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After departure of Lena (cm of Lena2), I felt dickey. Having got used in two months to sex daily (with rare exception) moreover often and on 3-4 times a day, I for the third day felt unpleasant heavy feeling in balls from накапливающеся cums. It was necessary чтото to undertake. Considering what didn't want to be jerked off (though any thought of Lena caused an erection and I promoted increase in feeling of weight in balls), an exit was one - to find the girl. At that time I visited one recreation center, and periodically ran in his library. The library was not too bad at all, I took different interesting books and magazines there. There two librarians worked - about 28 were one under 70, the second. While I met Lena, I didn't pay to young any attention though every time happening in library, tried to catch on myself her eyes, and every time after that she looked away and reddened. She had very ordinary-looking person who discouraged to look at her further. But спермотоксикоз demanded an exit and I decided to look narrowly to Nan (so she was called). Also I found out that she has a good figure with beautiful buttocks, and the main thing - my weakness, a big breast the size isn't less of 3rd, and чтото prompted to me, as without brassiere this breast won't hang down in shapeless sacks. She wasn't full - the stomach under a skirt looked almost flat. To estimate legs there was no opportunity since she constantly wore long skirts or dresses, but also without it decided that it is worth being engaged in her. In one of the arrivals, I got to talking with her. She was the fairly clever and sociable girl. After nothing not meaning phrases, I asked whether there will be she minds to meet me after work? Nana was filled in with red paint, and she had a feature - she reddened up to the breast which was seen in a T-shirt cut. I added that we will take a walk and we will continue our conversation. After short thought, it agreed and again reddened. She finished work at 18-00, and at this time I stood a little поотдаль, on her road to the house (she lived in the same place nearby). Nana left, and having looked round went towards the house. I met her, and we went together. She told that for a minute she will run home, and will warn mother that will be late. It gave some hope to me. We went to the city park which was located over the city and was practically his border. I suggested to sit on a small bench, and chose the bench standing slightly in a distance from footpaths and avenues. Nana sat down a little поотдаль from me. It didn't confuse me, and I drew near her, and it appeared almost closely. She looked at me and at this moment I embraced and kissed her on a mouth. She escaped and filled in densely - red paint. - Do you what you think that time I from the first invitation went with you, it mean that I am a girl of easy virtue, and me it is possible then to touch? - indignantly she told. - There is no darling, I think that I invited you because I like you, and I think that you went with me because I am pleasant to you. Or you want to tell that you have me disgust? Nana vigorously rolled up the head - Isn't present of course that for nonsenses. In this case I just wouldn't meet you. - Here and remarkably! And personally I don't see anything bad, in kissing the girl who is pleasant to me and who like me, on the first appointment. Did you understand that I invite you to an appointment? Or you want to tell that if I waited, and would kiss you on the tenth appointment, then it would be so more best? Problem of clever girls (and Nana a silly woman wasn't) that they try to compete with men in logic and usually lose. Here and now Nana became silent as to disprove my arguments she has nothing, besides I really was pleasant to her. I embraced her once again and attracted to myself. She made feeble attempt to flutter, but I, looking her in eyes, slowly brought closer the lips to her sponges, and kissed. Nana wasn't able to kiss, but in a minute already tried to answer me, and even to meet by the language my language when I thrust him to her into a mouth. Embracing her one hand, the second I began to stroke her magnificent breast. She I made feeble attempt again to flutter, but I didn't pay any attention to it and continued caress. The girl already relaxed and I without hindrances massed top of her breast, continuing to cover gently to suck in her lips. However in about 10 minutes, I released her, and suggested to take a walk further. I moved me purely prosaic calculation - the place was too open to pass to its resolute processing. Nana disappointedly got up from a bench and went with me. However her expression quickly took place disappointments when I embraced her for a waist and pressed to itself, periodically kissing on a neck and ears. She already easy chirped about literature while I looked round in search of the suitable place. And when I saw such place, resolutely entailed the girl there. The bench truth wasn't there, but it couldn't prevent me in any way. Having leaned her back against a tree, I got up before it, having embraced it for a waist and it stood waiting. I started kissing gently her over again, she having embraced me answered my kisses. My hand lifted edge of her T-shirt and laid down on her body. She was followed by the second. Nana shuddered, but it was visible that she already completely (or almost completely) was given to my caress. Covering with kisses her face and a neck, I caressed her smart body, rising to a breast. Also I tried to push a hand under a brassiere cup. But the breast was big and elastic, and I didn't manage to make it. Then I decided to act simpler and caressing her back, the easy movement undid a brassiere, and lifted him from her boobs. Nana feverishly began to speak immemorial women's нетнетненадо, but without trying to escape or take away my hands. I began to caress her breasts, massing them and nipples, and then lifted a brassiere and an undershirt up, completely having bared them. As I already spoke, a beautiful breast - my weakness, and Nanna really had magnificent boobs and met all my expectations. More largely than the 3rd size, wide in the basis, they stood cones, almost without drooping under the weight. Practically they were Lena increased by the copy of breasts which even after were poured, fell short also of the 2nd size. Nana already began to moan, deriving pleasure from my caress. I began to stroke her buttocks and to gradually lift her skirt. The girl treated all my actions already favourably. But here I found out that the undershirt and the dangling brassiere take away a part of pleasure, closing her boobs and therefore lifted them up, having taken out from them the girl's hands. The undershirt remained on her shoulders, but down didn't slip any more, and I hung up the released brassiere on a branch nearby. Now to me nothing prevented to admire her fine breast. Then I pushed a hand under a skirt, and she laid down directly on her buttocks. Nana started and wanted чтото to tell, but I closed her a mouth a kiss. Caressing buttocks, I thrust the second hand under panties in front, having covered her shaggy triangle. Here already the girl began to try to escape seriously, but the continuous kisses, caress of buttocks, and the fingers which persistently got into her разрезик and roughly rumpling her clitoris and sexual sponges sharply weakened her determination. There was only a whisper - what are you doing, no, it isn't necessary, it isn't necessary, I ask you stop. But also whisper in a couple of minutes came to naught. The body of the girl began to shake, and low moans were heard. A hand on buttocks I hooked and began to lower from her panties. Here they already on her hips, and having gone the widest place, they without problems slid off down on ankles. I already thought nothing. My friend sought to her hole, bringing me painful feelings, and I let out him from trousers. Nana noticed nothing as she stood blindly and was given to the feelings. I lifted up a skirt in front and stopped up it for her belt. Then I released the girl, and I receded on couple of steps to admire her. The show was fine, the undressed girl blindly, highly rising sticking-out boobies, and the dark triangle blackening in the bottom of a stomach. I bent and finally removed panties which I hung up on the same branch from her legs. Having returned to it, I embraced it and began to implant the leg between her legs, moving apart them. At the same time my excited dick rested against her cool tummy. Nana passionately accepted my caress, but having felt that rests against her чтото firm more hotly, she opened eyes, and lowered a hand down, and got directly on a dick. She moved also by voice full of horror whispered - oh what you want to make, I beg you it isn't necessary, I am still a girl, I beg stop. But I couldn't stop any more. In my balls the five-day stock of a cum (in recent days before departure, with Lena it didn't turn out to remain with us alone in any way) raged, and the only thought in the head turned around his fastest movement from me to Nanna's body. But on the other hand, news that she is a virgin made sober me a little. The virgin, blood, pain, shouts at a defloration - it at this moment wasn't necessary to me absolutely. And I decided to fuck her without breaking the virgin, and to be engaged in the virgin in more favorable conditions. I began to calm her, assuring that I am not going to deprive of her virginity here and that she completely trusted in me. Gradually she calmed down and was again given to caress. Her pizda became wet and slippery, the clitoris increased, and already stuck out of the folds hiding him before. dating a narcissist quotes date ideas lincoln ne site mapMain Page