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My sister Luda offered that we in one of the next revivals descended on a visit to Oliny parents, and drank with them. The father of my wife very liked to put for a collar and the mother-in-law, though grumbled when her spouse home drunk came, nevertheless, seldom refused to toss a glass - another. And on Sunday we with mother went to my mother-in-law. My wife Olya this time couldn't join us – she went to a business trip. And my sister Luda this day was at work, at her watch dropped out. The father-in-law with the mother-in-law heartily welcomed us with mother. Still – mother brought a vodka bottle, the father-in-law was happy. And we three together – I, the mother-in-law and mother - drank wine. We with mother not especially leaned on alcohol, but tried to add more to the father-in-law and the mother-in-law. As we lived in other end of the city, and stayed on a visit till late evening, the mother-in-law suggested us to remain at them to spend the night. So we also made. The father-in-law with the mother-in-law laid down in the hall on a sofa, and to us laid in other room, and laid so: to mother on a bed, and me be near on a floor. I gave a hint that a large bed, there will quite be enough two places, on the mother-in-law was thrown up: - There now still! How it is an adult son with mother will settle?! I answered nothing, and about myself thought: eh, a tyoshchenka, you would know that we with mother not only together keep within, but also we do such things in a bed that you and in youth with the husband didn't try … There now, we settled to sleep, turned off the light everywhere. We with mother not really drunk were, but the father-in-law with the mother-in-law were fairly taken. We lie with mother, she – on a bed, I – on a floor nearby, in the room it is dark, only night-time lighting from the street poorly gets through a window. - Well? How will we act further? – mother in a whisper asked me. - I don't know, - I answered. According to the plan of the sister, my mother had to tempt the father-in-law, and I am a mother-in-law. But as to make it, so far didn't come to our mind. Thinking, kind of to arrange all this, I decided to joke a little with mother. I gave a hand, I stroked it. Then I got up and I climbed to it under a blanket. - Silence! You what? Will hear! – mother whispered. But I already lifted up her a night dress and pulled down from her pants. In several seconds I already thrust her and slowly pumped up, kissing gently and biting her nipples which she readily bared. At this time through the closed door, from other room muttering and rustle reached. I calmed down on mother. Then the door creaked – has to be, the father-in-law or the mother-in-law opened the room … Indeed – after this the flop of slippers by the room in which there were we with mother was heard. Then in the bathroom water rustled. Probably, zatoshnit one of our relatives with a hangover, and he or she went to be refreshed. In a couple of minutes water was switched off. It became heard that the bathroom left the father-in-law: I recognized him by a voice, he illegibly grumbled and was knocked about all corners and a pier glass – probably, was strongly drunk. Suddenly the door to our room was opened: the father-in-law, having unintentionally touched her, I became hollow to us, I failed on a floor and and I fell asleep. - Excellent opportunity! I will process it here, and you go to the mother-in-law!. – mother whispered to me. I took out a dick from her vagina, rejected a blanket and, trying not to rustle, got up. My eyes already got used to twilight, and I, though hardly, but distinguished a dark lump on a floor near a door – the sleeping father-in-law. Having carefully crossed through him, I on tiptoe went to the mother-in-law, to other room. The mother-in-law, Vera Timofeevna, quietly pokhrapyvat, разметавшись on the crumpled bed. I got on a sofa. The mother-in-law lay with edge, and I settled behind her, is closer to a wall. Having lain down several seconds and having made sure that the mother-in-law sleeps rather tight, I started a research of her body which it was entrusted to me to otymet. Yes, unlike my mother on whom there were only a night dress yes pants the mother-in-law was in full equipment. Obviously, being drunk I flopped, without undressing. On her there was a semi-unbuttoned dressing gown, and, having felt, I found out that under a dressing gown both pants, and a bra, and a combination. I decided that I won't undress her entirely but only I will lower a little from her pants. It appeared easily. Having coped with this task, I got up over the mother-in-law so that her legs came to be at me between legs. The mother-in-law slept on a stomach, I to her zagolit a bum, and, having rested fists at the edges of her pillow, was inclined, and the is elastic the standing end found a corner where her magnificent buttocks were closed and thick thighs began. Having put there, I found a head warm dry sponges, and began to be stuck and drive in them on them a head up and down. The mother-in-law lowed, zachmokat, but didn't wake up, only turned the head on other cheek. I stood, and then continued the actions. Sexual sponges of the mother-in-law were gradually humidified. I moved apart them a head, pressed … the dick to a half failed in Vera Timofeevna's vagina. - Mm!. Grishenka … - the mother-in-law murmured. I understood – she took me for the husband who was called Grigory. I pushed a dick up to the end, on all depth, having nestled a stomach on full hot buttocks of Vera Timofeevna. - O-au … - quietly moaned she. I began to enter and remove slowly a penis, stroke-oaring one immense buttocks of the mother-in-law. Here she woke up: - Grisha! Leave alone! To you what – is obligatory now? – she whispered. I, without answering, I continued to fuck Vera Timofeevna. - Give I at least sideways I will lay down … - she whispered, turning over. I perekoryachitsya fast so that all the time to be at her behind the back that she didn't guess someone it snoshat her. Having settled on one side, I, holding the mother-in-law for hips, I continued to slap her balls on an ass. - As he costs at you now! – delightfully the mother-in-law murmured. Still, it was thought to me, - now I fucked that vagina of which my favourite wife once got out! Suddenly from the neighboring room I heard low sounds. Some fuss, muttering of the father-in-law … I listened. - Tamar … you excuse … well give … - I sorted Grigory's words. Fortunately, the mother-in-law half-asleep understood not at once that it is a voice of her husband. - What don't Tamara with Vitka sleep there? What dawdle? You give quietly, and they will hear that, – she whispered. I silently shurovat in her pizda. - Or perhaps they there … too, how we? – the mother-in-law whispered and I began to shake, giggling. - And that – our Murka with the son, Barsik, always … Cats have no shame, - the mother-in-law continued to joke, lying to me a back. From these words at me the dick strained even stronger. From the neighboring room the groan – quite loud therefore it was obviously heard that Grigory Petrovich groans reached this time. Probably, mother does him magnificent blowjob there, having inclined and moving the head, with pleasure licks the father-in-law stick … Vera Timofeevna who was inertly trying to move the back towards to my movements, having heard groan from the neighboring room, I stiffened. - Oh … as at Vitka the voice is similar to yours … Hear, Grisha? – wondering was whispered by the mother-in-law. Here from the neighboring room sounds were distributed again – the father-in-law told something to my mother. The mother-in-law slid off my dick and began to turn sharply, trying to turn to me. I felt as she touched me, then the yellow muffled light of the floor lamp standing near a sofa was switched on – probably, the mother-in-law reached and included it. - It you?!. – the struck whisper Vera Timofeevna exclaimed, sitting with the pants lowered to knees and resting hands back against a bed, and having stared at me expanded eyes. I lay on one side nearby, having leaned against an elbow. The mother-in-law began to potter, trying to get up from a sofa, but interfered with her a blanket in which her legs got confused. I used it and by force laid it: - Vera Timofeevna, calm down! - You what here you do?!. Where Grigory?!. - He there, with mother … - What they do there?! - The same, as we … Yes you are more silent! – I seized the mother-in-law by shoulders because she tried to jump again, and, having given a hand, switched off a floor lamp – otherwise light in a door crack could draw attention of the father-in-law... (TO BE CONTINUED) dating a narcissist support group date generator site mapMain Page