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And so, it happened about 21 years, in the winter evening. it is possible to tell that these years it is a little possible to meet girls who would be virgins.... but nevertheless they are I also treated their number. At such age there is an inclination and passion to guys even more and it is very difficult to keep if also the guy to be pleasant to you. For such time I had enough guys someone I met, but as soon as business reached sex somehow all the passable remarkable evening didn't decide and spoiled from it.... one other guy began to speak about it but in soul they weren't pleasant to me at all and I didn't want them and it was necessary to leave., and so at present I am on friendly terms with the guy the second year, he says that he loves but my soul to him doesn't lie. Ask why I with him? Yes just to be not one what there would be a person whom it would be possible in boring evening to call to take a walk. Here somehow with the girlfriend solved, on the Internet will get acquainted with guys. I was registered, just threw number on the first brunette quite nice, I went bananas from dark and began to wait for the answer. My friend left to parents for vacation, and we with the girlfriend decided to spend interestingly evening. I long didn't wait for the answer, we already perfectly went out with the friend, and the answer wasn't, we looked, at her home I don't even remember the movie now as it was called, and to me SMS came: We will well meet, today at 9:00 only where?... well I told the girlfriend at once what she answered me: - I was tired, tell tomorrow let comes with the friend! To me was, it is boring and I wrote to him that now I will go home if wants let carries out to the house what he also agreed to. I threw off the address, and he answered that he will be in 15 minutes, well I, of course, began to fuss, ran to a mirror tinted the chubby sponges, corrected a hairstyle, twisted buttocks before the girlfriend who laughed at mine nervousness, and asked: - How I to you? What she answered: - It is delightful! It wrote that it approached. I was surprised that it not on foot and by car. Thoughts got into the head and suddenly it will suggest to bring and I won't sit down, and suddenly it is a maniac. All right, I thought I will refuse if that. I left an entrance. I was in a short fur coat and having looked back on the parties saw the car. It was very expensive, I thought it not he, but it left the guy of years 25 ти. I recognized him by the photo, he was very beautiful, young, a sports constitution, from a leg of a his type gave away, I just saw and melted at his look. He approached...-Hi, I am Andrey! - he smiled. – I, Olya! - I answered him, so we also got to talking. We walked around the house, and I stirred without stopping. He said that he loves such little girls who stir t much. to he a little constraining at such meetings and me it was pleasant..... I that evening didn't get into his car. I admitted that I see it the first time and I don't know that for the person he. Behind a conversation he and saw off me to the house.... when approached he I wanted to give smacking kiss to me in a cheek I pushed away him he was surprised and just told so far. I told too so far, and we dispersed. Rising home I thought why I such one kiss mean nothing besides in a cheek and it seemed to me that he won't call … and was him I didn't hear 5 days on the sixth he called, told that he was busy and suggested to meet … .ma met and walked in a week on three times and here passed month … but we very each other badly knew … he somehow in the car tried me to kiss and I pushed away him, but I felt as inclination to him grows every minute, he paid to me enough attention and I in soul so him wanted that was terrible … he came to me … I on him looked, I wanted to feel his lips but was afraid ….и to me SMS somehow came: - Well that we will meet today? Я: - It is possible! He: - And I will stick! Я: - Yes you are a passionate guy! I laughed. He: - You will agree, I will arrive, I will clamp in embraces yes as I will kiss! I madly wanted it … I on him went mad. Our evening came … We walked … on the street was terribly cold … we sat in the car the soft aroma proceeding from it turned the head, I so waited for it a kiss … .ma something broke off to us already during this time there is nothing there were to speak we sat silently and he put to me the head on a shoulder … I felt that he too wants me to kiss, but he was afraid to frighten off me, t. to I knew what I … he closed eyes and told something to me as they went on the nature with friends, but I didn't hear him to me so there was a wish will touch him. His ladders demented me, his voice, began to smell lips … I didn't notice as my hand, began to approach it, still slightly and I will concern it. I shivered, he probably felt and slightly opened eyes. I sharply took away a hand, was frightened that will understand and it became feel ill at ease. - Are you ok? He asked. Я: - Anything! In my opinion the shiver shone, but he understood everything. I quickly told: - It is time for me! Also I began to look for the bag He: - Wait! - He looked to me in eyes, then gently touched a hand a cheek, I felt as I burn from desire, his eyes captivated he began to approach me and I felt as his gentle lips, touched my lips he passionately seized my lips. He kissed me again and again, it was the long and not forgotten kiss. I pressed him to myself. He felt how I not exactly breathe. He a hand touched a breast … I moaned … quietly - quietly … his hand slid on my stockings, is higher and higher … and here he almost reached my panties. I came round at once. - Isn't present excuse! … and having slammed the door I ran out …. He left ….он I didn't write me ….и I punished myself that so I made but also bigger I am not ready to give him was … somehow my relatives left to the grandmother, I called girlfriends and we not badly spent time, drank I was angry with Andrey. I wrote to Andrey that I apologize for everything and that I have a friend at that moment I don't know why I wrote it wanted to learn that he feels … … He: - Behind what you are so with me? Kissed, twisted, played also all?... he when we met in 15 minutes to sort out the relations began to shout. He continued: - I have feelings! I like you!... he began to speak …. I hung the head dividing a look guilty, but rejoiced that I am not indifferent for it. - Or you are with him, or you are with me! - he spoke.... I told that he has no right to shout … and I leave. - Well also go! - he cried out. then he started the car and left, I was ready to burst out crying … he madly was pleasant to me so there was a wish to press him and to tell - Yes I am yours! - but something held. I podnitsya home, girlfriends left. In the apartment I was absolutely alone in complete silence with myself, I understood that it is the end. I won't see his brown eyes, his mad smile, I won't feel his passionate, gentle lips, strong warm hands. No, him he won't arrive any more … I decided not to think of him. also I called the girlfriend where suggested to go to club, to dance. She agreed … Without thinking of him, and it was very difficult, I began to make toilet. I took a shower, put on fresh openwork panties … and decided to put on the shortest dress, twisted curls, put on a necklace with small beads, and was looked in a mirror. I looked otpadno, even most it was pleasant. I perfumed with spirits with aroma of strawberry. and a little gloss on lips I was already going to leave as at a door knocked … I thought it the girlfriend and opened a door, Andrey … - You was on the threshold? - with astonishment I asked, I was glad at heart, and madly wanted to embrace and press him to tell how I wanted to see him. Having inspected me to the head he began with legs: – I didn't finish yet! - having crossed a threshold he spoke. – You want it or not, but I will speak! - I know that I mean nothing to you! You even plainly couldn't kiss me, and you likely kiss him passionately! You!. he began to shout, and I began to approach me having closed behind myself a door. In the head of me there was a mess I I was silent didn't know what to answer, Iya appeared in his embraces. He shouted that I just played with him, tormented him feelings. He strong seized me by a dress and brought closer to himself and cried. – He so kissed you? And his lips slipped on mine sew, his cold kisses only from the street suppressed my heat, my heat, my passion. I began to tremble, I wanted to calm him … - Andrey! Stop! In a whisper I muttered … in thoughts wishing him … But he continued to kiss me … I foully возбуждплась … - He so pressed you?. asking Andrey spoke and sharply I pressed to myself.... I lost the head … as it is pleasant to feel his body. I fragile in his hands it was pleasant to me … I tried to escape … when I managed it I went to the hall … but it having seized me by a wrist … cried out: - What was tired to listen to the truth?... He pressed to himself again and developed me facing a wall … where pressed to it … I didn't resist …. He: - For someone you put on so?... he spoke asking. and his hand began to slide on my waist, slowly and gently, когбудто he tried to learn my body. I felt as his look slides on me … the dress was lifted up a little … and I felt as his hand touches my buttocks … for a minute he broke off … I felt as he is made horney. my nipples began to harden … I lost the head … my pussy began to flow … I thought though he wouldn't guess that I want him. I didn't feel a hotba … he covered my body with kisses – As you smell delicious! - he spoke inhaling mine орамат!... I want you!. And you want me? - he whispered what I answered isn't present! Though very much I wanted him … his hand slipped under a hem a dress I all began to tremble. I felt as he touches me there … and as the pussy was overflowed with juice … He understood everything, he was a skilled guy. also I knew approach to girls … I felt as his hand began to squeeze my breast and other hand a finger it got under my very damp panties … - I ask the Last time you want me or not?. If isn't present, I will leave! I felt as he began to take away a hand from a breast... from these words and thoughts to me it became terrible that I won't see him … and I spoke – Yes!. I very much want you!. and here I felt as his dick bulked up … he pressed me to himself. through his jeans and my thin dress I felt a hillock … he unzipped … and I felt as on buttocks he drives the dick he lifted up to me a dress … lowered a little panties where I removed them then and there was everything a hedgehog the back to him he caressed me. I groaned. and here I felt as his dick rubs about my sexual sponges … He: - You all flow. darling!. I wanted to shout: - Don't hesitate, enter me!. But he as specially delayed pleasure … he thrust two fingers between sponges and felt a barrier … and spoke: … - I will be careful! ….он the dick began to enter, it seemed to me that he is such huge. and with this thought I even more him wanted. He at first in drove slowly, gently then breakthrough put to me in the pussy, I cried from pain, and then from pleasure it was so pleasant to Me … I shouted: - Don't stop! Deeper Stronger!... he asked to lean me against a table that stood nearby and he fucked and fucked me so far I stood cancer….on groaned … our groans fought in a step … I felt that now there will be an orgasm … about. it was something I shouted, coiled to me it was pleasant … and he began to approach it too then he told: - The darling so it is necessary!. also I put me on knees where I guessed his intentions. I greedy his dick with pleasure began to swallow to suck to lick he terminated to me in a mouth….i we the taste of a cum and blood were happy it was magnificent … .poty he put me on a bed and told. that if I want it is possible still. what I also agreed to … and this evening was not the last …. And the friend found another. also I was ahead of me with the news. here and so... dates from hell season 3 date ideas in chicago site mapMain Page