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A story isn't invented, but has an old story. I remember myself the young and handsome guy after army. Beefy muscles, a strong young potentiality and the dick not the giant, but the impressive sizes which was always my special pride at acceptance of a shower in the dormitory. Today revival, I prifrantitsya and went to an appointment to the girl with a perspektivka on sex. All entertainments, including sex, were planned in our garden with the ridiculous name of the central park of culture and leisure. The garden was started in those days, and in his territory it was always possible to find the secluded town for sex standing or with an emphasis. I came a bit earlier to breathe clean air after a morning dozhdichk. I ate an ice cream, I drank sparkling water, I defiled before the girls sitting on benches I glanced in a public toilet — it was impatient on small. I stand, with pleasure I start up a stream in the inclined trench, the little man in a hat stands nearby and with undisguised envy looks at my unit. He is busy with the same business too. I got used to surprise of the strangers beholding my male pride long ago and on it without hesitating I ask — that daddy, my friend attracted to you? — Yes, it is good, to see, you not the last stood in a queue when dicks at creation of the world distributed? Will you allow to take a nap? I was taken aback from such offer, and from surprise having widely opened eyes, asked again — to take a nap how it? — We will go with me, here it isn't far, I will explain to you … I as bewitched trudged behind him, he brought me to bushes where I fucked the girlfriend more than once. Dense thickets were closed, my stranger looked around and in half-voices said, well here not clear, I to you want to suck away, and you will terminate to me directly in a mouth … Frankly speaking in those days, it wasn't accepted, even a blowjob then anybody had no very famous word. He stood up before me on one knee, so inconsiderately undid my fly and having got confused in my cloth pants, being nervous asked a little that I got the dick. The dumbfounded from the unusual attitude of the man towards the man, my dick for some reason already in poorly standing state appeared at liberty. I expected from all this invention of a dirty trick, but I was not from shy ten … Soon I felt on my head as his lips envelop it and language caresses a peregorodochka. As if the fire hose in which pumped water from the central water supply system my dick was filled blood and was as a stake. I feel a pleasant istoma, he with low takes my dick in a mouth and inserts as it is possible more deeply. He caresses the hands along a trunk and literally sucks away my head as an eskimo. The vacuum of his mouth forces me to scream with the feelings filling me. I terribly liked his actions and soon in my brain, and then in a backbone and somewhere there between the dick and buttocks the petard exploded. Such feeling as if blew up a dam, and the river I directed on freedom. I understood that my cum was this river. The man coughing, I began to swallow all my cum, he grasped my balls and massaging them, dolizyvat the remains. The dick began to fall down slowly, the sunbeam which made the way through dense thickets also I blinded me, feeling an insuperable high, stood for couple of seconds. I lower a look to thank mine "the toilet acquaintance", and he was off and away. Having looked around, I observe only the shaking branch from that party where we entered this thicket. — And it can and to the best, I thought. I without hurrying attentively the dick which brought me just new feelings mentally examined thanked him, carefully laid him in pants, clasped a fly and left thickets. The couple expecting my exit stood nearby. The guy with undisguised envy watched me leave, to see peeped — and I don't care, I thought and passed by. I went on a meeting with the girl and reflected — and here it is interesting, I changed her now, or it was usual masturbation with participation of the stranger? And in general, where treason side? It, this treason makes physical sense or spiritual? Well it is fine, I am still young on such reasonings, what my years, I also am not married even of what treason it is possible to think? Soon hour of an appointment came. I won't tell how we from Ninkaya went to the cinema, then drank beer and stood at a similar thicket waiting for release of the town for sex as I with great pleasure plowed her hungry pizdenka and as cumed, remembering an open dick in a wet and slippery mouth of my stranger. Sex was much more sweet today though I was every time in a condom. And if to consider that condoms those years were not in lubricant, and in talc, then will seem to any young man that all of us were sex convicts in those days. Having embraced, we on foot went towards her house. Time was already later, but in her windows light burned. — Parents don't sleep, wait for me, commented on Nin. Will you come? — Well if only you to hand to mother as last time and a glass of water to drink … — Nina didn't begin to call, she quietly knocked, a door her mother Evgenia Nikolaevna opened — and-and, it you! — Here I brought your daughter safe and sound, I smiled and with a joke added — without bruises and grazes. Getting only strongly thirsty. She wasn't a snob and had sense of humour for what I also respected her. Without keeping itself waiting she answered — aha, let's drink, and that is there is a wish, even there is no place to spend the night … We amicably laughed. — Wan, take out a glass of water, and that our groom as though from Badun arrived, Evgenia Nikolaevna added, having turned the head towards kitchen. And really in a narrow aperture of a corridor there was at first a glass of water, and then and the father of my Nina. What my surprise when I in it recognized that man from the park was. He smiled as if he didn't recognize me, gave a glass and lowered a view of my fly. Yes, I thought, undoubtedly, it was he, the one someone so nicely sucked away to me in the wonderful park today. However case! It will be necessary to remember. In a minute we left also I, having left an entrance sat down on a bench and lit. I needed to make the decision as to me to be farther. There were many options, but I chose the most optimum. Yes, if Ninka becomes my wife, then I will have a lover and where to him to disappear? I so liked a suction as you will refuse it … In a consequence, I married, Nina became mother of my son, the father-in-law sometimes priprashivat to suck away what I with the great pleasure agreed to. And as he was almost an impotent man, in the closed months of pregnancy of my wife, my mother-in-law used my and sexual hunger. She became my favourite mother if you want the mistress. And as all of us temporarily lived together, at us was, absolutely close-knit family. What is characteristic, I knew one about weaknesses of all family members and sacredly protected the mystery of everyone. Mummy even somehow became pregnant from me, but having made the necessary actions, didn't begin to upset the husband. With age at mother and the father of my wife interest in sex was lost, and the devotion and friendship to each other remained. So we also continue to live, there is no what heavy deposit, opposite everything is good, and everything remained in secret. But I brought up before myself a question, so nevertheless what is treason and what it begins with? The question remained open. dates zones vacances scolaires loki release date in india and time site mapMain Page