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On the same day at me with Victor straight talk which, probably, never was took place. We opened a small bottle of red wine, and sipping it sitting on a sofa, quietly discussed the feelings and experiences, imaginations and plans. As it appeared, Victor cherished long ago a dream to try the man. No, he isn't a homosexual, it is rather a bisexual. His story about that as once he saw in the movie only a hint on that as one man caressed another and was strongly made horney from it. Then I looked for movies with similar fragments, and after viewing I dreamed in soul. He was afraid to tell me as I could consider him the pervert and throw or mock. I didn't think that I carry out such impression. When we in the house had a laptop with the connected Internet, Victor often sat up to late, referring to employment on work. But I remember now that very often he came from a shower strongly horney and rubbed the firm dick about my naked bum or a hip. It strongly made horney me and I thought that my body so made horney him, rejoiced. There was a period when we had sex practically to a kazhd night and if I was strongly tired, then morning. Everyday sex procedures lightened me the mood and I went to work loaded and satisfied especially as Victor never left me without orgasm. If it was impossible to make it a dick, it always skillfully was active language, without hesitating to caress both holes. Employees at work quite often asked me a question: why I am such happy. What I always answered: I have a wonderful husband. And it turned out that Victor snoshy me, represented as snoshat him. To be honest, that having heard it still a year ago, I would roar and rather all would leave Victor. Now, having heard such words, I began to be made horney and I wanted to get more information. But Victor, just suggested me to watch those videos which he downloaded from the Internet. Victor, took the laptop and we went to the bedroom where at us the big TV hangs on a wall. I laid down on a bed, leaned back on pillows and was going to see that all this time made horney my husband and induced him to have with me sex. Victor connected a cable from the laptop to the TV and, having taken the panel, settled down near me. Touching the name of files on a talinitsa, Victor came into the catalog with the name BI. In the catalog there were many files. Victor chose the first and pressed the button on the panel to lose. The roller was foreign. The voice-over belonged to the woman, but it was rather low. After a while there was a picture. Room, bed. On a bed the Brunette with long hair, in a leather corset, stockings on a belt and jack boots lay. The make-up was dark aggressive. the woman spoke something in the cam, judging by pronunciation, German. Then she beckoned someone a finger. The man of years of forty in leather thongs entered a shot. The woman I addressed him sharply sometimes patting a palm on naked buttocks. Then on the other hand I entered a shot the friend the man is more senior than the first, years of fifty. Odette he was in trousers and a white shirt. The woman made up to him, rubbed hips about his hillock in trousers. Then the woman something ordered to the first man and that kneelt before the adult man and began to undo his trousers. Judging by quality of shooting it was the domashy video shot still a naplenka as periodically the image twitched and chromaticity was greased. When these episodes were removed, probably the name wasn't thought up yet, and now it is called KUKOLD. That is, when the husband voluntarily got to sexual dependence on the wife. Having understood sense of this roller I interrogatively looked at Victor. — Do you precisely want it? — I asked, without believing that Victor dreamed of it. — No... Not absolutely... That is here the moments which are pleasant to me and I would like to try them, but without cruelty. — quietly the husband explained, rubbing the risen penis. — All right, we will look that there further. — I agreed. Having lowered trousers, the man bared rather big dick. The woman sat down near the nude man and having taken a dick of other man two fingers, raised him. Other hand she accurately pushed younger forward. The dick of the senior man buried in the partner's lips. The big head closed by a lace curtain began to be poured by blood. Veins were shown. Though the trunk still was soft, the head increased in sizes. Younger I opened lips and the woman enclosed between them a head. She joyfully kept saying something. The senior man just stood nothing without doing, having allowed the woman to direct process. The younger partner began to lick a head, it began to shine from his saliva. The woman, brought a palm to balls of the senior and kind of weighing them began to rumple very gently, telling something to younger. Then the younger man began to swallow already strengthened trunk more and more deeply. All trunk couldn't absorb, but a half of the dick, including a head appeared in him in a mouth. The woman told something also the younger man, having raised two fingers a trunk, began to lick a ball sack to the senior, and then by turns to suck each ball. What was seen on the screen forced my sponges to become wet. I specially didn't spread legs differently, all moisture would begin to flow on a bed. Meanwhile the woman told something again and the senior turned to them a back and put a leg on a bed, having bent down forward. Younger, I crept up on a lap behind to the senior. The woman clasped buttocks of the senior and moved apart them in the parties. Younger I bent down and with the tongue hanging out, I began to lick an anus of the senior. The woman clasped a firm trunk of the senior and slowly mastrubirovat him, pressing the head of other man, younger to buttocks, quietly keeping saying something to him on an ear. After a while younger I began to go down language below, caressing the bridle connecting a ringlet of an anus and a ball sack of the senior. Caress younger and a matrubation of the woman helped the senior to reach an orgasm. Cuttings a hail of the woman and younger бестро having turned over I laid down on a back under the senior. The woman continued to mastrubirovat the senior, delaying other hand his ball sack down, kind of milking dry him. Hard streams of a cum scattered down. The first got hair and a cheek younger, the second, got into an open mouth of the man lying below, the third got into an eye and a nose bridge. Otsalny drops already dripped more inertly in a mouth to the lower man. On it the scene ended. I on was horney so much that some time I couldn't tell anything. Victor didn't decide to include other roller. I waited for my reaction. — What do you think about it? — shy he asked me. — That... that... yes I am horney to a limit. — I answered, understanding that if now I touch the perineum, then I will terminate. — Don't you consider it search? — the husband took an interest. — No, darling. I don't consider it search. If you want it, we can agree with Leonid or Andrey and periodically so to play about — with a smile I answered. — But there is more to come... — Yes!? — I was surprised, thinking what he still thought up. — Well show. The husband quickly found other BI-STRAP catalog and having come into him chose some file defined for him. On the screen elderly naked couple at once appeared. To her years 45. To him for 50. Then the shot was replaced and other couple appeared. To her 30, to him 35. Judging by credits, couples from Eastern Europe. The young couple put a bag on a sofa. Zhenishchna from the senior couple opened her and with a smile upon the face got from a bag two artificial dicks on thongs. One pink, another corporal color. Pink she stretched to the girlfriend. The cam began to show as the senior man helps the young woman to dress a strap-on. She sat down and parted legs in the parties. The man licked the short end, and the woman greased the perineum with some lubricant meanwhile. Then she parted with fingers the sexual sponges, having paraded the clitoris and the man entered her into a vagina the short end of a strap-on. The woman grasped a long trunk and twisted it a little, kind of taking seat on it. Then the cam showed the second couple. The woman already dressed a strap-on. The man put on him condom. Then the woman squeezed out lubricant on a trunk and began to masturbate, along a trunk. Participants of shooting laughed exchanged words. Then the senior woman slapped the young guy up to a bum and showed a hand on a sofa. The guy quietly struck on a sofa a knee and elbow pose, having bulged buttocks towards the woman. The woman sat down behind him. From where in her hands the rubber ring undertook. She dexterously pulled it on a trunk, having clasped him together with balls at the basis. Everything that occurred on the screen so brought me that I any more not стеснясь rubbed the fingers the sexual sponges, trying not to concern a clitoris, otherwise would terminate in a flash. The adult woman got up from knees and having taken lubricant squeezed out to themselves on fingers. She I began to apply with easy movements lubricant on a back hole of the young man. Judging by that as he made upward movement to him obviously it was pleasant. Having squeezed out the next portion of lubricant the woman applied lubricant on a palm on stvy a trunk and kind of I imitate masturbation began to pound lubricant on all length of a trunk. Then the woman slapped several times in buttocks of the young man facing her and told something to him. He caved in in a back and gave buttocks back. The woman undertook the basis of a trunk and put a head to the wrinkled man's opening. Having slightly risen on socks, the woman hung over him, and then began to fall entering a head into the hole revealing under pressure. The cam enlarged the image and the head plunging into a bosom of the man was shown very accurately. Lubricant was squeezed out at the edges. The head was behind flesh of a muzhchky bottom. Flesh around an opening stretched. Woman of a zemerl and some time. At this time the cam went over to other couple. The man lay on a back. The young woman was kneeling to him between its the hips divorced and pressed to a breast. The pink trunk of a strap-on slowly entered an opening of his bum. The hairless dick and a ball sack, also as well as at the young guy were drawn at the basis by a leather thong, on a rivet and twitched in a step to her movements. The man held with hands the hips. And the woman held his hips, kind of pulling his bum at each movement. After several minutes of monotonous sex, the cam returned to the second couple again. The woman lay on a back, and the guy, planting the feet against a sofa jumped on her, having rested one hand against a sofa back, and another was rumpled by the absolutely sluggish dick. It seemed to me strange. — Darling, and why he isn't necessary? — I asked, in surprise. — Not the correct pose. Same for cinema. — shortly Victor answered. — And what has to be that the man derived pleasure? — with interest I asked. — Do you and the truth want to know? — having been delighted Victor asked. — Of course. You not just like that show all this to me. I guess that you will also ask me to snoshat you to the back. Or I am not right?. Victor kept silent. — What are you silent, darling? I am not going to abuse you or to lecture. We will do it if it brings you pleasure. I need to know how exactly that you could terminate. — I told and I moved closer to the husband, having put a hand on his perineum. His dick was already firm and looked out from under a dressing gown. — I see as to you it is pleasant. I see as you want it. I want you so too... I was already brought all. — I began to squeeze his ball sack, licking lips. Having reached his head I covered it with a mouth and licked a lubricant droplet. Then I fell to a ball sack and in turn I drained in each ball. Then again I returned to a head and I began to suck, immersing his trunk almost entirely. I touched by a finger of the right hand his anus. — I think you it is necessary to grease — I told pulling out his trunk from a mouth. — Descend behind lubricant, and I will be prepared so far. Victor quickly ran away into the bathroom and literally in a minute returned. I got pristyazhny a dildoe at this time and already entered into myself his short part. Victor without words helped me to clasp thongs. I took condom and having torn it pulled on an artificial trunk. I shook hips and the trunk began to raskchivat in a step to movements. Victor sat before me on a bed. The roller still went also to this moment, the senior man snoshat dog-fashion the young woman, and his adult companion entered the trunk to him into the back. The engine turned out. The young guy lay under his young workmate and caressed her perineum language. Such ball of the copulating bodies added a heat in my body and I having taken lubricant squeezed out a little on fingers. — Well darling, strike a pose. Judging by this roller you should be snoshat behind. — I told pointing him to a bed. Victor threw off a dressing gown and got on a bed, buttocks to me. His appetizing bum with a small down, strong made horney me. — Darling, развинь hands the buttocks — I asked. Victor buried a breast in a blanket and moved apart two hands the buttocks. I is accurate and gentle movements I began to smear lubricant on his anus. Sometimes my finger got into his hard hole. I didn't feel sorry for lubricant. When all area around an anus was shone from lubricant, I greased a trunk of the dick and having removed lubricant drew near in dense his hips. — As do you love? Quickly and roughly or slowly and gently? — I asked, without wishing to do unjustified harm. — Slowly... Give at first slowly — Victor asked. — Well, darling. Relax and then it will be pleasant to you. — I asked, putting a head to his anus. Victor stood without having stirred, expecting when I enter into him a head. I didn't begin to disappoint him and began to enter gently a head into his hole, holding with one hand him for a hip, and another, sending a head to his opening. The head slowly began to elongate his anus, gradually disappearing in it. In a minute, the head disappeared and flesh clasped my trunk. It so excitingly looked from outside. I never saw as close as the head gets into male buttocks. I stopped and clapped a palm on a buttock. — Good girl. Here so. Relax. Soon to you it will become good. To me too sometimes first, unpleasantly. But then it will be fine. — I kept saying, patting, stroking the husband's buttocks. Having bent, I reached a palm his dick. It was absolutely sluggish. I a sleg began to squeeze it, delaying down, kind of milking dry. He gradually began to react and get stronger in a palm. — Oh and you it is already pleasant. Means it is ready to continuation? — Victor nodded. I clasped him with two hands for hips and began to attract to myself. Gradually the trunk began to get more deeply. Lubricant gathered on a trunk, but I smeared it back. Having gone deep on a half, I stopped as Victor was already curved and tried to be discharged. I decided to allow him to get used to the sizes of my trunk. — Darling, and earlier itself tested in buttocks? — I asked, stroking his buttocks. — Yes — the husband exhaled and I moved buttocks on a meeting to my silicone friend. — And how long you are engaged in it? — Years seven... — Wow! It is term! And when the last time tried? — I wasn't appeased. — Half a year ago. — And what so? — There was no case. I scrolled in the head when he could turn it. I remembered. Half a year ago I went to the girlfriend for a week. I then still left at her the favourite nightgown. It is a pity, it will be necessary new same to buy. — And why you all this time were silent? — I repeated with a question. — I was afraid. I didn't want to lose you. My trunk gradually got at all length his rectum. I nestled hips on his buttocks and twisted a little. The trunk turned in a step to my hips. — Well and in vain... To be honest, I noticed long ago that you changed, but didn't know what occurred. I thought to me it seemed. What else surprises wait for me? — I decided to learn. I began to vytaksivat a trunk. Having pulled out on a half, I сталао to rock and again to enter it. Then I pulled out almost completely, having left only a head in his buttocks. — I like lingerie... — Well I know it. You have a taste. Everything that you gave, all and most very much is pleasant to me. Especially that dissolute set that you presented to me for New Year. Do you remember how you didn't wish that I removed him and snoshat directly so, having only shifted panties? — I couldn't stop memoirs. — I remember. But I dressed him. — quietly Victor answered. I stopped. — What for? — I was surprised. — I like to feel this material. As it fits skin. As my head rubs about panties. As balls nestle fabric. — the husband opened the heart. I presented him in my linen and became is got. — And so for what you had a shave? — I guessed. — Yes. I began to increase the pace and Victor actively made upward movement to me. My chink already was all wet. Short I irritated with a dildoe walls of my vagina and excitement grew. Juice exuded on vulvar lips, flowing down on hips. Kind of I wanted that between them there was Larisa and her quick uvula. I felt that it is a little more and I will terminate. Stomach muscles were streminitelno reduced. The vagina is ready to refract the basis of a short part of a strap-on that it was entered in me. Having closed eyes, I represented that предо Larisa costs me in this pose and I hold her by hips and I snoshat. I hear her groans. I hear as she asks not to stop. I accelerate and last time having nestled hips on her buttocks I cum. Explosion in a brain. The prompt wave rushed to my hips. A volcano burning my interiors, and then again a shot in the head. Billions of splashes and stars. Instant cold in perineums and again a volcano... I regained consciousness lying on Victor's back. He all also obediently faced me in a pose, the dissolute maiden and a hand caressed the soft dick. I carefully pulled out from him the trunk, inspected. I expected to see on him rectum contents, but was pleasantly surprised. — Darling, I look you was prepared also a stele an enema — having clapped a palm on buttocks, I a mudflow nearby. — Yes... — the husband moaned, unsuccessfully fingering the small shoot. — Let me help, darling — I offered, having removed a strap-on and laid down under him so his dick hanged down over me. — Give, the kid, потрахай the mummy in a mouth. Give me the seed. — I encouraged him. Victor sent the head to me to a mouth and was slightly lowered a little. Then I began to make frictions. His soft flesh, was velvet, gentle, almost silk. I closed eyes and having extended lips a tubule allowed him to fuck actually me in a mouth. It was so got from it. I lie under him, and he snoshat me in a mouth as in in a vagina or in buttocks. I felt again that excitement accrues and having given a hand to a perineum began to caress the clitoris, wet from juice, sometimes pushing fingers inside. I presented that it is Larisa's fingers and her uvula. Long it wasn't necessary to wait. Already after a while my mouth was it is full of it a cum, as was an incitement for my subsequent orgasm. Without remembering itself I absorbed given out, Victor a cum, at the same time rubbing the clitoris. When again covered me with a wave, I couldn't think any more. I regained consciousness from the fact that Victor covered me. — You where, darling? — I bethought. — Stay with me. — I in a shower, and will return then — Victor answered, getting out of a bed having set aside the back a little. I closed eyes and fell asleep. On Wednesday I appeared at work. Zoya and Marina fast surrounded me and began to ask as my health, as Victor. Having assured that everything is excellent, I moved on the workplace. The call was distributed. — Tatyana Aleksandrovna, Larisa Sergeyevna calls you by 10 o'clock — I heard a voice of the secretary of Natalya. — Thanks, Natasha. Report to Larisa Sergeyevna, I will be surely. — I answered with almost shivering voice. Being engaged in the duties, I was nearly late for reception to Larisa. Run I reached her office, I stopped and having recovered the breath I came. — Lock a door, the darling — a serious voice, without coming off papers Larisa said. I silently turned a key in the lock. — Pass, sit down. I soon — everything by the same strict and equal voice said Larisa, without coming off signing of documents. I passed and sat down on a chair in a room corner. Soon Larisa came off documents. I removed them in the safe. Silently I approached me. — Well hi, darling — Larisa told and having put a knee between my hips on a chair seat mat, bent and gently kissed on my slightly opened mouth. I answered a kiss. Her heat and a smell already made me conceited. — How do you feel? — Normally everything. I as it should be. — It is sure? — Yes. — So we have for the weekend everything in force? — Of course! You... You... — I faltered. — Not парься. In private I for you Larisa, but at others only Larisa Sergeyevna. Will you remember? We with it will have no problems? It isn't necessary that someone knew. Well Zoya with Marina clear, but they will be silent differently him won't seem a little. — having smiled Larisa told both having again bent and having twisted with hands my neck dropped to my lips. — Well. It will be possible to call I you Lara? — carefully I asked. — Of course, if it is pleasant to you, I don't mind. — I need to talk to you — I began. — Interestingly, I called you, you want to talk to me. Well, give, you are the first. — Larisa agreed and I sat down on a sofa to the left of me. — Lahr, well, I thought much here... I understood that I can't without you... You already dream me... Having sex with the husband, I represent you... My heart is broken off... I don't know what to do... It is simple... If you just want to have a good time no more, then let's not be... Let's leave everything as it is... You are a chief, I the subordinate. No more... — I blurted out faltering I. — Did you tell everything? — having raised eyebrows, I asked Lahr. — Yes... — And now listen to me, the darling. What occurred at your home, is only a discharge of the ripened situation long ago. I stared at you long ago. Every time as you entered this office or at a meeting in a toilet, I wanted to embrace you, to kiss and not to release anywhere... You for a long time in my heart... You would know what I should have constrained myself and not to climb on you in a toilet last week... I was already not glad that so I was fond of you, but there was your birthday which helped me to understand that I wasn't mistaken in you... Therefore your question of my intentions can be considered closed. I am ready seriously. I will give you to nobody. — Lara answered with an equal and quiet voice. — And how Victor? — I was frightened of the fact that Lara will ask me to leave him. — And what Victor? Victor your husband. He loves you, you love him. I don't mind. You will live as lived, but if you accept my conditions, I will make everything for you and neither you nor your Victor will think nor of financial nor of other problems. Sorry, sincere problems not my profile. You should solve them most. — What conditions? — I took an interest. — Any women, without my permission. I don't want you to share with anybody. Do you hear? — Lahr and you that! What women? I have in the head all thoughts of you! Yesterday I sucked, sorry, I did blowjob to the husband and I caressed myself fingers, I represented that it is your fingers... — To me it is flatter. But I will repeat what women... Agreed? Yes or no? — Yes, Larochka, agreed. Then resolve an issue with the husband that the next week you will live at me. As, doesn't concern me. If you want, I will ask Leonid to move to this week to you home. As far as I know, your Victor wishes to see him more often? — with a grin Larisa winked. — From where you... Well at you and an intuition! Yes, I wanted to ask you about the same, but I won't allocate, and at least for about two days. — not necessarily I answered. — What to waste time on trifles... — smiling Larisa answered. — On Friday you will arrive to work with things that it will be necessary for you, and in the evening at once to me. Agreed? — Of course. I will talk to Victor. — Here and perfectly. All I need to work. Give, go. — Larisa told and having bent kissed gently and passionately. I under a kiss impression, dreamily, got up and went to a door. All environment which remained and Thursday I didn't come to Larisa and didn't even see her. Nervousness in me accrued wavy. On Thursday evening, I packed all necessary things in a bag and several packages. I made a dinner. I lit candles. I made toilet, and having put on erotic underwear, I waited for Victor from work, sitting on a sofa with a glass of wine in a hand. Victor came home after eight. I sent him to a bathtub, having advised him to be washed away more carefully as I want him only. These words were enough that Victor left. Through a pochas, he appeared in the hall, dressed only in a dressing gown. I sat down nearby. I took the glass prepared for him from a table and villages near me, having put a palm to me on a knee. — Did you want to tell something to me, darling? — quietly Victor asked. — Yes. I wanted to tell that on Wednesday I talked to Larisa. She suggested me to live at her week... — But... — Victor tried to interrupt me. — Don't interrupt me! — sharply, but I not loudly tore off him. — Excuse. — I accepted her offer. Today we have the last night this week therefore I want to have with you sex. That sex what you want as you will have no such opportunity this week. However, we with Larisa don't mind if Leonid lives this time with you if you want it. I don't ask you permission as in a week I rethought ours with you a relationship and all that occurred at the weekend and understood that I love only one man... It, darling. But, there is also one more person who became very dear to me. Larisa. She knows everything. I told everything to her. She accepted and understood. I plan to return next Sunday in the morning. So don't worry. I won't leave you. All your things are ironed. Don't erase itself, put in a basket. The only thing that you have to make, it to carry out clear-out before my arrival. I hope it not difficult. I became silent. In the room the silence hung. Victor sat quietly, slowly sipping wine. — What are you silent? — I asked, having looked at the husband. — And why to tell something? You with Larisa solved everything for all. — all the husband also quietly answered. — Darling, well don't take offense. You know that I love you and I will love only you, from men. But don't forbid me to love also women. I learned these feelings only recently. I want to learn her as I learned you. I want to sink in her beams of tenderness and caress. To be plasticine in her hands. Don't take away her from me. — almost with tears I in the eyes begged. Victor felt that my voice trembled and looked at me. He put a glass and having embraced for shoulders, kissed on a cheek, then on a neck. His lips were gentle and easy. Breath to such family was hotter than him that I gave up. Without looking I put a glass on a floor and allowed Victor to be from above. He slowly, ravyazat a dressing gown and moved apart floors. Outside the window it was already dark, and light in the room didn't burn. Only weak light got into the hall, from kitchen. — Darling, you probably hungry! — I bethought. — I am not going to spend time for food when I have only one night. — with these words Victor sharply broke from me a dressing gown which in passing published a plaintive crash and tore in several places. But it didn't concern me now. I understood that Victor accepted my conditions of a game and this game already began. I was ready that Victor will want to begin rigidly and previously took care of that he, in a passion rush, didn't tear me. Previously having greased the back hole with a lyubrikant. The vagina was wet for a long time as I was made horney at a stage of preparation for evening. Victor immediately turned me and put in a knee and elbow pose, having let know that today I for him only the bitch. Its rigid, but not rough, movements didn't hurt, but I was as in a vice. Having bent me so that I rested a breast against a sofa surface, the husband knees moved apart my hips. Having left me for some time he began to dress condom. — Move apart buttocks hands — mandative tone Victor told. I obediently got hands for a back and parted buttocks in the parties. Literally in several seconds I felt as Victor put a head to my anus. During the next instant I felt sharp pain. Having buried a face in a sofa seat mat, I constrained shout, having only moaned. All dick, at once, entered at all length and Victor pulled hard on me. But in several seconds he completely pulled out a dick and drenched my open anus with cool air. Pinched a little, but I prepared for the repeated attack. Victor hesitated. Passed more than a minute, and Victor and stood over me, having pressed my body at a sofa, but not doing attempts again to enter my buttocks. I tried to turn, but Victor didn't give. Then, he sharply got up and left. I remained in a former pose in confusion. Having lain down some time I laid down sideways and slowly carried out by fingers on an anus. The slight pinching pain flesh responded, but at the same time excitement amplified. The finger, thanks to a lyubrikant easily entered buttocks. Sfeker clasped a phalanx and several times squeezed. It was pleasant. However what occurred some minutes ago haunted me. I got out of a bed, threw with a dressing gown and went to look for Victor. I found him on a balcony. He stood and nervously smoked. — Darling, what happened? — having embraced him for shoulders, I said. The husband was silent. I lowered hands on his hips and began to drive him on the lower part of a stomach, without concerning the dick. Victor didn't move. Only occasionally I started up smoke. I bypassed it in front and kneeled before it. His fallen-down dick still in condom, was based between hips. I raised him on a palm, looking in eyes to the husband. (Especially for — But Victor didn't look at me, having stared somewhere afar as though I am absent nearby. I came nearer shipped his head together with condom in a mouth. Soft and slippery latex, with taste of the lyubrikant, made horney me, but I wanted to feel his hot live flesh. I pressed lips latex and pulled together condom. Having spat out it I absorbed a head again and began to suck it, slightly squeezing balls on a palm. Even if Victor of it didn't want, then my caress didn't leave him indifferent. On it I was notified by his strengthened dick. Gradually strengthened and grown up, he wasn't located at me in a mouth any more. I still looked to him in the face. Victor extinguished a cigarette, and covered eyes. I continued with variable to suck rates his dick, sometimes raising and licking his balls, at the same time trying to get a finger into his buttocks. Victor opened eyes and looked at me. — Forgive... — quietly he whispered. I closed eyes as a sign of forgiveness and continued to suck, such native and tasty dick. Darling put hands to me on a nape and began to move hips, sticking my mouth on his dick more deeply. — We will go to the bedroom. I want to continue — Victor quietly told. I licked his dick last time and obediently followed him. Victor allowed me into the bedroom. — Dog-fashion on a bed — all he also quietly ordered. I wanted to throw off a dressing gown, but it stopped. — No, as is. I obeyed. Having kneelt, I leaned the elbows on elbows. Victor dressed new condom and having got up behind me, having lifted up a dressing gown on a back, put a head to my anus. Then very slowly I began to enter. With each movement excitement increased. Walls of a rectum were moved apart by Victor's head. I stood without having stirred, pokorono accepting this native dick. Only having entered it everything, Victor stopped and having embraced me for bedry the dick began to pull out slowly. Having pulled out him everything, he reached a bedside table and having taken a small bottle with a lyubrikant, squeezed out on a dick. Having pounded a hand on the dick, he put a head to an anus again and having clasped me for hips again began to enter a trunk, but this time quicker. This time he didn't pull out a dick, at an exit any more, and with a new force exhausted him back, nestling a pubis on my buttocks, and удяряясь a ball sack about my vulvar lips. I obediently accepted all blows, feeling that excitement so grew that else and I will terminate blow. And it happened. I didn't begin to restrain and shout escaped at me from a throat. Me shook and I couldn't be kneeling more and hands. But Victor supported me and I hung on his hands. He stopped for some time, and then slowly left me. Accurately I turned on a back, having moved apart my hips I began to kiss gently my chink. I slowly departing from an orgasm, it was again made horney. His language began to lick my sponges, then went down below and began to lick my not up to the end closed anus slightly. Each touch of his language I caused in me a wave of electric discharge, but at the same time I wanted it. Soon he moved above again and was accepted to my clitoris. Licking my wet crack, he a finger caressed buttocks. But at some point he transferred body weight and sharply entered a vagina. His firm dick entered up to the end, having filled me and again bringing pleasure. Then he bent and began to kiss me gently and lasky as he did it earlier when we only got acquainted. Memoirs gushed over me. To me it became so good. I relaxed, twisted-legged his waist and gave forward, being stuck on his dick is farther and farther. Victor didn't move. Only I made frictions, squeezing his trunk vagina muscles, releasing, and again squeezing then to release. — Darling, me it is so good... — I groaned. Victor silently looked to me in the face and didn't answer. He кк the mute rock, only provided me the dick that I could enjoy him. It became a shame to me, with the behavior, with the egoism. I stopped and turned away. Tears rushed from eyes. Victor looked at me some time, and then began to kiss the person and to pinch my tears. He whispered me on an ear tender words, persuading to stop crying, but I couldn't. It was a shame to me. — Forgive... Forgive me... I am an egoist. Silly woman. It was impossible to act this way with you — I whispered. Victor rose on hands and left me. For some moment it seemed to me that it won't return any more. — Darling, it isn't necessary... don't leave... please... remain... I all... I will make everything... — I tried to stop Victor, having clasped him with hands. — Well you, foolish. Everything is excellent. I don't leave here and anywhere. — the husband calmed me, stroking a palm on the head. — Won't you the truth leave? — I didn't trust. — Truth. I love you. I will make for you everything that you will want. And if you want to be with Larisa and to love her, I agree. I won't limit you in anything. Only two conditions. — What? — The first. You always speak to me where you. I nodded. — The second. If you nevertheless want to leave me, I have to be the first or at least the second to someone you will tell about it. I think, it is honest. I nodded again and stopped short. — I won't leave you. Never I will leave. You are the best. — I embraced Victor and kissed cheeks, a breast, nipples. — Well — quietly I answered Victor and I sat down near me. — Don't you want more me? — with a fright I asked. — I became overexcited a little — I told Victor and I nodded towards the hung dick, in the wrinkled condom. I bent to him and pulled together with lips latex. Отплюнув him I came nearer again and his dick began to lick. Head, trunk. Having taken a dvuma head fingers, I raised it up and began to lick balls. Gradually the trunk began to harden and twitch. I accurately pushed Victor in a breast and he leaned back on elbows, looking at me from above. I continued to be played with his balls, looking to him in eyes. My language his dick and balls, and laskla fingers shamelessly caressed his hole of a back entrance. Every time as I touched by fingers of his anus, Victor closed eyes and slightly opened a mouth. Knowing that this caress gives him pleasure, I moved apart his hips and put to myself on shoulders, and itself, having moved apart hands of his buttock, concerned anus language. From Victor's lips the groan escaped. I understood that I on a right way and continued. His dick got stronger even stronger and I understood what needs to be done. Having dodged, I reached a bedside curbstone and pulled out a long butt plug from there. Having licked her I began a tip to podit on an anus and to push a little inside. The stopper was a vyponena from rigid rubber and I had to smear it with a lyubriant that she entered easier. I several times entered a tip and pulled out, observing as the anus is elongated under pressure of a stopper. But here I one long movement thrust a stopper up to the end and the moved apart anus was closed around a stopper, having densely clasped with her ring a sfinker. Victor strained a little, but поерзав there is a little buttocks on a bed, relaxed, however his dick continued to stand. — Perfectly, darling — stroking his firm trunk, I told and licked a head. — How do you want me? Do you want to continue what began? Do you want me in a bum? — I asked, glancing at the husband a predatory look and caressing a breast his trunk. — I think yes. I am ready to fuck the bitch. — Victor answered, kneeling. — And the bitch, is ready to accept the Mister! — I answered and having torn condom began to pull it on Victor's dick, glancing at him from below. Having put on condom, Victor pushed me on a back and lifted up my legs to a breast. Having bent he began to lick my back hole which отдавадась reductions on touches of his language. Then he took a lyubrikant and a vyda dating and expectations date time calculator site mapMain Page