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Friday comes and I begin to anticipate my "female" days off. During a lunch I act from work, I stop by at supermarket and food to it — to my Man. I open a door the key, I come and I estimate the plan of actions in the head. I have about 3 hours before arrival of my Man, for this time it is necessary to manage to prepare a dinner and to bring itself into an order. I begin with myself — I accept a shower, I am painted, I put on tights, a brassiere, a wig, a skirt, a blouse, I insert a plug into an anus — let gets used to stretching and I go on kitchen. I serve a table, I make a dinner, with pleasure feeling myself in female shape. I hear as the key in the lock of an entrance door turns, I run towards to the Muzhchina who embraces me, with satisfaction examines and kisses. Ne I made vain attempts! We go on kitchen, we have supper, we drink champagne, we exchange news. Muzhchina thanks me for a dinner and goes to a shower, I am tidied up in kitchen and I move to the bedroom. My Muzhchina comes and action which I waited for the whole week begins. Language and lips I begin to caress a ball sack and the member Muzhchiny who gradually becomes more and more firmly. Caress I bring the member Muzhchiny to the maximum size and I lay down on a back. Muzhchina enters me and begins intensive frictions, at the same time I kiss me on lips. I groan from pleasure, it is pleasant to me to feel myself a female in hands of a horney male, a desire subject. Muzhchina showers my legs to himself on shoulders and thrusts to me into a mouth an index finger. I suck his finger and I feel approach of his outcome and here it — I feel in myself emergence of warm liquid. I adore this moment, I feel myself the inseminated female. Then we lie we have a rest, we look the TV, my head in the bottom of the man's stomach, his dick at me in a mouth, I don't let out him from a mouth long time, slightly caressing language. Through some time I feel that the dick begins to get stronger, language, lips and hands I bring him to the maximum size again. Muzhchina puts me on all fours and enters me behind. Attracting me for hips begins to pull my bottom on the dick. I try to adapt to his movements at the same time choosing such inclination of an anus that the member Muzhchiny touched my prostate. It works well and I feel voluptuous feelings from contact of the member Muzhchina with my prostate. I begin to groan from pleasure and to make upward movement intensively to the Man. And here he is the desired moment — my legs are pumped up, involuntary reductions of muscles in area of a basin begin and I receive a "female" orgasm, from my dick the cum spontaneously follows, but the center of pleasure is not in area of the dick as in a case of a men's orgasm, an inside in the area of a prostate. The man is close to the final too, he takes out a dick and gives me him in a mouth. I bring him language, lips and hands to an orgasm. Satisfied it is filled up, ahead we have all Saturday to which current the Man 4 — 5 orgasms, an are guaranteed to me 1 — 2, I am after all "woman", at us with orgasms it is more difficult. Then there will be a working week and again "female" days off. Very much I love them. dating amber roger ebert date calculator calendar site mapMain Page