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The turn of a key in the lock, "returned me on the earth". - Andryusha, the sonny, help me please, - by a habitual voice mother asked me. I passed to the hall. It was a little surprised. Mother was in a skirt above a knee with a long cut to a hip. When mother bent behind bags, the cut revealed and bared her hip and an elastic band of a stocking in a koupny letka. From above on her there was a free pink topic with a deep cut. At an inclination her not small breast drooped nearly dropping out of a topic. - Well you got up? Help. - mother told, and having taken several packages incurred them to Zhenya's room. I took the remained packages and followed for her. Mother began to pull out from thing packages. Obviously men's. - Mothers, you why men's suit? - with surprise I asked. - It not to me, It to you. - What for? - How what for? You are a vzroslyymuzhchina and has to look solidly. Mother sat down on a bed. - Andrey, we need to talk seriously. - mother, гялядя told me in eyes. - About what? - I tried удивться. - You know about what. What occurred in soul... It... It is normal... Well as it is normal... It is natural when you have no other exit. I mean, an ogd you have no full-fledged sex life... Pancake as it is difficult... All right, I will directly speak also usual words even if they will seem to you obscene. How often do you sleep with Zhenya together? More true not so... How often at you does sexual intercourse happen? - Mothers... It doesn't seem to you that this my business? - I tried to close a conversation. - No, Andryusha. If my son masturbates under a shower, means to him there isn't enough wife. I know what is sexual dissatisfaction. 5 years at night I brought myself to an orgasm. Will be enough. - What will be enough? - Will be enough for me to lie. Tell... When you fucked the wife last time, - mother in a fit of temper blurted out. - Mothers... - Not the mother. Answer. - A week ago... - quietly I answered. - Week? Why so long ago? - Well, she is tired, is engaged in Yulka, works, the economy conducts. - And what? The same was done also by me when I raised you. Anything. Your father from me didn't run. And I left me only because vodka is more expensive him than family. All right, how often she refuses to you. Only it is honest. - Well happens... - How often? - mother insisted. - When only began to meet, often I refused, and then I also didn't stick more. - She at least once asked you to fuck her? - No. - So... Interestingly... So can she has someone? - I don't know... - All right we will leave it. In what poses do you have sex? - Mothers, well it here at what? - Thus. Answer. - She on a back, I on her. - She at least once was from above? - No. It isn't pleasant to her. She so speaks. - And how it is pleasant to her? - She didn't speak. Just lays down on a back, spreads legs and speaks, "Give". - She at least once did you blowjob? - No. - honestly I answered, having understood what already couldn't be hidden. - And you licked her? - No. I tried, but she didn't give me. - And you had an anal sex? - No. I somehow asked her about it, but she gave to me slap in the face and called the pervert. I told that if I haven't enough her vagina and I want anal sex, then I can fuck myself a finger. - Here, bitch... - mother flared up. - Mother, let's finish. - No, everything only begins. I will make of you the real lover. She will ask still what you would fuck her in any hole. - What is necessary for this purpose? - watchfully I asked. - To listen to me and to do what I will tell. Take off clothes. - What now? - Yes. And to what you are surprised? I saw everything that it is necessary for me in soul today. You have a normal dick, strong balls, beautiful buttocks. That else it is necessary to the woman. And a cum at you tasty. The silly woman, doesn't know that she loses. Undress. Remove everything. I threw off sports trousers, a t-shirt. - Pants, remove. - Mothers... So it is impossible. - It is possible. Remove. I slowly threw off pants and the rising dick covered with hands. - Take away hands. - mother ordered. - What beautiful kid at you. Lift him above, I want to look at your balls. I undertook a dick and tightened it to a stomach. - Oh, what big, - mother told, giving a hand and weighing a ball sack on a palm. - Turn. Also bend down, - mother asked. I turned and slightly bent down. - And now part the legs as you parted them in soul. - It isn't necessary, mothers... - Do that I told, - more rigid tone mother told. I bent down and moved apart buttocks hands in the parties - Here only hair need to be taken away absolutely. - What for? - Well as to tell you. The woman it isn't pleasant when during blowjob to her in a nose and in a mouth a hard hair climbs. Go to a shower and completely shave hair. - I never shaved hair there. - I will help you. Go, I will come now. I went to a shower. I got into a shower, I soaped a perineum shaving foam. Here mother, in an easy dressing gown to the middle of a hip came. - You have to be surprised to nothing. The fact that you will see it normally now. Don't oppose and do everything that I will tell, darling. Mother threw off a dressing gown and remained naked. Her beautiful breast with long nipples and dark auras fascinated me. Then I lowered взглад below. Flat tummy. Naked perineum. Any hair wasn't. Vulvar lips acted revealing a little. Mother stepped through a side of the bathroom and kneeled before me. - I am afraid I can wound him in such state, - smiling mother told, clasping a trunk with a hand and delaying a lace curtain. - Let me help you сняь tension, and then we will shave it. I nodded, looking her in eyes. - How do you like to do it? Standing? Sitting? Lying? - mother asked, slowly stroking a trunk. - Standing... - Perfectly. And buttocks? - Yes... - What yes? - I like to implant a finger to myself into the back... - I answered, having closed eyes. - Perfectly. And we will make. Only properly we will wash out everything. Mother washed away foam, squeezed out shower gel on a palm and began to wash my dick. Then her palm moved towards buttocks. Having moved apart buttocks, mother began to smear gel on a crack between buttocks. I began to move between them sometimes getting one phalanx of a finger into an anus. Then mother washed out a shower, having washed away gel and foam from buttocks and the dick with balls. - Turn, - mother asked. I turned. My dick foully stood. - What handsome! - mother pereminy in a palm balls admired one hand and delaying skin another. I was on the verge of explosion. There was no wish to be dishonored and terminate after her first touch. - Darling, close eyes, - mother asked. I leaned the elbows on a wall and having a little sat down, closed eyes. In a moment I felt as my dick got to a hot and damp bosom. The quick uvula of mother, began to lick a head. Then she released it from a mouth and began to cover with kisses on all length. Having reached balls, mother took them in a palm and began to suck round on one, delaying lips down. Pressure in a perineum increased. Mother didn't cease to mass to me buttocks fingers. But as the anus wasn't greased with lubricant, nothing was impossible. I opened eyes. Mother with one ball in a mouth, lowered one hand to herself in a perineum and began to caress herself, getting into depth, rubbing a clitoris. Then she removed an uka from the perineum and again placed her by me between buttocks. Fingers oazatsya slippery and hot. One of fingers easily slipped in depth of my bottom. Meanwhile mother moved and having clasped a head with lips, began to absorb her, trying to absorb a trunk as it is possible more deeply. She managed to absorb a half of my rather big trunk and I rested a head to her against tonsils. The finger in an anus began to move rhythmically backwards-forward together with mother's head. But I couldn't sustain it and having clasped the mother's head began to move the hips, even without caring that it is my mother and can be unpleasant to her that she is so roughly snoshat in a throat by the native son. The stream of a cum rushed mothers in a throat. She has a fit of coughing, but wasn't removed, accepting all my nectar and swallowing it. I by inertia made some more movements. Mother lips and language milked dry my trunk, continuing to snoshat a finger my buttocks. Only after my dick began to fall down in a mouth, mother accurately pulled out a finger from a bottom. - Molodechek, Andryusha! I fed mother with yogurt. It was pleasant to me. We will repeat later. And now let's save your perineum from vegetation nevertheless. - mother commented. I sat down on edge of a bathtub and spread legs. Mother accurately applied shaving foam and began to depilate. The procedure borrowed minutes 20-30. Mother didn't hurry anywhere and did everything accurately and carefully. Also were depilated between buttocks. Then mother greased shaved areas with gel after shaving. On a body I ran a notable chill. The naked area between legs was a little not habitual. - Here it is so more best, - mother admired, being removed from me and washing out the machine from foam and hair. - But it is more best to do it by hair removal cream. Then we will try. Be wiped and go to the room, I will come now. I just now understood that mother still on a platoon as didn't terminate. I wanted to thank her for that gift that she made for me. - Mothers, I it is possible... It is possible I you I will wash? - the shivering lips I said. - I know about what you think. You think that I will be myself удволетворять... I didn't guess. And you still will be able to give me pleasure. Go. - mother answered, sending me from a shower. dating a grandiose narcissist date banana bread vegan site mapMain Page