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- Lena hi, I am Sergey. Do you remember me? Do you remember how we spent time when you came to visit the grandmother with you? I was silent not in forces, to say something. At this time his hands fell to me by a breast and began to caress greedy it and to rumple. The breast strained at once and on a body the excitement wave swept. That it - I am caressed by the foreign man, and I from it am made horney! - Yours already fell asleep? Give suck to me as earlier. And he, having jumped through a bench, it appeared before me. It was the high slender guy. And I suddenly wanted to try that is tested by women when do blowjob. I without thinking that I do, I began to undo his trousers silently. When I undid trousers, before me the picture of the standing penis appeared. I kneeled and ineptly took it in a hand and quietly licked. - Well it is more courageous, you what forgot as it becomes? - he asked, and having brought closer a dick to my mouth began to press. My mouth involuntarily opened and was right there filled. I began to suck it a little podrachivy one hand, and another began to caress his balls. Sergey moaned and began to do progress. He began to poyebyvat me in a mouth. From this thought at me slightly tights didn't tear, my dick outside so sought. But female panties and dense tights didn't allow him it to make. Unusual feelings began to be pleasant to me, I began to understand why girls seldom refuse blowjob. Singularity firm, but soft to the touch a uvula of the dick just bewitched. I began to accelerate movements and more actively to do sosatelny movements. Sergey reached an orgasm soon, and the stream of warm liquid shot to me at a mouth. It was a little saltish, but a thought that I was fucked in a mouth me very much made horney, and I continued it to swallow greedy. Most likely Sergey received a powerful orgasm as he loudly moaned and seized hands to me hair and pulled on himself. From it my wig moved down from the head and remained with it in hands. - You aren't Lena. Someone are you? - with surprise he asked. At this time because of clouds there was the moon and lit me. - Wait, I somewhere met you. Yes you are Lenin the husband! I saw you with her - he - And why you in such look suddenly exclaimed? You so cool sucked away, I also didn't think that it is the guy! And a breast at you maiden. I felt that it real - at the same time he climbed to me under a brassiere. - Bloody hell! This boobies! You that "blue"? - No. It at me the first time. - in embarrassment I said - You will tell nobody? - Well I don't know - he told - my silence should be earned. - As it. - I want to fuck you! - No, I can't, I never did it. - But you already sucked away - he passed to the address to me in a feminine gender - you mean the girl, and all girls are fucked - he drew a conclusion - and if you don't want, then all learn that you are a nipple. Also I don't know how you will live further on our street. I understood that I got, and I have no exit. - But I never tried. - Nothing I will teach you. Turn to me a back. Bend down. At the same time he lower from me tights with panties. - Relax a little, don't worry, it to be pleasant to you. At first it will be a little sore, and then you will ask still. Do you some have cream? I remembered, for a jar with cream which somewhere dropped out. I bent down even below and groped it near a bench. - Here, take. Sergey took a little cream and greased my hole and the dick. Then he strong embraced me. I took for a breast and I rested the dick to me against a hole. The hole was small, and the dick didn't want to come in any way. Sergey is stronger to press a camp and the dick centimeter behind centimeter began to plunge. He began to do slow progress. And I, began to be made horney! It was a little sick, and then I was pierced by an acute pain, and I screamed. Sergey sharply drove in me all the dick and stopped to allow to get used to my bottom to his dick. I stood having rested hands against a bench, and pain gradually passed. Sergey began slow movements. Slowly my bottom began to get used to the dick which was in it. Having a little got used, I began to listen to the feelings. Also I understood that feelings very are pleasant to me. I began movements towards to Sergey, at the same time squeezed and unclenched buttocks. - About... yes... good fellow... - Sergey groaned. And I stood with the lowered tights, the lifted-up dress, already sucked away and now I am fucked. It is pleasant to me. And someone I am after that. I began to groan loudly from pleasure as the real woman. Sergey began to increase the speed of movements and suddenly I was pierced by the strongest orgasm. I terminated. At the same time nobody even touched my dick. I terminated from the fact that I am fucked. I terminated as all women cum!!! I terminated in a feminine way!!! After that I tried to be discharged, but it didn't turn out. The girl can't leave just like that so far the guy won't derive pleasure. I understood it very quickly. Also I began to make all efforts that Sergey terminated. Suddenly he moaned, and the powerful stream of a cum joined to me inside. Sergey stood and violently cumed several seconds in me. Then it was discharged and having clapped on a bottom I told: - All now you became the real woman. And the mouth at you is developed also buttocks. I think, it was pleasant to you. - I think too what was pleasant to her - the voice of Lena suddenly was distributed. She faced directly me and caressed me on the head. - Nothing the darling, nothing my good, to all girls sometime break the virgin. Here and you became the real woman. You so loudly groaned that I woke up and went to the yard to look that you happened. Also I saw that my husband is fucked, and he as the last whore is wild about it. I couldn't take out this new shock and in exhaustion sat down on a bench and began to cry. And Lena took Sergey by an arm, took a little aside and about something talked to him. After that I kneelt before him and with ecstasy I sucked away to him. This picture for some reason very much made horney me, and my dick got up as driven. Lena noticed it and told Sergey - Here you see, I said that new life began to be pleasant to her. Well everything, we agreed about everything. Yes? I understood nothing what they agreed about. And Sergey approached to, took me for a breast and told: - Well girls so far. He buttoned trousers and disappeared in the dark. I continued to sit with the lowered tights, on my legs the cum flew down, the person was smeared with lipstick and a cum. The dick stood. Lena sat down near me and tenderly embraced: - Went home expensive, you should be washed away and we will go to bed. Though you deserve on bigger. And she having taken me for a dick she brought me to an orgasm. Though not such strong as I received when I was fucked by Sergey. Then we went home. When I left a shower Lena stretched me a nightgown: - Dress expensive and get used to sleep in a night dress as all girls. I obediently took a shirt and her plot. She pleasantly caressed a body and I again thought what all female things gentle. Morning began with the fact that I was told to take a shower and to shave all body hair, then there was a clothing: panties, brassiere, tights, short skirt, blouse, wig, make-up and whole day of training in female manners. And in the evening Sergey with the friend came..... But that's another story. dating an older man in your 20s dateline before dawn site mapMain Page