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Story 1. Poker-application Story 2. Maniac Story 3. I butted in Story 4. Urologist Story 5. God Shambu Story 6. Game Story 7. Madam Story 8. Supreme governor Story 9. Olya Story 10. Sex game Story 11. And can be …? Story 12. I bent to the boy Story 1. I Like to play a poker-application any appendices on the page, on the Mail including to throw a kartishka. Recently I learned to play poker it turned out that this game is rather simple in rules and it is rather fascinating if you like to tickle to yourself nerves or on - to bluff. As drained in me in this game, and I began to be cut every day in the Texas poker at tables different online with a large number of igrovok and isn't present. Once I played together with one very sexy 18-year-old maid by the name of Dasha who soiled me as a puppy, but in it there was nothing surprising as I didn't even understand the theory of poker and prosazhivat virtual money over and over again. Naturally, in these applications money can be taken indefinitely and as I in Russian like to wave a hand and, I said yes "to spit!" and to put everything in doubtful situations, I, naturally, regularly took money from the application. Generally, on the last strit, this maid with a juicy breast and round buttocks won against me the next one thousand. I very much liked my parnyorsha on poker. I looked at all her photos and I very much liked this sexy girl of low growth, with a juicy breast, a slender figure, lovely legs, beautiful sexual a foot and very cool bitchy face. Naturally, she had a handsome guy and the same beautiful girlfriends. When I looked at all her photos, looked also a photo on pages of her girlfriends where it sometimes came across. If you want to understand how the girl looks actually, then watch her photo in albums of her friends because she will post, of course, only photos most more better. I estimated that this little sexy girl with a bitchy face turned out actually such sexual. I didn't manage to jerk off on her photo in which it on the beach as she to me the message in the Agent came from her: Mishnevkaya C you 40 pieces Freepis Excuse me??!!! Mishnevkaya You lost me 40 pieces in cards. till tomorrow has to give Freepis What 40 pieces??? It is a joke? Mishnevkaya In poker. You lost to me. No, not a joke. We just like that played Freepis!!! Never just like that I play Mishnevkaya Ya. Короч if grandmas aren't till tomorrow that I connect people understood? What Freepis? To you it is more best to Mishnevkaya not to know It … just will arrive to you, otpidarasit and you will pay twice more plus you will become a rooster. Those it is necessary? There Is no Freepis Mishnevkaya the good fellow, you think … I wait till tomorrow. There is no Freepis U me such money!!! To Me to poyebat Mishnevkaya. To 12 has to give to get … percent will drip further. Freepis Please!! I have no truth!! Mishnevkaya You are stupid? to me no matter …! Look for, borrow, go to bank under the apartment though earn by an ass … you know, there is one boy who loves very much to understand debtors. Mishnevkaya At first all will beat up you, and then it will fuck you and so far you won't give it every day you will fuck … and I don't joke Freepis isn't necessary Mishnevkaya of the grandma will be Tomorrow? Freepis Yes. Most likely. If I am not in time what percent? You pay extra Mishnevkaya of 10 pieces a day Freepis ясн Mishnevkaya understood Everything? Da's Freepis The Grandma's Mishnevkaya will be tomorrow? Freepis yes Tomorrow you will transfer Mishnevkaya in the center Freepis ok Mishnevkaya Here and the good fellow)) I Love when everything is understood before to them there is terrible Story 2. The maniac you constantly ask — as I write stories? If you want to know how specifically I write stories and what I do to think up the new idea, then I will tell you. I just walk for girls the street and I look at their heels. Everything is simple. Now the summer period and most of girls most often put shoes on in open footwear that gives the chance to examine their fine a foot in the movement. As there is no heel the most exciting for me a part of a female body, anything finer, than to see in the movement divine women's a foot. Most of all I am made horney from legs of girls who play sports and at whom the Achilles tendon which thereby does to the snout of even more sexual is well expressed. Especially clings for soul when the low girl with a pretty figure and all above-mentioned parameters goes before you in usual slaps and at each her movement of a leg all sole to small pillows becomes visible not only the Piglet of her sports legs, but also. At the sight of it I hardly manage to reach to the house to run, close behind myself a door and urgently to jerk off, representing as the surface of my language will adjoin to a surface of that the Piglet of those sexual sports legs of the little girl. I jerked off, remembering the different maiden legs dressed in different open footwear sometimes so suitable under these the divine Piglet that the penis was poured by blood from their only one look. Sometimes these legs were dressed in black, light, corporal thin stockings and a kolgotochka that strengthened them in exciting quality. Of course, always the most important is an identity of the girl, her character, outlooks on life, acts and the choice, and then already all the rest. And, once such passion to legs ruined me … I remember that in Saturday day I walked on the Moscow streets, listening to a player and estimating going ahead women's of a foot as suddenly I was hooked by rather sports beautiful legs of one serious young woman of years 33 who hurried with the child somewhere. On her legs it was visible that this woman plays either sports or fitness, but does it for itself, for health or for the husband, but definitely not for people around as she was dressed in a plain undershirt, some shorts and in simple a sandal-wood tree, bearing some simple cheap backpack on a back. My passion to fetishism didn't allow me to look away from these ahead of the going sports female legs of the young woman. So it was pleasant to me, the fact that I saw that I tried to follow imperceptibly them, and, having brought them to some school where they sharply curtailed and came. I as the maniac brought them to the entrance, and then wanted to leave as suddenly I understood that I very much want to see these legs still at least once that then сладенько to jerk off on memories of them. I waited a little time and saw as this young woman who, probably, took away the son on some Saturday section, left the same entrance then went not on that road on which I came, and went along a mesh school fence around to other party. I began to follow her, naturally, periodically losing sight of her as went at safe distance. I passed behind her in some hole in a fence and already went on the same way, along the same mesh fence, some bushes and "shells", being afraid to lose sight of her absolutely as suddenly she sharply appeared directly before me from round the corner "shells" "Why you watch me?!" I wildly was frightened! I not that didn't know what to answer, I in general forgot in what language I talk. "I … e-e … well! A-and …" "Someone are you such?" "Yes I it is simple …" She approached me close, looking me in the face very severe and serious look and it was visible that she will "prick" me now and on my behalf to tell her the truth. I experienced terrible psychological pressure and fear. "You watched me! What for? You that, maniac? To me to call the police?", this strong woman said very steady voice. She had very clever, beautiful, serious face on which during the conversation mimic wrinkles near lips were shown that added her gravity and even severity. When she pronounced the last words, I moved a little because was frightened of consequences. "Where gathered? And well to stand!", she told, having blocked me a way herself. I got up as driven and didn't know, what should I do. "And well turn and put hands on a grid that I saw them! Quickly!" I, shivering with fear a little, I turned to a grid of a fence and I put it both hands, the heads then she got of me into pockets are slightly higher and I got all contents. "So … and someone you are at us?", she told, opening my passport "Please …", I began, having turned the head. "Exactly hold the head! Look before yourself!", a strict voice this young strict woman ordered. I turned the head and watched forward as it demanded. "Semyonov Vyacheslav Igorevich …", she read in the passport then she addressed me, "And you already 18 is?" "yes", I answered with the shivering scared voice. "And why you, Vyacheslav, watched me?" I hesitated because I didn't know what to answer and the more so I couldn't tell such truth. "Means so! I call the police!" "It isn't necessary! Please! I will tell everything …", I told, beginning to cry a little. "I listen …", she told by a strict accurate voice with a small pressure. "I just looked at your legs … I simply wanted to consider more better your sports legs …" "That is and-ak-x!", she told on an exhalation, as usual say when there is some big problem and the person just learned about her, "Interestingly … You that pervert?" "yes" "And often you do it?" "What?", I told, having turned the head to it. "Exactly hold the head!", again she then she continued sharply ordered, "Often you so watch girls?" "Yes … I always look at legs … then I come home and I jerk off …" "Prekra-a-asno …", she told with it monotonously stretching and condemning "and", "It is just fine … I will hand over you more better in police! Let them deal with you!" "It isn't necessary I ask you! I beg you! Well, please!!! I am just an onanist … I am a coward … I … I … put on mother's tights while parents weren't …", I said, beginning to cry already thoroughly. "Interestingly! And still what you did?" "Anything …" "Speak quickly! What else it I did or I call in police … now" "I fucked myself to the back babany" "At-at-at-at-x-x … all! There is enough … everything is clear …" "Do you with parents live?" "yes" "What are you doing? Do you work?" "no" "Means, you hang at parents on a neck?" "yes" "Ponya-ya-yatno … the spoiled boy to whom just a nekher to do and he from inaction by all this is engaged. And what your father, in general, thinks of all this?" "He doesn't know" "Doesn't know? Means, it is necessary to talk to him" "It isn't necessary!!! please!!" "So! Become silent! Stand exactly and look before yourself …", she told, digging in my phone. "Father's middle name as?" Nikolaevich, I said in a low voice, continuing to stand, having put hands on a grid of a fence and looking exactly before itself. "Igor Nikolaevich? At me to you a serious conversation concerning your son … now he costs near me … I caught him spalichny … he watched me … yes … Yes! … watched … and you know for why? Because considered my legs … yes … that, then to come home and to masturbate … and probably Slava trades in it … yes for a long time … watches girls … yes … and still he puts on women's tights … yes! … yes … I pressed him now and forced everything to tell me … I understand you … I am mother … at me the son … yes here I don't know whether it is necessary to speak to you … are sure? … Has itself to the back in the same tights … yes … banana … yes … you understand in what it can pour out? … at best it is a paederasty … yes … I am engaged in psychology … yes … yes calm down … get it together … no … it reparably … yes … I understand you … Well … perfectly … the spoiled boy who has nothing to do … what I think? And there is only one medicine, in such situation …", she said the last with a special brightness having approached me a little to emphasize it for me," It is a belt! And everyday … yes … that this world I didn't see a vkalyvaniye! well and that that big?! And what? … nothing not late … you take off trousers and on a naked bum … and any pocket! Any computers! Any balovaniye! Only work, work once again work! Constant control! That even forces on masturbation weren't … here then all nonsense will leave … I absolutely seriously! You take off trousers and you tear up that sparks from eyes poured … I can help … yes … so … well … here! By the way, I just have an acquaintance in hospital … volunteers for dirty work are necessary there … pots to take out, erase, drag and so on … here! perfectly … I will agree, don't worry! … well … don't worry! I will help you! We will make of him the normal person …" Story 3. I butted in I communicate on social networks much both I get acquainted much, and, once got acquainted with one very nice fair-haired 20-year-old girl by the name of Nastya. The nice slender maid, with a beautiful lovely face, slender legs, and an exciting small juicy breast. Couple of days communicated to it in the Agent, a lot of things learned about each other. Made friends it seems as. Somewhere for the third day from her the message comes: Kivizenko is shorter, me here the firm on the grandma put I these money didn't see at all. Type I attended some trainings there and has to pay 40 pieces. From it it is real to dodge? Freepis in principle is real Kivizenko Unless is fair that I have to pay something if they told nothing? What do I have to pay? Freepis isn't fair! No, shouldn't … Kivizenko Well, here! Kivizenko of Koroch, listen … you can undertake it so far?! I gave your mail to them … they will write to you in the evening. Freepis Excuse me?!! Kivizenko Well, sense pay to them … I just can't yet Freepis Ya has to pay them? Kivizenko A what I have to pay???!!! 1!! I didn't see this money at all!!! Freepis A you can't deal with them in any way? Kivizenko Shit you what you don't understand perhaps??? I in detail explained everything to you!!! What do I have to pay if I didn't see these grandmas at all??? Why you on me hung up Freepis A? Kivizenko You are a moron perhaps? There Is no Freepis I perhaps have to pay Kivizenko A??? You told that I shouldn't pay!! 1!! did you speak? Da's Freepis Kivizenko Well, here … you will well pay time I told Story 4. The urologist Sluchay happened in my policlinic in which I needed to pass the whole list of doctors. I already passed a half and I needed to slip the urologist and here. I am knocked and I open a door in the urologist's office: — It is possible? Hello! Here it is necessary to pass. The young woman in a white dressing gown and black stockings sat at a table and wrote something. — There take off trousers and pants. So far I undid trousers, saw the calendar hanging on a wall on which the naked baby was represented. I don't know why and as it could occur, but my penis began to get up. I looked away, tried to focus on something another and couldn't, my penis got up completely. At here this woman approached me and saw my already stone nature. At first I saw my penis, then with astonishment I looked at me, then, probably when reached her, she turned the head on the big calendar on a wall with the naked baby. To me it became terrible from this awful fact which occurred. — So! I call the police! She quickly approached to the door and started singing her from within. — It isn't necessary, please! I don't know why it happened! She sat down in a chair and took phone. — It isn't necessary, please! I ask you! — It isn't necessary, you speak? All right. She hung up phone and began to undo a dressing gown, since the lower button. — Here go! I approached her. "Kneel!", she told, having moved apart legs and having thrown off shoes I kneelt before her and saw that she has no pants "You will work and we will consider that I saw nothing!", she told, I showed an index finger on the perineum. I was shocked with the events. "A-and … e-e …", I gave a set of unclear sounds, without having managed to think what to tell. I didn't manage on to say this set of sounds as she strong took me for hair and strongly I pressed facing the perineum. "… E-e-eto I already will estimate Aa-a … Work with language more better!", she told in a step with the sounds said by me, put legs to me on a back and began to enjoy. I worked language at her between legs, having brought her to an orgasm, and she released me, without having begun to report in police. Somehow in the spring, two years later after this case, I drank beer with one girl from Psikhfak of MSU. And so she told me that some best students are hired in intelligence agencies. It became interesting to me, than they are engaged there and why they are necessary to state security. It told about many surprising things from the world of psychology, but I was shocked when she told me about graphic programming subconsciousness. And that there are such pictures, having seen which it is possible to work on subconsciousness of the person, than and intelligence agencies that it was possible to press any citizen in the country use. When it told me about it, I remembered that calendar on a wall in the Urologist's office with the naked baby at once, and understood that I at me got up not because I am a pedophile but because it was such picture. And that all this then was from beginning to end arranged by her "to have" the next nice young guy who will be frightened of the fact that he got up a dick on naked buttocks of the baby. Interestingly, how many such how I, she already parted? Story 5. God Shambu Odin from the most sweet moments of my life is the period when I was fond of any mysticism, occultism, the voodoo, gods of Eastern Siberia and the paranormal phenomena. Somehow we with my husband came into cafe near RUDN where got acquainted with two black students of Peoples' Friendship University. Odin from them was presented as Mischa, and other god Shumbu. I became interested in this moment. Mischa explained to me that his black friend the real god who is a deputy of space on Earth and is the portal and that can show me what is the Astral. It was for me more than enough. Same evening we with the husband and two black students already hosted the Astral session. Having sat down around we sat and meditated, then Mischa gave us with Mischa what pipe, all of us smoked it in turn. Probably from this tube I fainted. Out of unconsciousness I was brought by the wild ecstasy competing with orgasms. I opened eyes and saw as, jumping on me, I am fucked by god Shumbu, and the husband stands nearby as the zombie and looks at us. I understood that my husband in prostration. I at first somehow felt ill at ease from it, but I derived such pleasure that I couldn't even hold wild groan, прорываящийся from the subsoil. It was really real god! His thirty-centimetric ruddy-headed hero showed me that it not just an orgasm, and harmony of nirvanas. Never I received such high. When god stopped fucking me Mischa undertook me. Mischa explained to me what my husband of nothing understands and what he in prostration and will remember nothing as he prays to god Shumbu. It was unpleasant to me that the husband costs near us and then Mischa inspired that god is my shoes in a corridor and then my husband kneelt before them, began to pray on them, periodically kissing one, another. I having stuck both hands into buttocks of black handsome meanwhile I groaned in wild orgies. Never I will forget this wonderful acquaintance by god Shambu. Story 6. Game Ya definitely I don't remember why I decided to add to Marin as a friend, probably I very much liked her photos in a bathing suit on the beach, and I wanted to get to know it. We long enough communicated, I told about myself, about the hobbies much. The marine is younger than me for two years, it only 16 though on communication she was much cleverer than the contemporaries. All our communication with her consisted only in a census in the Agent. After she read my stories, told that I the provocations run and that long I don't run, is constant all and provoking. I told that I can't almost be found, as served as the beginning of this story. — M-mm … And you are a courageous boy! You aren't afraid that sooner or later all learn everything and the father to you will tear buttocks? — Hakh! Don't learn. I Great Incognito Pure Breath. I am too well ciphered, believe, and, above all I follow the rules guaranteeing me safety. — And the fact that I have your photos where you are naked? M? — Well they without the person! Hakh! — M-mm … You are direct you provoke to find you. All right, I don't need it, believe! But you, I so understood, love ostrenky feelings! — I adore! — Would like to play a game? — What? — Interesting! Like the Fort of Boyars. — Yes well? And in what sense? — Search of new adventures and thrills. — What needs to be done? — To find hints, to pass a task, etc. — What for nonsense? — Try. It isn't difficult and adds thrills. — It is good. What should be done? — The first task will lie under a semicircular shop about a monument to Chebyshev behind the Main Building of MSU. Same wonderful summer afternoon I went to the Main building of the University and is rather problematic found a small note in which it was written: "Kakhovka Street, house the 17, 3 entrance, 4th floor. Behind the battery" "Pancake!", I thought, "So all Moscow should be visited!" But, I didn't sustain. I went there and behind the battery found one more note and some key. To the fifth task I went to Moscow area where several hours I looked for in the forest some whether a box, whether a lodge. When I approached closer this lodge, saw that the lock hangs on a door. I understood at once that most likely that key which I found behind the battery in an entrance most likely from him. I got a key from a pocket, inserted into the lock and turned. Having opened a door I saw that inside there is an unclear rack with two circles in the middle and that shelf which was described in a note. On the shelf I took one more note and opened her: "Approach a rack. Grope on one handle in each opening and turn them synchronously clockwise" I approached this strut, pushed through hands in small round openings up to an elbow, groped two handles there and turned them clockwise synchronously and there was unexpected: something clicked inside and my hands were tightly clamped so I up to an elbow got stuck in this piece, and the bag fell on the head and I dragged on at a neck. Everything was thought over to trifles. I stood absolutely helpless and with a bag on the head. So I staid about three hours torturing to escape. In three hours the door behind opened and someone entered inside. I stood silently. I felt as hands gently touched my bottom, then slowly from me took off trousers and pants, and hands gently began to caress my already got up dick. And here I heard a sound as if someone squeezed out cream from a tube, then felt as greased my bottom. I tried to resist, but was already late and several seconds later I felt wild pain and burning in my once virgin anus. I was raped by several hours, constantly breathing at me over an ear. I periodically heard a young male voice: "Sweet boy! Oh! It is good! The bitch didn't deceive!". I understood at once about what bitch there is a speech. In an hour after the tyrant left, the mechanism released my hands. I threw off a bag from the head and with the anus burning from pain ran far away from there. I came home and long sat in the bathroom thinking that all this nonsense. And in mine 18 to become a rooster not such and the tragedy and that I am not a girl to be hung up because of it, but these everything didn't come to an end. Filling to myself Kola, I went online and decided to distract from everything. I saw as to me the message came to mail which I will strike I opened. There was video on which it was well visible as I come into this thrown to a witness mark as I come across in a trap and as to me the bag on the head falls and that the worst, is visible as me several hours cruelly "петушат". I didn't manage to watch video as to me the message from Marina in the Agent came. "Well, my girl! It was pleasant?" "You went, the bitch!" "the Sosalochka close, a cockerel mine! You probably don't want that all learned that you are a girl … now" "It isn't necessary!" "How your point?" "Hurts" "Hakh … Now you not Great Incognito by the name of Pure Breath, and just cheap rooster! We with girlfriends "got poisoned by fumes" when looked as the girl do of you! Anything! Poe-hurts, will pass! To you, guys, sometimes it is useful "to go down to Earth". Means so! You will do everything that will want my left the Piglet and nobody learns anything. ok?" "yes" "Clear head!" * to be continued Story 12. I bent to the boy Recently bent to one boy for bad behavior and I let him know that he wasn't right. There was a few years ago at me one very interesting hobby — to write erotic stories and to post online them on assessment to public, and all nothing if one very impudent boy who hammered all with the stories and didn't give any chance to show the creativity to people. It turned out for the reason that in view of the wild number of stories of this graphomaniac, my single stories which are forced out by this huge number departed on many pages, vanishing far in "search". It got me a little, and I decided to write to this mad fan to knock on the keyboard, having written to him and the Agent: Mashrelle A you didn't become impudent the stupid stories in such quantity to throw out? To Freepis Oh, listen … I don't speak about your tupenny stories which in fact don't differ from the description of pornrollers I understood that he a concept also has no someone I am such and what I write stories, and it is clear that he would write it to any, without understanding someone specifically to him puts claims, but he touched me with the impudence. Mashrelle Can you something confused, but it at you stupid stories! And in your interests to realize it as soon as possible … That you at me will suck away Freepis A? Mashrelle will be sucked away by you, пидар! Got that? in vain you so talk … Don't you think that you will be responsible for it? Freepis Sympathetic, leave the platform, and? Or go, perhaps suck a dick, can from you to sense will be more, than to dolbat on the keyboard. Mashrelle of Dolbayesh you!!! Also you will suck too!!! I understood, a condom!!!??? I you will force to the knees! Wait … Wait for Freepis? You what, is fucked there what you ask to wait? I just flew into a rage therefore as nobody yet so talked to me and me nobody so strongly hooked. Mashrelle Fuck you! I will find you also a pizda to you, understood a condom? From what you in general took what on the Internet it isn't real to get? If the nature didn't award Freepis with either a bum or a breast, then it isn't necessary to break rage because of it others Mashrelle You got! You will be responsible for it! I promise you, understood? I will find you, and you pidary will become precisely!!! In view of the explosive character, I flew into a wild rage and decided that in any a case he will be responsible for the impudence. It is clear, that just like that to find nobody on the Internet and that it for my part there was the cleanest bluff, but it was necessary to touch somehow him and to make it the annoying for him in the way, at the expense of him. As this moron loves women's domination, I decided that the best way is to wait several days, and then, having pretended to be Madam, to receive something from him. So I also made. In a week I created the false page of Madam where I began to rock a lot of photos of some nice girl from Ukraine and nevertheless deceived him vigilance: Freepis I at yours, legs Madam Madam Maria Zatknis! I didn't pledge you the word! I slightly waited, choking with laughter a little, representing as he jerks off in the photo of this girl now, thinking that it she lowers him now. But the most ridiculous is that he doesn't even know that he waits for him. Madam Maria Skolko of centimeters your dick, tell the schnook?!! Freepis 13 I began a hysterics. I slowly avoided laughter under a table, understanding that this little fool doesn't even guess with someone he communicates. Madam Maria at you a small penis Freepis yes, my Madam! Madam Maria you are a virgin? Freepis yes, my Madam! Madam Maria how old are you? Freepis 18, my Madam! Madam Maria well you and sucker!!! Probably normal maids don't give you … with it that a razmerchik … Freepis yes, my Madam! Madam Maria, that you all yes??? Say itself that you … be humiliated with the schnook before me the schnook!!! And that to me vechet was!!! Freepis at me very small pod, I can only frig on a porno and nobody gives me. I put on mother's tights so far parents were away and was hollowed by banana in a point! It was more of it, than there is enough that I finally left under a table. I forced him to put on tights, to make up lips to make several photo as he fucks himself to the back with written on a body by lipstick "I Am a Whore!", then "The slave to madam Maria!", etc. And then I rather cunning passed to interrogation: Madam Maria A parents know, what are you doing? There is no Freepis, of course!!! Madam Maria and if the father learns? What will be? Freepis fucking disaster!!! I understood that he needs to be untwisted on real data of his parents. I decided not to risk and was every other day added to him under the guise of the nice 15-year-old girl, allegedly the fan of his stupid stories. Valeria Volnova you wrote the story "Sex test"??? Freepis yes Valeria Volnova that's OK??? Truth you??? Freepis yes, is real I … Valery Volnov as you write such stories? Freepis is a gift. All these stupid authors who write there like "he defeated it and entered into her bosom the ruddy-headed bolt" him it isn't given … they aren't able to do anything except how to describe pornorolliki. They aren't capable of a broad view, of kretivny approach, on … "Well, little stinker!!!", I thought, a little maliciously smiling and reading his verbalizations about the greatness and representing how soon I will be able to force it to the knees and as plaintively he will cry. Valeria Volnova You where live? Freepis in Moscow Valeria Volnova About! I too)))) I am so glad)))) And you at what station? Freepis on Voykovskaya Valeria Volnova That's OK??? I too … and street??? Zoya and Aleksandra's Freepis Valeria Volnova you joke? There is no Freepis Valeria Volnova I too!! And what house??? Freepis truth? 10/12 As I bought the disk "all databases of FSB" for 200 rubles recently, I easily punched all 18-year-old living in this house, I found only one male coincidence. Valeria Volnova Sash, and parents know that you write such stories? There is no Freepis, of course!!! Freepis of Feet!!! I didn't say that my name is Sasha!!! And here I already wrote from the contact: Mashrelle Got the little stinker!!!)))))))))))) Freepis??? Mashrelle Stupid included??? And I now to Dmitry Nikolaevich will talk about your behavior … some I will send photos to him!))))))))) Freepis isn't necessary!!! Mashrelle why isn't necessary? the father has to know, than his son is engaged! Freepis isn't necessary!!! I ask you!!! I beg!!! Mashrelle you will suck then a dick!)))) Freepis well isn't necessary!!! I ask!!! Mashrelle is necessary, it is necessary))) I think at you it will turn out))))))) the main thing work with language more actively!))) Freepis isn't necessary well I ask!!! 1 I not пидар!!! Mashrelle now you the most real пидар)))))) I promised you that I will force you to the knees and I will force to suck a dick?! You will suck, being kneeling! And I will look! Freepis only not it!!! Anything … I will give all money!!! Only don't do of me a pidar!!! Mashrelle how many at you money? I forced him to give all the money and to take as much debts. Do you think, I released him after that, without having made of him a pidar? I watched online on the webcam as it was pidarasit by one old pervert, the fan of very young boys also masturbated. I cumed over and over again when saw how this lysenky little man bent guilty before me to the boy and did of him the cool little girl. Then, when he already became a cockerel, I wrote to him in the Agent: Mashrelle A what you there about my stories told? What are they stupid? There is no Freepis!! you very cool write!!! Mashrelle truth??? It is pleasant to you??? Freepis yes!!! Mashrelle and you told it seems your ingenious … Not … mine in general … I am not able to write Freepis … and you are talent! 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