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Today I decided to have a good time. I called the to two girlfriends who arrived for holidays to Moscow and suggested them to descend together somewhere. We checked posters and stopped on a show of trances. This subject was rather close to me, but as I sent Lisa for the weekend home, I decided to look at other children for comparison. Also in this plan some variety is necessary. And here we in the center of Moscow, in elite night club. It is interesting that we were surrounded only by women. Men were almost not. But whether all these ladies women were, I can't tell. We sat down for a table closer to a scene and ordered to ourselves cocktails. Suddenly light went out, music played and representation began. It was in my opinion a men's variety show. Very handsome men, are young, with good figures, in very expensive clothes, danced and sang before our table. I as the most skilled in these questions, examined them carefully. Probably they were horney as through clothes huge eregirovanny penises appeared. Especially I liked the second part of a concert where there were solo numbers in combination with striptease elements. I liked one very erotic stripper, or the stripper. He was very artistic, was dressed also with taste as not each woman will put on. It did it especially womanly and sexual. He in dance went down from a scene and approached at once our table. I involved in myself a smell of his excited body mixed with delicate aroma of cologne and men's hormones. He didn't hurry to undress, and did it with arrangement and is very graceful. Also I drew near closer him and imperceptibly I enclosed to him in panties of 100 dollars and wrapped up number of my mobile phone. At the moment when I did it, it drew near, made the movement reminding frictions and again recoiled. But I managed to grasp and squeeze his penis for a second. It was enough what my pussy would wake up. Number ended, and I, having lost interest to look further and further, drank up cocktail and went to a toilet. Having come into a toilet I peed with noise in a toilet bowl, blotted a pussy with a napkin and left a cabin. I was faced by my acquaintance from a podium. He grabbed my hand and kissed it a long respectful kiss. I didn't begin to tear off it, a summary hand and stroked him on a penis which pulsed in my hand. "Do you already leave?" he asked. "And what?" I hit question with a question. "You very much were pleasant to me how the woman!" "Yes, and you to me as man!" And I left a toilet and went to girls. Representation ended and I kissed each other with girls, having gone to the car. In thoughts I twisted two phrases told in a toilet. Having opened a heavy door my BMW of the seventh model I sat down in salon. But I didn't drive off, and I continued to stand on the parking, expecting cars will part so far. In 15 minutes the way was free and I came out to the highway. Having come out to the route I noticed the lonely woman voting on a roadside. There was a heavy rain. I hardly reached the car and was wet through. The poor girl, I thought, can throw her to the subway. I providently lowered a few window and suspended the car. The girl bent to a window and asked "You won't be so kind, you won't throw me to the subway?" I removed a door from the safety lock and nodded to the stranger. She jumped in a car on the leather chair which creaked under her buttocks. Probably stockings moved down, I thought. In 10 minutes we were at the subway. I braked. The girl asked to switch on light in salon and began to be dripped in a handbag. I smiled, squeezed her hand and told "It isn't necessary the darling, people have to help each other" She looked at my hand, saw my ring with diamonds and stood, having slowly raised on me eyes. I recognized the stripper from club. In one second I went hot me. I strong squeezed her a hand and told "Close a door..." She obediently closed a door. In a minute we rushed on the night city home likely at the speed of light. Both were silent. Having left the car in a garage I left and beckoned from it my acquaintance. She slowly left for me darkness. Very beautiful, slender and sexual. I smiled, took her by an arm and we came into the house. As soon as doors of the elevator were closed I lifted a skirt of my girlfriend and the dick released. It right there appeared in my mouth. In a second filled in me with a cum, a part from which I swallowed. Doors opened, I as always began to dig in a bag, to look for keys, then without having sustained, poured out everything on a floor and opened a door. Having bent behind the trifles from a handbag and instantly the dick in the pussy felt. We just became hollow to the apartment and without undressing began to fuck without restraint. He twisted me here and there, fucked in buttocks, then in the pussy, then licked my pussy, sucked my fingers standing, licked legs, sucked nipples, kissed and again fucked me in all holes. We didn't speak words, only growled from passion. My and his orgasm seemed merged in one and it became eternal. It didn't release me, and I seized it. Sex became continuous, I couldn't be sated with him, and he me. We thought of what, only fucked and fucked in complete darkness. He to me seemed to such close and old acquaintances that I several times was even confused and restrained the ardor. But he didn't stop and continued to fuck me. And here we is exhausted fell to a carpet. Also stood. He was in me, I was in him. We merged and didn't want to lose this feeling. Having lain so very long we fell asleep. But at daybreak I woke up from sweet feelings that someone caresses my back and gently enters my sleeping pussy slow frictions. I stretched on a floor and looked in a window. Dawn. I asked out of curiosity "What is your name, expensive?" He answered "Roza". "Beautiful name, Roza... And in life you someone?" He after short pauses answered Dima... dating a korean american guy islamic date today zambia site mapMain Page