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There came Friday I came very tired from work and I just wanted to have a rest at home. But my plans and plans of my bride Natasha and her girlfriend Ania dispersed from mine. they suggested me to go to the dacha, but I resolutely refused, having told that they went, and I will arrive tomorrow morning. Then they revised the plans and decided to go at first to bar and then at once without waiting for me to go to the dacha and will meet already there in the morning. I didn't begin to object. When they left I packed all necessary things at the dacha and went to bed, but to me wasn't fallen down and I decided without waiting mornings to go to the dacha and to make a surprise. Having called the taxi, and having arrived to the dacha I decided to leave a little earlier and to walk on foot before giving. But when I approached giving gate, saw the jeep standing nearby, and in the large room light burned, and through the opened window laughter including men's reached. My first desire was to enter and learn in what business, but played an interest reflex. I have an erotic imagination long ago, to observe as foreign man fucks my bride or let them will be a little. And under the influence of this imagination I decided to approach a window and to observe all events. When I glanced in a window, to my eyes such picture appeared here. My drunk bride sat near one of two men, and he embracing her for shoulders, something told ridiculous. Her girlfriend sat with the second man and listened to the story by the first. After that they drank and men went to smoke. Anna right there stuck with inquiries to my bride someone Sergey or Nikolay was pleasant to her more. And Natasha admitted that both of them nothing, then Anna told takes away to herself Nikolay, and leaves to Natasha Sergey. Also I gave to my bride advice from which I just was taken aback. She told that Natasha wasn't lost and allowed Sergey to fuck herself where he will want on what Natasha just smiled. When men came, Sergey sat down near Natasha and suggested to drink on бордешафт when they drank Sergey got to kiss to my Natalya, I thought that they will be limited to a simple kiss in a cheek, but I was mistaken. And they merged with him in a passionate kiss взасос. Having seen it in me at first the jealousy leaped, but then I understood that my imagination will at last be carried out. Having kissed with her, he began to kiss her on a neck, slowly going down to shoulders. Natasha threw back the head back, closed eyes, and began to enjoy. Meanwhile the man caressed her up to a breast, and kissed on a neck, on the lips взасос. While they kissed, her girlfriend got up and took the partner by hand, and they passed to the next sofa. Meanwhile my bride, turned a back to Sergey whom I kissed, and he, having dipped her hands under straps, with might and main rumpled her boobs. He kissed her shoulders, and touched her boobs, Natashenka, having closed eyes, quietly groaned. Meanwhile she over trousers caressed his dick. Having played enough with her boobs he began to stroke-oar her on hips, one, and the second climbed her under a dress. From it my darling was curved, and began to pant. I understood that he, caresses her crack and a clitoris. From this pleasure she got to it into a fly, and his dick began to nadrachivat. After a while he began to undress her, he took off from her a dress and a brassiere, having left her only in thin, black, transparent panties which were already damp, from her juice. She faced him and took off from him a shirt. Sergey began to kiss her breast and to pull it at nipples. My Natalya's nipples bulked up, her boobs rose from excitement a little. He put my bride on a sofa, and began to kiss her, going down, all are lower. After he reached her crack, he removed from it panties, and parted her hips aside. And before him the picture which was seen also by me appeared. Natasha lay naked, before some man, lips of her crack were slightly opened, and from her juice flowed. All damp attracted her crack to herself, and emphasized with volosiki on a pubis all her beauty. Sergey, having seen all this, at once in it was drunk in her crack. He licked it everything, fingered language to it a clitoris, my bride published groans of pleasure, and dipped the hands, herself into hair, caressed him, pressing is stronger than him the head to the crack. While Sergey humoured Natasha's bosom, from the next sofa shouts of pleasure reached. Meanwhile the man licked to my bride her crack, helping himself a hand. He entered her a forefinger into a vagina, and she moaned even more loudly at once. On her groans I understood that she will terminate now, also her partner understood it, and I began to increase the pace. The second hand he began to rumple her buttocks, and in her juice moistened a finger of the second hand, and entered her, into her buttocks. Having seen I was simply struck on the spot by Natasha's behavior to me she didn't allow even to fuck her a finger in the pussy. From it my bride, in several seconds terminated. He allowed her to have a rest, and then began to humour her again. After a while, I heard how my darling several times terminated. He allowed her to enjoy a little, and later drove in her the reared dick. The squelch of her exuding vagina, and sweet groans of an orgasm, a ball filled all room. From what was seen as fuck my Natasha, I nearly didn't terminate. Having pulled hard on Natasha, all the body, Sergey fucked her, and she coiling under him, let out cries of pleasure. And at this time on the next sofa, there came calm. The man fucking my bride began to increase the pace, and my bride from it let out cries even more loudly. On her shouts I understood that she just about will terminate. After she terminated, the man continued to fuck her, but in several seconds began to cum too. Having taken out the dick, he terminated her on a pubis and a stomach. After all cum followed from him, on a body of my darling, he laid down nearby to have a rest a little. As soon as Sergey got down from Natasha, before me the look opened. Natasha, lay with widely spread legs, and on her opened vulvar lips, small streamlets of a cum flew down, it was a part of a cum which was around her volosik. Other part of a cum, hung on volosika of her pubis, and she had several drops on a stomach. She lay with a contented face, and with a small smile, from pleasure. All this picture very much made horney me. I wanted to drive the dick, in сочащеюся a crack, my bride and to terminate on her obspermlyonny pubis. Having decided that Natasha having got a numerous orgasm, and having enjoyed it, now will go to sleep, I strongly was mistaken. So far I represented how I would fuck the bride, she meanwhile, getting an orgasm, slowly caressed a dick of Sergey which just fucked her. Really she wants still, I thought, and it appeared the rights. She climbed on him from above, and began to kiss his body, slowly falling to his semi-got-up dick. Having reached his dick, Natasha began to suck it. Though she never did me anything similar. She took him in a mouth, licked him as ice cream, being at the same time on all fours, having opened the crack. When she took Sergey's dick in a mouth, she was made horney, and well it was visible to me how from her crack juice flowed, and her lips bulked up. The man, began to moan how my bride sucked his dick. She began to lick his ball sack, and at the same time one hand his dick nadrachivat, and another humoured the vagina. Having felt strong excitement, my bride, I ceased to suck to the man, and I sat down on his got-up sucked round dick. Sergey's dick, completely plunged in wet my Natashenka's crack. And she began to fight the back about hips of the man lying under her. He one hand caressed buttocks of my bride, and occasionally in the fulness of the heart strongly squeezed her buttocks or gave ringing weak slaps, the second rumpled her dangling breasts, squeezing, them he, sucked round nipples or just drove language on the dark circles poured by blood. My darling jumped on is mute, and at the same time, with pleasure shouting, it approached an orgasm. In a few minutes, my bride, and her partner were close to an orgasm, his caress became more plentiful, his mouth constantly fingered one сосокто another, both hands having appeared on a bottom, haunted buttocks, squeezing them together, parting bottom halves as it is possible more widely. She, caressed hands, his dick and a ball sack. Having felt that just about will terminate, he seized her to pull out the dick, but Natasha didn't allow him it to make, having told that he terminated in her. My bride moaned more loudly, got nervous, and the man who fucked her began to increase strongly the pace, and I understood that they terminated at the same time. The man under my bride, having taken her for a waist, I splashed out in her the cum. From pleasure, my bride, brought hands to herself to hair, slightly rocking here and there, hard and deeply breathing, her breasts shook up down. After he terminated, she, got up from him, and from her opened crack the cum mixed with own allocations began to follow. Being kneeling, a sofa, she turned towards the next sofa from which there was the second man. He was without pants, with the lowered dick, but having seen a picture before himself his dick began to get up slowly. My bride, was kneeling, having turned to him, her stomach shone from the pounded cum drops, on volosika of her pubis, the small remains of a cum, and from her crack hanged down, directly on a sofa the cum drops mixed with own allocations followed. Having seen that the second man looks at her, absolutely naked and obspermlyonny, it is made horney, in her eyes even more desire appeared. Natasha, having looked at Sergey, I understood that he has a rest so far, I told Nikolay that she wants to feel still, an elastic dick in the damp hole. Nikolay, having approached a sofa, and having taken my bride for a waist, I put on a sofa, before myself. Then, having spread her legs aside, I drove in its wet, from a cum and its juice a crack, the got-up dick. Having taken her for hips, it began to fuck, a crack of my bride. Moving quickly with the basin, and thus kissing her breasts, it hollowed her crack. It all coiled, and loudly I groaned, taking a great pleasure. Driving a dick, in her squelching vagina, he was close to an orgasm, and my bride, having felt that he is close to an orgasm, began to caress him for a dick. His dick, began to inflate in her crack, and Natasha moaned and was swept up at him in hands so that he hardly managed to hold her on a sofa. Having driven the dick in all depth of her crack, he began to cum directly in her, from it she cumed somewhere for about a minute. After, having poured out all the cum, in a crack to my bride, Nikolay took out the dick from her, and sat down on a sofa nearby. My bride sat, on a sofa, with widely moved apart hips, and enjoyed unclear what orgasm, and from her crack, the filled cum followed to the brim. I saw that to her it was good, and she was happy. Having a little had a rest, Natasha, laid down on a sofa to Sergey, and Nikolay laid down near her so that my bride appeared between them. She lay, enjoying an orgasm, and at the same time caressed it dicks, thus thanks to them, for the pleasure given her. dating app bio simple date in english how to write site mapMain Page