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Approximately about 2nd in the night I began to be tired. I liked to spend time in clubs, but recently it tired me earlier, than usually. having said goodbye to girlfriends, I went outside. cool autumn air forced me to shudder and cheer up a little, and, appear, the cocktail remains disappeared from the head. the entrance had only one car of the taxi (as it is strange …) the driver - the young guy, sat inside and dug in phone. "I am free?" - through the dug-out window I asked. "yes, you sit down" - he answered, having left phone. - "where we go?" "in the builder through the embankment", I answered, comfortably settling and being fastened on a front seat. in general, usually I always went behind-so more safely, but today for some reason I decided to sit down forward. and loudspeakers reached 3 Doors down — Here without you, and I carefully considered the driver. he seemed high in spite of the fact that sat. regular features, a nose it is longish, but his it how many didn't spoil more likely on the contrary. dark short hair, eye…hm, interestingly, what eyes at him? brown, blue? and at this time he turned and looked at me." You not too hurry? here the road bad, is more best to go more slowly" "isn't present of course where to me to hurry …" there was a wish to continue a conversation, but he was silent and I couldn't think up anything. It seems, he quietly sang along with the song reaching from the radio receiver. and I didn't find anything more original, than to ask:" and what color of an eye at you?" it seems, he was surprised, and, having looked at me, told:" blue, and that?" on his face at last the suggestion of a smile flew." nothing, just you have an interesting type, to the Tatar are similar" "well quite probably what in my family tree the Tatar roots about which to me nothing known having laughed got lost, he told, - and you, hour, not the racist?" ", I am simply curious by no means …" time passed in a way imperceptibly, and we came out to the embankment. speed of the car didn't exceed 50 km/h as if carried not just ordinary client, but valuable freight. I only wanted to praise the driver for accuracy as suddenly sharply brought the car on the left and we nearly came out to the oncoming traffic lane. the guy sharply slowed down, having quietly sworn, I, having hit the head against a door and having been frightened, only said:" oh, my God … what is it?" "it seems, the wheel burst … уууф, it is good though, cars weren't" we carefully moved down on a roadside. heart still beat without restraint, hands small shivered." Are you OK? can, valerians to give?" the guy asked." isn't present, thanks, I just was frightened. it is a little." "well, as badly it turned out … you before you get home" "yes not a question should wait a little more, I will go I will take a breath".я went out of the car, I went towards water. the driver got tools and a spare wheel from a luggage carrier, having started replacement. "you far wouldn't leave, lighting bad, you never know here." "OK, can help than?" - I asked, having approached him. "not women this stuff, the girl, wheels to change … suddenly you will spoil manicure." "in vain you so …" - I disappointedly spoke. Having leaned on a bumper, I continued to consider the taxi driver. As it appeared, he really was high. in spite of the fact that I was on heels, he was all the same higher than me centimeters on 15. in the car was hot therefore there was he in a t-shirt. I always paid attention to the man's hands. And so these hands were just astounding. the real male hands, wide palms, beefy suntanned shoulders, likely he visits the gym regularly. His movements were sure, the person concentrated as though he changes wheels every day. "as he is good" - I thought and understood that I want him directly here and now. "and what it with me? Alcohol it seems already disappeared … but sex wasn't already … 2 months. not crucially, but nevertheless …" do you visit gym? - I asked. Yes, - he answered. - I did boxing earlier, now I keep shape … well everything, it is possible to go! He assembled tools, carried them in a luggage carrier. I still continued to stand, having leaned on a car wing. He approached to the door, stopped nearby. I looked in his face, and went on about myself: "well, give … begin, I won't leave, I won't hit you, I will make everything that you will want, only tell …" he looked at me with is high, made assured a half-step to me, having appeared closely. My God, really it will occur now … only don't brake, please!!! well, - I whispered. Any more words weren't necessary. He clasped me for hips, raised, put on a car bumper. I buried to me in a neck, I deeply sighed and I spoke: what you …. what? Madwoman …. - and gently I kissed, I came off, I looked in eyes, I smiled and I continued to kiss - on lips, a neck, a clavicle … I went bananas from his lips, I wanted more and more. meanwhile, it was inconvenient to it to bend with his growth. Do you have condom? - I asked yes, in the car … I now. Having rummaged in a glove compartment and having got a tape of "safety locks" from there, he turned to me. we will go there - he showed towards a pond where really it was possible to potrakhatsya more decently if it is possible to call it so. — after all on the road of the car go. - do you hesitate? - with a smile I asked. Nothing without having answered, he picked up me on hands and incurred to a protection. Having lowered me on the earth, he caressed my buttocks and continued to kiss. I decided to show an initiative too and began to undo a fly on his jeans. Hardly, but I managed it, and here I and his dick are divided by only fine fabric of pants. I stroke him carefully, trying to estimate the size, and the guy lifted up my skirt meanwhile, lowered a little tights, pants, and got at last there where aspired. the truth, so far only the fingers, but we will correct it soon … to me bothered to wait. I pulled together from him jeans and pants, and here his dick in my hands - not especially long, but thick, I clasped him hardly. The guy only sighed and told: as it is inconvenient that you in tights, but not in stockings … - anything terrible, - I whispered, - I will remove … having bent, I began to skatyvat panty hoses on the legs and took off shoes. I wanted to enjoy this fucking that stirred nothing. The guy meanwhile discovered teeth condom and began to pull it on the dick. Finished "affairs" we at the same time. And I don't even know, what is his name. But now it doesn't concern me. I just want … I want him. He raised me for hips again, having put on a protection, carried out by a palm on my pussy. there everything was already damp and ready to sex. I worried a little whether it will turn out to accept at me in itself such fat "friend", but on doubts time wasn't, the taxi driver already began to enter into me the piston. Mmmm, as there it is narrow, - he whispered. and I … I couldn't answer any more. He just stretched my pizda, appear, it will become torn under such pressure. I only hard and heatedly breathed, trying to remember every instant this night adventure. You as? he asked, seeing that I hardly am given his penetration. Everything is simple … to be shocked … continue, please, I very much want you. - I begged. As you want. - he answered and sharply the dick entered into me. Daaaaaaaaaaa …. oh, as it cool … the guy began slow movements backwards-forward that I got used to his size. soon it happened and I began him to make upward movement and groan, hard and with pleasure breathing. He everything achieved of speed, in my head millions of thoughts connected only with him rushed, and the center of feelings concentrated in the bottom of a stomach. There was a wish to shout, belittle it that he didn't stop, to be given him everything, without the rest, to be dissolved in that pleasure which was given me now by his magnificent dick … he panted too, having seized to me buttocks, continued to string me on himself. I couldn't control myself any more, and whispered: да,милый,давай,давай,ооооî…да,ах,дааааааааа!!!!! my body shuddered in sweet convulsion, in a stomach pleasant heat spread, the vagina began to clasp rhythmically his dick, without stinting voluptuous spasms … my partner having loudly begun to roar, the dick deeply drove in me, let out everything that collected in his balls … I couldn't keep on a protection any more, got down from it and fell by the earth. For an instant the dick of the taxi driver appeared opposite to my person, he began to wither, but still was awesomely beautiful and his heat was felt even at distance. Here my night satellite fell near me, carried out on a cheek and whispered: - thanks … I could only smile in reply. dating a 40 year old woman in your 30s snowdrop release date in india site mapMain Page