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Treachery In couple of days I faced Gosha at an entrance. - Hi, Ball. And I to you. - Hi. To us? I go on affairs, and Zhanna is absent the house... - Zhanna is absent? It is a pity, I wanted to see her. And not only to see: she has such boobs, such legs - I from her go, and there is a wish to insert her on the tonsils... - he told pensively, - And when she is? I began as the idiot to report to this impudent fellow (who even didn't try to hide that he reckons on my wife): - Yes she meets girlfriends so, probably, hours at ten in the evening will return... Or even later... - It is a pity, I wanted to tell her something... And I for some reason thought that he wants to let out her my terrible secret. Or rather, I also had no other thoughts, probably, my head was stuffed only by this dreadful expectation: - Gosha, please, I beg you, don't tell Zhanna... - Not to tell about what? - sincerely Igor was surprised. - Well, you understand... - I don't understand. I thought that Igor just continues to scoff over me and wants to hear a humiliating request from my lips: - Well, how at school, you me... - And, how I in a mouth "vaflit" you? - Gosha grinned, - And she knows nothing about it? - No, and I you would ask not to tell her about it, all right? - All right. But service for service. I don't tell Zhanna that you "klykovy", and you help to enclose me her under me. You will tell everything - where she with someone she what habits at her that is pleasant to her - it isn't pleasant... If I feel some "zapadla" from you, then not only I will tell Zhanna as you like to play about in a mouth, but at her you a vyeba, and then also I will turn off the head. And she - the pederast - itself won't let you threshold houses any more. Clearly to you? - It is clear, - I understood that I as always messed up, having shown a weak point to the enemy. So if earlier I was afraid of own fantastic fears, then now he really held me for balls. And Igor, certainly, felt still the big power over me: - By the way, it will be necessary somehow to you in a mouth to pile for old time's sake. Same ours with you a secret, huh? - Yes, - I agreed with the word "secret", but it turned out so that I as if accepted Gosha's proposal to suck off to him. I got confused, and Igor burst out laughing: - All right, the Ball, then you will suck away... I what to Zhanna went, wanted her, well and you with her, to invite at cinema for the next day. There are tickets. Refusals aren't accepted. And now tell about Zhanna... And I together with him came back home where behind a cup of tea I spread to him in all details everything that knew about the wife. I answered all his questions, even the most intimate, up to when at her last time were monthly. I reminded myself the taken prisoner guerrilla who right there broke up and let out to the opponent all secrets of the fighting girlfriend. I made her more vulnerable for the enemy, realizing that I betray her not only because of fear of him but because my lust wished that he won a victory over Zhanna. Probably, from our conversation not only my fourteen centimeters as at some point Igor told strained: - Drag intimate photos of the wife, I want to admire her... I brought the laptop and a flash card with a house photo album in which Zhanna posed in all foreshortenings. Gosha began to comment tastefully on my naked wife and as self-evident I said: - And you what idle? Undo to me a fly and take a dick in a mouth while I consider photos of this whore. - What?... - I tried to pretend that I didn't understand him though everything was as clear as day. - Don't feign ignorance, the Ball. Don't you want that Zhanna about you learned everything?... He blackmailed me, and I remained nothing else how to kneel before him, to undo a fly of his jeans, to get from there the reared penis with a head, wet from lubricant, and to take him in a mouth. Since our last appointment with the Igorevy dick he became even more fat and zamateret. I began to do blowjob and right there remembered familiar feelings. "Taste of the childhood" - it was thought to me, and all this for some reason wildly made horney me. Gosha considered my wife, calling her the whore, and I, her husband, sucked away at this time at him as if, I thanked for obscene comments to the spouse. Probably, it was awful, but in the world of my internal feelings for some reason everything got up on the places as though, and had to be. Really I lacked it all this time?... When he terminated, tone peremptory ordered me to copy our house photo album on his flash card. And I made it, having made one more treachery of the wife: I didn't know how he will use intimate photos of Zhanna. But at the same time I realized to someone I entrusted them - to the villain. dating and related kaz instagram dated and related episode 2 site mapMain Page