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Hi everyone! I want to tell a story which nearly a year. Probably it is necessary to begin with the fact that at that time I finished the 8th class (as well as my friend). There were penultimate dates of May, and already special desire to study wasn't. But here a trouble that it is necessary to correct estimates what we were already incapable of. And so, I come to school, it was Saturday, we instead of 5 lessons had 3. Though at all school was no more than 2. Well we with Dan (so call my friend) to a konechnozha shirked the first lesson (chemistry) since we made bloody nothing a homework, on the second lesson (just it was English) I went to him purely because Dan allowed me to copy a domakha. Well and we came to a lesson, the teacher (ktat, it is a little about her: Blonde, Growth somewhere the 157-165th, Weight 60-70kg Age 29 Parameters: 100-105, 80-85, 95-100. I from the 5th class wanted to thrust rigidly to her, for those three and the two which she to me ruthlessly put. Besides she was not too bad at all! The truth two times was married, and is divorced. At that time it gdt about half of year as it was divorced.) and so, she already put down marks for a quarter and in a year. That day she was in a grayish jacket under which there was a light blouse, and black trousers. All lesson we stupidly stayed someone playing phone someone stirring with the neighbor someone else that while she put down marks. When the call rang out, we began to leave a class, and were already going to go on liter, here Svetlana Nikolaevna (Englishwoman) shouted – Lyosha, Denis remain! Well we were developed, covered a door and we stand. It speaks – you sit down. Well we sat down at a school desk, directly before her, and she began to say to us about our estimates that a pier: - here you are Denis, the last time in general I ceased to study, and at you now disputable between 4i5 in a year. And you have Lyosha, in general an unenviable position! If you in the previous quarters had 3,3,3 what to put in this I don't know. You have here a dispute between the 2nd and 3-oh. And I also speak – well the choice has to be in favor of the pupil so can be you will deliver to 3? But it is direct shouted by a spiteful voice! – no!!! I to you the second year of the three draw! Nadoba to teach a good lesson you! And the next year can you will undertake mind! Well here Dan suddenly butts in. – and in my opinion it it is necessary to teach a good lesson you for a long time! - What?! – with astonishment the Englishwoman - was indignant That she heard! And here Dan sharply gets up because of a school desk, and goes on it. - Yes that you afford!!! Here she began to get up with a chair, but Dan sharply with a force pressed her on a shoulder and put her into place. - You that absolutely чтол … Neuspev to finish speaking, my friend covered with her a mouth the palm. And then I shouted to me: - Well you that there I seated, give act! We will carry out that, чёго wanted so long ago! - Chegozhe?! Timidly she asked I say to her that: I just wanted that you delivered to me тройк … - Yes to fuck you the silly woman! Interrupting me Dan shouted. – You I think doing not mind will be! Right? - you what boys went balmy?! You what? Mmmm … But having again shut her a mouth a hand, Dan told: - thanks to you Lyokha will already become a man!!! I very much liked the train of thought of my old druzhban, and I supported him: - yes the bitch! Glyadish, I you will also forgive to steam of two. Vzavisimosti from that as you will suck! Then I quietly with a grin asked Dan: - and you unless don't think to become the man?! - And I am already a man! - the Aaaa … хд)) (I remember as Dan told me a story that, he fucked twice one, 17-y person whom he met. But then I to it nepoverilverit) I grabbed скоч, and so far my "companion on craft" kept her, I wound with her hands an adhesive tape behind the back. Having rolled up hands, Dan began her to release and sentence slowly – if you shout, to an otkherach before consciousness loss, and I will very rigidly fuck sleeping! And also I will photograph on phone and I will show to all school. Understood? Having timidly nodded it in a floor of a voice told – well I will have a lesson now … - yes you will have no lesson! Dan told. – at all school today no more than 2, except us, and we че suckers чтоль to liter to go on this?! Well?! - Nuuu shit! I answered. – We more better you will fuck! - Well children … well aren't necessary … - And I too most said to you when you to me put 2-ki. Until I began to pull together her педжачёк, Dan somewhere myknutsya meanwhile in other party of a class.(as it appeared then, he put the mobile phone on a video). Then having returned to us about with a smile, he asked: - well we will play? - well the boy, well isn't necessary …! She sobbed. I lyasnut her after chic and told, - now you will call us Alexey Vyacheslavovich and Denis Aleksandrovich, understood?! Here she began to sob even stronger. - did You understand?!. Ляснув to her already on another chic Dan - yes asked … she began to sob. - There now you see, in it there is nothing of that kind, we call you every day Svetlana Nikolaevna. That's all. But she began to roar even stronger … - So, well, we pass directly to business! I told joyfully - Kanesh! Let's her set already. We lifted her from a chair, and put her semi-dog-fashion for a school desk. At the same time hands at her were rolled up by an adhesive tape behind the back. I continued to pull together from her a jacket. I pulled together from shoulders, to elbows, and further already stirred that she was winded by an adhesive tape. Then I lifted up her a blouse, and saw the white, lacy brassiere keeping her not small shape. Here Svetlana Nikolaevna began to get out and itself belittled that we stopped. But I continued to rumple her a breast, and she continued sobbing to ask that we stopped. Dan began to slap her in appetizing buttocks meanwhile and to squeeze her. - No! Well it isn't necessary! Well please … Meanwhile Dan began to pull together trousers with the teacher. Having pulled together them, he began to suvat her a hand between legs. - хм … dry still?! Nuka, where there your phone darling. Dan got at her from a pocket phone, and put on a vibr. Then I removed from her panties and I began to lick her - no! Please not! aaa … stop, I ask. - it to be pleasant!? - ещёб! I speak – she half of year had no man. And here at once two - aha! Dan smiled - please it isn't necessary! - it is necessary! Here very much it is even necessary to all of us! Including you, me and Lyokha. - Well I to you money of ladies, is only not necessary I ask! - you to us if you want then Money can give, and now just give! I told. - a nuka! Now we will move apart sponges. And with these words Dan thrust her phone without condom into a crack. - an aaaa!!! Svetlana Nikolaevna screamed, and again I began to sob, but is already not so strong. - and now you will begin to flow! And Dan began to call on her phone which is at her in a piz*a. And I that moment continued to rumple her breasts. - аааххх … and phone began to vibrate in her. And at that moment I told her: - suck! - … switch off an aaa! Switch off! - suck! You don't hear a chtola a sheep! I became angry. - Please vyklyuchiiiiya …!!! Chutli didn't shout the teacher. It proceeded minutes 3-4. - Well hvaaaatiiiiiiit …. - And Tod you will suck away? I asked - a daaaaa! Only vyklyuyuchiiya … ааааа - it is fine! Dan cut down! I shouted to him. - ok! - Well! Now suck! A little more поревев she opened a mouth and began to take my dick. And I took her for hair and as soon as she took a half in a mouth, I began to drive her to and fro! Consider to fuck in a mouth And Dan told that he to a pizd was already fucked, and in an ass isn't present! He thrust it a finger into a bottom, she began to twitch. Then I pulled out them I asked: - and you porridges wash day an ass?? M? But she couldn't answer since her mouth was occupied mine by the dick. - all right! Like norms. I allowed her to take rest, and she began to ask that my friend didn't tear up her in an ass. But he told that he wants her in an ass. - Denis. Please! It isn't necessary. You were … (sobbing a little) were one of my favourite pupils … - and you were, and there is my favourite teacher! And having kissed her on a cheek, he spat her in an anus, pushed two fingers there what Svetlana Nikolaevna reacted with shriek again to. But I thrust her into a mouth again and she continued to me, let and not willingly, but nevertheless to suck. Deng having moved at her fingers in an ass, I pulled out them, I spat her once again, I lowered the jeans, swimming trunks, and slowly I began to suvat her backwards. Svelana Nikolayevno very strongly began to fidget, escape, low (very loudly). And my buddy began to insert gradually to her, gaining steam. And I didn't waste time fucking her in a mouth quicker and quicker. And here through (гдето) minute I terminated directly to it врот. The dick pulled out, and stupidly I overcame on it. It choked on mine кончёй a little. Dan began to gather speed meanwhile, and she all louder and louder to groan and shout. I had to take off the pants and to thrust her into her, the expiring my cum, a mouth. She began to low strongly. In a few minutes Dan began to cum. At first to her in an ass, but then the dick pulled out and began to cum her on an ass, on a back, on legs. At the Englishwoman tears were rolled again … At once we put her on a school desk on a back. Having spread legs, I began to touch her pussy, and Dan залес on Svetlana also began to give her in a mouth. I began еб*ть her in a piz*a. She sucked and lowed. So we fucked her not really long, I felt again that now I will terminate, the dick pulled out and began to cum her on a stomach, on boobs, and accidentally got on an elbow to Dan. For what listened to a portion of insults from him. Dan decently tore off it in a mouth. It started over again coughing. I began чтото to speak about an emetic reflex, but to us was it is all the same. Then I decided to fuck her in an ass, Dan in пиздень, but here knocked at a door. We became silent at once. But knocked once again. - Mother! You here? Mothers … (it was the 7-year-old son of Svetlana Nikolaevna going on Saturdays to school to learn to play the piano, with the music teacher) - Tell him let will wait! I ordered is Stasik, the sonny. Wait couple of minutes, now I will open. - Lana. The little boy answered We quickly began to gather, I cut her скоч and as soon as she was released, a srazuzha gave me slap in the face. I seized her by a hand and told: _я I love you Svetlana Nikolaevna too, and hope we will agree on 3? And the next year I want 4. – And I five! Dan - shouted That and you still scoff! Bastards! - Nuuu … to solve to you, here only on my phone there is video on which какаято the teacher, a zatrakhana 2 teenagers. It can affect assessment? - Swine! Give phone here! - And here not! I promise not to show this video a coma if with estimates at us is everything is OK! Understand Svetlana Nikolaevna? - well! There will be to you estimates! Well if about it though someone to ninut an uzn … - Somebody about it doesn't learn! - Maaaam … to a .n soon …. Again the son exorcized her - I Already go! - Well we went too! With these words finally Dan still decided to kiss her, but nearly obtained slap in the face. – It is fine, we will still be given smacking kiss darling - Yes here still what! Zavozmushchalas Svetlana Nikolaevna Otkrvyv a door her son came, and we left meanwhile, having waved and having smiled to her at parting. In several days When came to a ruler, Svetlana Nikolaevna wasn't on her. I asked teachers, but they told that that was unwell. But now with her everything is good. At me went beyond the ninth class on English 4. At Dan 5. Deng now quite often goes to her home. As speaks to me "on tea". He even for the sake of this "tea" left the girl. And I meet his byshvy girl (marine) now. Also I think shortly, I will part it on sex)) dating advice guru cupid effect date ideas georgia site mapMain Page