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Was as always in the morning when I woke up everything except that I was in a night dress. I remembered everything that was yesterday and quickly changed clothes in the boyish clothes. Then I left the room. Mother of the house wasn't any more, she left for work. However until I slept she managed to wash and on a balcony linen among which there was also mine (holy Christ, I hung and dried and I thought "mine") a dress, panties and a brassiere. I was surprised why it was to erase, everything should be thrown out what would remind nothing of yesterday. However long it wasn't necessary to deliberate, I was already waited by boys to play soccer, to run on streets, to bathe, etc. So I spent the whole day. In the evening I at last went home. However I remembered yesterday and it became a little a shame to me before mother. I behaved as the little girl, even the whole evening agreed to play this role. Generally, it was a shame to me and I a little shy went home. However when I came home mother met me with a smile. I asked how day passed. Then I sent to wash hands and I seated at the table to have supper. And in general I behaved as usual nothing without reminding of yesterday's. We watched TV and I went to sleep. In my room reminded nothing of yesterday's. To me even it became a little sad, and remembering yesterday's I suddenly was made horney, the got-up dick took and began to caress him gently. I closed eyes and I presented myself to a dress. And as soon as I remembered it how I right there violently terminated and happy fell asleep. Nothing occurred and next day. I was even upset a little, and kind of by the way asked mother: - And why you washed THAT dress and clothes? - And that dirty have to lie? I washed and put. - Where? - I asked with astonishment, without suspecting that the question I will run into a counter question. - And you what again you want to dress him? - she asked and with a smile I looked at me. I reddened, and confusedly told: - No, of course. Just like that I asked. - And maybe not just like that - she thoughtfully told, kissed me and went to herself to the room. I watched TV a little, then sat at the computer and too went to sleep. Next day I came running from the street and was going to take a shower. I got into a case in the room to take itself pants. Already I gave a hand as saw that near my pants and undershirts THAT brassiere and THOSE panties lie. I thought that mother by mistake put them here, however the dress near my shirts and jackets also hung on a coat hanger. I the shivering hands took a brassiere in hand and suddenly I don't know as his plot. The dick right there got up and I without hesitation began to masturbate. Much it didn't take time. And as soon as I terminated directly on a carpet, heard as the lock clicked. It mother came. I had no time to take off a brassiere therefore I just threw with a t-shirt and having taken pants I decided to slip in the bathroom. - Hi, ма! - I waved with a hand, and I undertook the handle of doors of the bathroom. - Hi the sonny - she answered and having approached me put on shoulders - as you grew up. I was frightened that mother will probe brassiere straps through a t-shirt therefore took her by hands and removed them from the shoulders. - What for maiden habits? - mother noticed to me and went to change clothes. I right there slipped to the bathroom and there at last having much suffered took off a brassiere. Then I took a shower and in some pants I went to the room. There I quickly put a brassiere back and went to help mother, to spread out purchases. She gave me a bag and told everything to lay out in kitchen on a table. What I also made. When she entered on kitchen I already stopped displaying purchases standing to her a back. She approached, tenderly stroked me on a back and asked: - Where it did you so scratch a back? - Where? - Go look in a mirror. I ran to a mirror and began to consider myself. In a minute I understood what mother meant. It were traces from a brassiere. I by the inexperience didn't provide that it is advisable to put on a t-shirt, and I left undressed. But there was nothing to do also I, having put on a t-shirt again I went to kitchen. - You only after yourself don't forget to wash things, and you have that them a little. - So you it specially in my case hung up a dress and put a brassiere with pants. - Well, first, not to throw out good things. And secondly, I thought what they can be to you are pleasant. Yes don't hesitate you. At your age it happens to many. Boys are played with female things. Then it passes when they have a woman. Here and you when you mature, and at you will be a woman of it any more you won't do. - What to do? - Well to be engaged in onanism. - And from where you know? - Oh, Vitya and I wash nearly an every day your pants from a cum. I reddened, and hardly murmured: - I won't be any more. Mother tenderly pressed me to herself and stroked on the head: - Well go "I won't be". And I will make a dinner so far. From that day I became more careful and tried on lingerie only when was sure that mother won't find me. And it began to make recently easier as mother hit in hellbenders. She had lovers, and she often came home drunk, and sometimes and at all didn't come. However, when didn't come, I always warned, type: - I won't come today, I will spend the night at the girlfriend. I pretended that I trust, but in such days was especially glad to it. With pleasure I dressed up as the girl and I was engaged in onanism in the pleasure. And as there was a wish more pleasure, I began to use cosmetics and to braid to myself braids, or to do a hair, winding hair on the curling iron as it was done by mother. In one of days when mother called and I told that won't come today to spend the night, I understood - I have the whole evening and night again to change clothes and take pleasure from onanism. I carefully washed up the head mother's shampoo, shaved legs, completely shaved hair on a pubis near the dick. After that I left the bathroom, I went to the room and slowly I began to reincarnate. I put on panties, a brassiere (it is necessary to tell that it at me began to turn out enough dexterously), then a dress. After that I went to the mother's room, I took the hair dryer and I began to dry hair winding them on a nozzle. As a result at me the smart hairstyle turned out. Then I went to a mother's table and began to do what in general I afforded very seldom - it is to do a make-up. Today time at me was enough and I decided to have a really good time. I made up eyelashes, to a century I brought, by powder it was reddened and I finished all this with lipstick. I put on shoes on a heel. All this took a lot of time. However only after that I dared to go to a corridor to a big mirror to admire myself beautiful. And only I began to consider myself how suddenly in the lock the key turned, and mother with some man came into the apartment. I stood as driven and with horror looked at mother. - Come - she invited this man - get acquainted... and only after that I looked at me. In the opinion of her minute confusion flashed, and then in her eyes the sparkle sparkled and she finished: - my subsidiary of Vit. - You said that you have a son. - There is a daughter. Both of them were tipsy and didn't begin to go deep into this subject further. - Vit is Sergey Petrovich - she presented the guest. - Very pleasant - he gave me a hand. I inertly reaped it and mumbled, as it is pleasant to me. - The daughter, beautiful at you, - he gave a compliment to my mother. - I tried - she laughed the matter off. After that she led the guest to the living room, and to me ordered to go to my room. And itself I went to set the table. I sat down on a chair and was in complete prostration what to do? To change clothes in the boy - I can't, it is a shame to remain the little girl it seems. However all my doubts were resolved by mother at once. I suddenly heard: - Vit! The daughter, go help me to set the table. I was forced (is more true already forced) to go to kitchen. Mother gave me ware and ordered to place on a table. Then the general laying followed. During this time mother managed to make a dinner. I put a bottle of wine and I invited all to a table. I red as cancer refused and ran away to myself into the room. They remained some. I heard how they clink glasses with glasses, laugh. They became getting drunk and their jokes are more and more free. Then mother told that she will come now, and came to me into the room. - Vitya, at me appeared the man. You understand that I am a young woman and I need the man. I don't know, what is the time we will meet, but for this time you will have to be my daughter. I don't force you, but you put yourself in such situation. That Sergey Petrovich will think if you suddenly appear as the boy. You don't want to pass for the pervert. Some time the girl is more best to stay, than to pass for the gay. Mother pressed to me on mentality, and I understood all her correctness. Nothing remained to me how silently to agree. - Well, you don't worry. You should change clothes only in the evenings. Though it is more best, would be what you would go to maiden to clothes all the time, but it isn't obligatory. Generally from this evening you are my subsidiary of Vit. Also we will communicate with you only in a feminine gender. Here I brought you a night dress, change clothes and to sleep. - Mother, and why to me a night dress, he won't see me at night. - And suddenly you will go to a toilet at night, or in the morning to wash and you will face? No, now you have to monitor the behavior. Then suddenly I smiled broadly and I told: - And you goes. You are a beautiful girl! - then went to the room and they continued the dinner. Then, I heard that they were washed and went to the bedroom. Literally, in a few minutes, there the bed rhythmically began to creak. Of course I being overexcited from everything endured, under bed scratch sounds in all I frigged. I represented as he fucks my mother as she under him coils and groans. I so vividly presented this picture that right there I terminated. In the morning I woke up when the sun already shone in a window. I got up, I stretched, I saw on myself a night dress and I remembered everything. With fear I looked out in a corridor and I saw mother - That already I woke up, well leave, we will have breakfast. As it became clear, Sergey Petrovich, already left also we with mother together. Mother behaved indifferently as though I all life was a girl. She addressed me only - Vit. I was grateful to mother that she didn't begin any examinations. I hosted her game, and helped in everything about what it asked. And it were generally maiden duties - to wash the dishes, to clean vegetables, to stir borsch, etc. I with pleasure did what before me was not to force. Mother only smiled and kept saying: - As it is good that at me such assistant appeared. dating an older man in your 30s reddit dateline nbc site mapMain Page