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… It happened in April when snow descends from fields, and young escapes make the way ис under lands, теня the leaves are closer to the sun. On the park there was a loving couple. They embraced, kissed, he whispered it on an ear some words, and it melted from tenderness. Someone could think that not long ago this guy called her the sister. But now all. She waited, at last waited, that day when it suggested her to meet. As long ago she waited for this moment! They met only a month, and it seemed to her that there passed already whole eternity! Suddenly it stopped about a bench and sat down. - do you Remember? You remember, exactly here I suggested you to meet!-pointed I remember … I remember each your word!!! They kissed. It seemed to her that he is strongly excited with something. Business was by the evening, weather was given surprisingly warm, and the breeze pleasantly stirred her hair. HE looked with it in eyes. In them the fear and some strange determination was read, kotury she didn't see earlier. - And you know that? - he asked at last. - And went to me home. Do you want, you want, you want, you want? - the Whore, can will be enough? Of course I want! In the head some thought flashed, but she flew by so quickly that she didn't manage to read it. They went to him home. On the road he suddenly stopped at drugstore. - Wait, I will buy the grandmother medicine now. The thought which flew so quickly recently ran more slowly now. - Listen, and you have houses precisely the grandmother? - Well. – His this question very much surprised. - of course. And with these words he went to drugstore. Sasha stood on the street, and examined green remains leaflets. Something was at the tip of the tongue, but couldn't tell something to it distinctly in any way. As though someone tries to knock, here only the door was locked. He left drugstore soon. - Show that you bought. - What for? - Please, show!!! - Well. - And he got and quickly oubrat back, some tablets. – It is valocordin, for the grandmother, I spoke to you. - Well … yes. - Masha badly imagined AS valocordin therefore just I believed has to look. In the head her girlfriend Katya why it isn't clear suddenly emerged. To Masha was all the same, and she just didn't pay attention to it. They entered an entrance. Then got into the elevator. Went. All road from drugstore to the house he was very silent, answered all questions yes or aha or a head nod, and a question that we will do suddenly there shouted at Sasha. At everything at the same time it was visible that he considerably is nervous. When they entered the apartment, as usual the grandmother didn't meet them. It very much excited Masha. In the head someone's thought tried to creep. - And where … oh … a bushka? - the Grandmother? From where do I know? Can be to the neighbor … behind salt. - Masha in horror started back from it. - For k-k-k-kak-k-k-koy such salt? - the shivering voice Masha asked. Remained to the Thought to Masha absolutely slightly. - Well you are silent?! Show that bought! - I showed you … a valokor … - Show!!! - Masha mix of crying and fear Exclaimed, and one movement I got at it from a tablet pocket on which it was written contraceptive tablets. Her bubushka drinking valocordin DROPS came to mind!!! That thought which unsuccessfully tried to get into Sashina the head was already insufferably close. - With - with - with - with - with - саш - highway - ша … Why to you protivozachtochny tablets?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sasha was silent. - What for?! - the voice began to turn her into squeal. - I ask you what for??!!!!!! She rushed to his pocket and pulled out from there pack of condoms. She started back. Everything got up on the places. The thought which was so desperately torn to it a wild roar sounded now in her ears. It was Katya's voice: - Mash, once it will invite you to itself(himself) home. And you will go. The grandmother will be sent behind salt, and in his pocket there will be condoms. And kind of you didn't want, you won't be able to make anything if HE WANTS IT. But then will already be late. You won't be able to refuse to him since you love. His gentle kiss will dement you, and you won't be able just to resist. Masha stood, and understood WHAT now will occur. Masha so was frightened that she sat down and began to cry. Sasha rushed to her, embraced, kissed. - Yes, I had to you tell everything at once, but I couldn't, you wouldn't go, we love each other why to us to wait for something? The grandmother will come, she at the girlfriend not soon. Yes what you roar? Masik, be not afraid I of you I ask. I won't hurt you, I promise. For me too EVERYTHING will be in the first! I am afraid too. But it is necessary when that to begin? Yes stop roaring you! Don't be afraid. I love you very much, I will never hurt you! To you it will be good. I won't offend you. You won't fly, these are the best tablets and condoms. - Become silent!!! I can't listen to it! I can't oversleep with you! I NEVER watched a porn, NEVER read about it and the main thing. I NEVER THOUGHT OF IT!!! And she started howling again. He lifted her on hands and very gently kissed. SO he didn't kiss her yet. She couldn't restrain more. She WANTED it. She wished it to all heart, with all the heart. Katya who after all told something to her was remembered. Nothing, at her it to turn out! Sasha looked to him in eyes. He saw in them consent. Sasha lifted her on hands and incurred to himself to the room. He put it, itself laid down nearby and they began to kiss. To kiss more than ever earlier. - Sash, at me … - That at you? - At me … a breast not such, as at Ksyusha … - Yes I don't give a damn WHAT breast at you. I love not a breast, and you! And with these words he began to take off from it an undershirt. Then I removed to Mike from myself. Now he I seemed to Sasha most best. The button on her jeans was easily undone, and soon Sasha remained in one brassiere and pants. Quickly too quickly I undressed. Now they were almost naked. He quickly threw her and began to kiss. He kissed her everywhere where it is only possible. Then he took and just undid her a brassiere. He fell to a floor, and the USA continued to kiss her a breast, a stomach, lips, hands, shoulders. Masha liked all this more and more. She understood that just about there will be something what she even didn't dream of. The most interesting I didn't even think. Quickly I pulled together from her pants, and Sasha was absolutely naked. It became a shame to her. He took off from himself pants too and to Sasha the show appeared, well which she didn't expect at all to see! His dick was HUGE! The story by Katya about the size of hands and dicks occurred. The sachet became ridiculous. And meanwhile Boyko approached Sasha, Kissed her on a hickey and laid down on her. "It seems there at first it is sick …" - Masha thought. At the same time, she was pierced THERE by pain, she cried. It was very sick. Masha felt that now in her something big moves. Then Bol was replaced with pleasant feelings. To her it was good, she was in the 7th sky with happiness. Sasha accelerated, slowed down speed. They had sex about an hour. Masha couldn't suffer any more, and felt that now she will be overtaken by feeling of an orgasm not familiar before. They terminated almost at the same time. Sasha left her, and they silently lay weakened minutes 15. Then he gently attracted her to himself and they began to kiss. Masha accidentally looked at the watch, and there … About horror! 20:15! I looked on phone, and there at 12 not answered calls!!! She began to put on quickly, called parents. Houses very strongly abused her! She told nobody except … one girl. She, as well as asked, learned about it the third! dating an older man cons date ideas in dallas site mapMain Page