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My wife we do to SexWife it consciously and, we have to each other no claims. The wife takes from the pleasure also benefit. She, sleeps with the person who supports her. Dresses and puts on fashion, pays her rest in resorts. In exchange she practically lives with him. He, rents the private house where my wife serves him in a bed. I, meet her not frequently, I am even more rare I sleep with her. But, everything suits me. The main thing is her pleasure. We together buy by her underwear for intimate meetings and I, I see off her to this rental apartment. But once, they wanted to play. The lover knew that I know everything. He knew that I know about unfaithfulness and doesn't mind. Generally, he offered the wife big money that I, will suck off to him. The wife finished me and I and itself, wanted to suck already very long ago. All day we prepared, generally the wife trained me. She carefully shaved me, we made an enema and she put "a fidelity belt" on me the special swimming trunks hiding my dick. Then, she gave me some tablet. That I don't know it and from where it undertook I. Through half of hour as I drank it, my dick, shrank as from a hard frost, and a nipple on a breast, on the contrary swelled and, itched. I very much was surprised but, excitement was stronger. Then, in general it became cool. I, suddenly wanted to feel in myself a dick. And the stronger I wanted it, the less there was my dick and the more nipples bulked up. The wife dressed me in the linen and left in a corridor, to wait for the lover. I, any more not in forces to suffer isty and an itch in nipples, began to caress their fingers moistened with saliva. The more I caressed them, the stronger they bulked up and became more sensitive. In three minutes of caress of a breast, I began to cum. I didn't have it yet. While I, caressed the lover came. In fifteen minutes, I heard groans of the wife and left. She stood dog-fashion having put boobs on a table and behind her the lover pulled her. I just stood and looked at them, and they were probably already ready to terminate. But, suddenly the lover took out the huge dick and having had a look at me told the wife: — Did you, prepare a surprise? — Yes. — that Answered and ordered me: — Approach. I, approached. — Show the boobies. — She gave the order. I stuck out a breast. The lover touched my swelled-up nipple and told: — Class! And there? — He lowered a look. — About! A class, it is almost not visible. — He is ready. — The wife told. — Take off pants … — the lover Ordered. I, slowly took off pants, my dick, was absolutely wrinkled. It all was bedaubed with a cum. — Oh, yes she obkonchatsya already! — Lewd bitch — the wife spoke — I didn't wait! Suck away at him … — she Told me turning my head to the lover. I took his dick in a mouth. I played language with a head a little. Then, I shipped it entirely in a mouth and, I began to suck. In the head something not imaginable was created. What for a tablet it gave me, I don't know, but I, felt like the woman. In three minutes his frictions, I began an orgasm. It was not simply, the instant orgasm as usual, and I, just plunged into the abyss of pleasure. From my wrinkled dick, the liquid cum, and still a bit later and urine flowed. The wife laid down on a floor and, ordered to suck her clitoris and to lick hips. I, already nothing without thinking I licked her clitoris and I drank her urine directly from her pussy. Then, the lover having pulled out a dick from me, I developed me to myself and, I terminated to me on the person. There was a lot of cum that it filled in to me all face. Excitement didn't release me. The lover took away me to the bedroom, tied to a chair and left. Sitting connected, I heard as the wife groans and, the sofa creaks. A bit later she entered the bedroom, all naked and, having kneelt on handles of a chair allowed me to drink and lick a cum from her vagina. Boobies itched also I, obkonchatsya soon once again. And then more and more, and when there is no cum left, I peed the pants again. Then I don't remember. I seem, it was disconnected. When regained consciousness, I was free. I, lay clean and washed covered with a blanket. The wife snuffled nearby. The head hooted as morning after. It, didn't tell what the tablet was. In a day everything passed. Nipples occupied the usual sizes the dick too. The wife told that such games, often it is impossible to play. Not more often than two times a year. And I understood: that I will look forward next time … dates from hell danielle dateline out of the darkness site mapMain Page