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1. About quest tournament Lisa straight moved to the apartment which is kindly removed for her by Denis is closer to his house. She at once replaced phone sim card – there was no wish for either a talk, or dismantling with Kostya. I left and left. To the hetero – natural, to the transgender – the. It isn't necessary to torment either itself, or him. Let Kostya will find to himself the good girl, and let everything at them will be good. Lisa managed to lease the apartment quickly - she put all things in the room of parents and locked her. However, her iridescent dreams of fantastic life in Lisa's image, as Denis's girl, quickly enough began to fall. Denis and Dmitry came to her in turn nearly an every day. For a couple of hours. To have sex. Then to return to families to wives and children. Not that any trips or travel – even exits at cinema, theater, cafe restaurant weren't assumed. They needed only sex with stunningly beautiful girl with the dick, a splash of emotions, a discharge more than nothing. If with Denis everything was decent as during their first meetings on quest tournament, and he was more or less generous on "tip", then Dmitry quickly revealed in not the best side. He considered Lisa the prostitute. And gradually his attitude towards her changed suitably. He became more rigid, more rude, there were contempt notes, began to dream and hint, kind of it to diversify with him sex – suggested to buy huge vibrators for her, handcuffs and other attributes. It strongly strained, Lisa wasn't ready to such succession of events. 2. Alexey returned from work, took off from himself a silly baggy men's suit which hid – so there was a wish to trust - his relatives to ideal female forms, took a shower and changed clothes in Lisa. To her it was more comfortable in a women's clothing and especially linen. It is more beautiful, more sexual, more pleasant to feel on a body. Especially she liked bras. Lacy, translucent, various coloring. Her inevitably and harmoniously growing up cambers plunged into them and, appear, brassieres only the presence caressed a breast and nipples … Lisa shuddered and burned tea when the door of the apartment opened, and Dmitry with the girl entered. "What the hell! Without call, without prevention. There is a bitch, absolutely became impudent, absolutely doesn't put in anything me …" - Hi, Lisa, - a strange falsetto with an unpleasant smile Dmitry immediately told. - Hello, - the girl greeted. Lisa recognized her at once. It was Katina. The prostitute whom on Quest Denis dexterously palmed off on Kostya to distract him. Katya was in the same leather taytsa in which Lisa saw her for the first time which brightly and accurately Katin allocated genitals. It was even similar rather not to taytsa or leggings from thin skin, and an impression that someone took black paint and applied it on a naked body of Catia – on legs, between them, a pubis, a bottom was made. - Hello, - Lisa watchfully answered. In hands Catia had a small sports bag. She took off short not on weather a jacket and remained in a knee sock semifresh. Generally the figure at her is smart. Katya and Dmitry weren't sober. If about Dmitry it was still possible to tell, what he drunk, then about Katya – "the girl is drunk". And on the first steps and movements of the guest, it became clear that I am strongly drunk. Dmitry, without being undressed, I approached Lisa and with a smile and unpleasant breath I whispered: - This is Katya. My good acquaintance. She has no place to spend the night today, let will pad down at you a night … - And … - Lisa tried to object, but it was right there interrupted. - One night, I will suit everything tomorrow. It about you knows nothing so … Look itself, you can not reveal. Dmitry turned on noise which was involuntarily created by Katya, trying to get to a toilet door. - Sorry, - the guest giggled and from the second attempt I got into the bathroom. - She a little bit drank, - already slightly Dmitry when the door of a toilet was closed told more loudly. – She will quickly fall asleep. Everything, I run away. I to her left the key, she will close when tomorrow sleeps it off and will leave. Dmitry walked on an exit, having on the way glanced in the toilet which was not locked on a latch with Katya. - You are a pervert … - with laughter that shouted at him, having decorated the phrase with a long dirty mat. - You, give, at once nighty-night, don't misbehave to me here, - with an invariable nasty smile Dmitry told, leaving. On a path Katya gave to him one more tirade of curses. The confused, not understanding anything Lisa approached to and remained open for a toilet. 3. Already soon half a year as Lisa "in image" periodically made an exit in people, visiting at the same time ladies' rooms in public places. But there always cabins were closed. And now Lisa for the first time saw how it is done by the woman. Katya suffered on a toilet bowl. Lisa shocked looked at it. - And what is your name? – in a break between attempts Katya asked. - Lisa. - Listen Lizok, bring my bag, to smoke devilishly hunting. "What real heavy, I at the beck and call of the washed-up skank. It is good though Dmitry didn't want to organize a show three together here." Lisa gave a bag to the colleague – "devil take it, if and further I go … with high speed, on a straight line, without turning also without stops, I fly to hell of prostitution … someone I am?. the prostitute also is … fuck when want as only two want … for money … mine trakhary so far, but it is obvious only when …" SMS from Dmitry Arrived: "How there Katya?" Lisa honestly answered: "Срёт". Dmitry sent many smilies and the text: "She will fall asleep soon". Lisa: "She will bring an infection to the house". Dmitry: "Not sets. I her it is regular to be checked I drive. She in a bag has reference, yesterday received. Zdorova. Too the infection isn't necessary to me". Lisa heaved a deep sigh and didn't begin to answer more, especially Katya finished and already pottered with toilet paper. It was nasty. Though … "Katya is devilishly good. What at her пися! To me such …" Lisa would shudder from own thoughts - "So, stop! That for a hogwash I got into the head …" Katya wiped, quickly coped with microscopic panties and hardly pulled on herself taytsa. - Let's drink. For acquaintance. Is че? – directly Katya asked, having pressed the washout lever. - Is, - Lisa answered. – Wash hands in the bathroom and go on kitchen. Lisa puffed for the new flatmate an air freshener and too went to kitchen where she had almost full bottle of whisky. "Devil take it … And such case can in my life any more never at all turn up …" - as if the artful thought burned with boiled water Lisa. 4. Lisa and Katya drank whisky with Coca in kitchen. Katya has more whisky less Coca, Lisa has only a Coca. Katya didn't focus attention that is poured to herself by Lisa therefore it was simple to fill the glass with exclusively carbonated drink from a plastic bottle. Katya smoked as the engine. Also I was in the lead in a conversation for life. All men are the terminated bastards who need to be burned on slow fire. In her monologue many man's names flashed, she didn't say any with a positive epithet. Even to Denis got though his name was said only few times. Feeling that "the client ripened", Lisa helped Katya to reach the bathroom and shipped the new girlfriend in warm water. Still whisky, still cigarette, water slightly more hotly … Katya fell asleep, having thrown back the head and having opened a mouth. Lisa, though rather now it was Alexey, slowly I began to soap a sexual body of the prostitute, being played with her breast and nipples. A full palm shampoos and that that didn't manage to be dissolved completely in water, quicker her to Katya between legs. Alexey was played with her clitoris, vulvar lips, moved apart them and carefully washed away all there. Her hole. Alexey bent to the Katiiny breast and kissed a nipple. "Beautiful nipple … As at me … Fie, again not those thoughts!." Kissing her breast, a thumb accurately stroking a clitoris, Alexey waited when the sleeping Katya began to flow. Now it is possible to ship the finger in her vagina also … Even two … Katya didn't wake up. Most likely, she felt something through a dream, but didn't resist – on the contrary, she it is dangerous, nearly a mouth to the edge of water, fell below and as far as the bathtub allowed, spread legs. Alexey's dick moved, but the full erection wasn't. "Simply it isn't convenient to me therefore he doesn't get up … Same always so happens for the first time to the woman …" - Alexey calmed himself. "All. It is necessary to drag her in a bed …" 5. Alexey was out of breath and got wet from the wet girl and own sweat, battling against a body. Katya periodically opened eyes, but thought nothing and poorly cooperated in the course of delivery her to the room. At last, he knocked down her on a bed, turned sideways – that didn't choke if suddenly Katin an organism decides that he such amount of alcohol superfluous – and began to wipe carefully and slowly it a towel. Katya was pleasant to Alexey. Beautiful. Very sexual. He put it on a back and began to caress her body a palm, studying all its cambers. It was especially curious to investigate secondary sexual characteristics of Katya. He bent and kissed the girl's nipple. But the breast wasn't so interesting to him – at most not worse, – and Alexey slipped to it down, bent her legs in knees and parted them more widely – it seems keep. Katya's vagina was magnificent. It is ideal also without defects. The equal, attractively wrinkled, almost black sponges, a small clitoris. Everything smelled of purity. Alexey kneeled on a floor between Katya's legs and started a cunnilingus. To the first in the life. Katina a vagina positively related to language and Bays Alekseya and, though slowly, began to produce from herself whitish lubricant. Alexey licked Katino a vagina, came off to smell – the smell and taste very much were pleasant to him and made horney – and again dropped to him a mouth. Having given hands to her breast, he squeezed it, turned and pinched from time to time nipples – as it was pleasant when did to him. Katina a vagina gradually dispersed, and it were already streamlets from her. Alexey buried a face to her swamp and tried to be smeared as it is possible stronger – a nose, cheeks, eyebrows. He rose and approached a mirror – he all was in sour cream of the Katiny vagina. Alexey in reflection wasn't - it was the girl's face of Lisa which is completely smeared with lubricant of other girl. Alexey sighed and returned to the Sleeping Beauty to continue a cunnilingus. Now he sucked only her clitoris, up to two fingers having shipped a vagina and an anus in Katin. The bunghole easily accepted in itself invasion – and the lubricant which flowed from a hole is higher, and his obvious wide experience was excluded by the probability of any problems or inconveniences. There was a wish to try even more fingers, but Katya suddenly lowed, and Alexey felt as both holes began to contract convulsively. Katya got nervous, squeezed legs, having pushed out Leshina the head, and was filled up sideways. She terminated. Alexey as the guerrilla, hid at edge of a bed – there was no wish that the girl found him. Katya didn't wake up. 6. "It is devilishly good to be the woman! Cool the nature suited them – a vagina, lubricant, it is so much high. Where touch – an erogenous zone. And what pleasure him from caress of a breast!." "It is necessary to cease to envy her. It is necessary to envy himself now, Lech Korkinu who already … will fuck … will fuck … well there will be a dick!. and Lech will surely fuck the stunning little girl …" Alexey turned Katya prone and jostled her under a stomach two pillows and the put blanket. Katya was cancer in a pose. The look was incredibly erotic and pornushny. But Alexey's dick refused to get up. Felt Lesh that he is extremely horney emotionally, he very much wanted to fuck the smart brunette who in a dream kindly stuck out up for him a matchless bottom, providing everything that she had there in the full order. There was nothing to fuck. "For the first time always so happens …" - Alexey consoled himself. – "It is necessary to jerk off a little bit and everything will turn out …" Alexey in the germ tried to strangle the creeping unpleasant thought that, probably, his persistent efforts affect to cum only from own anal, without hands. It when Lisa is fucked in a bottom, the dick at her costs almost always … Plus hormones, which at all not testosterone … It was impossible. Alexey began to represent himself on Catia's place – and at him, more precisely at Lisa, the priest not less sexual. And when Lisa costs here so, she looks also stunningly. Seeing in the imagination itself in Katya's position, representing as it is healthy if and Lisa had such beautiful vagina, caressing the breast one hand, another masturbating, at last, the dick it was succeeded to wake a little. Being afraid to lose what managed to be reached, Alexey at once fingers pushed the polueregirovanny penis in Katina a wet vagina and began movements. Gradually, the men's libido of Alexey which isn't up to the end killed began to return to normal somehow - he intercepted Katya for a waist and with indescribable pleasure, new to himself began to fuck her. It was very good. There was a wish that he had a dick of centimeters twenty five and thick that balls were big and full of a cum, there was a wish to fuck Katya as ever nobody fucked nothing her. But the big dick wasn't. It is good though the erection didn't vanish, and it turned out long – Alexey's orgasm didn't hurry, and he didn't hurry him. The beautiful breast of Lisa, probably, very erotically, jumped in a step of frictions, but it was inappropriate now. She disturbed Alexey psychologically – now he is the macho fucking the smart brunette – and own ideal female breast was an absolute dissonance. At last, Alexey's orgasm reached the highest point, and he began to cum in the squelching Katya's vagina. He tried to splash out from himself as much as possible cum. Even when stopped, he a hand took himself for balls, and began to squeeze out from them the remains, trying to strain a dick – well still a little bit, there in a bosom, more deeply. Alexey's dick faded in the Katiny vagina. He left her and admired as the seed began to flow from contrastly pink, in comparison with dark small lips of the girl, holes. Again it was necessary to drive away thoughts, as at Lisa it looks magnificently erotically – Kostya and Denis wouldn't allow to tell lies. Alexey filled up sideways the partner on sex, having been very pleased – to that at him everything turned out, and especially as it at him turned out and what was a high. He accurately covered Katya sleeping in an embryo pose, a blanket, itself laid down behind closer to her to caress and again to enjoy feelings from a research of wet female genitals. With surprise and joy having found out that the dick started over again coming to life, Alexey didn't begin to wait for a full erection – and suddenly and won't come – the semi-sluggish dick hurried to push in Katina писю for the second time … 7. Next day Alexey in the confused and awful men's wear of the big size came back home from work, slowly rising on foot by the third floor. The apartment was closer, the it became more disturbing – and suddenly Katya didn't leave? Dmitry promised … Though sms from him this day were some strange and suspicious – "Not sets, everything will be normal", "Yes she will dump, won't get to anywhere", "To her annex, not sets". And the less time remained until the end of the working day, the more suspicious such answers from Dmitry seemed. "Not sets, not sets. Watch itself, not обосцысь, the gay person fucking. Here I will be filled up together with Katya to your wife, here and we will look there someone обосцыться and someone will shit pants. Together with Katya we will please your children. A condom …" - it were the most kind thoughts in Dmitry's relation during the day. Alexey entered the apartment and was met extremely amazement by exclamation of Katya who had thriftily supper in kitchen: - To go nuts! I it is simple … And Katya a dirty mat described as far as she is surprised. Alexey took off a jacket and was undressed. Katya came to a meeting. - You че, Lisa? I go nuts. You are M or? - In the afternoon of M, at night, - simply and honestly Alexey admitted. - I in life never saw it, - Katya wasn't appeased. – And you from M in, or … Fie … - Katya obviously got confused in words and definitions. - You by the passport someone? - Alexey. - Bloody hell! – Katya clutched at the head, having forgotten that she has in a hand a fork with the bitten sausage - shock didn't release. Alexey stupidly stood on among a corridor, hardly thinking what to do whether it is necessary to change clothes and in what. It seems that it is necessary to remain in men's and at home. - Listen, Lisa. Lesh. It you perhaps fucked me yesterday? - No, not I. - And someone? - Dima, - I told lies Lesh, fairly believing that Katya never learns all the same naked truth – unless if to carry out honey expertize. Whatever Dmitry told her, Alexey was always ready to cover with the "Dima lies. It he fucked you." - the Fuck-up full … - Katya didn't know too where to disappear with her, but precisely she wasn't going to leave this dwelling today. And here at Alexey at once I earned a brain in the direction of preparation of the plan as it to him to move down from this protection hut, apartments of prostitutes of Dmitry in which he and, moved into the first, but any more will never be obvious only here. - Well, all right. To me just didn't find other apartment yet, and here I here, - eccentrical Katya was also quickly abandoned by surprise, as well as came five minutes ago. She already rather slightly was confused though hardly she ever had great embarrassment. Alexey passed to the room, comprehending the plan of escape. - Listen, - Katya didn't know what name to her to use. – And you have a registration? - Is, - Alexey quietly answered. - There is a luck, - Katya shook the head and I thought. Alexey went to kitchen. It is necessary though a little to have a bite - the poppy dewdrop in a mouth wasn't in a day. Katya followed for him with a mysterious look - she diligently comprehended something as though building a certain plan. The conversation wasn't glued. Alexey kept silent, thinking when to begin search of the apartment – already today or will suffer till tomorrow. And what will be if Dimon or Denis is secured. Katya surely got into the refrigerator and got a beer bottle: - Will you be? - No, thanks. She opened the beer, took several sips and, having slightly frowned, added: - Dimasik with Dan in a business trip left. For a week. So we with you here together till Friday will hang out. Alexey was nearly curled slightly by cold cutlet – escape can precisely be postponed till tomorrow. Quietly, not at this time of night, tomorrow to find the apartment, with feeling-sense-arrangement slowly to move. Or?. Alexey attentively looked at Katya, having looked at her up and down from legs to the head … 8. After a short dinner Alexey returned to the only room, reflecting in what to him to change clothes. Not in women's. At Katya – no, he isn't ready for it. And men's isn't present. Katya came from kitchen, the village near him too and embraced. He with astonishment turned to her the head, and she kissed him on a mouth. As it is devilishly pleasant – to kiss the beautiful girl! What soft lips, language at her. Alexey for the first time in life kissed the girl. Madly great, to a tickling in a stomach, what pleasant at her to the touch a breast. Katya readily spread legs when he dipped to her a hand there. He felt how the head began to spin and he floated. It is just the fairy tale! Magic! SUCH girl herself to it, Lech, sticks. When at her there are so much gentlemen and boyfriends rich and different. While he, Lech, already kind of and not absolutely guy. It is not a dream? If only not to wake up. But not a dream … It can't be … So doesn't happen … As it is healthy!. It can't be … So doesn't happen … The girl who won't sneeze free of charge …, with the semi-male dokhlyaky, the semi-woman … So doesn't happen … 9. Alexey opened eyes, ceased to kiss and took away hands from Katin of genitals. He felt strong rush of blood in the head and as painfully I began to knock pulse at him in temples. - What? What you? – with a playful smile Katya asked. - I now … - told Alexey, slowly rose and went to the bathroom. Having closed, he up to the end opened cranes with water and dialed number of the taxi. - Yes, yes, it is very urgent... Twenty minutes?. Well … Let the driver will rise by the third floor … Yes, yes, I will pay everything, - trying to sustain a voice at the level that it was heard to the dispatcher, and is as little as possible heard in the room. Alexey quickly collected by the shivering hands in a package the toilet accessories – paste, a brush, shampoos, women's cream and kremiki for a body and a face. After the bathroom quickly on kitchen, the benefit, there isn't a lot of – a plate yes a cup. All in a package. - To Alya, what are you doing? Go to me, - Katya called him. He quickly came into the room, darted a severe look at already completely naked Katya and got to get two big suitcases on castors. - What are you doing? I already wait for you … - Katya with astonishment provorkovat. - Yes, yes, I now, will only find in what to change clothes, - Alexey anxiously answered, packing things. - Do you gather somewhere? – at last, began to reach Katya. - No! I it is simple … Now I will find … - Alexey murmured and, having pressed down a knee a suitcase cover, zipped him. One is ready. Not to forget anything. Though, just in case, that and the hell with him. Laptop! Documents! This most important. At Katya phone rang out, she shuddered and answered with excessively squeaky scared voice: - And what should I do? And how I will detain him? And then I added already to Alexey, having stretched him a tube: - It you. Alexey took phone and pressed him a cheek to a shoulder that both hands remained free. - Where did you gather? – he in a tube heard an evil voice of Dmitry. - I just look in what to me to change clothes, - Alexey stupidly answered. - Don't take in head to dump! Only try! Don't take in head!. – threateningly Dmitry growled. - Yes, yes, - Alexey incoherently was in a stupor, thinking that you shouldn't be rude to him anyway. - So. Sidi in place exactly, we will approach now, - Dmitry "We ordered … Ah you, bitch. Even not I, but we …" - Generally I called police. I think, you should warn about it Katya, - Alexey zablefovat, talking as though Katya wasn't here, or she heard nothing. - Епт! – the prostituka swore, I swelled up and with a speed of the soldier recruit began to put on. - Good-bye, - without waiting for Dmitry's reaction, Alexey politely said goodbye to him, I turned off communication and quietly stretched phone to Katya. Katya nervously snatched out a tube from Alexey's hands and a prooral to him in a face: - As all of you! ALL! I was already bored! In thirty seconds Katya wasn't in the apartment any more. 10. Dimon and Tolik sat in chairs of office and looked at four monitors. Dmitry, as if the football coach during the important match, was nervously shaken backwards-forward. Shreds, freely collapsed on the seat, I was quiet. He ate nut изюмную mix, washed down it with coffee and smoked. Shreds I was huge. Very broad shoulders and neck, big kulachishch and, now, pot-belly. - On the course, yours трансик not the fool, - I told Shreds and a bass as if in an empty barrel, I burst out laughing. - I will kill the bitch, - Dima became hysterical. The person in monitors resembled the zombie – in gray unclear clothes he wandered about the room, accurately folding dresses, linen and other female accessories in a suitcase and the Ashanovsky package. The laptop with charging in a briefcase, carefully checked all drawers of a case, a pier glass, a table and a bedside table – whether left what there. I dragged away all the packed belongings to the hall – on screens for a while the picture stood, in the room of nobody. - And чувачок I am cool. Not the fool, - having twisted the head, quietly I repeated impressed Shreds. - We will approach can? We will intercept? - Dimon offered. - Well, a nakher, he already can garbage the door opens, you heard, - Tolyan waved a hand. - The bitch, - Dima swore and it started over again being shaken in a chair. The zombie appeared in a doorway again. He twisted the head and, without blinking, looking in an emphasis in one of monitors, slowly came nearer. - Fucking disaster, seems to me, I will overcome the horror film, - I commented Shreds and again loudly with cough I burst out laughing – the zombie slowly approached the video camera, his beautiful feminine face was on all screen, without emotions, with gray circles under eyes. All this did not blinking look especially ominous. The zombie removed a pillowcase from a pillow and threw over the video camera – the monitor became black. The terrible person slowly turned the head up – and now his ominous look was sent to other monitor accepting a signal from a cam peephole on a chandelier. One more pillowcase, and the second screen I went out. - Two zero! Krasava, and? – again I began to laugh in a barrel of Shreds. Dima grabbed the iPhone and dialed number. At the ominous person in the room phone rang out. He slowly looked at number, dumped and did some manipulations. The second Dimina attempt to phone crowned failure – the female metal voice said: "This number doesn't exist or is blocked, try …". Dima threw the iPhone on a table and swore. - Tolyan, give I from yours I will gather, - he asked the friend. At this time the third cam, so seemed, well hidden in a bed headboard, was found and too is spread. - Three zero! – I cried out Shreds with pleasure as though it was the account in favor of our football national team in a game against Germany. Dima phoned to Alexey from the Shred phone. - Hallo? – I answered Lesh – it was heard in a tube, and on the last survived the screen also it is visible. - Listen … - Dimon managed to pronounce only one word as communication was interrupted. Dima nervously gathered repetition, but also this number was already in "ban". - Akhakh! – I continued has fun Shreds. – Listen, me to such clever workers. Transik just krasava. I didn't manage to find the fourth video camera of the zombie, it was heard as the call to an apartment door hooted, and the room became empty for ever … - Estimate, he fucked her yesterday, - slowly calming down Dmitry told. - Someone? Someone? – I didn't understand Shreds. - This трансик to Katyukh. - Well, nakher! – I didn't believe Shreds. - I speak to you. Katyukh complained that I woke up in the morning – a full cunt of a cum. - Ah-ha-ha! - I started over again triumphing Shreds. - Yesterday it was necessary to put the cam … - the head Dimon grievously shook. - It was necessary … - with a jeer Tolyan imitated the colleague. 11. "Prostitute … I am a prostitute … Indeed. And someone else? Actress unfortunate porn … Shimeyl …" "The devil as childly I was naive! What real heavy? Well, I also butted in! How to get out of this shit?." "Everything is strange. What did they tell this prostitute that she so was surprised to my look when I came? Katya knew that she has to, will act in a porn the movie today – can even itself mounted these cameras. Home of video. The trance fucks the gender woman … Or on the contrary … Fie. Now will throw up …" "Told that there will be a shooting, but didn't tell with someone … Nasty and as …" Alexey hard thought, alternately in thoughts addressing himself as the man, as the woman. "It is time to stop experiments with Lisa, it is necessary to close the female image …" 12. All modest "tip" in nearly three months left to the taxi driver for the help in search of the new dwelling Dmitry. But, it seems everything as a result of Alexey arranged. At half past twelve nights he without hind legs fell down a bed and, without undressing, at once fell asleep. I was his last thought – "Nevertheless I am a good fellow …" dating a man in his 40s what to expect date today countdown site mapMain Page