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Pavel waited for Marina 3 hours. I couldn't concentrate on anything. I tried to watch TV, to sit on the Internet, but all thoughts were far, with the wife Marina. And all began is banal. He lived with the wife 5 years. Promised them that their young couple will break up soon as during the wedding to Pasha was 20, and his bride 18. Contrary to all, their marriage only grew stronger, of course, quarrels were, but they usually came to an end with mutual apologies or sex. Night games didn't differ in a strong variety, in connection with easy for shyness of each other. Classics in three poses, will pass where Marina always hid a face therefore as her husband, only could observe hair. Always I sucked minutes 5, and then I jerked off that the dick didn't terminate in a mouth. In buttocks tried 2 times. In the first as soon as Pavel entered a head, it became sore with it and I asked to stop everything, and the second time he managed to move a little, but not long. The wife promised to try still, but when, there was a question open. The marine was a girl quite cheerful and light on the feet, but knew and when it is necessary to stop. The low girl, even in the 23, looked a teenager, it was impossible to tell that men started up saliva looking at her, but precisely entered category of nice and lovely girls... Her husband was the second sexual partner in life. If the first relationship broke up that the love wasn't mutual. and the friend just used it, having met Pavel considered that it was very lucky. One caused in it a regret. At the beginning of their relationship the husband looked at the bride as a hungry predator on a piece of meat, now as a big full cat on a bowl with milk. Yes, will approach polakat, can will drink everything whether but happens and will approach just to smell turned sour. And a lot of things exchanged only from one eavesdropped Pavel's conversation at work. — You represent — one of employees said to another — I come yesterday home, we were released a bit earlier, and my Yulka on a sofa dog-fashion is fucked. — Well and the whore, you it seems gathered her the offer to do? — She went now... At the beginning I wanted to kill it, then I think — the bitch won't want, the dog won't jump, and didn't begin to beat her threw out in an entrance naked together belongings. To the guy to that, thanks, I told that opened eyes, what rubbish. — Well better early to know, than then when already got married, well we will break, went tonight more better... Pavel didn't listen further any more. In the head pictures of this conversation were born. Only instead of his colleague there was he, and instead of unfamiliar Yulya his favourite Mary whom he so called during proximity. He saw the wife from outside under other man as smiles and groans. Can right now while I sit at work. The bride didn't work year after the firm where she served went bankrupt. It was the change, it couldn't sit quietly in place any more. On the affairs was won't concentrate any more. The chair became at once inconvenient and as though with a heap of nails. Nervousness formed a lump in a throat, it became difficult to breathe. But it concerned and made horney him though I didn't realize yet. He began to remember the latest events. Once I was late at the girlfriend and I came rather late. I began to answer often not immediately calls, I called back in about 10 — 20 minutes. A week ago I went to mother for 2 days to the neighboring area. And recently I began to prepare generally semi-finished products though all day of the house and time the sea. Everything indicated that her time is taken with something, but Pavel didn't know than. In the head only one thought was born - changes. That somehow will calm down I called her — Hi, darling, how are you doing? And what for noise you not houses? — Isn't present I decided to descend behind products. How at you, you soon home? — I will be late I think for about two hours. Forgive. I kiss everything so far. It seems also it became quieter, but disturbed a little that not houses. Pavel right there went to ask for leave to the chief. I went back to work quiet, at it will be excess four hours. To the apartment he went as the intelligence agent or the spy. The car left far from the house. Minutes ten I went about windows peering at them, the figure of the wife sometimes flashed, other shadows weren't. Though was and it is cool, but palms strongly sweated, and keys constantly tried to slip out hands. He represented as the spouse costs dog-fashion on a bed, the unfamiliar man behind fucks, and she groans asking still. For rage, Pasha bit a lip. I decided to rise on foot. The closer I approached to the door, the steps became shorter. Heart beat by a ring was given in ears. Pavel unlocked a door and first of all ran to the bedroom. But there no someone appeared. He found a marine in kitchen, echoing radio made a dinner. In the head of the husband other dialogues were born, I hoped to catch the wife with the lover and to make scandal, but the reality deceived him therefore dialogue began ridiculously: — What do you do here? — loudly Pasha told from what Marina, even shuddered. — You, the fool, so to frighten, you don't see a dinner I prepare. You what a bit earlier released? — And what to you put or waited not for me and someone another? — Pashul, you that I broke loose for someone I can wait as not you. — You behave very strange recently, it seems to me you hide something from me — he didn't notice how Marina slightly bit a sponge. — Therefore there were suspicions that found the lover and change me. — What else lover, I you love one, darling. To us well together and not only in the afternoon. — she playfully smiled. — We will look. — the husband muttered in reply. Days flew the turn, and nervousness in Pavel's soul accrued all stronger. Sometimes I tried to watch it, more often I came earlier. When Marina went to a shower, checked cellular, but didn't find a direct evidence of treason. She all also left in some days for an hour or two, having told that on shops. The husband began to state often it to her, to reproach and accuse of extramarital affairs. Though the direct reasons weren't, but frequentations of the girlfriend concerned him. Until the beginnings I accepted everything for fun, I laughed, I pinned up him from what Pasha was angry even stronger. So too couldn't proceed long. Of course, it didn't conduct to a divorce, but small quarrels became regular. Even more often I was nervous and I did a lot of things on the evil to the husband. Will long proceed this situation I couldn't and in one of days turned over upside down. — You got the foolish charges! — I cried out Marin. — And what I need to do, you gather to the girlfriend again. Probably, you spend with her than with me already more time. — I told — I will tell you about what we stir soon. — Yes about men and their dicks, only not about mine, and that to someone you go. You can't tell now, but not drag out. — You finally got me! Yes, Ania offered me a service escort where it is necessary to spend time with the rich man for the presentations, theater, restaurant, but I refused though money is necessary to us. She said that sometimes offered her also sex for an extra charge and she let and seldom, but agreed. I always refused to her, I can't suffer any more your charges which aren't based on anything. Today I will agree to go that if shouted so for good reason. Having looked at Pasha with a wild look, I slammed the door and I left the apartment. The husband didn't expect such reaction, standing rooted to the ground on the middle of a corridor. Having late understood what happened when she already sat down in a car of the acquaintance, I began to dial number of the Marine. The electronic voice answered that number out of an access zone. The spouse didn't know now how to arrive, where now to look for to Marin. To run on all city, to look out for the car of the girlfriend and if she told the truth that then. All evening he went up and down. I tried to think of another, but every time again in the head images of the wife with the lover were born. If she was now near, probably, could strike that never I did. I couldn't believe, but it appears it is possible to choke, even without experiencing physical activities. Thousand times Pavel dialed number of the wife, in a tube the answer heard the same. The pack of cigarettes came to an end in a couple of hours, but to run behind new in магазинбоялся, suddenly will miss return. Poor curtains quietly creaked when opening, they when so often used them already forgot. Nerves didn't sustain it, having fallen in Pasch's chair was chopped off. I woke up from a key sound in the lock. The head still badly thought, but legs incurred in a corridor. — Where you were шл... — but I didn't manage to finish speaking. The marine passed having kissed him. — It was one of the best days — pensively there began the spouse - go to the bedroom I I will tell everything after a shower. For some reason the husband couldn't answer nothing. She discouraged by his and look and behavior. Though before he very much was frightened that can lose the spouse. This fear was more than her treason. Pavel was such that I chose smaller from two evils. Of course, he won't speak about the decision to the wife, but also won't exhaust claims any more. While Marina was in the bathroom, managed to sort a bed and waited for her. He collected the thoughts when she entered. Slowly I approached a bed, I laid down. — Well and that you want to learn. hubby? — Where you were and with someone? — As well as I spoke accepted, the girlfriend suggested to participate in an escort services. Itself you know at me two highest, I know 2 languages, on externally not the ugly creature. We have not Moscow and not so many effective beauties, especially clever. Generally it was the forty-year-old businessman. High, beautiful. you though took care of the own life, look already the paunch grows. Denis was such gallant, affable, and from you even years five didn't see a floret. I will bring then his bouquet from Ania. And as he kisses... — What did he kiss you? — indignantly the husband spoke. — And that you were so brought, look also at a dick with a stake. — she put a palm on the husband's groin. — It brings you what I was kissed by foreign man? Pavel wanted to tell a lot of things to the wife, to state everything that thinks of her, but remembered also the truth - long ago didn't pay Marin much attention. I forgot when made the last gift. Even I exchanged cinema and restaurants with the wife in the last two years, for campaigns with friends. Therefore in many respects itself I was guilty that the spouse started missing. — No, it isn't pleasant to me! — And why then strut such? — Marina smiled. — Can not answer I to sleep. — Maybe time at me costs we a little... — No — the spouse cut off — I was tired. By the way, from this day of any blowjob. I asked you to leave off smoking, you didn't make it. It to you punishment, especially at you not tasty. Discontentedly Pasha turned away from her. Of course, wounded such answer vanity. But why I was normal before, and now suddenly I became not tasty. I wanted to ask, but the type of already sleeping spouse cooled a little. His dick stood, it was impossible to fall asleep. Having quietly got up he went to a toilet. Looking at itself in a mirror he began the monologue. What after all you sucked to him the whore. The dick of that man was more tasty, than mine. Yes, probably, and more much more, you didn't begin to do him blowjob just like that. Or for money, as your girlfriend Ania-bl ** ь. Hands squeezed a dick, beginning to move skin on a trunk. You, probably didn't hide the face from the lover, and he saw as your lips slide on his dirty bolt. I terminated to you in a mouth, these are hundred percent, and mine, the bitch, always you disdain. At this time Pavel himself began to cum, from strong excitement the seed strongly scattered on a mirror. The man matyugnutsya, beginning to wipe white traces. In a corridor, something creaked. It didn't close a door and was frightened that it the wife woke up, but having looked out was empty. I passed to the bedroom, Marina peacefully slept lying on one side. Having with relief exhaled spouses I started wandering back, to clean the remains. In the morning Pavel looked at the spouse, suddenly listened or saw his night adventures in a bathtub. But Marina behaved quietly and nothing without giving out, any sidelong glances on the husband. — What, Pasch, me to agree with Ania on one more meeting? — she asked sowing opposite, looking in the face. — Well, I don't know. And money good pays? — Very good, and you know, now won't be superfluous. To us to change the apartment, and for one your salary, to make it it will be problematic. If everything turns out at me, then I think years for 2 — 3, we will save up the required sum. — In the same place there are generally rich men, they will climb to you under a skirt or in general will drag in a bed. — But same to me to decide to go or not. — The marine shot at the husband eyes. — Especially I remember as at you last night... generally I made horney my campaign. — How can it make horney the normal man? I was ready to kill you when ran out from the house. I am jealous to rage and I don't want that you were touched by strangers. — Don't deceive, it was pleasant to you that I told you. You at me special will also not be jealous so, and I will promise that I won't overstep the limits of allowed. Pavel thought. Well and she goes with solid businessmen who for sex can find continuous dolls big titted, long legs and chubby lips. The marine, of course the beauty, but will lose in the competition. The spouse modest will also not spread legs as now many girls do. Slowly the husband finished himself and looked for pluses to allow her. All this was done by him unconsciously and the answer had to be negative but... He couldn't forget that rough orgasm which I got in the bathroom. He resembled teenage when only I opened for myself the world of a sensuality and sex. When with big eyes I considered in the magazine of nude women or I watched erotic programs. In those days the dick stood a stake from such thoughts, images and desires. quickly also go to a shower sort a bed. I wildly want sex. I will eat, I run to a bathtub and I will come. — But where you were? — In a bed I will tell everything, suffer a little. The husband waited long for the spouse. The marine entered in one towel. Having thrown off it she laid down on a bed. They long were silent without knowing someone to begin. — Well can you will tell as spent time today? — after all he didn't sustain. — Well. I already knew that I will go today, Ania called couple of days ago. Again to that businessman, says that it was pleasant to him. Here, all evening passed normally, we were at one restaurant. There was a meeting with foreigners. I didn't understand from where they it is concrete, but spoke English, and he knows him not really. I translated to him. Well, so an ordinary meeting sat, chatted. Partners left early, and about each meeting I sign the contract under which time is discussed. At us remained still an hour and a half and I had to carry out with him. He invited to himself, I, of course, told that he with me didn't count on sex, I am married. I answered, a pier well, worry I will stick. We went to it. And here it made what I on expected. — I began to stick! — Pasha flashed. — No, he called the prostitute. — What? The marine stroked a stomach of the husband at this time going down below. Having lowered an elastic band of pants, the spouse's dick clasped. Her fingers slowly moved on him. Sometimes a small pillow of a finger I stroked a hot head. Moving skin on a trunk of the dick I continued the story. — I spoke. that then I will go, but he insisted. In the contract it is stated and if I leave, then would have to pay a penalty. It was necessary to sit next. In about 15 minutes there arrived a girl. Estimate she it is very similar to me - a hairstyle. the figure, growth, even the person not one in one, but many would think sisters. I sat in a chair, and they stood at a bed. It skilled began to undress it at once, caressing a body. A body, of course, at him super, not that your tummy. — she stroked the husband's tummy a little. — Honestly, I was brought looking at them, especially when undressed him completely, having bared a dick. Sorry, lovely, but yours didn't stand also nearby. And potolsh more long. She sucked to it, directly on my eyes, it looked not at her, and at me, pancake, it was so a shame though owed them. Later he put her on a bed on chetvverenki and fucked minutes 25 without stopping. I want so too, you have to will learn. She knows three times think terminated. And we are with you minutes 5 — 7 and all. Then she dropped the mouth to his dick again. He terminated her for the first time very much that she choked and the second stream struck in my party, one droplet reached a leg. I couldn't restrain, tried it imperceptibly. Much more tasty than yours, leave off smoking, I won't suck to you. Pavel couldn't tell anything at this time. In the head different thoughts turned. The marine after all didn't change though and besides so I rasskazyat not the fact about it. The spouse so described foreign man, itself being made horney stronger every minute, seizing a dick of the husband is stronger. He couldn't sustain a wild impact of a hand, having terminated. Having sprinkled white drops a little up fell on a breast and a stomach. — Pancake, Pasch, it that it, I normal sex want, but not just a mastrubation. It is that after five minutes already the second time the whore fucked that, and you will hardly be able now. Go to a shower wash away everything. — Yes, I will be able not волнйся just listened with delight, excuse. The spouse got up, посеменив towards a bathtub. The marine watched him leave, maliciously smiling. Her plan for a nemnog began to be implemented. Pavel shouldn't know all truth, how exactly spends time there. The main thing that wants to hear. The husband came in a few minutes. Silently I went to bed embracing it. Hands slid on a body breast, a tummy. Fingers touched folds of the pussy, there for a long time was wet and is hot. Here only the dick still brought, болтася without wishing to get up. Before Marin sometimes I helped to get up a mouth, but remembering tone with which I spoke, I understood that won't achieve anything now. Therefore continued caress. kisses, strokings. Already spouse massed his dick again, but the result remained invariable. — Well it it? — it is annoyed I said Marin. — Present, h that to beds with Angelina Jolie or Monica Bellucci or any girl from a porn. — I don't know that it. Long day, plus had a rest with friends and I worried about you. — To me, it seems, I know as to lift him, but I don't want to do it just like that. What I will speak you about and to dream you will allow to try. — She languidly smiled to him, having waved hair. — Yes, it is ready. — Well, but back don't include. — She sat down to him on hips, a hand ran from a breast to a groin. — Did you not for 100% believe my story? Be silent, I know that yes. You think what washes with him there was not a prostitute, and I. And I sucked his beautiful and big dick. The marine cramped 2 fingers and entered to itself into a mouth. She looked out of the corner of the eye at Pasha, and clasped with sponges phalanxes stronger. The spouse looked at actions by wild eyes. The reason instead of fingers was drawn by the dick of foreign man. She still so moved hips as though fucks with two. Even, I didn't notice as his dick who was in a hand of the wife I got up. So also I didn't notice it if Marina didn't get up over him, sending to the crack. — Mm, oh yes I feel that you don't trust me. Though I and the truth, at that moment wanted to taste his feature, to caress a mouth свол and to lick a big head. Yes! I envied that whore, all burned from within looking at them. I wanted to run up, push away from his treasure and to suck, suck without stopping. She continued to jump on the dick of the husband and to suck round fingers. Having closed eyes she and I presented to the truth that now in her two dicks. What is the time passed she I didn't remember. Pavel never saw the wife such wild, horney more hotly. Both regained consciousness only when the hot lava burned her inside, flowing down on vagina walls. In an hour Pavel all couldn't fall asleep. He sometimes looked at her that was the truth and that isn't present. On what he подпислся allowing to realize imaginations. As well as Pavel, we learn everything in the following story. 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