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Hi. My history from life, more precisely the first business trip in the Anastasia Domani company. Delivered me a task to visit an exhibition of hosiery products in other city and to collect all information, to start useful contacts and to present our company. The office manager Christina (yes - yes decided to go by train, that most of a part "Acquaintance") ordered tickets on the Internet and I directly from work went to the station. That day on me there was strict office dress according to an official dress-kod: shoes on a heel with an open sock, thin black stockings on a belt, the fitting skirt, a white blouse and a jacket. Agree, for the train not a format, but time to go home to change clothes wasn't, it is good though o to a possible business trip warned in the morning and I took with myself a small suitcase with linen, cosmetics, replaceable footwear, spare stockings and expensive tights "on an exit". The conductor - the man as always, attentively I checked the ticket and allowed to pass in the car, but having seen my shoes on a high heel and the baggage instantly gave me a hand, took a small suitcase and kindly invited to rise. Rearranging legs on steps I felt as my skirt and legs in stockings rises appeared at him before eyes, I don't doubt, he couldn't tear off the eyes from such show. To that my heel of the right shoe got into a trap of a step and I nearly lost ee — the Piglet literally slipped out, nesmotrya on a thong fastener in front. The gallant conductor appeared also here by the way, one hand it skillfully "returned" mine to the Piglet back to "lodge". Having passed a corridor in the third compartment I appeared absolutely one, before departure still there were 15 minutes and I decided to use this useful time for myself: I brought into an order a make-up in front of a mirror, I spread out things, I got the book on the history of fashion and suits. No forgot o main — to change clothes, I so also remained in office dress-kode, a my legs very much were tired of heels. In several minutes couple of average years came into a compartment and we went. It is my first business trip in the hosiery company "Anastasia Domani". Good luck to me! — "Let's get acquainted, we are called by Elena and Igor" — suddenly, with a smile the man said. — "Anjelica, and without king" — blurted out I. In a moment it turned out that we go to one city to the final station. It was family couple, they went in guests to other couple with whom got acquainted on the Internet. Typical history, in the general-to, not the truth - whether? I conveniently settled down on the lower shelf when that conductor with the purpose of verification of tickets and deliveries of bed linen came into a compartment. Having seen me, he told: "Do you watch a shoe, me it can not appear nearby, a suddenly she will escape again?" — "Nothing, I will change clothes of them now, I thank for care!" Having received a bed I began to make ee, having bent over the shelf so that my silk panties and a belt were obviously visible to stockings from under a skirt, at the waist level. — "Maybe you want to change clothes, we will leave? — Elena took an interest. — "No, I will only take off footwear, it isn't worth worrying" — I parried. Rastegivaya fasteners of shoes I saw a persistent view of the companion of Elena of this process, he literally ate my legs eyes. — "My God, as legs for the whole day were tired". Now massage of feet — I thought. — You have Anjelica on tights a plumelet from a pillow" — Elena noticed. — "It is stockings on a belt. No everything is equal thanks. — "Always I appreciate women who wear stockings on a belt, in it is that-to royal, aristocratical" — Elena summarized. "A that for the brand?" — "It is the Anastasia Domani brand, I work in the company of the same name and allocate us all the best of the range. Did you really like stockings?" — We with Igor adore beautiful women so slender legs, yes still and packed into quality nylon". I from compliments exposed both legs in length before them and we three together admired several seconds quality of stockings. — "It is possible to stroke that on oshchup to get acquainted with them? — uncertainly Igor asked? — "Yes you as it seemed to me, since the beginning managed to get acquainted visually with my legs in stockings! persons on a latch, I thought and it was closed. — "Igor, flirt for ladies. Open for us a wine small bottle, stroke legs, make massage" — his wife exposed a number of tasks. We sat down on my shelf and considered legs. Having drunk 100 grams of red semisweet wine I slightly got drunk, took Lenochka's foot and began to inhale aroma of ee of tights greedy. Igor got the huge elastic penis and drove him on knees of the wife and mine, leaving the allocations on thin thread of tights. Elena as far as it tights allowed, I accepted in a mouth his "trunk", so that red lip lipstick slightly painted light blue tights of Igor areas of a penis. The right hand Lenochka massed my clitoris through thread of tights, by that moment I already got rid of shorts and panties. Absolutely I lost mind from wine and caress. Igor groaned from nylon blowjob of the spouse, I kept saying "still and still, give, pretty mine" and also groaned in a unison to him. In several minutes Igor felt approach of an orgasm, sat down to our legs and let out all white dense juice on Elena's legs and mine. So plentifully on my tights still nobody cumed, here his cum was enough a for 4 (!!!) legs. Lena continued now already by fingers of legs to come into my vagina, an I made that most at kitty ee. Ne I know as at my new companion, but I received a plentiful orgasm and without forces in some tights in Igor's cum leaned back on a pillow. Elena collected by fingers the husband's juice from tights and treated herself. I smeared residues of precious liquid along tights. Literally in a minute the knock at a door was heard. The conductor with the offer of coffee or tea. Examining a compartment he saw a part of my leg in tights on which the fresh cum of Igor flowed, but even with the help of sense of smell he guessed that here occurred recently. We everything were three together covered with sheets as the Roman courtesans so the Emperor who only that I made happy us. — "The girl, take a towel, your tights were soiled in what" — again kindly as holding a distance, the attentive motorman said. — "It is a cum of the man sitting on the 15th place, opposite. Ne it is worth soiling a towel, his wife for me will flirt. With these words I stretched legs to Elena and she bezapelyatsionno a uvula pinched dense liquid. The conductor was dumbfounded and implored: "The girl, I have an unusual offer to you. Please, present me these tights with your smell!?" — "What also it were pleasant to you? Here I put. Now Lenochka will pinch everything and I present you them. A it is possible to take an interest for what?" — "You know, many men dream to have tights or stockings of the stranger who passes by, or sits in transport, etc. nearby. I will inhale your aroma, a so they will occupy the honourable place in my secret collection of women's linen and tights from kind passengers." — "Persuaded. I took off tights and handed them to the conductor. Igor and Elena applauded, playfully smiling. I in the turn got new pair of the thinnest panty hoses and defiantly packed them the legs at all. The conductor, happy from the reached purpose, went for our tea, we began to play an in words, only instead of names of the cities called brands of tights: — Dignity Pellegrino — Omsa — Anastasia Domani... I fell asleep in some tights and without shorts, even having forgotten to take cover a sheet. So my buttocks fitted by nylon all night flaunted in a compartment. And even I didn't notice as at night so stations one more man came into a compartment, having occupied the top shelf it is necessary me. My God that he thought, having seen my buttocks!? In the morning I put on stockings on a belt, shoes on a heel again, guided a make-up, pleased myself with aroma of spirits and going down on steps of the car me picked up that conductor which specially woke up for a meeting so me. Only one smiling hint I understood — my yesterday's tights are put on on it now. And from it it is madly happy. As it is necessary for happiness of men a little! Girls! 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