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"It is necessary, an exceptional case, houses there is nobody, summer, children in the village, mother left — I with irritation thought. — And this infection gads on girlfriends! Most to lower perhaps, and that rest won't be". "Infection" is my wife Lyudka. In principle she wishes to potrakhatsya, but as all Fishes on it she needed to be adjusted... I that Scales, isn't necessary to me much to be got... All this ran in my brain a slow running line. I wandered about the apartment. Difficult and in appearance the chaotic trajectory of my movements, nevertheless had the subconscious purpose and legs carried me to the treasured town where the porno was stored. And suddenly will come now? Suppressing excitement, I began to hate her slowly. "There is a whore — I slowly began to boil as a big samovar — I exchanged for girlfriends". Hands did the part meanwhile and the cartridge having clicked entered the video player. Pressing a key coincided with a call to a door and hasty knock. I came! From surprise blood a push rushed to the head. I opened a door. — You where... mother... — Don't swear! I at the Daw was. She on a visit invites. I brought the new cartridge, we will go. It was new. We never watched a porno in the company. The daw is her new girlfriend, with slow movements, and the stone lingering studying look. Sociable Lyudka constantly brought new girlfriends, and the house reminded a boudoir on which the dog walked, gleaming oil eyes under carelessly lifted up hems of house dressing gowns. The dog is I. The company was ill-matched and picturesque in a sense. A Daw, with a look of the lioness who came for hunting. So I both said to her directly and hit the nail. Still, I am a Lioness on a horoscope — at the same time the imperceptible smile slightly touched corners of her lips. Something predatory was in this smile. It had a face of the classical beauty of the fortieth years. Even she raised hair behind upward, stacking them the roller above, in the manner of the German movie stars. With that difference from tow-haired Germans that she had brilliant hair, dense and dark-chestnut. The heart-shaped face form with a direct small nose came to an end with the accurate pointed chin over which the swelled up a little lips were brightly excreted. Slightly placed eyes of dark tea, looked attentively and not movably. In her face something was imperceptibly wrong which didn't give in to definition. It something who wanted to be caught attracted a look to her face. The husband Galki is the silent, intelligent man similar to a shy rabbit I greeted a guilty look as if speaking "Well I can do". Nobody paid attention to him. Galkina the girlfriend on whose face of floggings and time left the ruthless marks nervously smoked, without releasing from herself the careless youth those years when you spend them without thinking as a pay in the first day. The others were maids of different degree of an ukhozhennost who were presented to me just by scenery, a mass meeting, discussed some Svetka the bitch. "The good woman this Svetka means — I casually summed up about myself". Drank for all good. — Shreds put the cartridge! — slowly-voiced the form-master the Daw to the husband said. Shreds fussy I inserted the cartridge, I included and... nothing appeared. — Probably, I mixed wires — it was scaredly thrown Shreds to the TV. To fill a pause, the Daw removed from a sideboard the long SONY, a subject pride of all families of those years, a symbol of success in life. Music went... I in the innocence moved was to help poor sweaty the Shred, but I was stopped by an imperious hand. It was the hand of the Daw. — Don't you want to invite me to dance? It sounded playful tone therefore we were already on "you". I put one hand on a waist and as both of her hands already lay at me on shoulders, the second hand naturally took the place near the first. — But-but, you are easier with my husband — my Lyudka reacted. "Aha — I mischievously thought, I to you now..." Music — the French, Italians began to flow... Slow music affects me more better than any alcohol. We slowly moved in dance which actually wasn't dance any more. Her flexible figure obediently responded to my movements, the soft body radiated familiar waves of Femininity and Lust. The weak aroma of spicy spirits mixed up with a smell of fresh women's sweat, giving special intimate proximity... — What you obedient in dance — I whispered on an ear only in order that will approach her face. — Not always — she whispered. — I am sometimes rude and I tell bad words and I swear. — I won't believe, it as it is necessary to anger you. — No, Yurik, I tell bad words then... well when to me happens pleasantly... well at that moment! I understood at once "at what moment" and, without knowing that to answer it, pressed her waist to myself. Her hips as if expecting the invitation, readily nestled on me so that my bulked-up knob through trousers felt an elastic convex pubis. We didn't notice anybody around, instinctively trying to give to our movements a type of dance. The daw frankly nestled on mine to pain to the got-up dick which was extended vertically under swimming trunks. Her hips moved to a rhythm to music here and there, so, that her pubis touched a dick, is elastic jumping as through an elastic trunk. The daw regained consciousness the first. Having discharged me, not having told words she departed from me... I stood, slowly departing as from hypnosis, on a face hot rush of blood was felt, heart jumped in boobies. Having greedy drunk champagne, I looked round around. Shreds — expression of hopelessness — having uncovered the video player deeply I went to the problem. From a loggia, the back of the youth which was caressed by a female hand from round the corner looked out. In a corner dismantling in which milled some Givi, the rascal that was quite probable an honest truth was well under way. I stood, with stupid expression, nothing without thinking, and only the tickling, caustic to pain, in a prostate imperiously returned me to reality... I wanted still this game, wanted before loss of reality. Having approached the Daw, something telling the Shred, I touched her by a hand. She moved as from electric shock. —... generally that you want make, but correct! — I heard the end of a phrase. — I went, I will look at Marishka. The daw turned and told: — Do you want, we will go, look what girl at me? I answered nothing because I already followed her. — I live with mother here. And I lived earlier — she told. — And that apartment the Shred, we changed her to be closer to mother. Listening, but not perceiving information, I looked at its white, a neck which was shaded by two, the dark-chestnut hair which besprizorno fell locks... Having bent the head, she carefully sideways went down on steps, having raised a long dress. In the five-storey apartment block which is closely filled with furniture one huge square bed with a canopy was allocated! For the first time I saw such magnificent bed. In a bedroom it was warm and silent. Dense gobelin curtains hung on a window. Near a bed there was a bed-manezhik in which the girl slept. The pink chubby cheek was flattened on a pillow, scarlet whimsical sponges were slightly opened. — Watch what she at me — a low voice she said. — The beautiful, sweet girl — I responded, meaning also her mother. As if having understood me, she raised on me eyes. Having departed from a bed, she got up a back to a magnificent bed. Pass was narrow and we our bodies turned out in such proximity again from what between us the intimate wave of proximity ran again. Fog began to shroud me again... — Mother! You lie — the Daw loudly asked. — Nothing is necessary to you? In reply the aged voice assured that nothing... The daw turned to me, raised the head and its eyes stopped on me... — What you... good — I only could also exhale and my hands clasped her waist. The daw twisted my neck. I felt all her body at once. The elastic breast, the stomach pulsing from frequent breath and slender slightly chubby legs merged with my body. The pubis nestled so strong again that I felt his firm bone. We slowly, caressing in eyes, brought closer hot lips, knowing that now they will merge in a sweet kiss, didn't hurry. Our lips met, touched. I drove the lips on her hot lips, extending an anticipation instant. We hotly breathed each other in a mouth and, at last, I, having clasped her lips, deeply soaked up them in the mouth. The head began to spin as in sweet fog. We slid open slippery mouths, intercepting an initiative and everyone tried to take lips of another in the. Without having managed to take lips, we having opened a mouth caressed languages, and I swallowed of the moisture filling her mouth. Having bent down, I got her buttocks and squeezed fingers so that they entered a section of elastic buttocks. Having pressed to itself, I instinctively pushes hit and rubbed the dick about her elastic pubis. The daw became soft, and her body began to settle on edge of a bed. Having carefully put her on soft edge, I hung the head on her knees, kissed her legs through a dress, rubbed the person about her soft stomach. Impatiently I began to lift a hem of her dress. The daw carefully removed me from herself, was curved up and the dexterous movement lifted a dress to the breast. Before me white legs, a dark down of hair flashed. I fell face down on knees, moved apart them and began greedy open mouth to cover with kisses her smooth skin, rising above and above didn't reach her pubis yet. The daw at one stroke highly raised legs and widely moved apart them, supporting by hands. I felt an ostrenky smell of a female pussy and drowned the language in a slippery and hot hole. — The TT - that is and - and - ак — through the clenched teeth the Daw moaned. Having put the hands on her legs, and having lifted them it is so high that all her perineum shamelessly looked at me, I began to lick it from below up as a dog, greedy trying to take everything from a dark speck of an anus to the hardened clitoris. — Well... darling... Yurochka... so... lick me — the Daw hissed through clenched teeth, coiling as a snake under my language. Her pussy that ran away from me and, having teased, again found my greedy mouth. I was far, I was surrounded by a paradise garden and there in the nature were dissolved IT and I. — Oh, I so will terminate soon... I want your dick... vyeb me... I want... I quickly lowered from myself trousers together with swimming trunks and bent over her, having leaned on hands. Ingenious, the Daw lifted my shirt so that both of us saw how over her opened legs the pulsing dick hung. The daw took him fingers and pulled him to herself. Having obediently followed her hand, I felt a hot damp crack and one movement stuck it into her body, having fallen to her all over. Her strong body strung itself from below on my dick. Various pushes and turns in the parties the Daw with gusto pleased the insatiable pussy. — So... well... fuck me... fuck... — her words took off from greedy opened mouth together with breath. The charter we stopped, having strong nestled to each other and sensitively listened to the feelings. I strained a dick so that he touched an elastic knob of a uterus, slightly moved a head to the parties, touching her. — My dear — the Daw whispered — as I wanted you, I wanted your dick... From her hot body, a house smell of a body, become it native, from the gushed feeling of happiness that this beautiful woman obediently lies under me I began to whirl the head. Feeling of tenderness the shivering soft paw I squeezed my heart. — I love... you... darling... my dear. I whispered it, repeating again and again, more and more trusting in these words and in the feeling to love. For me nobody existed more. I covered with fast hasty kisses her face, eyes, a nose, a neck. "My God, what happiness that she is, she my, my — sounded in my consciousness". — Still... darling. The daw twisted me with hands and was pushed with a basin up. Having slightly got, I a short push sent to pain the intense dick even more deeply. — Ah... here so... so... so — the Daw repeated through the clenched teeth in a step to my pushes. Gradually we were captured by feeling of a joint rhythm. Trying not to lose him, I sensitively listening to each smallest movement of the Daw, I began to accelerate pushes... Suddenly the Daw stuck into my shoulder a mouth her body began to tremble a small shiver, and I felt as contracts and the pussy goryachet her. Without controlling itself, I, thinking only of itself, deep pushes ruthlessly I performed the men's ritual over an obedient and sweet female body, so far, at last, the wave of unearthly pleasure didn't capture all my body a sweet shiver and a hard stream joined hot depth... Panting, we lay the friend on the friend... The daw began to move under me. I raised the head and looked at her person which became to such relatives and the family. Her eyes sparkled from pleasure, the smile opened equal teeth. Having stretched as a cat, the Daw relaxed for a moment enough and whispered: — Time. End. My heart clenched from pain and love. I watched how she, without hesitating, got a towel from under a pillow, having widely spread legs and having sat down, wiped myself. The same THAT towel, the jealous thought painfully pierced me. "This rabbit fucks her HERE and she is wiped by THIS towel!" Without being valid to look at it and to present her to beds with the husband I turned away and hasty refueled. — Well, you are ready? — efficiently the Daw told. Expression of her face took an ordinary form as if there was no MIRACLE. I took her face in palms and raised her head up. The daw just looked at me an unwinking gaze and waited. I clung to her lips a kiss. Her lips obediently gave themselves to kiss the Long kiss it didn't turn out. — Went, it is time, and that there... — efficiently she told. These words returned me to reality. Lyudka, guests, life — everything revealed before me in all the sad ordinary. So after a warm bed and lovely, romantic dreams you come to autumn slush, and ahead wind, the smoked office, and platitude, platitude... Surprisingly above everything passed purely. The question understood: why all men dogs and look on the left. "Because men — about myself I concluded". Having come into a toilet, I washed cold water, I stood and I left when the Daw already bullshitted all chatter. With indifferent expression on a face, hardly covering the feelings, I silently merged all residues of liquid from bottles in some vase and drank off. Sil to remain wasn't. — Lyud..., I will go, and that leaves nothing at you here. — Go, and I here still will stay — without turning threw through Lyudk's shoulder. After me looked sparkling from chertika in the face of the Daw. In a corner as before jury, hopelessly I waited for court of Shreds. His eyes sadly and knowingly looked at me. It seemed to me that he looked at me since that moment as I entered... All evening heart so ached as if he was bitten by someone a big zubaty mouth... "She doesn't need me... — I tormented myself, filling in with the next glass the viscous aching pain". In the evening I came home late. There was a wish to see nobody. dating after date you in spanish site mapMain Page