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What to begin with? I was the ordinary girl of 19 years. Not the honors pupil though three fours only graduated from school, well. I entered the economic institute 2 graduated. also summer vacation began, I them very much waited, well first for the sun the small river of the girlfriend, well as at all, and secondly I had to have one event, well about it later. Our family too the most ordinary the Father, Mother, I am happy family. I forgot Olga, not badly, it at me from mother she at me just the beauty will be represented. Long hair the pleasant attractive face, a figure was already created the grace, a breast the 2nd size, long slender legs appeared. So I was pleasant to myself. At institute guys constantly line wedges to me, but something in them wasn't pleasant to me, I with them walked, met and then understood to me with it not interestingly and even to kiss I it don't want to oversleep not that. So I lived up to 19 years the girl, and can rigid education affected especially from the father. The father has small own firm. Mother works accountants in some major company. We live in the house (cottage) well in the fender about family and about ourselves all. I will begin the history with the fact that at receipt in institute I asked the father to connect the Internet to my computer. Why asked and because the father was always minds motivating it with the fact that the youth becomes corrupted there. And I motivated with the fact that it is necessary for me for study. of course he was necessary to me not only for study, well you understand at all is, all tell anything interesting and at me isn't present. The father was right the Internet corrupts. I sat in him at the nights where only I didn't climb and every day I wanted what be hotter and that can light the young inexperienced but already dreaming of male caress organism. Well of course a porno thematic forums, stories on scrupulous subjects, etc. Well as always happens at first you one makes horney something you begin to masturbate to dream on this subject, then interest weakens and bang you are covered by something another with the head, and then weakens again. Probably it is also depravity. And you want hot and hot pokhabny more rigidly. So I reached BDSM. I remember as I was covered by this subject, I read one story. While I read it I terminated time to rumple me all shook, I was interrupted departed again read again cumed. such is with me wasn't yet. In the story the woman who because of the imaginations and curiosity becomes to the slave was described. There her thoughts, torments, and immersion in this subject were described. I began to be interested in this subject climbed the websites read stories, dreamed. Then I wanted not only imaginations but also will suffer something. I chose the moments when no someone was at home and was accepted to various experiments with the body. Clothespegs on nipples, on sponges of the still to a virgin pussy, it very much oppressed me that I am still a virgin and I can't experiment also over her. I even had thoughts when it was strongly horney, to lose to som of virginity. But I didn't decide what then to remember how I a cucumber or still what lost. But if there is no opportunity to touch one hole it is necessary to try to play with another. Here it was interesting, at first it was sore and it isn't pleasant, well someone tried me will understand. Desires in a toilet, burning, an unpleasant smell. But over time these feelings passed. I so liked feeling of fullness I reached 4-5 centimeters in the diameter. Muscles at buttocks became elastic, I even sometimes slept with the cucumber inserted into buttocks. Then there were ropes, I connected myself to feeling of helplessness. Then I tested to strap, but it was impossible to me. It is difficult to raise a hand against himself when it is already sick. I dreamed that it someone made another, I even somehow tried to tie a scrap of a cord to the fan and to lay down under him. I sustained seconds 30 and even I managed to terminate. I began to understand I without similar experiments with myself I can't terminate. I understood to me a real relationship is necessary. I began to look for this relationship on the Internet. I submitted the announcement in the corresponding website and on me the hail of offers fell down. Concern in this question was in most cases visible. But I needed that one that understood me. finally I began to communicate with one married couple. More true I communicated generally with the man to him there were 42 years I still then thought as my father. There was also a communication with his wife but was less often and for some reason felt jealousy. I was surprised as they understand me. I told them everything, everything that I did of what dreamed. And I dreamed of much. They gave me from time to time orders which I had to execute. They kind of checked me. What pressure from their party let's occur in the plan and so forth. On the contrary I was already ready will meet though him though with him and his wife. Whether but they braked me all the time asking I am confident that you want to communicate in this subject and that I have to think well as this subject doesn't provide a way back and so forth. For those months that I communicated with them I even managed to fall in love with them in some degree. We even didn't exchange photos. They told if I pass test time and I still will want a meeting that you learn everything and you will see. I was told to finish the second year and on vacation and there will be a meeting. I considered days until the end of study. And here to me day was appointed. Me all banged for nervousness. I was told to come to a certain address. The door won't be locked. To enter and undress in the hall to onions to whom I had to come without putting on underwear and a shoe surely high-heeled. and to pass to the hall. And here I stand near that door and I shiver. It was madness to go one I don't know where on a meeting without knowing with someone. But I seemed to me them so well I knew that I got up courage and pushed an entrance door. In the hall as well as it was told in the letter there was a chair on which I had to hang up the simple clothes. In the apartment it was silent. I the shivering hands began to undress, and in the head turned can spit everything and run from here. But hands continued to undo buttons in me excitement fear curiosity fought. And here I stand in the hall naked and I can't move. In the head fog. And here I remember words which to me were told by mister (if you want to become a slave learn not to think and execute orders. You and your body don't belong to you, you belong to mister and you exist only for pleasure of mister.) and I entered the hall. When I saw him I nearly fainted. On a sofa my father sat. At me legs began to give away and I mechanically became moves back back. But it was not everything I really began to weaken when heard a mother's voice behind the back. - Go to the center and on knees, hands for the head. I gasped a mouth something tried to tell but from a mouth inarticulate sounds took off. So far I didn't hear the order from mother to shut up also a weighty slap on a bum. And I as in fog on wadded legs went to the center and kneeled. And here I heard the father's voice. - Hands for the head, a back exactly, eyes in a floor. From this bottom your life will change. Now we mister and madam and it isn't important for you that we yours the father and mother. We watch you since that moment when noticed that you sit up late at the computer. We missed that moment a little when you went deep into subject BDSM. We thought well you will dream up and you will grow cold but when you began to look for mister, we couldn't stand aside. If we forbade you it what wouldn't change and you would find a way to bypass our ban. But also to give on worry to what be to the pervert too not could therefore having conferred decided that we will be your misters. You everything understood that I told. In the head there was fog I not could collect thoughts, I would even tell more in the head words flew, in temples blood beat, and from it I melted noise in ears. There came the pause the father didn't speak any more, and I continued to be kneeling in prostration. And suddenly I felt a push in a back. I instinctively exposed hands in before and it turned out that I am almost on all fours. Behind a hand raised my bottom. And suddenly as burned with fire my buttock, then another. And I felt that fog which I had in the head of the beginnings to dissipate and I began to hear and that important and to understand what I am told. I heard mother's voice. - Bend a back, stronger Then I felt couple more of weighty slaps and pressure upon a back forcing to cave in as I felt to a side of my opportunity. - Legs are wider. I now you will evaporate to clear your head and you learned what waits for you. Not to change Paula you will break punishment will begin with the beginning. if understood nod. I nodded. Mother stepped through me and legs squeezed me around a bend of my back. also it turned out that I caved in even stronger without an opportunity to be unbent. The father gave to mother a belt and she having put it in two began to strap me on one girlfriend to a buttock. But it turned out that it not the most terrible when mother dispersed that I began to miss and the belt from all force fell by my pussy which is accurately shaved for today. Pain was mad, all my perineum burned but the most sick was that the belt fell with such force that prominat my sponges and from all force struck a clitoris. In my most intimate place which gave me so much pleasure. I don't remember when flogging but when thoughts began to return to me came to an end I found out that I lick on a gender and of me there is in a mouth some rag. Probably I shouted and not to frighten neighbors to me her thrust in a mouth though I don't remember it. And again order of mother. - Strike a former pose, quickly or I will repeat flogging. I don't know from where forces undertook but I tried to execute as soon as possible the order and itself caved in as could. I to cramp legs if like I couldn't. And as soon as I occupied a necessary pose the father began to speak. - From this day you will move from the room to the cellar. I there already equipped everything. There are no words, won't be, I don't want in your lexicon won't be any more. And we with mother will take care to beat out them from your head. Flogging will be daily so far and then it will be visible. On the house you go only naked. For a start we will hang up on your vulvar lips metal plates with the instruction that you are our property, and then when we will understand that we a time brand. When I heard it at me again rang out in the head and my perineum as if drenched with heat. The father said about what I told him on the Internet. I wanted it and didn't trust in too time to the ears, and this is my careful father and mother. In a mouth dried up, but with each word excitement which disappeared right at the beginning began to return, that about what was told by my father I and dreamed. of course I didn't represent that it will be my parents. He spoke about my future duties for a long time and that I am their property and that when there comes time that they will sell me to my future husband and mister. And still something. Then he made a pause and whether asked everything I understood. I tarried with the answer and right there was hit blow by a belt on a bottom. And I answered with the shivering low voice yes, and again blow and team it is more accurate to answer and I having gathered as could answered in the affirmative. - But in a type of the fact that you didn't know that we will be your misters we decided to give you the last chance. From the right from you the collar lies. If you are ready to volume what dreamed of then you will put on this collar and you will wait in the hall on a lap. we give you one hour. For now we descend we will have dinner with madam. Since that moment when you will put on a collar of a way back won't be. Continuation not yet someone liked the story write offer kind of you wanted that events with the main character developed. dates help soften cervix date ideas minneapolis site mapMain Page