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Summer warm day approached the end. This day celebrated the Day of Ivan Kupala. Will of a case me with the girlfriend in a day no someone poured water, I thought, approaching the house, but here I understood that I in vain thought of it since we were poured from a bucket by neighbour's guys. We already approached the house therefore I what I didn't make by it, only asked from where water. Water rendered clean. I with the girlfriend rose to her home. Houses we long laughed at the event. Both of us in white clothes. The girlfriend suggested to undress, and to hang out clothes on a balcony. While it undressed and wiped by a towel, this picture very much made horney me. It is possible to tell, her clothes already what I didn't hide since we were wet to a thread. I stand I don't move, already began to redden. I tried to hide the excitement. Yes nearly I forgot, both of us were virgins. - Do you what cost there? Pass, it is necessary to dry up clothes. - Yes so, now I go. I passed to the room, sat down on a chair, trying to hide the situation. - Do you what hide there? The girlfriend asked, laughing. - What I don't hide. - You what, it was made horney? Oh and all right, I at guys on the river when I bathed saw as at them in swimming trunks dicks stick out. (Bring to yourself the Russian virtual mistress-davalku! - good advice) Here I absolutely reddened, but felt already more surely. And here I stand in swimming trunks, I am wiped. The girlfriend already put on a dressing gown and coquettishly watched not me. - Do you want me? - Yes - I too. Let's make it, so far no someone is present at home. Parents left, and the brother somewhere walks. Here I nearly choked. I didn't expect such turn of events. She approached, embraced me, and we began to kiss. My dick rested against her. I began to untie a dressing gown belt, but she discharged me. - Not, not so quickly. We will go to me to the room. When we came into the room, she asked to turn off the light and to include a night lamp. The girlfriend turned on the slow music. We in the twilight stand and we kiss. Then we laid down on a bed, and began to caress each other. So far we changed provisions and didn't notice how the bed ended, and we from it welled up. We lie on a floor and we laugh as children. Having returned on a bed, I laid down from above and began to take off a dressing gown from the girlfriend. She thrust hands into my swimming trunks meanwhile and squeezed my buttocks, then she put the right hand directly on the middle of buttocks and a middle finger ran over a depression in the ground, touching an anus. I stretched her dressing gown, before me her breast opened. I gently caressed it language and hands. (The virgin and the virgin shy decided to have sex! - editor's note) When she removed from me swimming trunks, she took my dick in a hand and wanted огольть a head. Then she took in a hand balls and their pokaktala it is a little. I shuddered a little. - Yes be not afraid you so, I am able to treat him. Oho, I also didn't know that guys shave at themselves too. - Yes, from where? At you except me no someone was and you know it. - Just somehow time I came back home a bit earlier, accidentally saw the brother who sat and frigged at himself in the room. You are engaged in it too? Oh and all right to you to hesitate, I on eyes see that you are engaged. - The girlfriend by a cheerful voice told. - Well and that it? - What. I too it play about. I felt as at me the lubricant droplet acted. The girlfriend was already all wet. I removed swimming trunks, got out of a bed to put on condom, the girlfriend took off a dressing gown meanwhile. - Turn to me, I want to look how you put on condom. I turned and slowly put on condom. I laid down on a bed again, we continued to kiss. - To me it is a little terrible - the girlfriend told. - Be not afraid, I accurately and gently will make everything. And here I raised her legs bent in knees rested hands to cover and the dick began to insert slowly. Having entered a head, I kissed the girlfriend on a mouth and slowly the dick continued to enter. I felt as she shuddered. I stopped. - How are you? - Yes everything is good, it was, however, a little sick, the trifle. - Well, then we will continue: We continued to kiss, she took me for buttocks. I began to move slowly the dick in her. I caressed her breasts, kissed on the lips, on a neck. She whispered me pleasant words. In minutes 15 I terminated. I removed condom, continued by hands to bring the girlfriend to an orgasm. In about 5 minutes she all strained and then relaxed. We lay down a little, then she went to be washed and when returned, we continued to caress each other. - Listen, and show me as you, guys frig. I want to look how you cum. - Well I don't know - I Told being confused. - Come on, give, show. - Then you too to помастурбируй - Well, agreed. We laid down in volt to see each other. She began to caress the breast, going down below to the shaved pubis. At me already the penis stood, and I began to bare a head, up, down. I changed ways of the successful fellow of a penis, moved hips. - And you as usual cum - the girlfriend asked - I here so delay a lace curtain and in it I cum, and then I go the bathroom and there I lower. - And you terminate so that I saw how the cum takes off. - Well, where to terminate? - Well, you can on a stomach. In 10 minutes the hot stream of a cum took off from my head to me on a stomach. The girlfriend too already terminated, she lay and panted. I looked at me joyful eyes. I took a towel and went to the bathroom to be washed. When I went to the bathroom, I in a corridor met the brother of the girlfriend. The brother saw me naked and with a cum on a stomach, was shocked a little, but didn't become puzzled. - What do you have sex, huh? - Well, is a little - I Told being confused. Having left the bathroom, I saw how the girlfriend with the brother sit in kitchen and tea is had. I joined them. - Well and how to you sex? - The brother asked - Remarkably! - The sister told. - And it is possible to look? - No, you that? - the sister was indignant - And I will tell mother. - Here in the future, at you will grow up a penis as at me, you saw what at me, you will have girls, there will be a sex. And here if you tell, then you will have no future - I Terribly told. Time was already later, having drunk tea, we went to sleep. We had sex again. When the girlfriend jumped on me, it seemed to me that in the room someone is. And precisely, it was the brother who sat on a chair and frigged. - Don't show that you saw him, it so makes horney me when for me look - the girlfriend Told. We replaced many poses, I terminated 3 times. Then when the brother terminated, he didn't sustain and found himself - Oh! Class! - The brother told. - Go here - the sister Called him. The brother approached, here I saw his dick who was the normal sizes, isn't cut off also the appeared hair on a pubis. - Give me the hand - the Narration it to the brother - Here touch me here, this vagina, this a clitoris, and here a dick is inserted. - Well, how it to be pleasant to you? - I asked - Oh yes of course - the brother who, was again made horney answered. - Well, everything, go to masturbate to the room, we will sleep. The brother went to himself to the room, and we went to bed since in a day we were tired. Under a blanket two naked persons who were grateful for the fact that they deprived of each other of virginity lay. dating advice how to approach a woman date ideas myrtle beach site mapMain Page