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I am called Denis. Na the events moment I was 19 years old. So here, since early years I very much liked mature women, itself don't know why. Under my lens popodali women of different builds, but attracted to a little plump women more. On happy circumstances, mother has such girlfriend. I began to be lost in contemplation of the aunt Ira of years so with 15, after that as she divorced. After the divorce she gathered a few excess kilograms that gave her more and more sexuality. Before with what to begin history, I will a little tell o to it. The woman, on that monent 44 years, with a beautiful body, a big bottom, and with pleasant and quite nice face. A breast approximately 2-go the size that gormonichno sochitalas with her figure. I liked to take a walk in the company and estesvenno to drink, but here only it wasn't able to drink, constantly, on each large party it got drunk in stuff. So here, business was vesno, there were May holidays. Estesvenno it is an occasion to splurge properly. Then they were going to drink "a little" with my mother in honor of a holiday. I as usually sat at home and igromanil. And here time has come to posedelkam, I accidentally switched off games and started to watch movies, in a case of what to come on kitchen and excess time to take a look at her. And here she came. When she came in guests earlier, I always hoped that she придётв jeans or in elk meat to behold her remarkable bottom and legs. No so as there was a spring, and was already rather warm, it prishna in a light blouse with a cut and a skirt to eolena that upset me a little. Na an extent of all evening she each 30 — 40 min., left to smoke, and passed by, rooms, and I with great pleasure observed as she moving with hips goes by. To Na Street everything grew dark, and the fragile female organism came to a condition of a miss more and more. And here on hours knocked the 12th nights, and they began to collect to disperse as thought to stand on the feet no one could therefore mother asked to carry out the aunt Ira to the house, an itself went to sleep. I with pleasure soglosilsya, I pog pikosnutsya to desired to me to the woman, that more she was already in a full neazhekvate and understood nothing. On the road to her house, I begged that the house wasn't her sonny - the bungler. Having come to it home, the sonny glory to God wasn't at home, probably again I hung out with friends. I quietly carried out to the room, and put in a chair. Also I began to sort a sofa that as pologayetsya to lay to sleep. Having sorted a sofa, I laid her to sleep. Of course, looking at her, on helpless, to me hotelost to fuck her. And then I decided. I quietly podyol at her, lifted a short skirt, and saw just fine picture, on her were compact stringa which hardly hardly covered the pussy. Having made sure that she was completely disconnected, I began to caress her legs, approaching a perineum closer and closer. And here, I at last that touched a hole, it was heat, and a little wet. Poshedudiv there is a little palkikami, I akuratno removed from her panties and thrust a finger into the pussy. O my God as it was divine, her pussy was slightly wet, and warm. When time has come, to enter her, I moved apart legs and skolnilsya over her. The entrance already had my dick, and I felt as her bosoms flares. And I menlenno nespesha, thrust a dick into a vagina. I was in the seventh sky from schatya, and on protyazheniiye 10 min., I fucked it until she began to turn. Then I descended in a toilet, and drochnul to remove a pressure. Having returned to the room, I dressed it panties, covered with a blanket and schastvlivym left home. Here passed 7 years, an it so learned nothing, an I dosikh a time go bananas at memoirs, kakoe at her a smart body and as to me then it was good. dating a kerr mason jar date knighted site mapMain Page