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Nevertheless there is some magic in names, in accord of names, it seems everything accidental, but so turns out at me that is almost constant in friends and girlfriends guys and girls with names identical almost. And not almost! There now, having left Northern Kazakhstan where there was my friend of the childhood Mishka and our wonderful girlfriends Nadia and Tanya, in the Crimea, in the class, I made friends with the guy by the name of Mikhail. Moreover when receiving new apartments by parents we began to live in one house, only at different entrances. We strong became friends - identical interests, one school, we live in one house and our girlfriends were girlfriends among themselves too. Bright as an electrobroom, the schoolmate Mishka got acquainted with a figuristy akseleratka by the name of Nadia - full шарман! And I somehow leave the gym after the training on a basketa, I look there is Mishka and smiles in all thirty two teeth - got tickets for the cool movie "Pirates of the XX Century". I was delighted, and he also gave out - I am waited by a surprise! We stood literally five minutes near movie theater, such figuristy little girl runs up here and to embrace Mishka is his Nadia. And in five minutes of acquaintance - the flying sports step the high little girl approached, and I it seems also know her. So it is Tanya, from the second school, we got acquainted, she plays basketball too. Cunning Mishka bought tickets so that we sat separately, I with Tanya, and he with Nadia, all was afraid that I can beat off his girlfriend. And anything little girl, seductive! But also Tanya too a peach - a figure cool and what breast at her - is more best not to look in a t-shirt cut, squint it is provided! Such exciting "apples" impudently pull fine fabric and obviously ask that they were caressed. But we behaved modestly! Well kissed a little and I stroked Tanya on her "peaches" - it was so wonderful! We and met to army, and on New Year's Eve even began to have slowly sex with little girls. Well and of course they promised to wait for us. Ha-ha three times! Well - in army, so in army. We with Mishka even asked to serve together and received almost ridiculous status "the Air Force, land". Mishka joked - land aircraft. But planes not only fly, and and are under repair so we served in TECh of our aviapart, I had the third category of the turner, for Mishka of the milling-machine operator so we are so two years in overalls and served-worked. Da Mishka thought up also here - suggested our captain to help nearby collective farm with a hardware, they without them just groaned. Also it turned out - all parties were happy, in the dining room meat, and at us with Mishka discharge was often fresher. Two years flew by as one instant! After army we with Mishka worked at one plant and got married almost at the same time and with our girlfriends. Strangely enough, they waited for us and didn't marry in a hurry. And that there were these two years - the secret covered with a gloom! And it is more best not to know it - "in many knowledge - many grieves" as Aristotle spoke. But one day we learned that Nadia "flew" so Mischa as the decent man, made her the proposal. However, she flew probably from me - one morning having run to me to find Tanya, she understood that Tanya went to the country for a week, but with my parents - mine the grandfather and the grandmother strongly wanted to look at my friend. And somehow so imperceptibly we appeared in my bed and from a morning strut I mechanically twice in a row terminated in it. Yes I forgot, it at Tanya of a spiralk! But all is well that ends well - soon Mischa and Nadia's wedding. Nadia's parents organized a wedding at restaurant. At them of course we witnessed with Tanya. At restaurant it was wonderful, but the finest is the first marriage night of newlyweds. We were brought to the apartment of parents of Nadia, now the new family will live in their three, and parents - at the dacha, by the way, quite cool and well-planned. We sat at a table in their kitchen a little more, I was hungry as a wild animal, couldn't eat, carrying out duties of "friend" and Mishka too. Then we dispersed on rooms - the Bear with pleasure fucked the beauty Nadia, but now in the official status. And I settled in the second room with Tanya, she was quite drunk - such is a fate friends, with all it is necessary to drink therefore lay as a doll while I undressed her. Having had her and with pleasure in a hot vagina, I turned then Tanechka on a flank and terminated in her soft buttocks - we are officially not married, it is necessary to be protected. Then a little more all men sat with Michel in kitchen, as well as, restoring the forces "fire-water" with snack, and after he I surprised me a little, having unexpectedly suggested me to have Nadia. We with him changed earlier girlfriends "to vanish" a little, but that there was barchelor sit-round gathering, and now he and Nadia, so to speak - the official husband and the wife. But Mischa cheerfully convinced me, a pier it is so possible this night, and that at him on second "calling" isn't necessary, and the bride in official first marriage night needs to be had specifically and repeatedly, at least few times. Well time it is necessary and the friend asks and resolves... Especially as the beauty Nadia was always pleasant to me, and here also Mishka offers her, so to speak - sex on friendship and mutual aid... In almost complete darkness of the bedroom I laid down near half-naked Nadyusha, shivering from an anticipation of a forbidden fruit a little and began to caress her gently. It was dozing, but soon began to respond on my caress, obviously without understanding at all someone near her, and here she began to answer violently my kisses, we began to kiss взасос, and I began to stroke-oar her on a pomokrevshy shchyolochka and to rumple a button a klitorka. Having caressed and having passionately kissed her smart breast on what Nadia responded sweet groans, I with pleasure settled between cool legs of the beauty which she he is quick-witted moved apart and was absolutely quietly given me - just as to the lawful husband. Yes I began slowly, and then to move in her hot vagina quicker and quicker - as cool was to have not giving birth passionate young woman in her still a hard vagina. Nadia was sympathetic on caress, it was so wonderful "to drive" on her elastic hot body moreover and it isn't necessary to interrupt process - the girl married. We terminated almost at the same time, I lay down on her a little more, enjoying both her embraces and a secret - I fucked Mishka's wife moreover and with his permission, just super! But here it is time and to climb up - it is necessary both in a toilet and in a shower, I was all in sweat, with pleasure "having worked" a request of the old friend. Here having left from a shower and having gone to the room allocated for us with Tanya, I found very interesting picture, it is a little of me surprised - the Bear, having put my friend on a tummy and having palmed off under a tummy a pillow, so, that it was curved a little, отклячив the round buttocks, with might and main fucked her. Here such we, men - on the lawful wife at him it seems aren't necessary, and on foreign girlfriend - you are welcome! Tries from all forces, both fornicators publish at the same time such sweet groans of passion that I was involuntarily made horney and my dick began "to wake up". Sharman! And here Mishka stood up and began to put "fighter" in cool buttocks of my friend, despite her moaning and drunk objections - Mishka's dick a little more mine will be. Having quickly terminated, he smartly got down from an elastic body of my friend and potopat to the bathroom, holding the "old friend" with a hand. Well Mishka worked - all back shines from sweat! And the round on a bed was quite exciting - before me the cool young woman, from clothes on her a brassiere and stockings on beautiful legs lies. Having admired this exciting show, I in a minute nestled also on Tang, As they say - having released the tired soldier from a fighting duty. Probably Mishka strongly "warmed" it - soon my friend was just killed in orgasm paroxysms, having begun to tremble and publishing loud sweet groans. And I terminated in her buttocks - after Mishka entered quite easily. I then for a long time lay on it, having nearly fallen asleep - what my Tanya cool, sweet and elastic, just charm! Well what else to think, even she was pleasant to the grandfather with my grandmother - in a month we got married. Well and as it is ridiculous - to us Mishka with Nadia thrust with witnesses, time my wedding in the village, in the house of the grandfather and them nobody knows. It seems and it is impossible, but there is a strong wish for times, as they say - that is possible! We perfectly spent our first marriage night, having gone to the city, there our parents bought a cooperative two-room flat in due time - almost mirror display of former marriage night turned out. Tanya was absolutely sober, having decided to become pregnant this night, Nadia can't drink already so we three together were as fragments of glass, here only Mishka "was a little taken". But I was in shape still! After sex with the wives we gathered on kitchen, Tanya after mine to kuna and sex looked happy and Nadia too. Seeing it, Mishka in the right frame of mind also suggested us to exchange wives, but Tanya didn't agree now - like, earlier she was a girlfriend, and now the official wife, and it quite another matter. But gradually Nadia finished her, kissing passionately and caressing in the intimate twilight supposedly just you will give to Mishka in buttocks or a mouth, so to speak - on old friendship. Yes here he won't gather for the second calling with the wife in any way, and Nadia still wants to potrakhatsya though разик supposedly help out the girlfriend. Interesting offer on assistance! And from my buttocks Thani Mishka always lost in admiration, constantly praises and admires round appetizing buttocks of my beauty. Probably it served as a last straw so after a hot request of Nadia and with my permission - my beloved it seems and reluctantly, but I agreed. And Nadia unexpectedly wanted to peep at "these impudent libertines" as she said. Here understand these women! Having taken me by hand, she dragged to doors to the bedroom. In weak light of a floor lamp we saw the disturbing picture - the Bear, having put my beauty on a tummy, caressed a uvula and fingers her a hard hole, moving apart gentle soft buttocks of my charm and, having got permission, tried to enter her buttocks. Yes not really also it turned out - you will put such cone not everywhere. Then, having raised her hips, Mishka sharply put in a vagina of my sweet zhenulechka. Strangely enough, this picture when other man has my wife, strongly made horney me especially as my Tanusha began to derive pleasure - her loud sweet groans pleasures rattled on all apartment. dates help you lose weight date ideas quezon city site mapMain Page