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All hello! There is Chapter 2. In which at the main character problems begin) look for the Beginning) Took place in a profile three months since that moment as I... I began new life. To admit honestly it troubles me. The first days twenty I thought that it is more best to die to me. And on the twenty first I was pulled out from a loop which I made of the stockings found in a case. At me almost it turned out will hang. I recovered consciousness already in hospital chamber. For these three months I gobbled up the whole heap soothing, as much to me stuck violently... I was tired. The first three weeks so strongly exhausted me that at me just it wasn't necessary to fight forces... and actually for what?. All already happened. At first I couldn't accept anything from this that to me was tried to be taught. At me the mood deaf apathy rigid отрицалово with shouts and rolling of scenes sharply changed. Well what normal man will agree to put on tights or to make up lips? Though I preuayelichivat, is painted me nobody forced, and put on as wanted, but after all! In antecedents I wasn't a homophobe, but also a gay wasn't too, all this through чур shocked me. And then Vika brought me again to restaurant where the dinner turned into the booze which lasted for two days. During this time we arranged in four fights, I got drunk in shit, boorishly coveted some maid, broke to her guy a nose as a result, for the morning the day before yesterday, woke up embracing her and Vika in one pastel. I don't remember details of this night, but as all of us were naked very certain conclusions arise. Since then I reduced turns, accepted that to me it is vital to acquire some things and didn't prevent people to help me with it, in particular Vick. I seem I begin to breathe unevenly in her party. The mood was nasty since the morning but It after all managed to amuse me though most likely wine which we drank as a result two bottles is guilty of it, back I went in high spirits, it didn't miss this moment and returned to an old subject. - As you are called? - the Aaa, don't begin. - how don't begin it? You need documents. No, you of course can be Stroyev Yury to blue in the face, but think of people of which you should shock with it very strongly. - Shit... there now that you for the person. There is no keenness in you though the psychologist. Really it isn't clear that I don't feel at ease from this conversation. - I that just the normal psychologist. Very important that you took this step. It you were dissatisfied that for you made the most important decision in your life. So begin. Well give what woman's name is pleasant to you? - Vika. - No, - she negatively pomotat a finger - Thanks of course, but is already busy. - Then Yulya can? - Yulya? Faugh as it went... - Why? - Yura-Yulya. Predictably. It is banal. I and thought. - Vika serially told unclenching fingers. - So! That from me it is necessary for you. Elvira, Izolda, can Snezhana? - Hey yeah the babe! - And here a dick to you. - and you what rude woman else to look for Yuli. All right, имечко that it is necessary. Tomorrow our office... friends will be engaged in your documents. - That is with it it was possible to wait till tomorrow? - Well just I wanted that this victory belonged to me. - she innocently began to clap eyelashes. - the Bitch. - with affected boredom I summarized. - the Bitch. - with the same intonation it parried. It didn't begin to drive on the parking, landed me at an entrance. In turn I didn't begin to sit up in the car, kind of I didn't want it, and at once I trudged to myself. There was a wish to sleep to horror. - Yulya your breakfast. I looked out from under an oblakopodobny blanket, near my bed there was a young girl in the uniform of the servant of the bachelor. The short dress came to an end with Krichashche slightly over the knee. Legs are stroynenky, an attractive face nice. Eyes not guilty of anything, whorish. From something there was a wish for her for breakfast. It will be interesting it is lesbian sex or not? Having bitterly grinned I took seat more conveniently. - What is your name? - Lina. - Linochk's Thanks, look. The girl flashed blue eyes and zapuntsevet. It wasn't necessary to get out from under a blanket. The dear gave разносик to me directly to a bed. Coffee with a skin, a piece of apple pie and a peach. All this was quickly enough used by me. Then I dumped a blanket and stepped bare feet into a heat-insulated floor. On me there was darkly violet pajamas with eagle owls, large months and stars for which it was necessary to look yesterday. In such look I went along already reconnoitered route. The mood was fine, I was full of strength also determination, there was a wish to be engaged in affairs and as soon as possible. Having entered a toilet I opened unnoticed by me at the first survey a door, as well as all other, she crept away from easy contact to the green sector in her center. At first sight it was the empty room of squares thirty trimmed with the shining white panels, actually it was the best in the world shower. By means of the console projected in any place, it was possible to set any parameters from a simple shower to falls. I included heavy rain in the forest. Walls began to change colors and soon I stood in the middle of grown with a green grass and small florets of a meadow. On the edge of the wood the strinozheny kobylka was grazed, near it coals from a fire smoldered, the saddle, and some load-packs rolled, from a thicket the echo carried a hoot of an owl. Over the head the lightning sparkled, and then rumbled so air in lungs shuddered. In the same second the rain a wall fell to me upon the head. I wanted to shout from delight, instead vocal chords published maiden squeal full of joy. I had to pull down urgently from myself the rags which were dripping wet. The long hair of color of fresh straw instantly stuck around a body to the bottom. Noise of the drops fighting about the earth and a smell of ozone, put missing finishing touches in beauty of the moment. In a word Kayef. Gadgets for washing hid behind a wall where to send a mare. Here moisture didn't get, graphic visualization explained it with the shaggy fir-tree paw stretched exactly over a locker. I slowly squeezed out a little gel from a tube and began to apply with smooth movements it on the body, gradually becoming covered with foam and goosebumps, this process delivered me a lot of pleasure. Earlier I didn't notice it, the Elastic breast was divine ощупь, feelings which I got touching it to put it mildly vzvolnovyval... bilaterally. I am wild about the fact that I stroke the skin and on it was soaped more carefully than necessary. When fingers touched gentle, podalivy flesh between my legs, on a body ran euphoria sparkles, having scattered a new portion of goosebumps on skin, it was comparable with touch to the bared wires, from lungs beat out air, I wanted to continue and I gave to movements more confidence, the brain received such blow of new feelings from it that I shortly screamed from the emotions beating with a key, the strongest of which was a surprise. The back was stuck into a wall and I smoothly flew down on her on a floor. Went hot me, actions which were made by my hand, I didn't want any more and couldn't control. Lungs it is noisy involved air pushing out loud groans on an exhalation. The body demanded bigger, internal opposition for common sense continued not long, as a result I gave in to requirements of the body which is eager to go longer and entered into myself a finger. The mouth opened in mute shout, knees were knocked the friend about the friend reduced by a spasm, curved a back an arch, fingers standing clenched to is white, I strained as if a spring ready to be straightened at any time, I couldn't breathe, lungs refused to do an exhalation, consciousness was dimmed. In me it was close and very heating. It is more! Still! Turned in a brain. I narrowed eyes. I did it already by two fingers and that animal thirst which seized me forced to move them all quicker and quicker. Explosion. I published the exulting shriek, several next seconds I didn't understand someone at all I am and that happens to me. Bill large дрожж, blood without restraint knocked in ears and in eyes darkened. Then all ended, tension receded, pulsing together with blood, reserving only an eyfrriya, weakness and a thought that I never tested nothing similar. The body became soft, I lay and looked at the highly rising boobies. - Vou.! VOU! Aa-h-uu-eee-t!!! - having lain down a couple of seconds more I hid the face in palms and loudly burst out laughing.... Having accepted a shower, I how to eat went to put on, hesitates of the nakedness I wasn't able yet and there is nobody was. To glance in a case of the wash basin and to take there a dressing gown I of course didn't guess. In the bedroom, sitting in a chair and having thrown the charming legs on a table me I expected Vick. Judging by that as she is concentrated razlyadyvat PlayGirl, she came shortly after I went to take a shower, That is for a long time. - Hi кыся! With a clean hole - It slapped the magazine about a surface of a table and vigorously swelled up on legs. - Shlyaeshsya on the apartment stark naked? As it to you goes the baby. - Yes, you what so early? - Early? Ha! dear! My working day didn't come to an end still with yesterday... Tae-e-ex-... it is necessary to dress you in something, we have many cases, on it today... go here as successfully that you are naked. - And from what you took what I won't be able independently to put on? - there Is such opinion, - she in a whisper, kind of in confidence told, - that you have no taste. And in general you in it full zero - further already vigorously at the top of the voice - so to you we will impart it, I mean taste. I took a view of clothes and had to admit that she's right and it is still more best to use the offered help. Everything what I was enough it sports suits for. In principle I don't mind to continue to drag also them. - On here, estimate. She threw an underwear set on a bed, it were neutral turquoise panties and a bra. I put them to that place on which they had to be dressed. - No, not. Here! Dress. This time, it were white lacy, pants and a bra. I honestly fulfilling her requirements I pulled them on myself. - Oh! Снимааай! Rabbit! Here it! She gave me practically same, only with red bows and to scanty red peas. I obediently got on them though gritting the teeth, after cheno beginnings potters with a brassiere. - My God, what are you doing? Yul, clasp him here so and then turn and put on. Taak it went, it is tasteless, you aren't ready to it yet, Aha! Do you have nothing against джинс? I and thought. They were got on easily, despite the fact that very densely adjoined to a body. And having jeans structure were quite elastic, however nevertheless created tension between legs. What brought me not that discomfort... - Around. Around. There now. I congratulate. To you goes. Now this and this. A white Undershirt the bortsovka and a golubenky translucent jacket didn't cause any claims in me. - Not bad. On here. The gym shoes typically maiden with the image pass a mouse on each side. And bows over a lacing. - Here to you. - Points? On which Her to me points! - it is Truly noticed Hera that isn't present! That the face though a few intelligence flashed silly! I didn't begin to argue threw with eyepieces a nose bridge and stared in a mirror. - It is an example number of times, - Vika upraised a finger up. - remove everything, hang up separately. - I and knew that so just all won't come to an end... - Nevyyozhivaysya, do that is told by clever people. And it too! - Pants that what for? - Pants first of all! And at all not pants and panties. Pants it in other place! - But they aren't visible under clothes! It is some cretinism! Why to select them? - Now it isn't visible, and through half of hour it is very visible. Remove speak to you. - All the same I don't understand what difference in it. For what there is a lot of them? - Ookh... Vika behave, nobody promised what will be easy. She pulled out from a box with accurately folded linen, thin, pink like melting. - It is necessary for you exactly on so many how many it will be required to time to that someone will remove them from you! Except for some cases... but about it so far early. And he has to understand all this time that the wrapper at this candy corresponds to that inside. And this rule has to work bilaterally. It is clear? - Give the wrapper here. And if you are concerned by this question, hurry to upset you, I am not going to give anybody! - you Will give, still as you will give. - To stat Houston at me a problem. Today in soul to me there was something... I... well you understand... finger... - Aha! Well and how to you? - Vika! It is awful I didn't understand that I do! I thought that I will faint. - some Are lucky. - Vika, what me with it to do? - Rejoice silly! I it is serious now. You can't present what it is a bonus. - But why with me before it wasn't? It is normal? - Yes, your nervous terminations return to normal, begin to interact with all system. When did you for the first time notice it? - Today, in soul. Listen to it somehow through чур. I can't touch this place! It will pass? - We have a meeting today with... one clever person, you can ask him. Put on. It were white with a pink fringing and florets of a plavochka. - And a brassiere... well bra... - With this dress it is silly. - And you even home will maliciously not jeer? - And what is necessary? Dress it. Gray knitted stockings with small gray bows. And about the gray fitted dress in a fledgling with a big bow on a waist and a deep cut. - Are you ok?-month-old. Forgive at me herovy mood. - the Aaaa. - knowingly I stretched. - Listen, stockings on you cool sit. My council to use it. - Me in a dress frankly speaking it isn't comfortable. - you Will suffer. You will get used. Now it... So proceeded long enough, to my astonishment it ceased to tire me. I even itself tried to choose something neutral. As a result we stopped on a lung summer, a dress and all. Apart from linen, Vika forced to pull lilac panties, she advised to refuse a bra. I with doubt looked in a mirror. All of course abruptly, but whether not too? The hem of a dress came to an end on the middle of a hip, and his deep cut favourably opened a breast, because of thin material сквозб him nipples were illuminated. I with amazement хлоппл as eyes hardly being recognized to itself that it is pleasant to me as I look. - Well here. Class. Good girl. - Vika considerably became cheerful and became such as earlier. - changes in your mood aren't clear to Me. - Just there was no wish to wipe your avaricious men's slezk which you would start up looking at these stockings - she pointed a finger at extremely whorish a clothes subject - or this skirt - the skirt not far left from stockings and in general was nesno what these things do here? Really someone believed that I will put on them? The make-up after the short dispute was decided not to be imposed and Vika obviously without hunting argued, eventually having told that so it is even more best. This time the driver was driving. Vika explained it with what gathers properly will jeer. Arrived to the place. The security guard on an entrance to restaurant, at the sight of us began to smile. Probably last time we here indeed normally annealed. In Vick's hall quickly I looked round and wagging a bum I went alone sitting man aside. - Hi Kostya! Ды you sit long ago? - Hi! Yes about half an hour probably. - they embraced, after a greeting Kostya darted a glance at me, gave a hand, it was presented - Konstantin. - Yulya. - shortly and just I answered. - I won't understand Vick, you scoff over me? - From what you took? - having crafty blinked the eyes she asked. - But... but it nevereoyatno! It he? That is she? - Vika nodded. Konstantin jumped from a chair and began to bypass me from all directions. It enraged me. - Yulya you will allow? - he pointed a finger at my breast. - Try also I to you a mouth about a table to a rasshib. From I jumped aside from me on a step as if I fight current. - Vika, what the devil is? What from me it is necessary for him? Why we in general here were dragged? - It is one influential person, he sponsored a vyutva operation. - Not absolutely so, I Financed the project in which it happened to you to participate. But I hurry to calm you, I am not going to declare the property right. I crookedly grinned. - I am hetero, and you whatever one may do nevertheless the man, but looking at you I a little... I am confused. - And why you tell it to me? - Accept it as комплимен. - Yul also is good to brazgat foam. Kostya normal man. - Forgive didn't notice... and at once. I took seat at a table. Nearby Vika flopped, the normal man sat down opposite. The waiter right there approached us. - Rum, the plan Barbarossa arrange us please. - we Will make Victoria Stanislavovna. The plan Barbarossa included indecently a lot of strong alcohol. And we drank it. The begun small talk, quickly outgrew in бухалово. Kostya poured compliments it wildly irritated me though under skin with inquiries to me I didn't climb, and on that thanks. Some people sat down by us, others came to their change, I ceased to try to remember their names. Blue woke in me the fact that "soul of the company" is called and evening began to give me pleasure. To my astonishment with Kostya we had general subjects for a conversation, we briskly argued on something and even drank brotherhood, the truth the kiss was not in the spirit of traditions, Kostya tried to kiss me on a hickey I was discharged, but it started in me chain reaction. As if covered with a basin, several minutes I silently reflected that this man wants to have me. Meanwhile on the street darkened. - Something to me херовасто... I now. Vika left towards a toilet. Her place was taken right there by Kostya, on my inquiring look a pier "че that is necessary?" He answered: - It more better to see you the Little Red Riding Hood. - Very ambiguously sounds, it doesn't seem to you? - Everything is quite unambiguous. - Yes? Then why I am so intense... and? - because you pravilnno understand all. - Listen to me even to think of it in a disgusting way, let's not spoil evening. - I don't know what happens with me. But I want you. I didn't expect from myself it, but I want because of that someone you are, understanding that you... and eyes don't trust. It takes down a roof. Yulya I want you. You are exclusive. He looked to me in eyes, in them I saw thirst. Kostya didn't constrain the look in open any more examining me. - your lips... ччёрт, you would only know that I want that you made these lips. I think of that as they clasp mine... as you look at me at the same time. From below up. I want to delay your cheek from a nutria. I want to terminate on your face. I want to fuck you! And I tell it therefore just about I will go mad. Yes I already went balmy! I can't think of anything the friend. Forgive I to yourself not the owner now. Strange feeling when the man tells you it. In the beginning I wanted to answer to put it mildly - sharply. To put him into place, to knock out from him all this shit, but in me suddenly something clicked, thoughts passed into other course. Before eyes a scene of a porn of the movie, with me in leading roles. I just presented what it, presented only in order that will grin, but This thought rushed as a snowball from the mountain, gaining the weight and volume. I had no words, I had nothing to tell. The grin slipped from my face. Heart was driven in as if to me entered adrenaline intravenously. I so deeply plunged into myself that didn't notice as he laid a hand to my Shek. All floated before eyes, touch with reality is lost, please reboot the device. He kissed me. I couldn't answer him as I stayed in a stupor, but I remembered that as he kissed my lips as he in turn clasps my lips with the. His hand on we wash a knee. It smoothly slides up lifting up a dress hem. Well so it is impossible! - Kostya, is the bad idea... He concerned my perineum. In response to it I vzdrgnut having clamped his palm hips. - Kostya you spoke... What I wanted to achieve these it "is not necessary", "please", "Kostya stop" I don't know. I didn't know more true. Because of fear to admit to itself that wildly I want the same what and he, I denied obvious. Then he took my hand and put it to himself in trousers. The palm clasped a hot and horney dick. - Hey Kazvnova is fucking! It was Vika. What there my subconsciousness wouldn't long, I very much was delighted to her emergence.-armed in pockets remove! The confused Kostya began to rise from a sofa. - Vika... I not... - You as? The girl addressed me and didn't look drunk any more. In reply I negatively shook the head. Then it softly pulled me by a hand and led to the car. The come round Kostya followed. He murmured something that he was deranged that apologizes, but to me there was to him no business. Tension receded, adrenaline finally came out so on me deadly pulled hard was tired also apathy, the feet were hardly shuffled so it was necessary to me will be given on the girlfriend. - Vika a billeting! Kostya seized her by a hand and turned to himself. - You don't represent what now occurs in my head! I ask, you don't leave, I am an obeshcha... - You are an idiot? On the face of my defender sincere amazement appeared - Nakhuy go! - she put to him a finger directly in a face and we went outside. - Vika, what with ache occurs? - I don't know... sit down... I became hollow on back seat, after me Vika. - You as the princess? - Badly somehow... there is a wish to rip skin off itself. There is shit! I began to start to boil, the rage gave me forces, but there was no place to put them. I sadanut a fist on a chair, pain wasn't, but at once it became somehow easier. - the Bitch! I want to break to somebody fucked. We lay in a bed, Vika looked at me. I lay to her a back and felt on myself her stare. - It is possible I will embrace you? I kept silent. Vika attracted me to herself and clasped with two hands. Her body flared heat, the breast was stuck into me, I felt a cheek her breath. - Of what you think now? - I... I don't know... why with me something is eternal not so? - Hm, you know, it seems to me that you exaggerate. You perfection. - Then why... I so react? And? What happens to me? - Actually, it isn't so bad. Just you aren't ready to that yet that it happened and you vosprinisat all so sharply. - I even can't tell a word... it... at these moments I want and at the same time I can't! It breaks me from within. - Today you concerned probably the most important problem facing you and her decision will come in the natural way, you want it or not. - Vika, I ёбнусь. You don't represent what it. - you don't yobntsya Anywhere. Where further? - Vika. - Yes. - I want now... you... She pressed me even stronger. - I wind myself... I want to cease, but I can't. I miss... on... Her lips touched me behind an ear. - Yulya... you need time... - can You make it with me? - I Can but... - don't you want? - I Want, you don't represent what is created from a dyudma when you be near, you... Lips clasped a lobe of my ear, again fingers at me between legs, these contacts... are gentle. Her basin shakes me as if she wants to enter me. Goosebumps at me on skin, language leaves a damp strip on a neck. She presses a wet finger to my lips, I disconnect them passing it inside. Then she turns me to herself, looks in the face. She sees in them something like that... kiss. At first gentle, the pressure also becomes passionate. My legs are stretched in different directions, again the kiss sliding in a corner of my lips, down, they find chin birthmark. I have on a chin a small birthmark. I feel contact with a neck, I haven't enough air. Greedy I pull him a mouth. A clavicle, below, her teeth are slightly closed on we wash to a nipple, it becomes intolerable! The sheet сминаетмя under my fingers and each exhalation pushes out the muffled groan. Below. Down, on edges. One... two... rub... curves a back an arch and skin of a stomach stretches precisely a drum, showered burning with kisses. Language removes a circle of my navel. I stick fingers into the hair, to pain I pull them to muffle it бээ! It can't be taken out! Below. She concerns... The mouth reveals in mute shout. - No! Stop! Stop! I can't any more! I won't take out! Please! I look down, her head moves between my legs, it to do it greedy, and at the same time is sadistically gentle, holding me on the edge. I hid the face in hands. Don't cook a pot. When her fingers to nachinayutdvigatsya in me, I finally lose the head. The body shakes with spasms, torture continues not long. The accumulated tension escapes outside. As air from without restraint мечещегося about the room a ball. I seem I shout. It gives relief and a high from which to me not to get down until the end of life. dates on resume necessary date today gregorian site mapMain Page