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Hi! Today something punched, the inspiration came, I decided to write рассказик. It is my first experience such so I will be glad, moreover I urge to express all the opinions. If full — and write the story. Defects, omissions — are shorter, all your thoughts! Well it is natural, the story a full invention, there is nothing real under it. My mother very beautiful woman! Years up to 25 it I was model and its photos decorated many magazines. Now her 36, but she looks just fantastically! She constantly watches herself — fitness, sunbeds, beauty shops... for her it is norm. Growth mother 175, slender, black brilliant hair to shoulders, a cute face and of course her pride — a breast of the fifth size! Earlier she had the 3rd size, but she wanted bigger and after withdrawal from model business, she added 2 sizes! Mother very much was proud of the boobs. Her clothes always teetered on the brink of decency. Deep decolletes and sweaters in the covering, blouses with unbuttoned top buttons fitting topics — men just choked with saliva seeing her. Houses she put on also freely. A translucent short peignoir with well distinguishable smart boobs and thin panties, not less short silk (or terry in cold time) a dressing gown with perfectly visible depression in the ground between boobies — her usual clothes. Our father was some cool businessman and was in continuous traveling. Money he earned much, even bought us a country house with the pool where we now also lived. Often on a month wasn't at home him. But mother especially also didn't worry, I so think she had someone on the party that with her figure not surprisingly. Sometimes she came back home late enough and with an alcohol smell. Sometimes it seemed to me that the father also knows about mother's adventures, but I never saw that they swore. I also didn't interpose in their matter, having decided that will understand. And, to be honest, I liked a thought that mother somewhere whores, and then runs home and makes a dinner! I was 18 years old, and my hormones stormed demanding an exit. Though I was also seemingly nice, very much hesitated of little girls, didn't know about what to speak, reddened, stammered... Naturally I was a virgin and I was saved only by a porno. But having such mother, it was silly not to use situation. Of course I secretly watched her, tried to spot. Mother as though didn't notice my views. Now there was a summer and she constantly walked about on the house in a silk dressing gown. I couldn't look away from not hidden slender legs. When she bent down, it was possible to notice the lower part of the tightened buttocks. The dressing gown kept only on a corbel which dispersed constantly a little and it was possible to see edges of smart breasts nearly to nipples. I had vacation and I with pleasure looked at this smart body, trying to hide the getting-up dick. It was necessary to retire often at himself to the room and to lower a cum, and the image of mother was always on the mind. Every morning mother awoke me, without allowing to sleep too long. Though I woke up much earlier, itself never I left the room, and waited for arrival of mother pretending to be sleeping. And it was worth it! Mother came to me in the transparent peignoir and "awoke" me. Here and this morning I rolled in a bed, waiting for arrival of mother and caressing a standard morning strut. At last noiseless steps were distributed. I at once closed eyes and pretended to be sleeping. The door was quietly opened. — The pasha, is time to get up! — the vigorous voice was distributed — so you will oversleep all life! — Mothers... well let's have a sleep a little still! — I "woke up". Having approached, she slightly shook me for a shoulder. — Give, give! Be not lazy. I opened eyes. She was very close and I should have looked huge works to her in the face, but not on the boobs translucent through a peignoir. — Everything, I get up... — I grumbled, secretly considering her body. — Look what solar morning! — She exclaimed approaching a window and plowing up curtains. Light filled in all room and the mother's clothes (if it is possible to call it so) became absolutely transparent! Having stood, I stared at almost nude woman facing me. It was something! Mother stood to me a back and I without fear examined her buttocks. On her there were thongs hiding nothing, and on the contrary emphasizing beauty of buttocks. Also because of a back the edges of her breasts which aren't constrained by a brassiere looked out. When she turned back, I hardly managed to look away. — Go to have breakfast, I wait for you in kitchen. — mother threw and I left. I right there went to a toilet and вздрочнув literally terminated 2 times. — Yes! I call this cool morning! — I told the reflection in a mirror. During a breakfast mother reported that she goes on some party at work and will be late. "I know these parties — I thought — again to someone to fuck will run!". Having eaten, I rose to myself, intending to see the porn downloaded in a night. Having conveniently been located in front of the monitor, I began to jerk off slowly. And when the next healthy Black fucked the next sisyasty blonde, through a window I noticed some movement. Mother went to the pool with obvious intention to swim for a while. Her bathing suit consisted of several small treugolnichok. Two rags closed only nipples, leaving all breast opened and smaller closed a pussy, behind turning into the thin string which is lost between smart buttocks. "Hurrah!!" — I exclaimed about myself and moved a chair to a window. My room was on the second floor and from here the beautiful view of all pool opened, and from the street me it wasn't visible at all. Thus it was the ideal observation post. While she went I managed to enjoy a type of smart buttocks and easily rocking boobs. Having approached water she easily dived and slowly floated. Oh, what this show! Slender legs moving apart in the parties, meeting together. At the thought of that kind of these legs could embrace me I nearly terminated. Mother having reached the end of the pool, I turned over on a back and I floated back. Her boobs towered over water as two anchor buoys and they so wanted to be caressed! I awfully wanted to terminate, but I restrained, hoping to enjoy a beautiful view longer. — Mm! What buffers! — I whispered nadrachivy — even by sight soft and elastic! Here to touch them! And don't creep away in the parties which didn't droop at all... Mm! Having had a good swim, mother got out of the pool and stretched with pleasure. About! What the look was! Having stretched hands in the parties she gracefully curved a back why boobies began to seem even more. The water drops sparkling on gentle skin and wet hair, giving it a type of the river nymph. And here I didn't sustain and violently terminated, having splashed everything around. Mother settled on a sun bed to sunbathe. I went to be washed to the bathroom and returned to a computer to play. Through some time, mother came into the house and went about the own business. I wanted nothing any more and I remained with myself. In the evening she left on a party. For me evening passed ordinary — a computer, TV, walk in the fresh air. About about 12 mother came. I didn't sleep yet, climbing a porn to the websites and representing mother on the place of virtual beauties. Having looked out in a corridor, I noticed that her shakes a little. "Well, precisely! — rushed in the head — gave to drink and fucked!". At the same time it was necessary to notice her seductive dress. A short black skirt, black stockings in a large grid and a red blouse of a boob from which and were torn outside! The dress was supplemented by black shoes on hairpins. "A dress as at the whore! — it was thought to me". Having undressed, mother giggling and smiling I went to myself. Soon in the bathroom water zazhurchat. "Pancake! She washes now and as I am a little drunk, the door can not close! It is necessary to check!" I as it is possible I ran to her more quietly. Indeed! The door in a bathtub isn't closed completely, through a narrow crack light made the way. With the maximum care, on tiptoe, I approached to the door and glanced. Mother stood sideways to me and tried to undo a brassiere. She already got rid of a skirt and a blouse and now on her there were stockings, panties and a brassiere. At last having coped with a fastener, mother released the boobies — those, having jumped up, zakolykhatsya cheerfully. I nearly terminated from one their look — big, elastic, not drooped at all they and asked them to caress. And here mother made what I didn't expect at all — having taken them in palms, she began to mass them slightly! Slightly raising, parting them and again reducing, fingers having clamped nipples she caressed the buffers. I couldn't suffer more and having got the dick began to jerk off. Mother rumpled the breast more and more rigidly. Then, having for some reason stopped, Deeply sighed and I removed the panties. As she stood to me sideways, I couldn't see anything, but the fact that mother faces me completely naked incredibly made horney me. — Well, a hot bathtub — everything that now is necessary for me! — she said. — devil! I didn't take bath salt! — also I went directly to me! I only also managed to jump aside from a door and and appeared before mother — with the semi-lowered trousers and the gripped dick. She having opened the door and having seen me I stiffened on a threshold. — That you... — she began, trying to cover boobs with one hand, and the pussy another. And here she noticed my dick who even more grew up from her look. — Ooh, anything to... I stood in a stupor and couldn't look away from her body. A hand she closed only the left breast, and right remained completely naked. And here I decided: — Mother, you are the most beautiful woman on the earth! You are simply smart! Your body is perfect! You are such beautiful! You... you... Please don't leave, let's me look at you! — I muttered some words, considering so desired body, enjoying a look. Mother stood silently, not leaving. — Beautifully you speak — she smiled — and you spot in a chink! — and joking I threatened with a finger. At the same time her breast completely opened and I not immediately there stared. Mother, having caught my eye, I burst out laughing. — All right! I will show you something! — also I took away the second hand — only from a corridor probably not all is visible, come here! — and having developed, I went to the bathroom. I on unbending legs followed her. Mother stopped in the middle and turned back. Here I noticed that the pussy at her is accurately shaved, but not completely — hairs form letter V. — What, it am pleasant? — Very much! — a hoarse voice I said. Mother burst out laughing and having put a leg on edge of a bathtub began to skatyvat stockings. At first right, then left. I stood behind and admired buttocks, and the vagina flashing sometimes. — Well that? Not old at you still the mother? — it was developed to me. — No! What you?! You are absolutely young, your figure will be envied by any woman! — speaking I considered a smart body. I wanted to see everything at once! — Хм! Thanks! But, you know, so isn't honest! I am naked, and you aren't... It is necessary to correct this omission! Having heard it, I literally hit the ceiling and got rid of an undershirt. Now my dick it is proud I stuck out, directing a head up. — About! Yes you already absolutely man! — mother said examining him — it is possible?... — And having given a hand I concerned the dick. On me as if current ran. Mother continued to caress a dick gently. — More quietly, more quietly — mother noticed my reaction — what you are sensitive! You... at you wasn't with the woman yet? — mother began to nadrachivat a little to me and to caress balls. — Wasn't... — I looked at the hands caressing me and understood that I won't last long. — We will correct it! — she continued to squeeze slightly him — what at you big! And there was inevitable. For my virgin organism of events and so there was too much. I terminated. The dick powerful pushes threw out a cum and it spread on mother's hands! With shouts and growl I devastated the balls, and, appear, it is even pleasant to mother! She not only didn't release a dick, but also actively milked dry it. At last, the stream ran low, and mother delightfully looked at me: — Well you give! I poured out so much! How many did you save it? When did the last time cum? It is simple to speak with mother on such subjects already it was pleasant. — This afternoon. — Well-well! Well, now it is necessary to be washed! — she smiled — you will help? Mother was developed and came into the bathroom. Having plunged into water, I ozorno looked at me: — Well, the hero lover, you will help to be washed from the cum? Still hesitating and not trusting the happiness I approached. Through water everything well was visible. Boobs stuck out from under water at all. Having taken a bast with soap slowly I shipped it in water and I squeezed out to mother on a breast. Streamlets ran on boobs, around and between them. — Mm! As it is pleasant... more safely! — she whispered. I began to drive a bast on shoulders and mother's hands, and then went down also to boobies. As it was pleasant to caress these big melons. — I think, without bast it will be more best... I just didn't believe ears when I heard it! Even in the morning I dreamed to touch a mother's breast, and now she asks me about it! Having left only soap, again I touched mother. At last I could fully feel all elasticity and tenderness of a female breast. I went down a hand between them, and I felt as they disperse. I lifted a palm from below and I felt their weight. Having involved also the second hand, I caressed both boobs at the same time. Having noticed that nipples hardened, I took for a drive them between fingers, slightly I squeezed. From a breast at mother the groan escaped. — Yes, sonny, here so! Make to mother pleasantly! But don't forget that except a breast the woman has a lot what!... Having understood a hint, I came off boobs and dipped a hand into the intimate place of any woman — her pussy. Mother right there published one more groan. Having moved apart her sponges, I got inside. Also I was surprised — as there it is hot! Having thrust two fingers there, I began to move them. The mother's body started moving, hips began to be turned, and hands he began to rumple a breast. — Yes! So... still... still! Give, move them! I added still a finger, and then one more. And already four fingers were active in a mother's pizda. She groaned more and more loudly, I fucked her a hand more and more rigidly. My dick stood again and I hoped that this time there will be not only hands. Suddenly the mother's body was curved by an arch, whether shout, whether groan sounded and it calmed down. — Thanks, Pasha! — wearily mother said — long ago me nobody so... Well done!... About! yes you probably already again are ready! — mother saw my strut — well, in the bathroom to us it will be inconvenient... Having told it, mother quickly got out of a bathtub, was wiped and took me for a dick. — We will go? — also I pulled a dick for myself, and together with it and me! So we also came into the bedroom. Here mother brought me to a bed and slightly pushed. Without having begun to resist I fell to a feather-bed. Mother having set aside buttocks, touching nipples a blanket, slowly I spread to me. Having settled nearby, she took a dick in a hand and, looking to me in eyes, said by a sexual voice: — And you want, I will show you as it is pleasant when suck a dick? I was only capable to low something in reply. Mother went down to my legs and brought closer the person to a strut. Having put out a uvula, slightly I concerned a head. Then slightly I licked it, and already all head at mother in a mouth is more then, and the uvula skillfully processes it. Having darted at me a glance, the dick completely took. Then I released it and again I put on the head! Also I began to suck already on full. Her language seemed at the same time everywhere. She licked a head, caressed a trunk. And, definitely, her it was pleasant! Soon, I felt that I cum. Mother understood it too, but wasn't discharged, and on the contrary, the dick completely swallowed! As a result the cum poured out directly to it in a throat. I never before felt such euphoria! It seemed to me that I in paradise! Probably I on a face had some idiotic smile because mother, having looked at me, burst out laughing. — Whether still will be, the sonny, whether still will be! I looked at her face from the cum remains on lips, on the shivering boobs and understood — here it, happiness! And here my organism didn't sustain events of this evening. I covered eyes from pleasure, appear, all for a minute, but it turned out till the morning. I it is simple it was disconnected. Having woken up in the morning, and not having found a number of mother as was naked, I went to look for her. From kitchen some sounds reached and I went there. What I saw there plunged me into a stupor. The table, a back to me, had mother and cooked sandwiches. Everything was as usual except that on her except slippers, an apron and a gold chain more nothing was! Mother moved buttocks to a step to the playing radio and watching the movements of her buttocks, I began to stroke the waking-up dick. Here mother turned back and noticed me. — Oh, sonny, good morning! — Hi, ма! Smartly you look! — I said, approaching her and putting a hand on her buttocks. — Young man! — by playfully strict voice she told — What you afford? I am after all your mother! — The best mother in the world — I confirmed, untying an apron, putting both hands on buttocks and nestling on her completely got up dick — and the most beautiful! — Don't make up! And you I see something since morning you want? — mother made a purring sound, pushing a hand to a muzhd us and undertaking a dick. — We will go to the bedroom! In kitchen then, the first time everything has to be beautiful. Having come into the bedroom, she settled on a bed and moved apart legs. — Well that, you want to fuck mummy? Having heard from her such words at me just a roof took down! Having begun to roar, I rushed to her. — More quietly, young man! We don't hurry anywhere. For a start, lay down on me and arrange the dick opposite to my pussy. I made as she told and mother took my dick in a hand. — And now... — but I didn't need to explain anything any more. Having set hips, I entered mother. — About! — we published this groan at the same time. Having for the first time felt in the woman, I experienced a storm of emotions. It was unearthly pleasure to feel as your dick is softly covered by warm soft walls. As they pleasantly slide delivering the sea of pleasures! — And now move him, the sonny, move! — mother shouted. I began with all force to drive in into it the dick, mother to me made upward movement. We growled and scratched each other as wild animals. Mother crossed the legs at me on a back and the dick began to get even more deeply. I fucked and fucked, for the first time enjoying the woman. Suddenly mother contrived and turned me, having appeared from above. — And now I will show you as professionals are able to fuck! — Also I began slowly, and then to jump on me quicker and quicker. I only lay and enjoyed. The type of her boobs jumping and which are shaken here and there was over seductive. I with pleasure rumpled these spheres, feeling all their softness and elasticity. Mother sometimes bent down and I could lick her nipples. I squeezed and slightly splashed her hard bum. But nothing can proceed too long and soon I understood that I cum. Some more movements and a stream of a cum I directed directly on a maternal vagina. Mother still moved a little, and then got down from me. — Well, it was pleasant? — mother smiled — I see that it was pleasant. And I derived pleasure! — Mothers, you the miracle is simple! To me it is so good with you! Having rolled about a little more, we went to kitchen to have breakfast. On the house decided to go naked — heat and to hesitate there is nobody! Now to me nothing prevented in open to observe mother's delights, than I also used. As it is pleasant to observe as the smart woman with not less smart boobies sits opposite to you at a table and eats flakes. The breakfast became much juicier. Soon I felt that my dick got up again. — Mothers! — I rose because of a table and I approached her. — Again! Well you will do! — falsely she sighed, but her eyes began to shine. — Ooh! You are my handsome! — and, having postponed a spoon, the dick clasped with lips. Having sucked, she was discharged. I interrogatively looked at her. — There is an idea! — conspiratorially she winked and seated me on a chair. — Do you like my boobies? And you wouldn't like to fuck them? Did you for certain see it in a porn, you don't want to try? — telling all this mother spat a palm and carried out by her between boobs. And then I kneelt between my legs. — Of course, ма! — I exclaimed — I always wanted to try it! Having smiled, mother put my dick between boobies and squeezed it them. Yes, it was something! The dick got to soft gentle captivity of which there was no wish to get out at all. Having begun to move, mother began to fuck me the boobs. "The devil, and the truth as in those pornofilms that I watched! — it was thought to me". Mother accelerated the movements, caressing a head language when she was shown between boobs. Soon I felt that I cum. — Ma! I will terminate now! I want to terminate to you on boobs, be removed! Mother obediently released me and slightly stood aside. Hands she squeezed from breast sides slightly raising them, and smiling looked at me. — Give, the sonny, обкончай big boobs of mummy! Having jumped, I began to nadrachivat furiously the dick, directing it to mother. And here the first most powerful emission fell on her left breast, the drop rolled down in a depression in the ground between them and began to flow down. Following I directed to the right breast, the drop lingered on a nipple. Other streams scattered on all breast, covering it with a cum. I was above mother and looked at her boobs covered with my cum. Mother began to smear a cum on all breast, kind of rubbing it in skin. Even in the most courageous dreams I couldn't present similar! Further in my life there was a lot what, I won't write about what. I will tell only that by means of mother's lessons I absolutely got rid of the shyness. It turned out that I am pleasant to many little girls for a long time! Now I have a good girl, but all the same, sometimes we have sex with mother. dating a narcissist tips date ideas for married couples site mapMain Page