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After the events which took place in the story "Be at a Birthday Party of the Chief" we to houses had strained states some time. Irka felt or assumed that I know something. Also I behaved as though felt guilty, trying to please me somehow. And I as couldn't understand the behavior at that moment. As I, quite strong man, allowed to fuck the wife at full scale, to two some freaks. And I didn't even make the slightest attempt to stop it. And moreover, I even liked to watch it. Until recently I was ready to tear any, and then stood and looked as her е... also I cumed t from it, in literal sense, in a corridor. She can and isn't guilty with everything. Well, you never know, what happened — can a roof took down from drunk, still something can. And the longer, I thought, the more blamed myself. And to begin a blamestorming session was already late, there passed already enough time. But I everything continued to dig in myself and, eventually, came to a conclusion that I itself am guilty of everything. It wasn't necessary to be the passive observer, and at once to rip everything in the bud. But as soon as I remembered circumstances of that evening, at me in trousers the hillock grew at once. I was made horney even from memoirs. The only thing that changed at us is sex. It became more emotional, passionate, at least, for my part. Irina, seeing that there is no what dismantling, she calmed down too. Everything became as earlier, except one, I couldn't forget a detail of that evening, and they periodically recured at me to the memory. So all this can and would proceed, and is possible and would be forgotten after a while if not accident which occurred in about one and a half months. During week-end I tore to myself a leg a rusty nail. I addressed to emergency station. To me processed a wound, vporol a prick and sent to policlinic. There gave the sick-list. I could go, only come it was sick. In the morning I lay in a bed and observed how Irka gathered for work. She purposely teased me — got pants from a dresser, pulled them having exposed buttocks, then slowly pulled stockings, having slightly bent forward. I was already ready to rush for her. I put on a skirt, a blouse. It was twisted in front of the mirror, askance looking in my party. I began to push a box of a dresser and here he warped and got stuck. — Oleg, how many times I asked to look at you? — Well, Irochka. I will look, don't become angry. I promise you. I still rolled about some time, then have breakfast and returned to the bedroom. There was no wish to do a dresser to me, but it was necessary. Hardly I pulled out the top box — the screws holding a guide plate were turned off. Business was for a couple of minutes. I tightened screws. I decided to check all guides at once. I took out all boxes and at the very bottom of me I waited for a surprise. I even also noticed not at once — an envelope, a disk and two videotapes. I twisted a disk and cartridges in hands, on them no inscriptions existed. I took an envelope, I glanced inside — there were photos. On them there was Irka, they were not absolutely qualitative, but that the wife could not recognize the. Only having looked on the first at couple of photos, I threw them on a bed. From what was seen me прошиб sweat. I came to a balcony, I lit. Hands slightly shivered. After several deep inhalings, I calmed down a little. I returned to the room, I collected a photo and again I went to a balcony. I lit and became to consider them. In process of viewing the dick began to come to life. My wife was, softly to tell, slightly isn't dressed. Here she with some men in a ban. All are wound with towels, and the wife too, only at her sticks out outside one breast. Here they at a table, only she already with a naked breast. In the pool one and with the man. She is already absolutely naked. Here she in a steam room. Photos are old, the wife on them still absolutely young. It seems that she came off darn well while I did military service. I smoked a cigarette behind a cigarette. And it already on the apartment — she sits in some pants on knees at the guy, and smiling looks in a lens, and he touches her for a breast. And I know him, he studied at our school. Only for a year or two earlier. How it was called? It still a nickname had Yukhan. And can they are made when still I studied at school. At me grew cold with this thought in boobies. Yes, the wife at me appears the whore with an experience. I wiped sweat from a forehead. In a throat dried up. I descended on kitchen I drank waters. Here it and Tanka in some pants, exposed on display the of Cesca. Tanya is her girlfriend, she still was our witness in a registry office, and now they work together. Here both of them embracing some else guy. Here she one, absolutely without clothes also poses before the photographer. Several photos in different foreshortenings. In soul the rage boiled, and at the same time, in trousers there was a terrible strut. I was scary horney. All these photos were made long ago, she wasn't my wife yet. From this thought it became a little easier. Photos ended, I put them aside. The state was disgusting, I am married to the whore. Here about what in due time my mother tried to tell me, and I didn't want to listen to her. I once again checked photos. I, in some 10 minutes, smoked all cigarettes. I left the house, in the next booth I bought cigarettes and beer. I sat down in kitchen, I drank beer. I didn't know what to do. If didn't know all this, it would be simpler, and here... In the head any hogwash climbed. And here I remembered — there still a disk and cartridges. I went to the bedroom, I included a computer. I inserted a disk, on a disk there was only one folder. I tried to open it, the computer requested the password. I entered birthdays of the wife, daughter, phone and still that. Didn't help. I put it aside, I took cartridges. I was not the first a porno, and I said to me that it doesn't love. It is clear why she hid it what the daughter wouldn't find. I looked several minutes, I included the accelerated viewing. Anything else wasn't. I inserted another — the pornanimated cartoon went. I looked a little, I went to a toilet when returned to the room, the animated cartoon wasn't any more — there was some party. I overwound a little back. At a table fully to the people — children, maids. The cam circled, removing all attendees. Here again Tanka, through couple of people Irka. The sound was bad that was told, it was difficult to understand. Almost nobody and someone remained sit at a table already in sheets, it is similar in a ban again. Irka isn't at a table. Someone removed, went on rooms, glanced in a steam room. I looked for the wife, in a steam room she wasn't. Near the pool too, but there was Tanka with some guy. The cam floated further, here Irka — plays billiards. She in some pants, the guy looks more on her Cesca which to kolyshatsya at blow, than on a table. The cam moved further, and I wanted that she remained here. What there isn't interesting to me further at all. Probably, passed still some time. Everything exchanged. Someone е... t, someone sucks. If I wasn't interested in my wife, I would look. But now, I just included on accelerated and began to wait when to appear Irka. The cam removed, everything that occurred. In a steam room isn't present, at the pool isn't present, billiards — it is empty. Some pieces of chalk of a room went. And here in one of them Irka lies on a couch and her е... what t horse-radish. Even didn't confuse them, someone came into the room and the light was turned on. The guy widely parted her legs and hollowed it the not small tool. The wife wound the head here and there, it seems, she was on the verge. The operator decided to photograph this scene in more detail. The guy hollowed her at mad speed. The cam came nearer though the picture was not all that well, but everything was well visible. And here he tired out her up to the end and stood. He cumed. The dick took out, pulled together a condom. I approached Irka and just the dick stuck into lips with her. And she, here the devil, began to suck. And in the same time I terminated. I sat in some prostration, looked at the screen, but saw nothing. When I recovered a little, on the screen there was an animated cartoon again. I wandered about the apartment. I did something, and thought what saw. Then I looked once again. When Irka came, I already was in the normal state. Concerned me only, to tell her about my find or not. She passed to the bedroom, telling something to me. I nothing understood what she speaks about. I came behind her afterwards — she took off a blouse. Then skirt, brassiere. I put a leg on a bed and I began to take off a stocking. And here I didn't sustain, I literally by force tumbled down it on a bed, tore off pants, pulled hard on her all over, having pressed her to a bed. A hand I spread it legs though she both didn't try to resist, and the dick drove in it from everything to a move. she only sighed from surprise and told: — Olezhek. What are you doing. Stop! Here Janka can come. Yana is her daughter, but her house wasn't. I silently began to hollow her at mad speed. She took a broad view of me razkryty eyes, then her look dimmed and she covered them. To me shots from the cartridge were remembered and I parted her legs on how many I could and became it so е... ть. At her from a mouth I was heard howl and she right there closed a mouth a palm. I tore up her at mad speed. As though was afraid not to be in time. Such feeling was that it is not my wife, but others and me it is necessary to be in time before arrival of her husband. There was such mad excitement that I even passed the moment when began to cum. Discharge her all the contents, I released her legs and was tumbled down on her. Through some time me the voice brought her round: — Oleg, me it is heavy. I just slid from her and laid down nearby, so we lay still some time. Gradually I began to recover. She lay and with interest looked at me. — Olezhek, what it was? I didn't recover up to the end yet and about to blurt out that I found the cartridge, but in time bethought. — I missed... All evening interested me now that on a disk. I just also couldn't think of another. Irka, somehow strange glanced at me. I called Max, this is my close acquaintance who perfectly understands computers. I asked how to crack the password... It suggested me to bring a disk tomorrow, he will try to make something. This option didn't suit me, and suddenly there... It will know then! And maybe not only he. I, confusedly explained something. I don't know that he thought, but I promised to help. When went to bed, again I attacked on the wife... When in the morning the wife left for work, I went on rooms and couldn't find any peace. I waited for a call. Max called, told that he found the cool program and will be at me soon. He installed the program, explained how he works, and left. I sat down at a computer, I all shivered with excitement. I started the program. On the screen figures ran. Minutes 15 I sat, stupidly looking at the screen. Max warned me that it can take a lot of time. I tried to be engaged in affairs, but all thoughts were about another. In about 2 hours on the screen the password appeared. I wrote down on a piece of paper not to mix and then anew to crack. The shivering hands I entered him and the folder opened. There were photos and video. I started one of rollers. My fears, and in too time of hope, came true. In a big office, on everything probably, the chief's office, there was Irina and the chief. Irka was drunk and is quite strong. Her blouse was undone, the brassiere is lifted up on top, her chief stood behind, his hands were on her breast and rumple them. He whispered something to her on an ear. She silly giggled. My dick instantly accepted vertical position. Here he brought her to a table, developed to himself the person and laid a back on a table. I began to pull together from her jeans together with pants... She raised the ass. So she also laughed at the same time. There is a bitch. I undid the trousers and I inserted to my wife. I began to tear up her at measured speed. And where to it to hurry. From his blows her breast waved. It hands held a table cover. It began to be accelerated. Irka clasped it with legs, obviously all this was pleasant to her. It quite vigorously hollowed my wife. She squealed from each blow, then began to moan slightly. She began to curve a back, she already had a preorgasmic state. And the chief probably too was on the verge. At me inside even became cold, but I continued to look without coming off the screen. It long enough tore up her, and then having taken out a dick and having begun to roar, from pleasure, began to fill in with a cum the pubis of my wife which grew with hair. And almost at once record ended. I sat and not as couldn't recover. It was fine on the cartridge long ago, and... Hair on a pubis it shaved slightly more than half a year back, and got this job a year ago. Here will also turn out that it was at most a year ago. I silently smoked a cigarette behind a cigarette and as couldn't recover. My friend stood as a cable column. I started the second file. The same office, Irka lies a breast on a table. Her chief having lifted up, to her a skirt and having removed pants aside, e... her t. Her eyes are closed, from is open. It is visible as she pants. On her face the blissful smile, such happens before an orgasm. From each his blow her body twitches forward. The chief stops, the dick takes out: — And now, the babe, work a mouth. Irka is resignedly developed, opens a mouth and the dick swallows. She diligently sucks it, making at the same time the smacking the lips sounds. As soon as the dick appeared at her in a mouth, my dick was discharged. But I didn't even pay attention to it. The chief looks at her from above with a smile, at the same time holding her by hair. Here his eyes are closed. He publishes what roar, probably he merges in a mouth to my wife. And almost at once record breaks. I included the third roller. Same office, but already sofa. On him Gena sits, my wife costs on Koryaks and sucks at him, and behind the chief fries her, it seems, to the back. On her there is almost nothing from clothes, apart from a stocking. Only puffing, a smack of the wife and powerful to blow of the chief about the wife's ass is heard. Irka ceases to suck away, the dick from a mouth releases and it becomes heard her groan. He each blow she curves a back, her chief hollows her at mad speed. Again the roar familiar already and it fades. It cums in her! Ira curves a back and too fades in such situation. The chief takes out the dick and wipes it about the wife's bottom. At this time, Gena takes her for hair and hangs her head to the x... She begins to work hard a mouth. Gena for a long time didn't last and cums her in a mouth. My dick costs again. Then I looked at photos. They are made from a leak of rollers that I looked at. But they didn't make an impression on me any more. To go nuts! I removed everything back in a dresser. In the evening when Irka came from work, I again on her snatched. And so all the time proceeded so far I was on the sick-list — looked in the afternoon, in the evening е... l. I had no such activity long ago. I was ready to fuck it every minute as then in youth when we met again... dating a millionaire book fun active date ideas near me site mapMain Page