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This legend-tylgund was told in a far snow-covered yurta in the north of Sakhalin one night. The taiga is extensive and many-sided, inhabited by a great number of living beings. Also she leads the life, other than the person, under the laws. The person knowing will enter, and that will endow him with the riches, and ignorant, but conceitedly trusting in the forces, will die. Not for nothing, oh old men not for nothing tell as it is necessary to meet those someone approached a fire. Don't start talking the first — кинз doesn't understand (lines) of human language, won't hear her yet. Offer food to the guest, don't wait until he asks it and give a flat dish from the hands — the native copper of others hands doesn't love. Both the guest and the owner have to talk the business kind of accidentally, without bragging about production and good luck. It happened so that three young hunters went to sobolevat. Were chosen to the hunting ground, located. The senior threw the burning birch bark in the dwelling, expelling evil spirits, brought уголья from a home... Having left younger, Eskena to prepare firewood and to cook food, seniors, Ezak and Ymaye, went to put a drag-net, having promised to return by the evening. The sun was going to give way for a long time to the Moon when behind a threshold careful rustle was heard. — You come-come, and that the dinner runs cold long ago — Esken gloomy responded. It is necessary to tell, he was very angry on companions for what wasn't given him the first day in hunting to carry out, on friable snow of a path to look. To amazement of the guy to the center there was an old woman, small and dry, dressed in worn хухт (a women's winter dressing gown) with a black border — gray-haired and absolutely toothless. — Did you from where, the grandmother, undertake? — The sonny, you firewood would enclose more, warmed me old, fed, and after would ask, black beady eyes cunning sparkled. — Be treated — the hunter shrugged shoulders and wanted to put her food, but that was ahead of him. Without paying attention to the fire which suddenly cracked and fireworks of sparks showering her footwear, she took out nearly from a half-kettle. Esken and an eye didn't manage to blink as the guest ate everything, was surprised only even more. — Interestingly — the old woman languished — whether Strong you are a person? — Didn't call weak... — that muttered, about himself thinking whether there will be enough food for them to three — for sables weak don't go. — Oh - whether? Yes you and, probably, won't overcome me and you won't strangle a sable. — It seemed, the old woman scoffed at him. — Don't offend me, the old woman, at me black — and I can beat mood! — And let's fight... — Whether say about such: "Do you why know nothing?" (Idiomatic expression — mad, silly — a comment ав) — Esken began to be angry. — Where it vidano that the old woman struggled with the guy? — E-e and you have no heart, some lungs hang. (Too the idiom — at brave is heart, at the coward isn't present) — We will go — the evil was said by the hunter, having seriously decided to teach a good lesson the old woman and to turn out her. From the first blow the old woman overturned the guy in a snowdrift. Esken rose, was again linked to the competitor, but that raised him and rejected to trees. The old woman was cherezvychayno strong and hardy — as the guy didn't resist, she pushes easy in appearance forced down him from legs until he weakened. Mockingly giggling, the old woman tied Esken between two trees so that he remained to lie and was immovable. — How do you think — she thoughtfully spoke, getting a small knife and checking a finger sharpening — if to kill you, to hang up your language on the one hand, and heart with another and to pass between them — whether I will become stronger? The hunter was silent. — I think too that I am not present. — The old woman walked all on the guy. Esken sighed, and then began to blink, driving away delusion. On him the young girl of improbable beauty who having slightly leaned back sat, lit up a tube. — Well that man... winner of pathetic and ailing old women... whether I am pleasant to you? The hunter only stupidly looked at her, not in forces neither to utter something, nor to take away a look from a charming smile of the beauty. He suddenly felt as his male nature against will began to increase pulsiruyushche, threatening to fill feelings with desire. — Okho-ho — the girl shook the head, having felt by buttocks as under clothes of the guy the hillock rises. She loudly burst out laughing with clean iridescent laughter, slipped to ступням down and having gently carried out by fingers around a groin, sharply pulled together trousers from Esken. It was very cold and therefore from a warm column which the girl gripped there was a paragraph Esken endeavored to tell her though something, to move, but couldn't make either that or another, with external fateful tranquility expecting whether cruel complacency of the tormentor to the most important will condescend, and is internally strong, to a shiver in muscles having strained. She raised a dressing gown, took off short trousers — nataznik... Feeling as his overstrained body slowly plunges into a damp opening of the girl, the hunter didn't sustain an overstrain and got nervous in an orgasm — Okho-ho — the girl repeated, all also rapaciously smiling — you are always such fast? Or can try once again? Esken sudorzhno swallowed and is hardly noticeable as far as it was possible, nodded. His dick was in the same firm state, as well as before. The girl rose, looked down and again slowly fell, having languidly sighed. The truth of her eye at the same time серебристо flashed. Angrily, cold. Esken felt as bashful paint fills in a face. To him there was what it is possible to call the worst in a similar situation. It became opposite to him from himself. — In fight you are weak. — rigidly the girl stated — you Think, such girls love, and? And it is necessary, you and in it were weak! Move (villain, bastard)! — at the guy for fear eyes extended, the groan escaped. ON him I sat, threshing small cams up to a breast the old woman, being spat from indignation and breathing in a face a putrefactive senile smell. — What udumat — old to seduce! To have a good time! Moreover I allowed the woman on the hunter as to go by a deer! Having spitted out him in a face I continued, without paying attention to the hunter's lips which turned white for silent anger — won't be to you because of this happiness neither on hunting, nor with women! The old woman dispersed outright. Without ceasing to shout at him, she got up over the face of the poor creature and a poluprisel, having drenched him with smelly gases and semi-fluid excrements. At that moment Esken wanted to die... ... The senior companions long laughed at him, but nevertheless washed and fed. Telling about the incident, the guy swore to take same night himself a rope and to hang oneself, go with offense to heart, but, waiting when Ynaye and Ezak fall asleep, didn't notice how he fell asleep. Next day in the hut there was Ezak. Esken for all day delivered about fifty loops, is a usual norm when hunting for a sable — and was fairly tired. Having returned when already darkened, he saw Ezak, gloomy, wiping the person snow. I wanted to bite about it, but having noticed a serious face of Ynaye bearing water I told quietly: "Here and you got". Language discontentedly muttered something in reply, got up slightly rocking, tied a thong on trousers and, having bent down, held up palms under the water pumped by the senior. — Tomorrow I will remain here — Ynaye when all went to bed quietly told. ... — Hey, the hunter, look I have a meat, weld perhaps to me, old. You sing itself, you will feed-will warm me — the little old woman drew near a fire, extending the wrinkled hands. — To heat you, to feed — only worse to do to itself — Ynaye fastidiously smiled. He seized the guest and tumbled down on a stomach, tying by her hands. The old woman desperately resisted, but what she could make minds the strong, seeing many winters, the hunter? Ynaye developed the opponent facing himself and was surprised: looked a clean girlish face in the opinion of which there were tears at him. And again, as it happened to his predecessors, the hunter was captured by desire. Despite the protesting gestures and sobbing of the girl, he broke off eyelets fasteners on a dressing gown and powerful, large pushes entered her, and had until became exhausted. And later I lit, sunk into the thoughts. The old woman quietly ached and slobbered, lying at a threshold. The suitable Ezak and Esken long kicked her with legs, venting all злоть and offense, and then younger wasn't too lazy to take a stick and blows to banish the old woman cilantro. History could be on it finished if don't have short продолженя. The senior Ynaye had since then a reputation for the successful hunter and when wanted to take the wife, didn't encounter resistance from the bride's parents. He entered her into the house, made "мулк a multer" (here: I deprived of virginity), I made the wife. Well I healed, happily. Other two grew poor — on hunting to them there was no animal, and girls at a meeting turned away as though the fact that with them the old woman made, so on a face and remained, wasn't washed. So tell, and to listeners to solve, to trust or not to trust. dating after 40 meme date wheel calculator site mapMain Page