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Next day at six in the evening I rang a door of the apartment of Mister. He opened a door, dressed in a terry dressing gown, and at once told: — The slave always has to be kneeling to Mister. I kneeled directly on a staircase. — And still, at meetings with me on you will be or now those clothes which I will give you, or you will be naked. Today you won't receive clothes, means... The significant pause followed. I understanding what from me is wanted, began to undress. Being kneeling it it was inconvenient, but I coped. From below steps were heard. Mister lived on the fourth floor and now someone walked upstairs. I was stupefied. Steps gradually came nearer. In panic I dared to lift up eyes on Mister. He with a smile watched me. Rising it was necessary to undergo at most three flights. Now someone will see the young guy standing naked, on a lap, on a staircase, and the small group of his clothes lies nearby. I even began to rise with knees, but came across instantly post-giving birth look of Mister and remained on the place. On a face at me the wild despair probably was written to that moment. But here Mister slightly stood aside and quietly told: — All right you can come. I understanding that from knees to me nobody allowed to get up, it is fast I lifted the clothes and awkwardly I crept to the hall. The door was closed behind me. — In the future, the girl, you have to overcome the shame — I heard — however still ahead, your education only begins. Mister stood closely to me. — And now why don't you be engaged in already usual thing — he said, plowing up tails of the robe under which linen wasn't. I wanted to take him still the hanging dick in hand, but was stopped. — Take away hands for a back, get used to work a mouth more! Mouth to make horney not the intense dick it appeared inconveniently. From the dick the weak sourish smell and the same taste which I didn't feel the first time proceeded. I understood everything when Gospodin told: — Today at work I fucked one whore so you not only will suck off, but also you will wash away me. In my situation it wasn't necessary to be indignant. I diligently incorporated soft flesh in a mouth, trying to swallow entirely. For a while it worked well, but I all the same choked and the dick slipped out a mouth. It was necessary having bent to incorporate from below him in a mouth and it was made a fresh start. Then I guessed sucking a dick, at the same time to lick language a head. Business went more cheerfully and the dick gradually began to bulk up, increasing in a size. When he finally got stronger, I already habitually began to slide lips on a trunk, without forgetting to process a head language. Now I could consider a dick more attentively. Got up it was about five centimeters in the diameter and about seventeen in length, with a large griboobrazny head. Then Mister, having taken him in a hand I lifted also slightly podrachivy, I ordered me to lick balls. I began to crawl language on the wrinkled ball sack skin, then accurately in turn incorporated balls in a mouth. So proceeded probably minutes ten. To me allowed to suck, opened access to balls which I diligently polished with language. At last, as well as for the first time Mister, having inserted me into a mouth almost against the stop, I streamed. Cums was much less, than for the first time, on only one drink. By order of I carefully I licked a trunk and a head and, having closed tails of the robe I tied a belt. — Today I have no time to be engaged with you — Mister said — here to you two addresses. He, having got a leaf from a pocket, I gave him to me. — Tomorrow afternoon you will go at first here here, then here. You will show my business card and you will tell that from me. There all will understand. And I wait for you at myself in the evening. Did you understand everything? — Yes, Mister — I answered. — And now be swept out. With these words he opened a door and just pushed out me on a ladder, having pushed out afterwards clothes. The door slammed. I hurried to put on and went home. In a mouth it was felt, the taste of a cum becoming already habitual. Next day I, having passed institute, I went to the specified addresses. The first was the cosmetic center. The girl the administrator took away me to the director who appeared the nice woman of years of thirty five. When she saw the business card, disposed to take away me on an epilation and correction of eyebrows. It is good what a hair I on a body had not really much by nature. The wax epilation was very painful procedure. Then me slightly straightened eyebrows and at last made highlighting. When I returned to a director's office, she with a smile having looked at me, told: — There now now you are much more similar to Oleg's passion (it was a name of my master). Only don't forget that you should visit at first us at least two times a month. And having approached I added closer: — Also tell to Oleg what I will soon glance to him on a visit to use your services, the darling. I reddened to tips of ears. Thank God that it wasn't necessary to answer as the director already, having turned away, the movement of a hand released me. The second address was large shop of lingerie. Shop assistants at first not really understood me, the senior manager, the young pretty woman in a business suit didn't approach yet. Having seen the business card, she knowingly smiled and, having taken me aside asked to wait. And itself I left. After a while she took out two packages, gave them to me and told: — And now go to that fitting room a cabin and dress what lies in a smaller package. Having come into the cabin which was rather big with a set of hooks, with a shelf and a chair, I glanced in a smaller package. There the set lay: a black corset with claret inserts, in tone to him a belt with garters and thongs. And also black openwork stockings with a high elastic band. Holding all this magnificence in hand I experienced strong excitement and insuperable desire right there everything to try on. Having hasty thrown off clothes, I pulled stockings, attached them to a belt, dressed thongs, having hidden a floor them the chlenik. Also I began to potter with a corset which was very inconveniently laced up on a back. At this moment the curtain of an entrance kolykhnutsya, passing in the female manager. — Let me lace up — she indifferently told, and having developed me a back hardly tightened a corset. I looked in a mirror. From there the nice not made up girl with melirovanny hair to shoulders dressed in very sexual underwear looked at me. My excitement amplified. — You look great, I didn't even expect. Such appetizing whore, at any man will get up — I heard and I turned. The manager with a smile looked at me. — Oleg was lucky, he is able to choose astounding trances — she added. Having come very close, she whispered to me on an ear: — You know, I was very much made horney too, watching you. Make to me please pleasant. She specified by eyes down. I without words kneeled before her. Her skirt spread up, opening slender legs, also in black stockings, but without belt. Snow-white hips moved forward, my person nestled on the pubis closed the thinnest lacy by panties. I licked accurately outlined chink through a sleg damp fabric. The woman having put one leg on a chair, I removed panties aside. To me in all magnificence the clean-shaven pussy opened. I dizzily stood, so it was fine. And during the next moment I already licked this bud, choking with delight. The woman moaned and strongly pressed my head to a perineum. I hurried to start language in a vagina, having felt taste of her juice. I voluptuously licked the pussy, sucking in slippery sexual sponges. The woman was even stronger pressed to me in a face and began to rub about me a perineum. I gently held her for hips, feeling a shiver of a fine body. At the next moment she convulsively shuddered and terminated. To me in a mouth her allocations rushed. I am carefully a podterla a pussy language, trying to lick properly between sponges. The woman slightly pushed away me and hasty corrected panties, having lowered a skirt. — Thanks the darling, but if you don't stop, then it will want to me still. And it is already necessary to go to work. Convey to Oleg my thanks. And if you want come still. With these words she left. I put on, having decided not to take off linen as it was necessary to go to Mister already soon. I glanced in the second package. There were some more sets of linen, stockings with the drawing and in a network, lacy gloves and aprons. And also a cosmetics bag with a full range of cosmetics. Having left a cabin I, having caught a farewell smile of the manager I hurried to an exit. In the evening the meeting with Mister already in an image of the girl slave was coming. Author's E-mail: missub2010@mail. ru dating a younger girl quora date calculator with hours site mapMain Page