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This story could begin twenty years ago when I entered the house of the future wife. The door for me was opened forty-year-old with small by her mother Alya. Here from this point I had an obsession to take up with it, and to fuck in other words. Nothing original that the young son-in-law sinks down on the mother-in-law no if not one nuance, wasn't necessary to me just sex with adult mother of the wife, I need sex with both of them. They have a difference in twenty years, similar appearance and figures, both 170 cm, a breast of the second size, heavy hips, slender legs, etc. As it was already noted in twenty years I was never close to the embodiment of the imagination, but here last terribly hot summer we with the wife of Olay arrived without prevention to the mother-in-law to the dacha and what there was my surprise that the father-in-law, and there is also such character, at the dacha isn't present. Even, then I couldn't present yet that everything begins to develop in my advantage. All of you remember last summer therefore all of you aren't surprised that by 21 o'clock my girls were in underwear and made a dinner, by 10 in the evening the heat receded and we got alcohol. Here I already understood that I will have no second chance. The father-in-law had a modest dinner, and alcohol reserves considerable. To a half of the first of night mother with the daughter were in the necessary standard. I dissuaded them to clear the table nobly having undertaken this mission. Having waited for half an hour I went to the room where girls slept. One more unexpected gift they laid down together. I saw the most desired for me the women who are lying on one bed, badly understanding what occurs around. In total of what I so long dreamed became a reality. On the wife lying on a back there were panties, and on the mother-in-law a combination. Right I stroke-oared the mother-in-law on thigh inside. Didn't follow reaction... It became a signal. Having undressed I climbed on a bed and lips stuck into Olya's nipple, and a hand removed matter of panties and began to caress a perineum. Whether to me in twenty years of marriage not to know that alcohol for her is the best stimulator, literally in several seconds it began to flow, freely panties were removed. The wife was ready to sex therefore decided to check the mother-in-law... Заголив her legs and hips I found language a clitoris, it is necessary to tell that in this place the mother-in-law didn't smell sweet as roses, but it only provoked me. Having achieved the necessary effect I got over to Ali's face, continuing to rub her a clitoris. At the beginning I was even frightened with what readiness she took in a mouth, but then understood that nothing to me will be able to prevent to fuck both of them any more... Having turned girls on stomachs I palmed off under them pillows, you can present two identical by the size and a shape of buttocks, well adjusted for age of the mother-in-law... Without restraining more I for shins dragged up the wife to edge of a bed and the dick began to drive in a vagina to her, a lot of time wasn't required also my beauty having hard begun to breathe terminated. The mother-in-law readily accepted me, of course the bottom at her lost former elasticity and a vagina was widish for me, but unless it can be compared to expectation in 20 years. Without being fully satisfied from Alina pussies, I inserted her into buttocks (the father-in-law the good fellow), the benefit of lubricant and sweat was enough. The dick entered easily and after ten pushes I terminated. There came devastation and alcohol began to affect in the form of a headache, I came to a porch to breathe, having returned to the room I saw that girls lie on one flank, having nestled to each other, and my wife a hand caresses to mother the pussy dating a liar lifetime movie date in spanish slang site mapMain Page