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I arrived to work. But all thoughts turned only around a yesterday's situation and morning dialogue with the wife. What does all this mean? We with Nastena several times used elements of role-playing games in our sex, but it were standard teacher schoolgirl, the supplier of pizza or the nurse. But I realized that last games were initially far-fetched what both of us realized. The same that occurred yesterday, unambiguously wasn't similar to a game in "character" — we were — by itself. Though isn't present, I was also a certain unfamiliar man who fucked my wife, and partly was oneself which observed it. But Nastena remained Nastena and obviously caught a high from the events. This circulation in the head affected quality of my work and my immediate superior Andrey Ivanovich took an interest — that it on me found. It suited me, and I convinced him that the holiday is necessary for me. He surprisingly easily agreed to release me for 15 working days that taking into account days off turned out as a result — for three weeks. His only condition was that my holiday had to begin in a week, and for the remained days we should pull hard and finish strenuously in the main the current project. On the way home I bought whisky — it was necessary to cool on the one hand the head, and with another I hoped to podpoit slightly the wife and to promote in a research of her sexual subconsciousness. Now it wasn't just interesting, now it was necessary. I won't begin to tire with the detailed story of all evening, and I will begin with that moment when in a bottle a half was already lowered and both of us approached that to speak frankly. — Nasten, you understand that you played treason yesterday? — Isn't present the road, not I — and we played. Let's agree at once — everything that will be told, and if suddenly something will begin to occur — both of us will be involved in all this. It can be good, can be bad, but we both will be involved in it. Remember, or right now let's stop any talk and especially actions. Nothing to itself, was thought to me — probably not only I spent this day in thoughts — at least, the spouse sounded quite created thoughts. Well, come what may, to stop now was above my forces. Attracted me in this frightening chasm of imaginations. — Means, to understand absolutely — you had a similar sex or it is your imagination — I won't be able any more? — Yes. You won't be able any more. Moreover, now you won't be able quietly to release me with Ania without to assuming that this time I will take foreign dick for a start in hand. It seems, you about it asked me yesterday? — Stop — I didn't ask, I blamed that you dinamit unfortunate men the seeing beautiful woman, her breast and even the pussy. That is whether it what I can get into panties to other woman too? — Of course. We as equals. And you want to get into panties to Anyuta? Both on... Unexpected turn. I don't argue — Anka the girl sexually attractive. And if I didn't represent how I have her, then only because she is a close girlfriend of the wife. And now it turns out that... — You don't want to tell... — Igorek, we agreed — now not to turn back the told word — I told what told. I will tell you more — I would like to try to get to her into panties. I never was with the woman, but I thought of it. I saw Anka naked, saw her breast, her pizdenka and I will tell that if to begin, then she very much would even approach. And validly it would be interesting to me to see your dick in her. I don't know why, probably, therefore, as well as you it was exciting to learn that other man can have me. — Nasten... Do you understand that than further, all of us stick in a dangerous situation more deeply? Having released this gin, we will hardly jostle it back. We should live with it and, apparently, to go further and further. — Yes... to me it is terrible. Therefore I ask you — let's stop. Probably, not late. I not really that want to become the whore and the whore... And this way to this party. I poured, and we silently drank. I understood that now both of us solved, certainly, one of the most important questions in our living together. The answer promised in itself a lot of unexpected opening which could be insufferably painful, but at the same time attracted the exciting neizvedannost and attractiveness. Truly — the sin is forbidden and that is sweet and therefore both of us with some hopelessness looked at each other — not we, and our bodies and feelings solved already everything for us. We needed only not to disturb and whenever possible to constrain those elements of lust which began to waken here, now in us, in our apartment, in our heads and bodies. I put a hand on the wife's perineum — it was damp and soft. Nastenka was made horney from only thoughts and therefore her hands also convulsively began to release my member from house shorts. I wanted to enjoy at first a smell and taste therefore I turned the spouse in a pose 69 and I nestled to her pizdenka. My dick in turn rolled in her mouth. While I licked her, the surprising thought came to my mind — the truth is said that each new partner in sex changes the partner, and it means what is possible, I feel this smell, this taste almost last time. That soon in this mine — and whether I wash now... — that foreign dicks will enter this sweet peshcherka soon, I understood. Question only time... Unexpectedly Nastya stopped caress and jumped, poured and "two fingers" drank the at once. — So you want Ania? — she asked. — I never thought of it, but if to speak generally — she is a beautiful sexy young woman. Yes I want her. Nastya gathered Ania's phone, and sent me to shop for whisky. When I returned, saw that at us in handfuls Ania and probably her today's gentleman from club sat. Both were approximately in our standard of intoxication therefore communication wasn't napryazhny. All. Now everything will begin — the chill ran on my back — this man will soon fuck (will-will) be my wife. It will be. It will occur. She will have his dick in a mouth and in her pizdenka. So will be. Honestly — I could think only of it. I couldn't even turn a thought in the direction that I probably to an otjeb to Anechk. To me wasn't before this any business so far. I just looked at Victor's hands (so called the Aniny gentleman) and represented how they caress a body of my wife, I looked at his mouth and represented how he kisses Nastena. I went crazy from inevitability. And this inevitability, itself yet not knowing about the purpose quietly drank, smoked, told jokes and squeezed Ania. I didn't sustain. I called Nastya on kitchen. — I can't. I can't present you with him. Or with another. No matter. I can't and I don't want you to share with anybody. All. I am afraid. — Thanks, my darling. You saved me now. I sat and didn't want, but thought that it is necessary... We embraced, and began to be kissed. Then Nastena slightly recoiled and exhaled: — But with Ania we both will oversleep today. dates become numbers in r html date start end site mapMain Page