in a shadow of a big palm tree near the pool. Dreaming o a big and black dick, I suddenly felt a push in a back and on my back began to flow that that cool. I sharply turned back. Behind me there was one of black guys with a thin glass and that-to chattered in English. So far I thought that accidentally poured over me alcohol, responsible for incident already sat at my table and that-to told to the waiter. In a minute on a table there was the second glass and a bottle of very expensive whisky. He lifted the glass and said: — Tom. — Oleg. — I was presented. We drank. Tom continued to speak. Having seen me, Tom showed to the friend on me that I told that and they burst out laughing. Walking on the city, the wife persuaded me to go the next day to what-to excursion for all day. I refused, referring to bad health, and in a result we agreed that she will go one. In the morning, having seen off the wife, I was going to the Vo time of walks I noticed one small little shop, the sex shop. From all variety also I bought striptiznye sandals of my size, stockings in a large grid and anal lubricant. Having fast returned to number, I properly washed out buttocks, took a shower and plentifully greased the hole. Having rummaged in the wife's things, I found red lipstick, threw her in a package of purchases and without five twelve knocked in the fifteenth number. The door for me was opened by Tom. Passing by him, I felt as my buttocks were strong squeezed by a male hand. Having entered number, I undertook the door handle to the bathroom and interrogatively looked at Thomas. He smiled and nodded. Having fast made up lips, I put on stockings, sandals and entered the room. The friend Thomas sat at edge of a bed, absolutely naked. I couldn't tear off eyes from his big and horney dick. Tom, smiling, I stood at a door. — Thiswhite slutis well prepared. — he told, and both laughed. — Come here, bitch — beckoned me the second. I slowly approached him and fell by knees. The huge black dick appeared before my person. The big red head attracted to itself. Having gently licked a uvula a head, I took in a mouth of this monster. More than half in my mouth he wasn't located. Having densely clasped him with lips, I began to move slowly the head, at the same time podrachivaya one hand and caressing balls another. The Black, sitting on a bed, I moaned and I caressed me a hand on the head. Tom approached sideways, took me for hair and developed to himself. I screamed, but Tom stopped up my mouth with one dick here. I sucked to him, continuing by one hand to jerk off a dick of his friend. Two giants alternately hollowed my mouth, thus That so and strove to push through the monster poglubzhe. Steam of times to it managed to thrust it to me into a throat, and thus my sponges all equally clasped a dick slightly further of the middle. Tom several time named the friend Michael, so that I almost got acquainted with him. Even it was a little ridiculous. The first time I met the guy, holding his dick in a mouth. Michael was discharged and laid down on a bed, I continued to suck away a to Tom. I with might and main tried a uvula around his head, thus quickly helping myself a hand. I wanted to bring Thomas to an orgasm, and already through couple of minutes Tom began to roar, and I felt as the dick strained, ready to blow up. In a moment the big portion of a cum rushed to me in a mouth. It was tart and dense. Her taste differed from that that I had to try earlier. I made a big drink, continuing by hands to jerk off a dick, trying to exhaust all to a drop. Tom stopped being thrown up, pulled out the monster and clapped him to me on lips. To my surprise, his dick was as firm as and at the beginning of blowjob. I looked at Michael. He lay on a bed and slowly stroked the dick. I smiled, laid down with him nearby and began to drive fingers on an elastic black trunk. Continuation follows dating app butterfly logo date calculator desktop app site mapMain Page