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I long looked for work. It is difficult to find work presently. Everywhere people with the diploma or with experience are required. To me only 18 years. And I only finished the first course of the university. I didn't want to live off the foster mother. Once I found the announcement in the newspaper. I called by the specified phone. — Good afternoon! My name is Alex. I look for work. — Hi Alex! If you are ready to put on a dress of the maid, then we wait for you to the address... — I wrote down! — We wait! The conversation was ended. I quickly gathered. I called the taxi. I went to the specified address. The trip took hour. And here I drove up to the smart mansion in one of cottage settlements. I paid journey. It appeared not from cheap. In a minute I left. The taxi was turned and left. I called on the on-door speakerphone. Also I looked in the surveillance camera. — Good afternoon! — I said. — Hi! — I heard a voice. — Name? Visit purpose? — Alex. Employment. — Minute! The subscriber was disconnected. Didn't pass also minutes as a gate it was opened. I entered. The security guard approached me. — My name is Max. I am a security officer. I ask to follow me. Silently I followed the security guard. We passed on a footpath. Ascended to a porch, entered the house, appeared in the hall. Max bowed and said: — The hostess, the young man concerning employment! — Max, I thank! You are free — and the security guard left. — My name is Alex. I called you an hour ago — I said. — Bruna. I remember your voice! — the woman in a red dressing gown, dark stockings and red shoes said. — I am ready to put on a dress of the maid — I told. — For what purpose you get a job? — the hostess asked. — The purpose — to earn money most, but not to live off the foster mother — I answered. — Follow me! — and the hostess passed in a corridor on the first floor. I opened one of doors. — It is your room. If you behave well, you will receive bonuses. Bruna entered the room. I turned on the light. I came next. The hostess locked a door. — Undress! — Bruna ordered and specified. — And too take off pants. — So? — I specified, having undressed and having covered with hands the dick. — Yes — the hostess smiled and I added. — Turn around yourself. — I ask — I began to turn slowly. — Perfectly! — Bruna was content with my behavior and I asked. — What do you think of trann? — I definitely don't feed hatred for them — I said. — Then that you will tell about me? — having taken off a dressing gown, Bruna asked. — Divinely! — I exclaimed, having seen at her between legs a dick. — He gives you charm. — You flatter me! — the hostess told and kissed me on a mouth. Our kiss was long. She took my dick a hand and jerked off it. I hands massed her breast. Suddenly it interrupted a kiss. Then I dropped to her nipples the language. From her lips the groan broke. I sat down on knees a minute later. Her dick before my eyes loomed. I opened a mouth and shipped it in myself. I squeezed lips. I began to work the head. To the hostess my actions were to liking. She even sometimes gave advice. And I followed them. I wasn't zealous. In a moment Bruna discharged me of the dick. And then I took her balls in a mouth. Pleasure was on her face. After that on her order I struck an attitude on a floor doggi-stayl. Bruna clung to my anus language ohm, having begun to lick it. From pleasure I closed eyes. Suddenly she interrupted this business. I approached my bedside table. I got from it a bottle with anal lubricant. A little lubricant on my anus I dripped. Soon I felt a chill on the hole. Bruna smeared lubricant on my hole. Then without prevention I entered to me into a point the middle finger. My dick responded to penetration with start. I began this finger to work. It was sick at first, but over time pain ceased. It was succeeded by languor. Soon I in a step to her movements pushed a basin. And here the hostess entered the second finger. I worked a little. I entered the third. And the fourth. Groans broke from my lips. In a minute Bruna already slowly and accurately drove the dick in my point. Intolerable pain pierced my body. Here it pushed a basin. Her dick touched my prostate and brought me to frenzy. Languor on my body spread. And the hostess worked a basin hard. As a result I didn't resist on a lap and slipped on a floor. On a floor I lay now. Bruna continued to ram my bottom the dick. The dick took out. Villages on knees. I laid down on a back. I spread legs in the parties. She drove a dick to me a point. I resumed work as a basin. Along with it I jerked off my dick. A minute later she already lay a back on a floor. I sat down on her dick to her the person, having begun to jump. In three minutes I with loud groan began to cum to Bruna on a breast and a stomach. The ejaculation was short. The cum soon ran low. I continued. Bruna was on a limit too. I kneelt from her dick, but villages. She became in all growth. My mouth was open. She entered the dick into it. I, having squeezed lips, I earned by the head. In only a few seconds it filled my mouth with the cum of which I greedy began to swallow. I swallowed everything to a drop, and still I polished her head. After that I pinched own cum from her breast. — Clear head! Go to a shower — Bruna told. I went to a shower that was in this room. I accepted it. I returned to the room. At once the hostess put on to me a dick a fidelity belt for men. On a bed the dark white suit of the maid lay. Near a bed there was dark footwear. — Put on! — Bruna ordered. I began to put on. I put on dark stockings. Dark transparent top. Dark miniskirt. White apron. Dark shoes on an average heel. I walked about the room. Bruna remained happy with me. I made to me a make-up. Hairstyle. And here I looked at myself in a mirror. I saw myself and I was surprised. There was a beautiful tiny girl. — From this point you are called Bella! — I understood you, the hostess! — courteous I said and I bowed. — I will acquaint you with servants later — she said and added. — Follow me. Within half an hour the hostess showed me the house. I warned me that I have to remove three times a week all rooms. In offices of the owner and hostess I remove only their presence or under the supervision of protection. Also I am given one day off for weeks. — Bella, we with the husband were installed to this house recently — Bruna warned me. — It is clear! — I will work in the office. There didn't remove three days — the hostess said. Left so that the hostess worked, checking documents. I wasn't lazy too. Hours punched 18 — 00. At this time to the yard the car drove. The hostess heard arrival and hurried to leave an office. I together with her left an office. dating a narcissist mean birth date year calculator site mapMain Page