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Academic year proceeded. Now it was necessary to spend even more time at school. Not only that study in two changes, so still remote lessons for pupils on self-isolation or an observation. There was no free time left. Well though at the weekend it was possible to take a walk, will meet friends and to receive an energy charge for the next educational week. Sometimes, the patience and nerves wasn't enough for pupils. They will break a door, will spoil a ceiling, blinds will tear off. Today day was more free, only one lesson in the second change. — Ol, billeting! — Alyona shouted to me in a corridor, waved a hand. — You where now? — I will take notebooks with control, and home. And you? — I approached closer the girlfriend, I examined her in a long dark corridor. — I have two more lessons — she only sighed, appraisingly looked at me. — We go — I nodded aside. — I miss you — her voice became more silent. I looked round around. In the opposite side seventh-graders ran. Their shouts, knock of steps reached. The violet dress emphasized a slim figure of the colleague. She a little below me growth, the slender, nice teacher of biology with a fair hair of average length. The small breast was excreted, slightly on a bottom contours of panties were looked through. So there was a wish to get under a dress, to caress her legs in black tights, to kiss chubby lips. The wave of excitement swept a body. We planned to meet four together last week in the country, but because of a quarantine the complex didn't work. At the dacha at us it is already cold. So all also broke. — We go to me, to tea you will drink, fifteen more minutes of change remained — she looked for hours. — Do you think, we will be in time? — I specified at her, tapping with a boot on shabby, almost black parquet. — I don't know — she shrugged shoulders and was twisted. — Though so we will chat without excess ears. At me in a utility room of anybody. Today lessons remained only with me, and Zhorik will definitely not prevent us. I giggled how many at her I was, I didn't get used to the skeleton model. All the same he confused me, appear, that spies upon our caress, kisses, and will give the bony hands and will grab. I shuddered, the pussy was humidified from memoirs. Alyonka was embarrassed. By couple of pupils ran, didn't even pay attention to two teachers. — Perhaps more better at the weekend we will meet. We won't hurry anywhere, it isn't necessary to listen to each sound in a corridor — pupils ran back. — And well don't run! — Sorry, Olga Mikhaelovna — the fair-haired guy murmured, wiped sweat from a forehead, dropped into a fast pace. — Look at me, and school disorganize that! — I shook finger at him, the girlfriend only smiled. — You see how here. — Yes — she knowingly nodded, bent and whispered to me almost on an ear. — But I want you. The heat spread on a body, cheeks were filled in by a flush. There was a wish to embrace the girlfriend and to kiss. Itself didn't know why to her so attracted me. She was pleasant to Andrey too, sometimes I had a slight jealousy when he gave more time to the colleague, but our pranks three together are kisses, caress, games with a cum, sweet groans and rough orgasms. Nervously I swallowed, I caught on myself a lewd look of Alyonki. Dissolute gloss in her eyes. I noticed how her breath became frequent. If we are seen now by "Lizard", will precisely find what to carp at. Again will tell that I have too short dress or on a jacket a big cut. — And I you. It is a pity that this year there are no excursions. Do you remember how we in the past in the Carpathians? — exchanged views, according to her I understood that she would like to appear in mountains again, in number and to caress. — Oh — the colleague sighed, did up hair. — On us even number with a double bed was palmed off as if knew that we with you... I smiled to her and I nodded. Pupils rustled and different insults each other shouted. And I wanted will snatch on Alyonka in the next class. To pull down from itself a gray dress, to break from her clothes, to stick into her lips, to caress a breast. The pussy flowed juice. I squeezed cams stronger. Nipples bulked up and rested against bodice cups. Legs shivered, excitement concentrated in a tummy bottom. The call broke silence. I nearly jumped up from surprise. — You what? — Alyona gave a hand, touched my shoulder. — Ah — I waved a hand and I deeply sighed. — Come, just in case, to us in the evening. Andrey will be delighted, we will relax three together. — I don't promise, hardly — the colleague began to bustle, pulled a bag on a shoulder. — At me laboratory lie, and two more abstracts need to be written, plus for those someone on isolation, to make lessons. So far — she said goodbye and, knocking heels, a fast pace went to a biology office. I looked her following, I admired her hair, the tightened bottom, slender legs. Alyona opened a door in an office, noticed that I watch her. I waved to me. There was a wish to guess her thoughts, she thinks of me now, remembers our sex. Behind the back I slapped a door. Mechanically I turned the head. Shouts in a class abated. I looked back, but the girlfriend seized the moment, hid. Perhaps to go to her? Home I especially didn't hurry. I have only three lessons tomorrow. I thought, rocked on the place. I hesitated and couldn't make the final decision. — Olga Mikhaelovna, you what cost here? — Alla Ivanovna holding a big pile of notebooks in hand asked me. — Do you still have lessons? — No — negatively I twisted the head. — I now too home — I didn't know that else to tell lies to her. — And I checked notebooks with compositions. You won't believe that they write. Horror — she adjusted glasses and appraisingly looked at me. — To you so it isn't cold? — I nodded on my short dress. — Put on more warmly — it seemed that she shuddered. — Normally — I waved a hand and I smiled. — I now quickly home will also not manage to freeze. — At your age I liked to put on beautifully too. And now and the figure not that and health — it sighed, we together went to a teacher's room. — It seems to me, the Roman Frantsevich often is lost in contemplation of you. I shuddered, I became puzzled. I looked at a black parquet. Really she noticed something? He in the presence of strangers afforded nothing superfluous, in a teacher's room is shown very seldom. I for about a week didn't see him. After fucked with him in a utility room with sport stock. So it the second change ended and at school hardly someone remained. — Though in such dress any man won't have on you eyes glued — the colleague relieved the tension. — But all of you are more careful, and that... — Yes, yes — I didn't allow her to finish speaking. — I understood everything. We entered a teacher's room. It is good that in it there were some more colleagues and I managed will evade from a conversation. For the years Alla Ivanovna looked still well though to her for sixty, she gathered for pension all the time, but anywhere didn't leave. I opened a locker, I got the black jacket, I pulled out a scarf and I began to wind him on a neck. I caught on myself the mathematics teacher's eye. To him under forty, slender, of average height with the fair hair which is sticking out in different directions. Massive aquiline nose, wide eyebrows. He instantly hung the head and began to thumb through the magazine nervously. I pulled a dress down. I turned to it a back. I looked at myself in a small mirror. I did up the dark hair. I smiled to myself. In general attractive, it is slightly higher than average growth, slender, a lovely face, an accurate nose, a breast of the second size. The dress emphasized advantages of my figure. Videla reflection of the teacher in a mirror, now he precisely разглядывав my bottom. Somehow earlier behind him I didn't notice it. Or perhaps and truth dress short? I wore it in University. Here and a cut small, sleeves long, let and to a knee. I looked at Alla Ivanovna who in a big bag packed piles of notebooks. It is good that I don't have these compositions and dictations. I put on myself a jacket, lipstick I corrected sponges. I looked in a window. The sky was wrapped up by gray clouds, the neighboring building became covered by the first snow, branches on trees became silvery, only dark paths of sidewalks lasted black lines. As if someone tried to draw something, but nothing sensible turned out. — Good-bye — I said goodbye and, without waiting for the answer, left in a corridor. The door slapped. Tapping with heels, I went to an exit. I tried to go more carefully not to draw excess attention. With this virus and study it is necessary to carry out a big half of day to two changes at school. How many times I said myself that I will leave that I will throw and I will more better go to trade to the market. Passed three years so quickly. I got used to the schedule, I learned to find somehow a common language with pupils. I got acquainted with Alyona who became me very close girlfriend and the mistress. Little flirtation with the Roman Frantsevich. It is necessary with him more carefully, there was no wish for excess rumors and gossips. I went outside, I deeply inhaled fresh cool air. The last days of fall, even it isn't believed that soon holidays. It seems that it is necessary to spend them at home. Perhaps we will call Alyona and Dima, we will arrange a dissolute gruppovushka. I released a big cloud of steam. Slowly I went on wet asphalt, I tried not to enter pools. Noise of transport was heard, the late pupils went home. From hall windows the technicians unstuck multi-colored foliage and droplets of a rain. Probably, now will stick something New Year's. I peered at the shining windows of classes. Quietly there were lessons. In a bag phone melody played. I moved from surprise, I got the gadget and I answered a call. — Good afternoon — I heard a greeting. — Good afternoon — I greeted in reply, I pulled a cap slightly up. — Olga Mikhaelovna, is a grandfather of your schoolgirl Arina — the male voice quietly sounded. — You couldn't come to us on preparation for ZNO today, and for tomorrow to her English transferred that. Just in case, I will pay in addition to you, and I can come for you. Can you now for four hours? I thought, I scratched a chin. I corrected a breast-band from a handbag. I heard breath from that party. I didn't plan an additional lesson today. I looked at the wires which are wrapped up in snow isolation. From them small snowflakes broke and flew down. I looked for hours, nearly four. — Olga Mikhaelovna, you hear me? — the man reminded of himself. — To us to wait for you today? Tomorrow with you to meet at the granddaughter it won't turn out. — Yes, yes, I hear. I generally didn't plan to you — I didn't know what else to tell. — And it is impossible to make changes to your plans? Or you have other pupils? — I have nobody for today. Just all collections with tests at my place. I now from school go — by, stirring about cars, there passed two men, one of them turned back, appraisingly looked at me. — But if you wish, then, probably, I can come. We will find what to be engaged. — Perfectly! — the man was delighted. — Will you be in time to four? Again I looked at the watch, I estimated for how many I will manage to reach their apartment. — Yes, I will be in time. I then at once to you. — We will wait for you. See you again. I wanted to tell something, but the interlocutor was disconnected. I put phone back. From cafe from the opposite side of the street pleasantly smelled. In a stomach began to hum. In vain I didn't go to the dining room. Let prepare so-so, but cheap and simply. I quickened the pace. I admired thujas which were almost completely wrapped up by snow. There was a wish to approach and take several selfie, but somehow I was ashamed of people around. To me already twenty eight, but not eighteen. It seems, still itself I ran in school recently, I met boys, I swore at younger sister... I smiled broadly. And now I am married, and I continue to go to school. I dreamed of legal, and it appeared on historical. I turned to the quiet street. I couldn't understand, as legs dirt or porridge from snow. The cars hidden under a snow cover seemed all identical. By, splashing dirt, I passed old big black Mercedes with the Lithuanian numbers. I looked at a jacket, it is good what flew by by. Perhaps would ask to come for me more better. I especially didn't want to teach private lessons, but Alyona persuaded to try. Extra money won't prevent though to us and promised to raise wages, but copied everything on a pandemic and froze. And the husband has an income less now. There was a wish to collect money and to buy him the new electrorazor for Christmas. Several times I saw how he examined it on the Internet, but I didn't decide to get. In the distance the house of the schoolgirl seemed. Several windows shone, silhouettes flashed. On the city twilight went down, the light frost was felt. Tomorrow nevertheless I will put on more warmly. I will obey Alla Ivanovna's council, and that also "Lizard" will carp. She didn't miss an opportunity to esteem morals. Deeply I sighed. I estimated the plan for unplanned occupation. At first we will repeat the main dates, then we will walk on culture, and then tests. Just in case, we will take them from the Internet. I turned into the yard. The girl in a light green jacket walked with a pink carriage. I told something about snow and the bunny. At an entrance I stood as if the watchman, a small snowman. I pulled a door. Tapping on a concrete floor, I tried stryast snow from boots. To buy the apartment to itself in such house. Quiet court, big playground and only four floors, and that eternally problems with the elevator. I stopped at a brown metal door on the second floor. I pressed a call, I heard his melody. Mechanically I did up hair. I listened to sounds behind a door. I took off gloves and I stuffed them into pockets. From the street some male voices, laughter of girls reached. I smiled, probably, some company celebrates something. I couldn't orient in what party voices moved away. I heard as the lock clicked. — Good afternoon — the elderly man greeted and I smiled broadly. — You pass — gesture I invited me to the apartment. — Quicker, don't release heat. And that in the bottom of a door isn't closed. — Good afternoon — I giggled and I entered the apartment. — To give slippers to you? — he offered, standing near me. — You pass to the room. The granddaughter will approach now. Will you wait minute? — I will wait, and the slipper isn't necessary — I waved a hand, undid a jacket and hung up her on a hanger at an entrance, it was undressed. — Arina will appear soon? — Minutes five, ten — the man looked for hours. — You pass to the room — he nodded aside. I began to examine me attentively. I smiled, at a big mirror I did up hair. His Videla several times houses. By sight around sixty. High, strong, rather slender, a gray hair, narrow eyebrows, the massive forehead decorated with wrinkles. On him blue sports pants with white stripes, a blue shirt. The top buttons aren't clasped, the hairy breast well was seen. I licked lips, I pulled trousers up. — You today very beautiful — the pensioner, smiling, I gave me a compliment. — The dress to you very much goes. — Thanks — I pulled it on the automatic machine down, maybe, it indeed short. — You don't stand, you pass — he pushed with a leg a door. — It is possible to flirt for you? I giggled, I met the eyes of him. I tried to remember his name, but it was impossible. I don't know how to it there was Alyona. His granddaughter prepared for receipt in MVS academy, I don't think that she was engaged in biology. Now often I saw on the street of sexy girls of police officers. Though most in youth there was a wish to work in court. I think that Arina in shape would look at all not worse. I didn't see her parents, the grandfather sometimes only looked on us and offered tea or coffee, but I always refused. — You, probably, hungry? Give I to you sandwiches I will make. Have a bite, I quickly, and you to the room pass. Feel at home — I wanted to refuse, but he outstripped my remark. — The refusal isn't accepted. To you tea or coffee? — More best tea — shortly I answered it and I smiled. — Everything, I am quickly. Sit minute. The pensioner quickly was behind a brown door of kitchen. I looked at a corridor, at striped light brown wall-paper, a small rug with flowers on a floor. On walls several pictures. I heard a ware ring. I shrugged shoulders and I entered the spacious room. The mirror stretch ceiling did it even more. For an instant I lost orientation. An angular sofa, two chairs, a wall with the TV, a beautiful table with chairs at a window. All dark brown with black inserts. Most brighter colors are pleasant. I stopped at family photos within. I looked at the big clock on a wall, they loudly struck aside blows. As soon as don't prevent to sleep, them it is precisely heard in all apartment and to neighbors too. I such precisely would throw out. The room was entered by the man with a tray. Again appraisingly I looked at me up and down. Exchanged smiles. From sandwiches smelled delicious. Several times I swallowed. The pensioner put a tray. I pulled a big chair, it in a disgusting way creaked on a dark parquet. Goosebumps ran on a body. Outside the window twilight went down. In the distance the smoking pipe of some boiler house was seen. I tried to guess the direction of wind. — Olga Mikhaelovna, you sit down please — he pointed to a chair, pulled next. — Be treated. If something is wrong, sorry — he made a helpless gesture. — How Arina? Well material acquires? There is a strong wish that she arrived on the budget. — Difficultly for her — I tried to be at more correct loss for words. — Let tries and looks at boys less. — And she has someone? — with surprise he asked and I focused on me. — You eat — I inclined the head towards a plate. — Got hungry. I giggled, maybe, in vain I blurted out about boys. She is a girl nice, beautifully and sexually puts on, several times saw how at school she was met by some guys is more senior. I squeezed cams, I stretched to sandwich, the mouth was filled with saliva, it was necessary to swallow several times. — Perhaps wine? — he rose, went to a wall. — I have good. I do itself of currant — I got the bottle which is poured crimson shades. — For acquaintance, and that never plainly I communicated with you — he took two glasses from the shelf, put them on a table, examined my knees fitted by black tights. — A little bit — the man turned off a bottle and began to spill drink. — Will be enough — I stopped him and I brought a hand to a bottle. — As you will tell — he sat down back and took the glass, wine was beautifully poured, in glass saw the distorted reflection. — For you! Health to you, good salary and obedient pupils! — Oh thanks — I smiled, I brought to lips, I inhaled pleasant aroma, I took several sips, I felt how liquid flows down in a stomach, it was twisted. — The first to the bottom — he reminded me, discontentedly I shifted eyebrows. — It weak and tasty. Deeply I sighed, I overturned the remains. On a body pleasant heat spread, I felt as the heat flowed to cheeks. There was a wish to touch them. I took sandwich. — It was pleasant? — he stretched to a bottle. — It is possible just Olya to address you? I nodded in agreement, I continued to chew, negatively I waved a hand and I pulled a glass. I looked for hours, there was no wish that alcohol went to the head. Probably, Arina with someone went on a spree. To ask him to call her or most to gather? — An antelope beetle, give on one — the pensioner offered and lifted a glass. — For teachers! Achievements in yours it is difficult for work. — Oh, thanks — I smiled, looking as the man drank off, I wiped at a nose. — I in youth, before army, met one teacher. She only graduated from school and she was sent to our village. Something to you it is similar — I nodded in my party. — Only she braided hair to the spit, slender, behind her many local guys ran. Here and me time in club was succeeded to invite her. And winter, frost, wind. Froze so far went, and then... — he deeply sighed, appraisingly looked at me, stretched to wine. — Even it isn't believed that so much time passed. — Yes, changed much now — I bit off a sandwich piece. — At you it turned out with that teacher? — No, I went to army in the spring, more than a year with it corresponded. As I received the letter, even — it stirred up hands. — I thought that she will wait for me, but it didn't develop. Then, as returned, she married and left. Bigger I didn't see her. It would be desirable to meet her — he peered at lines of my person. — She has same eyes, as at you, lips. I felt some awkwardness. I didn't know how to react to his memoirs. It seems that in spite of the fact that passed years forty, he all the same couldn't forget her. I pulled a dress down, nervously I looked askance for hours. There passed nearly fifteen minutes, the granddaughter didn't return yet. — An antelope beetle, give on one — the man offered, poured to himself and brought a bottle to my glass. — To me a little bit, and that... — I giggled and twisted the head. — Be not afraid, from him to you nothing will be. Here all natural, I added nothing superfluous. Give for you. For your beauty! — he lifted a glass, we clinked glasses. — Drink, don't worry. I licked lips, I wasn't thirsty. Pleasant heat spread on a body. He reached for sandwich, his leg touched mine. I shuddered, I deviated slightly aside. I caught on myself his estimating eyes. Probably, remembers the girlfriend of youth. It is interesting as far as we with her are similar? There was a wish to ask him to show her to a photo, but I remembered that in those days approached it with all gravity, but everyone didn't remove as now. Sometimes it is necessary to think well how to sit down and bend down, and that pupils aim to catch the juicy moment, and then to place it in different groups. Managed even to bring a selfie a stick and to remove girls and teachers under skirts and dresses. Everything ended with grandiose scandal. Only it is unknown whether they managed to finish shooting something. — Ol, and you are married? — the pensioner looked at my knees again. — Yes — quietly I answered him, I thought. — It is more than two years. — It was lucky your husband. You will make any man happy. Kids weren't brought yet? — he lovely smiled, his knee concerned mine again. — Not yet — negatively I twisted the head and I giggled. — Don't pull, at me at three. So far young people, easier. And that then sores everyones, men now not those went. Earlier all natural, and now one chemistry, all sit in front of the computers, in phones. Don't meet. And we worked in the field, washed in the small river and in club on dances. Then with the girl till the morning I walked... — he sighed again and, shaking the head, looked at my breast. I giggled. I rubbed warm palms. I looked askance for hours, in the room it became more dark. In the yard the car was turned, patches of light of headlights slid on a wall together with the extended distorted shadows from branches. His hand laid down on mine, met views. I pulled a hand, but he held it. I felt heat of his wide palm. — Release, please — once again I pulled a hand, and it slipped out. — Sorry — he it is guilty I looked at me the gray eyes. — Itself I don't know what on me found. You so affect me — he thoughtfully turned a glass. — It seemed that I with Tanya. I sometimes came to her after evening school. We long sat in a class. I held her by a hand, kissed her gentle skin. I took her home. We furtively kissed at her house. I didn't know, as to answer. On his cheek the tear suddenly swept, but he quickly brushed away it. I rubbed near by. I didn't expect from him such sentimentality. He always seemed to me more rough. — You don't worry — now I put a hand on his palm. — You have a family, children, grandsons. By the way, and Arina something is late. Perhaps I home — tried to make out hands. — Do you hurry? Sit still, she will be now. Give on one. I to you will make tea or coffee — took a bottle, poured wine. — Long ago I so didn't talk. You fascinated me. I giggled, somehow I didn't expect from him revelations. I didn't get used to such talk. I can't even remember a name. The man stroked my fingers. I shuddered, his touches seemed such gentle. It seemed that he caught my reaction. I stretched me a glass. We silently clinked glasses. He sharply drank. I took three sips and put a glass back. On the platform some voices were heard. It seemed that now the schoolgirl will return and will save me from an awkward situation. Again I wanted will focus on history and tests. — An antelope beetle so to you to make? — his voice changed sounding. I shrugged shoulders. From his touches breath became frequent. The pussy was humidified, and nipples pleasantly bulked up. I couldn't understand that me so affects. The drunk wine, memories of the pensioner of his sex with the teacher, piquancy of the situation. It became more dark. The man squeezed my hand. His knee I concerned mine again. He moved closer. I felt his breath, a smell of alcohol and cologne. I understood that it is necessary to get up and escape, show discontent. But quietly I sat. I peered at wrinkles on his face, on the sticking-out gray hair. He examined me. There was a wish to read him to a thought. He remembers the girlfriend now or admires me, maybe, dreams as he will fuck me. Goosebumps ran on skin. — You are very beautiful. I can't admire you — his palm laid down to me on a hip. — If to dump years forty, I would flirt with you. I giggled. Smiling, I looked at the man. He conceived something or just plays some game? In a gloom of the room I wanted to make out the dial on hours. Our breath was heard. Both of us worried, but everyone in own way. His hand moved to a knee, easily slid on tights. I went down below, he raised my leg, walked on fingers. Became a little shchekotno. I raised the second leg. I leaned back on a chair. I observed how he examines my fingers, gently masses a foot. I breathed even more often, became hot. What do I allow him? And if the granddaughter enters, will catch us? I tried to remember, he closed a door or not. the orgasm seized my body. I relaxed and lay not movably. I observed how he licks me. Even I didn't notice that the finger appeared in my bottom. Goosebumps ran on the excited skin. The back sweated. — Terminated? You are such sweet. Long ago I didn't try such tasty and hot girl — he muttered, sucking a clitoris. — Perhaps we will in addition work with you too? I graduated from school in the 75th year how much changed for these years. And now access to materials is easier, and then a lot of things were hidden. I just lay and enjoyed feelings. There was no wish to think of history at all. I licked lips, I gave a hand and I stroked his head. He looked at me. I smiled enough, I began to lick further. Language pleasantly slid on the bulked-up sponges. The hole pulsed. I lost time course, outside the window completely darkened. The room was lit only by a streetlight. I couldn't make out figures on hours. If only behind it nobody caught us. Deeply and often I breathed. The man tried to take off from me a dress. — Give I you completely I will undress? — he offered and I rose above, his lips touched mine. I felt taste of the allocations. — Rise. I smiled and satisfied a request. He groped and undid a lock, pulled a dress up. Obediently I raised hands. I felt an easy cool. The man put a dress at a sofa. I began to potter with a gray bodice. His hands shivered. Just now I noticed a big hillock on his trousers. I shuddered, carefully I concerned it. The body responded a pulsation. Byustik weakened and slipped on my hands. Itself put him to a dress. In the twilight of the room the pensioner examined me. — An antelope beetle, you have a fine body. Ideal forms, everything is so proportional. A breast, the lovely sight is simple — he carefully drove a finger around my hillocks. — Your husband the happiest person in the world. I giggled, it is a pity that I won't be able to give him the word of the new lover. The hole flowed again. There was a wish to feel in it a strong trunk of the man. He bent and gently bit nipples. Two fingers plunged into the pussy, tried to press on a clitoris. Quietly I moaned, I cast away the head back, I leaned on elbows. I heard how my hole champs. The sound of the wringing-out washing machine reached, I couldn't orient from where it. I laid down back on a sofa. The man caressed my tummy. Instinctively I moved a basin. Despite a recent orgasm, I wanted to terminate again. Groans became louder. I didn't experience such excitement long ago. The elderly partner dexterously found the necessary points on my body. His hands studied each centimeter of skin. He caressed my legs, moist lips again, kissed fingers, twisted around them language. I began to be played with a clitoris again, other hand pressed on a firm nipple. Thoughts were confused, the fear and nervousness gradually receded. I was covered more and more by lust and excitement. Itself didn't understand how I was given. I glanced at a hillock. There was a wish to release quicker his tool, to feel it in the lewd holes. — Fuck me — indecisively I asked the lover and I touched his hand. — Do you want? — Very much — I nodded and I smiled. — Ah you are a little, dissolute teacher — he rose and began to undo buttons on a shirt. — Tanya also asked me, only spoke to enter her. We are with her and at school fucked. I directly on a table fried it. She so with pleasure groaned. Time even a portrait of the leader fell, and the frame broke. Hardly I calmed it, at that time all this was serious. I giggled, it is good that now on such trifles it is possible not to take a steam bath. The pensioner lowered trousers together with pants. The beautiful equal dick broke loose. He around 17 centimeters, a small head. In the light of a lamp it shone from lubricant, knobs of veins were seen. A gray hair wrapped up the extended large balls. Probably, in them a lot of cum accumulated. I licked lips, holes pulsed. There was a wish to feel quicker him in himself. — What will you tell? — he shook the stake. — Still well costs. At any will rise by you. As the first time saw you, every evening represented what you naked what holes at you what legs, a breast, nipples, a clitoris. I dreamed as if the boy, kind of to fuck you. Here it is good that you agreed to come. Hardly Arina showed the door from the house. Long ago I tempted nobody. I remembered youth. — Beautiful — quietly I murmured to him in reply. — And firm such — I bent and I drove on him fingers. — I thought that at your age, well... — I didn't know how to tell not to offend him. — Don't worry, at me still as it is necessary functions — the lover rocked, his trunk pulsed at me in a hand. — Do you want him? I looked at the man, just I nodded in agreement. I bent and clasped body with sponges. The pensioner made a pleasure sound. It is visible that he prepared. From him smelled of apple soap or shower gel. It was played by a uvula with a head, I massed it sponges. His hand laid down to me on the head, touched hair. It seemed, the lover will begin to drive my head now. But he allowed me to determine the rate of movements. On lips characteristic dimples appeared. I moved quicker, the mouth was filled with saliva and it was necessary to swallow it. Gently I touched by nails his eggs. — Oh, as well! — I escaped at him. — Even I won't remember when to me the last time was sucked. Probably, as I went to the sea. Arina then passed into the fourth class. I got acquainted with one mummy there. She too with the daughter had a rest, and our girls were played together. Time we them put bed, and went to restaurant. Dances, kisses, then sex at me — it sighed, began to shake smoothly a basin to me towards. — You the miracle is simple. I raised eyes, I saw his contented face. Most it wasn't believed that all left according to his scenario. Most likely, not one day planned, thought over details how to tell lies to me how to send the granddaughter, an entertainment and wine. The heat of excitement spread on a body. I stretched fingers and I rubbed a clitoris. On a chin the big drop of saliva was formed, I brushed away it a hand. His dick tried to swallow completely, the head slipped in a throat. Breath got off, released a stake, from him saliva threads stretched. Now it shone even more. Playfully I drove a uvula. Videla on a wall as our silhouettes moved. The trunk looked much more. I licked lips, and it appeared in my mouth again. I let him for a cheek. Sometimes the head rested against a throat. I pushed quicker fingers in the perineum. On hips lubricant droplets flew down. Distinctly I heard how my hole expiring juice champed. I enjoyed the pulsing dick. Densely I clasped him with sponges. — Olechka, you the best — again gave he to me a compliment, his breath became heavier. — It is possible I for you too I will make pleasantly? — Yes — I answered him and I wiped a chin. — Become a crustacean — he asked, took a step aside, gave me a hand. — Thanks — somehow I didn't get used to such address. — You very gentle and attentive man. The senior lover smiled enough. I helped me to rise and accept the necessary pose. The sofa squeaked. Videla, as in the light of a lamp rare snowflakes were turned. Hours punched five. I threw hair on one party, I caved in. The breast rocked, the pussy flowed. The pensioner parted my legs more widely. I caressed a back along a backbone, I went down on hips. I felt how his language concerned a perineum, I got into a wet hole. I shuddered, I published deep groan. I shook a basin. The man parted my buttocks in the parties, tried to get into me more deeply. I have a snack a lip, impulses of pleasure rushed on a body. I didn't think that it will appear in his embraces. How to behave with him next time? To pretend that nothing occurred or playfully to hint at the next sex? The pussy pulsed even stronger. He drove language between holes, got into them one and two fingers. Groans became louder. The next orgasm came nearer. Only Alyonka so skillfully was active a uvula. Andrey not often pleased me to kuna. I rocked even stronger, I shivered from excitement. Someone pulled the handle of an entrance door. Nearly I jumped up. — Be not afraid — he murmured, without ceasing to caress me. — Now will leave. We have an hour more of time. I giggled. I listened to sounds. Silent knock about metal. I gritted teeth stronger, there was no wish that casual guests heard my groans. I put the head on hands. I enjoyed caress of the man further. He was skillfully played with my clitoris. It is a pity that the husband so isn't able. I squeezed cams, I closed eyes. I enjoyed each his movement. He stuck to a pleasure knob, and the finger with might and main moved at me in a bottom. — As it is good, oh! — I whispered with groans and I shook a basin. — Olechka, I everything that you want, for you will make. It is pleasant? — he still accelerated the movements. — Yes, yes — I monotonously repeated. — I will terminate now. — Cum the babe, present me the sweet nectar. I want to drink all your juice. My partner stuck to a clitoris. Fingers I fucked my holes. It was curved and the new orgasm incurred me in a pleasure chasm. He put out tongue and drove him on sponges. Deeply and often I breathed, legs shivered. The back became covered by sweat droplets. Even it wasn't believed that it brought me to an orgasm the caress. Sex with it obviously contrasted with the previous experience. Gradually I recovered. I raised the head. I felt how the skilled lover collected by language begin to flow at me on hips. — You — I wanted to remember a name and a middle name, I remembered how we were acquainted by Arina as he examined me as gallantly I kissed a hand. — Ivan Petrovich, you weren't tired? — I am Pyotr Ivanovich — I corrected me and rose. — I will be tired to caress such beauty never. I giggled, I turned the head in his party. It seemed that the trunk still increased in sizes. Goosebumps ran on a body. There was a wish to feel his strong and firm core in the openings. His face shone from my allocations. Even I didn't represent that he so deeply got into me language. Alyonka always tried, but she has, probably, a uvula less and more gentle. Fluctuated, to tell her about the event or it is more best to keep silent? And suddenly she with it had something? Thoughts quickly changed. I felt how the head rested against my sponges. the man pressed and the body easily slipped in my vagina. I screamed, categories of pleasure directed to a brain. I seized a sofa back. Pyotr Ivanovich increased the pace, slaps of bodies became louder, balls slapped about me. The hole loudly champed. The trunk pleasantly rubbed against stenochki, caved in even more. The breast rocked. I tried to constrain myself, but at me poorly it turned out. He caressed my back, massed a bottom. Sounds of our copulation scattered about the room. The man began to take out and to sharply drive the dick in me. I groaned from pleasure, felt how on legs lubricant flew down. Even it wasn't believed that he can support such speed. Ware in a wall hushfully ringed in a step to his strong pushes. — Olechka, what sweet hole at you. It is possible to try the second too? — I didn't get used that me asked about it. — I want to visit you around. To caress all you, each centimeter of your skin, all your delights. — Yes, yes — I though I poorly uvalivat the course of his compliments answered, just there was a wish to terminate once again. It wasn't believed that it was so able and I am long capable to fuck me. — Thank you — difficult breathing my lover said, he widely shook a basin, trying to enter more deeply. — It is pleasant so? — Yes, yes — with groans escaped at me. I felt as saliva dripped on a bottom as the finger collected lubricant from my body and I got into a gut. It turned it in different directions, pressed through a thin partition on a moving dick. All shivered, holes pulsed. Sweat droplets acted as places. The core left me. There was a wish that I returned back rather. To an orgasm there was absolutely nothing. Deeply I sighed, I felt how the damp head rested against an anus ringlet. The bottom resisted penetration. Pyotr Ivanovich pressed, and I let in myself his stake. Almost I didn't feel pain. Itself was surprised to the feelings. I caved in even more. The dick smoothly entered. Our bodies adjoined. — Not painfully? — he caressed me, caressed a breast and the sticking-out nipples. — A little bit — quietly I answered him. So far I got used to new feelings. — If something is wrong, you speak, I will cease at once — the man bent and kissed the skin excited with passionate sex. I nodded in agreement. Carefully I rocked to him towards. The pussy continued to exude plentifully. For some reason there was a wish to catch in itself one more dick. Slightly I was frightened of dissolute thoughts. My senior lover renewed pushes. — Oh, as well as at you it is narrow — Pyotr Ivanovich muttered and strong I held me by a waist. — Doesn't hurt? — Everything is good — I moaned and I caved in slightly more. Pain practically receded. The strong piston adapted and entered me at all length. Slaps of bodies became louder and mixed up with sweet groans of pleasure. Legs shivered. I wanted to stretch fingers and to caress a clitoris, but I was afraid that I will fall. The sofa squeaked. Pyotr Ivanovich's puffing reached, his breath became heavier. I turned the head to him, through hair I tried to make out his reddened person. Droplets of sweat shone in the light of a lamp. Videla, as his nostrils were inflated. I groaned more and more loudly. The man began to alternate holes, he with a characteristic sound left a bottom, got into the current pussy, made several movements and dexterously returned back the stake in the daddy. Shook me in an orgasm anticipation. It seemed that all room as if at an earthquake shivered. Even light of a lamp looked not such. He as if tried to glance to us, to admire the events. Holes made trite sounds. Lubricant flew down on hips more and more. I was completely given to passion and didn't constrain myself more. Now we were heard precisely by neighbors. — Olechka, as with you it is good. To me now again as if twenty — deeply and difficult breathing, my partner said. — You are just charm. — Oh yes — I wanted to tell still something to him, but I couldn't say anything any more. — Where to you to terminate? — he sharply drove the firm stake at all length my bottom. All began to tremble, was curved, and new stronger orgasm seized me. The room twirled, the sofa as if fell. I fell down it. I closed eyes and I enjoyed. Waves of pleasure rushed on a body. Pyotr Ivanovich helped me to lay down normally, took away hair from my face. Holes pleasantly pulsed. He caressed my body, turned nipples, pounded my allocations. Other hand strong and sharply the dick pulled. The man bent, leaned a head against my lips, and the powerful stream of a cum struck to me in a mouth, she was followed by the second at once. I left a white strip on a cheek and a chin. The seed flew down on skin. I took a sip several times. I felt soft bitterish taste. A mouth I gasped, at a nose bubbles were inflated. Pyotr Ivanovich didn't cease to cum. It seemed that in years in his balls cum liters collected. Drops of white liquid painted a face, got on a nose, cheeks, a chin, a neck. I wanted will evade, but the body still plainly didn't obey me. At last the source ran low. The man sat down on a carpet nearby, put the head to me on a breast, embraced me. — An antelope beetle, you are just a nymph from my dreams. It is the best orgasm in my life — it slightly a moist hand rumpled my breast. — Will you to me come? He raised the head and looked at me. I didn't know what to answer. Gently I stroked his head, I passed his wet hair between fingers. Our views met. Videla in him is so much desire and passion. — Tell that we still will meet. I won't be able without you now — he kissed my breast. I licked lips, I felt how drops of white liquid flew down on my skin. Got on hair and a sofa. What to answer him? There was no wish to offend him. And just I couldn't collect the thoughts. — Olechka, be not silent. — he slightly shook me. — Don't break to the old man heart. — Yes — in the affirmative I nodded. — We will look on circumstances. You understand everything. — I understand — he deeply sighed and stronger nestled on me. — Be not afraid, I am glad you to see when you are able. I won't be able without you now. Nearly I giggled, but I constrained myself. The shivering hand I wiped a chin. In places the cum dried up. Holes pleasantly reminded of recent sex. It wasn't believed that with it I could terminate so many time. — Pyotr Ivanovich, I need to wash, and that now the cum in hair will dry up — slowly rose. — Ah and — the man got up, gave me a hand. — I lead you to the bathroom. I will give a towel now. — Thanks — I got up, the head slightly began to spin, legs shivered, the seed flew down on a cheek. The man turned on the light. I narrowed eyes, now in a large window I saw reflections of our naked bodies, on a floor the scattered clothes rolled, on a sofa the spot from mine is more than allocation. I did up hair, I licked lips. Arina will return and will precisely guess, than the grandfather was engaged. — Hold — he stretched me a green towel with a cat. — The bathroom there — I waved on a door. — It is possible to wash you? — Another time — I specified for hours. — I will quickly freshen up now. The man deeply sighed. I examined my body. I barefoot went to the bathroom. As could I washed away a cum from a face and hair, I washed up a perineum and hips. I returned back to the room. Pyotr Ivanovich put on and sat on a sofa. On a chair accurately I folded my clothes. He held my wet panties in hand and inhaled aromas. — Olechka, it is possible to leave them? — indecisively I asked me as if the pupil who several times wants to leave throughout a lesson. — I will look at them and to think of you, of your fine holes, of your sweet juice. Slightly I became puzzled. All the same yet there is no husband the house. Videla his imploring look. — Well — I smiled to him and I nodded, I took tights and I began to twirl them in hands. — Many thanks — the lover's voice joyfully sounded. — You the miracle is simple. I giggled, I looked towards the man. He touched fingers my panties and observed how I put on. I looked at a mirror in a wall. I combed hair. I wanted it will be tinted, but hours the ringing blows reminded of time. Together passed in a corridor. I put shoes on, rolled up a scarf on a neck. Pyotr Ivanovich gallantly helped to put on a jacket. — We still will meet? — he embraced me and waited for my decision. — I think and — I smiled and I kissed him on a cheek. — I will look forward. See you again. — Good-bye — I waved to him good-bye and I left the apartment. He watched me leave. I quickly went down on steps. There was no wish will meet the schoolgirl and to explain something to her. I ran out on the street. Winter air pleasantly encouraged. I poured a small snowball. Ice quietly crackled under legs. Holes reminded of recent penetration. Even it wasn't believed that to me there was it. I released a big cloud of steam and a fast pace I went home. dates help with sleep date today site mapMain Page