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The first time for border, cool. It is a pity that with mother, to one it would be much more best. Though, I thought, I with mother won't go to the beach and to attend excursions. I will get acquainted with someone-nibud, and I will appear in number only for a dream. To me 18, Mame 39. Big breast, narrow waist, and wide hips. The buttocks even look a little not in proportion, the real ass. Mother divorced the father when I was little, years to 5 me was. At her I didn't notice lovers, often is late at work, I assume that in this time and humour her. I have vacation in technical school, she has a holiday. She without having warned me I bought permits to Turkey for 10 days on two. With mother I didn't want to go, it was necessary. More better one would stay at home. I drove by her car, I took a walk with friends. Mother is very friendly if someone-nibud started talking to her, she with pleasure will support a conversation, especially with men. To in the taxi with the driver will get to talking, even on coquets. To in turns that нибудь will ask what нибудь men and will again be got a conversation, the behavior sometimes enrages her. One time in cafe departed in a toilet — I come, a sits at our table what-to man, discuss harm of fast food and correctness of their choice in advantage of salad. And in 20 minutes of their communication she allowed to hold to it a hand on a knee. Here it also irritates me. So occurred also on the plane, I sat all flight and I communicated with the next lover, called him Evgeny, an on an arrival exchanged with him numbers and dispersed. Glory to god he lodged in other hotel, personally I didn't see him any more, so as didn't go with mother to excursions, a he there too was though he flew the course and didn't plan to go to excursions. So to steam of times they left to take a walk in the evening. We lived in one number and slept with mother on one bed, sometimes I on a floor from a heat. So left cheaper therefore mother decided to save. Mother didn't hesitate at me will become bare, that was in thongs though the thought of o us with mother is together unpleasant to me, her buttocks made horney me. As that time she laid down and forgot to start the alarm clock, stretched to phone and my look accidentally fell on her buttocks, thongs were so narrow that slightly darkened anus ringlet was visible. Quite often there were moments when in a dream nestled so close that I rested a knee against her bottom, or she a breast to my shoulder, nesmotrya on the fact that the bed was very wide. Having woken up before her in the morning, I found the crumpled blanket, nepopravlennye panties and as the investigation a perineum on osmotreniye. Пися it was shaved always on it is bald. I changed panties 2 times a day in my opinion. I carried only thongs. Somehow time since the morning, approximately for the 6th day of our rest decided to go to the beach and to drink a little, mother drank cocktail, an I beer. Till a lunch I managed to drink 2 on 0.5. And here she phoned to Evgeny and called him to us on the beach. I bathed, a they in the basic sunbathed. No I felt contrast after the last meeting on the plane at once, on the plane they communicated still holding a distance. To the beach Na they as only met here kissed. Looking at them in swimming time I noticed, enclasping, kisses, strokings, one time even impudently and long kissed language. When I lay wasn't near to such impudence them of course, but I felt that they want, a skoree all are already regularly engaged in it. We drank still, and still. There came evening of a they disperses and didn't think. We were already quite drunk, in that number and I. Also decided to go to us. Took till a way still of wine and beer. Sat first near hotel, a when finally darkened my drunk mother let's persuade him to remain with us. They already in all embraced without looking at me. Though under a type of friends at my presence. I was of course very minding, but being silent and is malicious looked to mother in eyes, a she to see and didn't understand. Also we went to us to number, sat drank, a they loudly communicated, the conversation became more silent and more silent, time is more and more, and we began to be going to sleep. I and without words understood that I sleep on a floor, laid a mattress, put a pillow. Mother went how usually to accept a shower before a dream, a we with Evgeny for this time and words each other didn't tell. I lay already under a blanket and VKontakte sat. Here mother came and began to spread a bed, it was clearly visible as Evgeny greedy looked at a mother's ass when she bent dog-fashion, she was wrapped in a towel. I spread a bed, Evgeny undressed and laid down, further mother switched off light and as I understood without taking off a towel laid down to sleep in him. I switched off phone, an itself couldn't fall asleep in such situation, played what that jealousy. Kakoy-to foreign man with my naked mother in a bed. Strained rustling constants more, by it it was obviously lain not quietly. Slowly the lower part of a blanket, as as if there whose hand moved, whether Evgeny's hand on pise mothers, whether mother's hand on pise Evgenia moved. In darkness from a floor it was difficult to make out in darkness. I occasionally slightly raised the head more to see. Breath in silence was heard distinctly. And the further the more he believed that I sleep. And more loudly rustled with that. Then sometimes began to be heard a squelch, I was in shock from such impudence. Raising the head I saw that still mother lies on a back, with the legs bent in knees. A Evgeny on a side. A squelch became frequent, I assumed that Evgeny a hand fingers писю mothers. Then and their heads began to come to movements, silent kisses and a squelch of a mother's pisa were heard. I heard 8 — 10 short slaps on a mother's pise a palm. This sound couldn't to be mixed. A then again squelch. Kisses and squelch. From under their blanket, the mother's towel in which she was was already seen it is wrapped up. It was crumpled, a fell to a floor later. Mother turned on a side the person to Evgenia, her leg was highly raised to top, and I think a squelch were not from hands Evgenia any more. And what most I struck, not Evgeny fucked Mother, a Mother Evgenia. Mother herself being on a side Evgenia was stuck on a dick, Evgeny lay on the place and slightly accompanied. As always I woke up before all. Nearby so me the Mother's towel, on that side of a bed a blanket, on a floor empty bottles lay. A on a bed lay the sleeping Evgeny and Mama. Evgeny lay on a back, a Mother fell down on Evgeny up sing with the moved apart legs. The sheet was wet whether from a cum whether from what. dating a younger guy in your 40s date calculator best case site mapMain Page