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I habitually made upward movement guessing a rhythm and worked muscles, squeezing, releasing a dick in itself. I noticed that I am able to do it accidentally not really long ago. It very much is pleasant to Igor, but when I too hurry, he thrashes me on a thigh. Here and now I distracted a little, and to reality I was returned by a ringing slap on a buttock. Igor with roar terminated. And my thoughts rushed somewhere away. Next day, I hardly waited for evening. I packed all necessary things in previous day. Out of my apartment and Igor's apartment, I never before was Lidkaya. None of my acquaintances could imagine that I lead a double life. Through half of the city, on the appointment made in the private house near: vsky church, the allocated teenager in the wide exaggerated jacket concealing a figure went nothing. He found the address according to the card in advance, drove by the tram almost to the place, and then went on foot. One, two, three houses. Here, at last? and number which is written on piece of paper. House, ordinary for this area. Gate with a door to the yard. I pressed the handle - openly, the mongrel began a bark. She on a leash in the depth of the yard. So, here several low lodges. In the yard of anybody. I approached the first, three steps on a verandah. Openly, anybody. The open door is farther deep into than the house. Here, at last, it is heard as someone goes. Towards there is a young woman with a towel, wipes hands. - Hello, and Shreds lives here? - Day is kind, pass, here here through kitchen to the right, there he lives, pass, you will sit there, on a sofa, he will come soon, I am his sister. I came. The door was covered. The woman undertook a cooking again. I looked round. Everything is simple, nothing superfluous. I sat down on a sofa. It was heard as Shreds quietly I spoke with the sister. She, probably, was senior in family. And what now to do. The boy couldn't turn into Lidka. The sister Tolika disturbed. Shreds I entered and I covered for myself a door. In the house was hot, it undressed and remained in some shorts with a dynamo badge at once. Slippers it was visible not, it seems, at home he went barefoot. High, under meter ninety, strong, but not beefy constitutions. Skin from the remains of summer suntan, clean, almost without vegetation on a body. It quietly turned on the TV, left in kitchen and returned with two sweating beer bottles. - Undress, a heat! - he nodded on a free chair where it was possible to throw clothes. - And sister? - She won't come, be not afraid, give. Fluctuations continued couple of seconds. On a chair the light wide jacket, a sivterok and jeans laid down. From under these clothes seemed familiar to us already the topic fitting rubber boobs, a short short skirt and stockings - fish network. Lidka and, it was I, got from a package and put on sandals on a high heel. - I am ready, there is only no cosmetics, anything? Shreds I came off the TV. - Well, Lidka, give, suck, - he pulled out a dick from pants over an elastic band and slightly jerked off. The dick was really big. It didn't harden yet, but already had in the diameter of centimeters of five and in length, probably, is decent for twenty. And, despite it, I didn't look awful, he was beautiful. The correct form, equally thick on all length, with a pleasant, clean smell of a bath, color of dark bronze tan. I bent to handsome closer and slightly teased him a head language. We got acquainted. He shuddered and stood up to me on a meeting. It was great! Shreds I allowed me to regale thoroughly. Then we were interrupted, and he spread out a sofa. - Well that, the girl, was warmed? Lay down below. I laid down as he showed. Shreds I got on me from above so that his dick appeared just over my mouth. He rose and the dick inserted there. Igor in such pose never had me. I didn't suspect that I got to a trap again. Neither to turn the head, nor to crawl away opportunities wasn't. Shreds I made several accurate trial movements, I reached a throat. I got nervous. And here he released himself. He fucked me with indescribable frenzy. Rigidly I took, without caring for me at all. Only even more he inflamed my groans. It lasted long incredibly. I was terribly tired, thought nothing, was broken, humiliated and depressed. I hoped to find good attitude and mutual understanding, and I was used as a meek rubber doll from a sex shop again. His fat and long dick already almost without effort slipped to me in a throat. Suddenly everything stopped. But didn't terminate Shreds. He got up, brought up me higher, turned facedown. Then I lifted up a skirt, I spread to me legs and I got from above. I heard a vaseline smell. Shreds confident movements densely and widely I smeared him at me between buttocks. Then he laid down on me. He was unexpectedly heavy. When he raised a basin to insert a dick into a point, a breast pressed me into a sofa even stronger. The boobs pressed by our gross weight strained and looked for an exit outside. Shreds I noticed it and I helped me to lift up a topic and to release from under it boobs. They at once fell out at me from both sides. He pulled hard on me again, hands began to move apart my buttocks in the parties, the dick put to a point and began him to press there. I understood that now to me will tear a bum. The hole under a powerful pressure with pain stretched and, at last, let in a head inside. Shreds for couple of seconds I stopped and I pressed with a new force. I tried to enclose the hands under his stomach to limit depth of penetration of his dick. Shreds roughly I seized me by brushes and with a force I parted them far up and in the parties. I was at the same time crucified and put on a stake. Here he already all inside. On the balls. Shreds begins pushes. The dick very strongly holds apart me from within. It seemed to me that he won't be able to move there, it is so densely thrust. But I was mistaken. Passed all minutes five, and his stake already imperiously and ruthlessly rushed into me at all its length. It was terribly sick somewhere in a stomach. I coiled and twitched, bit a pillow and crumpled in the sheet fists chained by a grip of steel not to cry. The sofa loudly creaked. Shreds it was even more cruel and rough, than Igor. Through some time I could adapt to accept in myself this huge dick all completely and even without pain. That, severe first pain deeply passed in a stomach. There were boundary feelings between pain and pleasure. Thickness of his dick almost didn't torment me, it worked at polishing of an entrance to this door already enough. Shreds I fucked me to the back already very long and the end still wasn't expected. Only when I began to work internal muscles, involving and squeezing a dick, pushing out and releasing it, Shreds, at last, violently terminated. I was torn absolutely to pieces. He didn't allow to lie down, began to put a sofa. Carelessly I threw to me things. - You will come in a week. I in a business trip, will be next Wednesday of house. He didn't ask. He disposed. Quietly and without roughness. - If I am not, the sister will tell when to come. She at me accepts all whores. I stood. The sister knows that he fucked me now, - I understood, - the sofa creaked on all house. I remembered how she invited me to enter. Yes, she knows. She for certain knows that I - DAMN! She HEARD as I was fucked!!! Behind a door, in kitchen still something was fried, cooked and concerned. The sister Tolika watched me long understanding leave. I slipped by her, having crumpled farewell and being ashamed to raise eyes. The person burned. It was already absolutely dark. I jumped out on the street and started howling in three streams. The stomach ached, the throat hurt, the back burned. And under a jacket, in a step to my sobbing, heavy whorish boobs shuddered and rocked. dating advice subreddits dateline into the night site mapMain Page