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For the 18th birthday presented me the computer. I terribly was afraid of this monster — wasn't able to treat him at all and my boyfriend was especially not able. Parents decided to employ to me the teacher at home, and the father chose the guy who did practical training at it at office supposedly the checked decent guy. Lesh began to come three times a week, and a month later mother stopped looking after our occupations (and my life in principle) and got a job. Using employment of both parents, I invited the Sashenka on a visit. We had tea not for long — my such boy rectilinear!! He got into the knickers of me at once and a finger began to drive on a chink. when it became slightly damp, Sashka began to break from me clothes and to undo to himself a fly. Such prelude never brought me — I began to derive pleasure already in process, but didn't manage to enjoy — Sashka cumed. I tried to delay sex by means of blowjob, but it was unpleasant to suck a dick which didn't give me pleasure. so I just licked his head and a trunk. and here the call to a door was distributed. "Lesh" — I understood at once. until we put on I didn't open, and Sashka lost a sock so mine учетиль carried out under a door of minutes 20. when I opened at last, Sasha slipped by high Lesha as a mouse, even without having greeted. — What, small, fucked enough? — I asked Lesh with a smile I reddened rather from what never I heard from this guy of rough expressions. — And your what business? — I turned away from him. when I heard a slap, not at once understood that it fitted on my bum. I began to be developed medlnno, but Lesh clasped me for a waist and put a stomach on the knees. I escaped with curses, but well me held Lesh. — Well and mouth, dirty at you, small! — quietly I told Lesh, giving one more ball slap. — well your bum is also good... And here at us that? — this healthy fellow told, removing me panties. I tried to kick him, but he just took my leg aside and clamped the. I felt horror — my teacher who works for my father stares at my perineum!! — Let me! — my voice didn't even think to be firm, it shivered and gave my fear. — Right now itself you will ask that I took you, the impudent maid — I told Lesh and I licked the finger. and he made it that I never tested — he caressed to me a clitoris, zasovylat a finger in a vagina, touched an anus. I terminated directly at him on knees. — And now time to wash up your dirty mouth, the bitch — with a curve grin he told, throwing off me on a floor, getting up. — Where!! you won't get to anywhere... he undid a fly and got HIM. such thick dicks I didn't see yet — hardly he would be fitted by condom... well or my pussy. — What, the bitch, do you want him? — I rolled up the head and tried to get up. Lesh put a hand to me on a nape and I attracted to the dick. — Don't break, rubbish! — and he pushed to me it in a mouth when I tried to object. Such gushed over me also the pleasant feeling of pleasure is hotter that I as captivated began to suck a dick, helping a hand. Groaned Lesh, I stroked me on the head, pulling my throat or releasing him. and here he sharply removed me from the groin. — Stop, the bitch, so just you won't get off, though gently you suck. turn! I razvarnutsya to him by a back, thinking that he won't squeeze for anything into me — I was frightened and not made horney at all. — Oh, the girl as you began to flow, sucked away so far! yes you are a whore as I will look... give also will feel... oh, what very narrow, but such mokrenky, and on legs began to flow. he only removed my panties though they both got wet, and entered. it is not the dick, it is a magic stick, I thought, feeling as he enters me, on a dick, on such hot dick which smells of the hottest sex, the dissolutest fucking, and he literally pulls in me, entirely, I feel how his balls plop down about me when Lesh begins to move me, sliding in me, giving pleasure in each centimeter, prisovyvy to me so that I flowed even stronger, groaned also told something... — Still? Still? receive, the whore, you are fucked, it is pleasant, pleasant to you... — Lesh shook me and I fucked with such incredible force that his balls fought about my clitoris, delivering even more udvolstviye. I terminated, fell by a floor the person and begged him about continuation. he left me and dragged on a sofa, ordered to undress and undressed. His dick was intense, it was visible all wreaths. Lesh put me on a back and I kneelt before a sofa. — Spread legs before me. — I obeyed. He entered sharply and began to move, looking as he enters me — Jerk off, the whore — I put a hand on a pubis and began to caress herself one finger, and Lesh continued to move. it became more pleasant to me, I lowered a hand to a vagina touched his dick, felt how he in me crawls, then fingered a clitoris again. I began to cum, and he, having cast away my hand aside, left me and was rubbed by a dickhead about a clitoris. — Daaaaaa!!! — I cried, receiving the most rough and bright orgasm in the life. before me the picture as I sucked away at Leshka rushed, and I understood that this dick not last time in me. Lesh streamed on my clitoris, on a stomach, podrachivy and growling. he hung on me, having put the head on my boobies, slapped in a bum and told: — Good bitch! dating 50 year old man never married date in english sentence site mapMain Page