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It was a little a pity that time paid by Marike comes to an end. Her services cost expensive and at present I had with myself no sum to prolong our joint rest. It is opposite to think of that to ask about it on credit even. To me had to transfer the large amount of money any day, but now I was almost empty. Therefore I wanted on full to use what at us remained. She left a shower, wrapped in a towel absolutely on maiden. — I went — Lisa waved to us with a hand and defiantly left the room wagging the naked back as if competing with our mistress for my attention. — You were lucky with her — Marika told watching her leave. — Yes you are right. But our time comes to an end. — with an obvious regret I said — You very much were pleasant to me. From those someone are pleasant to me I I don't take money. — But it is your work — in my voice there was a surprise and joy at the same time — It is not work, but calling. To allow people to experience different sides of pleasure in sex and most to take pleasure. What can be more best? I don't need money, and this institution where you found me partially belongs to me. — That is you don't earn by it? — No. This my hobby and I suggest you to two to become my lovers. — she repeated sideways facing me. Marika put the hand to me on a nape and started fingers in hair. — But you spoke you have lovers. How they? — This story for your wife. Didn't you unless understand? It was necessary to suppress her uncertainty and to remove internal barriers — Marika smiled — there is in your couple something that pulls me to you. She approached me and gently kissed. — By the way you cool suck. Did it earlier? I negatively started turning the head. It nestled on my breast just as the girl, the gentle, weak and looking for protection. She recognized in me a male in spite of the fact that some minutes ago I sucked her dick and enjoyed it. — Did you feel long ago what not such how all? — I asked trying not to offend her — That is as the majority. — And what majority? — she smiled — all men are capable to feel pleasure at anal sex. Mbolshinstvo people just themselves is limited. I only decided to do that I want. I wanted to resemble the woman because I like women. And let you aren't tormented by doubts. From what you are pleasant to suck the dick and to give in a bottom you didn't become a gay. You still love the wife. — And after all when understood? — I decided to finish a conversation. — It was in other life. I don't like to rake over the past. I am such as is now. The real life began at me here in this heavenly spot where all borders are erased. She stretched to me lips and we merged in a passionate kiss. Marika began to kiss my shoulders and a breast going down below and below to areas where the lust and excitement is born. There was an awkwardness from what we began without Lisa but on the other hand she hinted that she terminated already two times and we on one. Marika got rid of a towel. She kissed my body going down below and below and stopped in only around a pubis. Our mistress didn't hurry to take my dick in a mouth. About a minute she massed to me balls, bit a stomach and kissed an internal part of hips. My penis was up in arm. Then Marika began to lick nezheno a trunk and massed that place where the dick comes to an end and the anus begins. She began to press on a perineum language and I waited in impatience when she touches my sphincter. But she moved to the dick again to clasp him with sponges and to begin to suck gently. She knew how to give pleasures to the man. It is a shame to admit, but I understood what to Lisa was to what will learn from her. Perhaps that at someone own dick was simpler to give pleasure to another. Just as girls are more experienced in art of a cunnilingus because to a lyuchsha understand desires of the mistresses. I caught myself on a thought that I want to look how Lisa caresses the pussy of other girl. Marika got up on all fours meanwhile continuing to suck my penis. I rolled up eyes and didn't notice as Lisa entered. She sat down on a chair and began to watch the events. — Don't you want to try in a pose 69? Long ago I wanted to look how looks from outside — my beloved told. It was absolutely, something brand new performed by Lisa and me it madly was pleasant. It was said by that part of my spouse which fell down till today, unbridled and vicious, dissolute and insatiable before sex. Marika turned to me the back and settled over my person so her dick rested to me against lips. I with pleasure started over again caressing it. In such pose it wasn't really convenient to suck but I quickly adapted. I swallowed a trunk completely pushing it to myself in a throat so my lips rested against balls of our lovely mistress. Lisa fidgeted on a chair from excitement. She began to finger the clitoris of what never happened for all years of our relationship. I decided to occupy by the daddy Mariki and extended the head to take with tongue to an anus ringlet. Her hole attracted me. The opening was well-groomed and clean. As soon as I licked a hole Marika published groan and started turning buttocks catching each movement of my language. It was clear that she likes to derive pleasure from anal caress. Lisa got up from a chair and joined Marika. They in turn caressed my dick periodically were accepted together licking it. I licked Marike's anus at this time and sometimes her dick sucked. My darling left our mistress alone with my dick and joined me. We began to kiss then she put out the ostrenki a uvula and began to drive circles on a ringlet of an anus of our mistress. I took true pleasure, watching that as she fucks language Mariki's buttocks. Again I was visited by a thought that today's night strongly changed Lisa in questions of sex. She licked two fingers and with ease pushed to our mistress in buttocks. I was strongly horney and the only thing of what wanted to get it the dick there. Marika got up as if heard my thoughts and said: — I want to lick you. Lay down on a back Lisa moved apart legs and our mistress began to lick her perineum. Probably it seemed to me on when Marika divided her a cunnilingus she groaned stronger than when it was done by me. The daddy of our trans-girl it appeared directly opposite to me. I moved apart her buttocks and got language inside not so much on how many it was enough are long. — Grease me — having turned back Marika told I applied cool lubricant to her on buttocks and properly the dick greased. I all was shaken from lust by many years I didn't fuck anybody except the wife. And now in a feather to me there was dog-fashion charming a trance a girl and invited me the lewd hole. She continued to lick Lisa when I slightly pressed a head on a sphincter. The dick got inside and Marika published groan full of passion. I decided to wait some time what the daddy of our mistress would get used, but she began to nadsazhivatsya on my dick. Her hole was not narrow and not razjezzhenny ochy feeling were just magnificent. Golden mean and it despite regular anal sex. I caught it by hips and began to move thrusting a phallus up to the end. About the room began two women's groans are carried. I saw as my dick enters absolutely female buttocks. Marika took true pleasure from anal sex. I began to slap slightly her in buttocks from what groans became even louder. — Lay down on a back. — she asked after a while. She sat down on my dick from above having developed to me by a back and began to be adjusted on it. Her phallus at first fought about a pubis before Lisa began to suck it in a step to our movements. So we jumped several minutes then Lisa suggested to replace a pose. Her pussy was out of work and she wanted to correct it. She laid down on a back and told: — Marika let's caress each other They laid down in a pose 69 and Marika faced dog-fashion me again. Now I could see as my darling bashes out a mouth her dick. She didn't forget also about me and periodically exposed a uvula carrying out by it on a penis when it entered or left Mariki's buttocks. I felt approach of an orgasm. I fucked buttocks sew the girl's trance with fury so the room was disclosed bleaching powder from blows of my pubis about buttocks. Mariki's shouts turned into one lingering groan. As I wanted to feel the same pleasure. Secunda and we from Marikaya cum at the same time again. She curved a neck and published loud lingering groan full of improbable lust and pleasure, the field of what began to stream in a mouth to Lisa. Her buttocks were filled with my seed and I pulled out a dick to insert into a mouth to Lisa. This time the first I passed in a shower. After business was made I found out that I badly closed a door and I hear a conversation of my spouse with our general mistress. — Lisa admit you practiced change of roles? — Why you so solved — the wife answered with the confused voice. — I saw male buttocks. Also I can distinguish virgin from that where the foreign subject periodically gets. It isn't difficult to define it. He wouldn't begin you to change therefore I draw a conclusion that you sometimes fuck him a strap-on. — Yes but it not really is pleasant to me — Why? — It is difficult to explain. Somehow not as a real man it. — But he sucked at me today. It on men? Lisa burst out laughing. — Yes you drove me into a corner. — I consider that it is necessary to do everything that is brought by pleasure if of course it does nobody harm. Do you agree? — Yes — You won't be minds if I fuck him. There came the awkward pause. I waited for these mngnoveniye in tension without trusting the happiness and being afraid to frighten off good luck. — Probably not. Doesn't mind. — and already more surely I added — I Think it will be interesting to look at it. As if the lightning struck me. Just imagine Lisa agreed to give my bum to Marike. Today incredibly fruitful was given day. I internally being burned with impatience I left to them. Our mistress left in a shower and we remained some with Lisa. — To make to you massage lovely? — Doesn't mind. — I answered and laid down a stomach on a bed. She began to mass to me a back gradually going down to a waist. — Spread legs. — she asked. I made it from what received an excitement charge from awareness of vulnerability of the buttocks. Her hands began to mass my buttocks. "My God she prepares my bum for a fucking from Marikaya" I thought. Lisa began to bite them making the way to my hole. Her uvula gently walked on an anus ringlet. From pleasure I began to rotate buttocks and felt as two fingers get into me. I published groan. Suddenly Lisa appeared near my person with the placed legs. But still someone caressed my buttocks a uvula. I didn't notice as Marika left a shower and replaced my darling. I twisted hips being burned with impatience. So I wanted to feel not a rubber strap-on of the wife and the real living dick. Well when I am fucked by Marika. But she pulled everything and pulled licking me a sphincter and getting inside a uvula. She as if tortured me. Fire of lust inflamed in me and I from excitement couldn't think soberly any more. I licked a vagina of the wife and my anus was licked by Marika. At last she pulled for my hips inviting to get up dog-fashion. I curved buttocks and felt as the cool blows in my licked anus. Marika applied lubricant on my hole and put a head of the dick. Here for the moment of which I waited. The head plunged into my bottom and I moaned as the real whore. To me it was a little sore but this pain was pleasant. Marika as the skilled lover of guys gave time of mine to the daddy to get used. The real dick went in any comparison with all strap-ons of the world. Warm and live. He filled me from within and this feeling of dust content in itself gave unforgettable pleasure. That is why some men love assimilating to women and to accept in itself a dick instead of that to put his another. And I adore both and at all I am not ashamed of it. I began to accelerate being stuck on a dick of our mistress by a bottom and didn't forget to lick the wife's vagina. She looked at me as bewitched. — I didn't think that to you so is pleasant. And that would give pleasure more often. — she said. Then I got down from a bed and I took seat having put legs on armrests in the chair. Lisa looked as me, her husband, the girl with the dick fucks and caressed the clitoris. Marika left me and laid down on a back. I understood everything without words and facing her began to fall a bottom by her dick. And обять this dissolute gallop began. Marika caressed me hands all the time and slightly scratched nails my buttocks. From it it became even more pleasant to me. In such pose I was quickly tired also Marika seeing it put me sideways. Even having exchanges to the back it remained the girl outside and inside, gentle and tender. In this case I completely trusted in her because she was a good judge of anal sex. She turned my head to herself and we began to kiss. Lisa didn't sustain and too joined our kisses. Now our languages were weaved together and Marika continued to fuck me. I had a brief experience of anal sex and as I didn't dream to terminate without touching the dick nothing was impossible to me. — Get up a crustacean — our mistress gently told biting an ear lobe. I got up. Lisa climbed under me and began to do blowjob. I groaned from pleasure. I curved a back as the real female feeling each movement of the dick in myself. Suddenly Marika pulled out him and told — Expensive you want to try a dick which just was in a bottom of your husband With these words she implanted a penis into a mouth to Lisa. Further she slapped me in a bum and again thrust to me the handsome. Then I pulled out again and again I gave him to Lisa. Madly it was pleasant to me when she did it I felt as the dick stimulates my prostate. I wanted to terminate and when once again Marika wished to leave me I stopped her. She began to hollow me even stronger. It is similar that the orgasm came nearer and as soon as Lisa took my head in a mouth I didn't sustain. In my bottom as if the pleasure fireworks blew up. I plentifully streamed in the beloved's mouth in spite of the fact that I terminated already twice today. And during this moment when spasms of pleasure were rolled from my buttocks to the dick felt as Marika all shuddered and the warm cum filled my hole. At this moment I felt like the girl impregnated by a male. All of us three together failed flat-out. This day full of surprises and pleasure ended but we still had ahead many days of a holiday which we will remember all life. However there is more to come and in the following stories I will tell about new sides of defect into which the young married couple plunged dating a guy on the spectrum date today kenya site mapMain Page