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Hi reader! I am Yulya, you already printed my story "Private Yulya". And here, officers learned about what happened on the ground, sent me to a madhouse the house. There me checked to transfer to the reserve from army. And here I, by means of heads of the doctor Alina Albertovna, began to earn a few denyushka. On arrival I in hospital, me at first was placed in soldier's chamber, there were any addicts, and mowers, they tried to rape me. Then she transferred me to women's, the benefit I took away all the suitcase, with a women's clothing. In this chamber quite normal and beautiful women as then it became clear very rich lay. They were treated for depressions, nervous failures - incognito. I behaved as the woman, began to release a hair. And here in one of late, autumn evenings when Alina Albertovna, was on watch, already all went to bed she me called in a staffroom. I began to ask me, according to the clinical record, and then I asked, and I saw, women's пись, (pezdyshka), I was embarrassed and said no, but very much I want that and at me she appeared. Then she having sat down on a sofa I spread legs, panties were already removed, suggested to look at her писю, on closer, I at this moment stood as driven, one business to suck a penis and another, women's пися which was beautifully shaved. I became on knees and began her to kiss gently, Alina began to moan, I began to work a uvula, she asked to lick her a point, I with pleasure made it. After that she asked and what about men, I told that I don't mind. She called and the senior nurse Artem came, we together began to suck at him, and then he entered me, in two months my buttocks were already pulled together, and to me it became a little sore as for the first time. After that, my work began, I began to lick at the women with whom I lay in chamber, them was four, everyone weeks appeared new, in 2 months of my stay in chamber, I earned nearly 6000 dollars and 300000 rubles. Decent the sums to be equipped in life, and at the same time I found the patroness - "X". She suited me in one of firms, the messenger, but told for the time being not to show someone I am such, I worked as the guy under the name, in a year after that released a hair to shoulders, he at me 100% of the blonde. Occasionally I came on a call to the madam to the capital, there we went shopping, I felt like the woman. At the same time I bought a false vagina of Cherry Popper from soft silicone from FemSkin producer, and at the same time very much it was pleasant to me. The breast at me gradually began to grow, I accepted women's hormones, the pezdyshka was artificial so far. And on February 23 this year. The director and the manager of our firm approached me. Well Yulya, I was dumbfounded from where they learned about my second life. They showed me the letter from my madam where she ordered me to amuse children on full for February 23. With a hint on good remuneration, I glanced on the bank account, that already lay a new round sum, with a hint that I spent it for the real pisyu, and the visa to the Netherlands, for operation. I was delighted. Well children someone will bring me home to change clothes. Volodya was called. I came was washed, washed away, dressed "Cherry Popper", evening a dress beautiful lacy stockings linen, left. then I stopped by at hairdressing salon where, I made good laying, at the same time I told the master that just I washed the head, but light in the apartment broke. And here I arrived to office together with Volodya, there I was already expected by our employees the secretary Valya, the director Sergey, Kostya and Artur. Valya approached me looked at me and we kissed and embraced her as girlfriends, she to me took aside, told that, earlier she was Vasya, and already as 3 years, the woman, only children don't know about it, she with them already with all peretrakhatsya, they didn't even suspect. And here we went to Valais to the dacha, there and began, I at once paid the attention to Valais, got out it a pizdenyshka, men at the same time the dicks inertly podrachivat. After several drunk glasses of champagne, I undressed completely, we with Valya began to suck, at children, for half a year I didn't suck and with pleasure swallowed of a cum, then with Valya all fell in love with us and not once. Next day I came to work as the woman, and Valya went to new branch the director, and I became a secretary, nearly an every morning I usually hearth to coffee the administration, did a good blowjob. Also I ceased to be afraid to be a woman. dating and related wiki date calculator going backwards site mapMain Page