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Epilog I was very glad to a meeting with Sashk and sincerely was delighted for him and his LITTLE GIRLS. In general I appreciate people who won't break under any strokes of bad luck and which don't recognize the stereotypes imposed to us by society. Especially, if it concerns health, a unification with the nature, naturism. In modern society there is an opinion that the nudism and naturism it are similar to sexual perversions. But it far not so. On the same Ice lakes (on which also I go to bathe, at all seasons of the year) there is an unspoken rule to bathe as it is pleasant to you. "And to someone it is a shame, let don't look", - the familiar naturist, the man, about 75 years, also the frequenter of these places told me. Some people, unfortunately, forgot long ago how it is fine when we are shone by the sun which only warms us and brings joy when it is raining as it is nice to the taste, the caught on language, rain drop as leaflets on trees and a grass after a rain turn green; as in forests birds as in reservoirs frogs croak sing: And many other things. Having been fond of affairs, with patients from the imposed stereotypes (often extremely harmful as for a body, and as a hobby) brains, we don't notice beauty of the world around. And the person is anyway a nature particle (moreover what particle!), this superdeveloped animal in good sense of this word. But it is very laudable that there are such people who leave to the forest, on the nature not only to drink and fry a shish kebab, but though for a while to merge with it. The nature together with feeling under the name "Love" we are treated and prolong life, do us more beautiful, both physically, and spiritually. The belief in the best, love to the nature, to people and to expensive (or expensive) to people especially, will cure sincere wounds, and even the most inveterate criminal will be capable to feel repentance and a remorse if he learns that someone loves him and wants that he improved. The LOVE, but not imposed rigidity and not tolerance on the relation even not to criminals, and to people who think and arrive not as all, in own way, without submitting to rules of our civil society and some religious faiths claiming that the naked body, is a sin and that the person has parts of a body called "Shame". Nasty and nasty word!!! As it extremely-offensively sounds, in relation to the person, misters readers! "Shame", "shameless places", "shameless parts of a body" - some of these words are capable to force the person to begin to hate themselves, the body, the mind. And the most terrible, the fact that the person, hating and at the same time destroying itself the health and happiness, tries to destroy also other people, their health, happiness, and sometimes and life: And in the person the love to the surrounding nature, to people and also to itself and the body is initially put. Also there are no nationalities in a human body, irrespective of gender and age, and races ANY SHAMELESS PLACES and SECRET PARTS!!! The BODY of ANY PERSON is FINE! And the love to the nature, to the body, and to close people, is capable to cure the most dreadful diseases, both physical, and sincere. Thanks to the Nature and feeling, under the name "Love", mine the acquaintance Sasha Fomkin recovered from those complexes which he had in the head, and forgave all those people who offended him one way or another. The considerable merit in it belongs to these two lovely ladies, Valeria and Tatyana Filatovym who destroyed at all all stereotypes which he lived earlier and fell in love with him it what he is. In my opinion, female love if only love sincere, not love to money and (or) a high position of the individual in society, and the love to the person, with all merits and demerits, is capable to create a real miracle. Fortunately, the women (and men) having such love still remained in our expensive Fatherland. Recently I learned that Valeria Filatova and Alexander Fomkin are going to register the relationship. He invites me to the wedding. Certainly, there I will closer get acquainted with LITTLE GIRLS and I will communicate to them, I will have a talk. I already see that they are the clever developed people, and with them it is possible to speak on any subjects. By itself, Sashka loves both Lera, and Tatyana Frantsevna at the same time, and nobody mentions in this family jealousy. They forever deleted this harmful feeling from the heads and hearts. Mother and Filatova's daughter didn't create from my familiar idol, and don't humiliate his advantage with memories of his past, and just live with him the present and future which, I know, at Alexander and his LITTLE GIRLS and also the little girl Alinochka, his called daughter, will be only light and joyful. February - May, 2012, Kaluga-Moscow-Kaluga dates and figs related date today site mapMain Page